Dark Asylum - A horror Point and Click Adventure game (Kickstarter)

Good afternoon readers, it's a cold day today and it's making me feel knackered and I just want to huddle up in bed while banging the roof to tell my neighbor to be silent. But oh well such is the normality of life, back to this splendid looking Horror Point and Click Adventure! The game I'm going to show you is Dark Asylum which as you guessed it, is a game set in a Dark Asylum.

According to the Developers Dark Asylum will be truly terrifying, mixing a horrific story with great lighting and creepy sounds. The game contains intelligent puzzles and collectables being the backbone for the game, you'll use your inventory to collect and combine items to unlock and work your way through the corridors, cells and shadows of the Asylum. Sounds like my sort of game as it takes a lot for me to get scared, especially being a Paranormal Investigator in my part time so I hope this game proves it's worth. This horror title will also appear on multiple systems and phones so at least they are thinking of all the gamers, not just us PC lot

Unlike some Adventure titles you will not just have left,up,down,right screens to view but a 360 viewpoint which will give you that added feeling of being trapped in an Asylum. A lot of work is going to go into this game with 100's of pieces of digital art, 6 for each room/location, plus all the layers and interactive elements. What's more they are also going to use REAL photography from different Asylums with professional digital painting, animation and a unique music score.

What about the story?, well it's best to let the developer himself tell us
With an unpredictable story about exploration, memories, life, hope, fear and death. You'll venture your way out of a run down lift and explore the many rooms and floors of the asylum. Slowly a disturbing tale will unfold, as you discover the history of the 7 lost souls, encounter the Doctor, panic will set in as you enter the wards and padded rooms, joy as you find the last element to fix a piece of old machinery, shock as a Victorian child ghost runs down a corridor, wonder as animated streams of light flicker through a barred murky window adding a wealth of realism to the environment
Certainly sounds creepy, again I hope these guys can deliver as I'll be watching this kickstarter with utmost interest and will most likely give them a nice pledge!

Check out the Kickstarter page here

The goal is only £20,000 with 28days to go but I'd say we need more horror games, especially adventure ones! So come on guys, support this kickstarter.


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