Ex-Forum DevinH - WarZ the REAL Truth

Here on IndieRetroNews we like a bit of controversy from time to time and it now looks as if the Ex-Forum moderator (DevinH) for WarZ has finally spoken out, pretty much telling everyone what he said before was a lie!

The screenshot above goes to show originally what he said and from then on it pretty much spread across the internet, causing a big uproar between DevinH, the players and the game developers themselves. Well today on the WarZ forums Sergey Titov Executive Producer of WarZ has posted that they were at the time going to use Lawyers but before that was going to happen the developers actually spoke to DevinH himself.

I have a few comments on all this :

Normally I wouldn't even comment on this whole deal, but in this case our lawyers were prepared to send him pretty nasty letter and before they did that, I've reached to Devin and basically asked - why you spread all those lies. And he replied to me which was unexpected and explained that he felt really bad that he was banned from being voluntary moderator after spending dozens of hours and being passionate about game for what he thinks was a small mistake.

So we've talked and I didn't even mentioned that we may go do anything legal against him - there wasn't any point in doing this - he offered to apologise and asked to be back helping community. Some of his ideas are actually quite good, so I decided that he deserve second chance.

You may see him on forums, and it'll be up to community to decide if you want him managing community or not. We're making this game for players, so it's up to players to tell us HOW game and community should grow.

Bottom line - we're all humans, we're doing stupid things, and sometimes those things are bad enough so we should pay price, and sometimes they're not that important and people should be given second chance.

Additionally - there is a thread on reddit http://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/ that needs upvotes! The thread "WarZ forum mod that stirred up all that controversy last week admits he was lying." is on the front page. Please upvote this so people can see the truth about us and our game. (I would link directly to the thread but reddit automatically downvotes the thread when you do that.)

Thanks everyone!
Sergey Titov
Executive Producer
The War Z
Thus we now have a video from the Ex-Forum moderator himself DevinH telling everyone that his previous rant post about the hate towards WarZ was all a big lie!.

Is he still telling the truth now? or was there still a threat of lawyers which pushed him to make this video? (even though the developers stated they didn't mention to him anything legal against him). Anyway, that's enough from me it will be interesting to see where this goes next as I'm sure all those WarZ gamers and DevinH supporters will have more to say.

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