A Walk in the Dark - An action platformer set in a dark, strange and dangerous world

Prepare yourself for one of the coolest looking Action Platformer's released this month, a mash up between Limbo, Super Meat Boy and VVVVVV, it's sure to get your Action Platformer blood flowing. The game is called A Walk in the Dark

In this game you play as a cat called Bast running through a dark fantasy world. This world for which you will venture through, will be full of Dangerous traps, strange creatures and other such nasties waiting in the shadows. A Walk in the Dark has Smooth and Precise control's designed to make you feel like a cat, "meeooow".

The game contains a story driven Platformer set in a dark fantasy world, with challenging levels and Gravity inversion mechanics. All of this will test your skills and ability to adapt to new gameplay. The story goes that you Arielle and her Cat Bast are spending a pleasant afternoon in the forest, but Bast doesn't like sitting still, especially when he's playing with anything that moves. In his haste to enjoy everything, he ends up getting away from Arielle.  There are so many things, so much for Bast to see and play with.

It's not long before Some little creatures challenge him. So Bast pursues them, feeling great to run in the forest. But as He is about to catch one of them, he falls on top of some old stones causing something to break under him. A cold breeze ruffles the trees chilling him to the bones. A smoke rises forming a shadow. Someone, something, hovers above him. Some ancient foul-smelling thing that nails him to the ground.

Bast cannot move and while Nearby, Arielle calls for him. The thing, the Spirit, turns around. As Arielle comes closer, the Spirit flies in her direction and surrounds her. Bast hears the muffled screams of Arielle. Yet they grow fainter as the spirit disappears in the forest.

Bast is alone. The sounds of the night creeping in begin to take hold. Arielle is gone and it's his own fault. He realizes that the once pleasant forest has become a strange and dark place. He starts running hoping to help her. Is it too late?

This is a game not to be missed, especially if you like to die a lot, yet having fun at the same time with platforms to jump and puzzles to solve.

The game will hopefully be on steam, but before that happens you'll need to keep voting it up the list on Steam Greenlight : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=92918945

More info and Purchasable on the website:

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