Days of Dawn - RPG with Turn Based Combat (kickstarter)

Good morning Gamers, what a horrible day outside, it's wet and dark so to brighten up your day, we have a cute yet cool looking game, called Days of Dawn. Developed by a company named as
Bumblebee, they aim to be a success in their kickstarter.

Days of Dawn is an RPG rendered in HD but pledging to bring back the flair of early roleplaying games. What do I mean by this? Well, imagine classic titles of the 16-bit Nostalgia in beautifully hand painted hi-res graphics with an orchestra-quality soundtrack. Hopefully they release an album with plenty of soothing classical in game tracks!

In this game you explore a world whose magic just came alive in a beautiful HD setting , which features round-based combat and a unique magic system. When it comes to the round-based combat, you have up to four companions which to control. You encounter beautifully rendered and original creatures in a fast paced yet smooth turn based system, while researching the mystery of marvelous powers recently felt and seen in the lands of Kalea. Some of the creatures do kind of remind me of Pokemon, "squirdle", oh dear I'm doing my brothers Impression.

You must learn to use these forces by channeling your feelings - use emotions instead of spells to evoke powerful magic. I think I'd probably be moody and dark if it was real life, I'm such a Victor Meldrew. So tell us more about these emotions for magic, I hear you ask. Well Those gifted with these powers can unleash them in times of concern, yet they are unable to control the exact nature of the effects they evoke; instead, the characters nature and it's current situation influence the effect called. As they advance on their quest, they start to learn to handle these forces and gain the ability to choose an emotion to channel into magic.

The game also contains an open world full of mysteries and adventure in multiple nonlinear story lines, so those that are concerned about a one track story need not worry. So what about the story? You play as Shepherd Caril, while out in the world he come across a girl who is need of help, being chased by mysterious bad guys. As he protects her, he notices an incredible amount of power emerging from the woman, pushing her enemies back.  As they are both on the run, he learns her name... Her name is Dawn and she's been experiencing these powers for some time, yet unable to control them in certain amounts of stress.

As the game story progresses your two players, come across more people that have these special powers, who are also being chased by strange enemies and shunned by the local populace.  Your characters travel the lands of Kelea on a story of questions and answers, What is this power? How is it controlled? Where do they come from? Who are these evil menacing guys that keep chasing them?

It's you that must solve these problems and travel the fantastic world of Kelea and immerse yourself in a beautiful RPG of Artistic HD greatness.

There is even more information on the kickstarter page but currently they only have 12 days left with $22,682 pledged of a $95,000 goal. So if you want to see this beautiful game on your computer, you've got to pledge.

The game will be available on the PC, Mac, Linux, Pandora and Android if it's a success

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