It's been a while since last time I've posted development update. And it's been super busy and crazy month for us. We've reached over 500K registered users, and they've been pretty active playing game

We also spend lots of recourses preparing to what we call "Foundation Release" - basically state of the game, where we're feel very comfortable about balancing, game features, etc and ready to do final wipe and make game "released".

Yet we wanted to highlight fact that Release doesn't mean that game development is done and finished. This is why we put word FOUNDATION next to RELEASE. With game being not a product but service to our customers, we're continue to add more features, fixing bugs, adding more content.

As base release, Foundation Release will include map with all areas unlocked and spawn points, loot, etc tweaked based on feedback we got over last month. We're adding features like a Clans, GC shop ( until now you weren't able to buy GC), adding tons of new small features requested by community.

After that late December or early 2013 we'll turn on Stronghold servers hosting and it will means that completely new meta gameplay begins.

So - lots of exciting things will happen between next week and end of the year - stay tuned !