OpenIG : Imperium Galactica - Space Strategy Open Source Remake ( UPDATE )

Good morning readers, we have a nice little update for OpenIG the Imperium Galactica open source remake, which is a damn fine Space Strategy game.

Open-IG an Imperium Galactica (1997) remake. It’s an Open-Source project and the game is written in Java, so it’s available for many platforms. The game has been updated to support bigger displays and arbitrary resolutions. The downloaded package contains everything including the videos and an automatic update tool 
So what's new?, well check out the update info!

  • Balance: reduced Garthog force strength on Mission 5: Escort Admiral Tullen for easy and normal players. [Issue #691]
  • Admiral Tullen's battleship should now show up with 100% health instead of the
  • Added Spy Center graphics and is buildable, although not doing anything and AI is ignoring it.
Regarding the spying, this was not originally in Imperium Galatica but was added to the open source remake. Although the developers do mention that the design and attributes are not final yet, nor are the mechanics behind mission successes and capture-turn logic.

 The Launcher was also updated for OpenIG with some notable changes for Linux

Fixed issues with the working directory of the Launcher and Game. Linux usually sets the working directory to the user home instead of the directory where the actual program was run from.

The fix unfortunately won't work by itself, you should delete the open-ig-launcher.jar, open-ig-launcher-config.xml and open-ig-update.xml from the home directory. Then, go to the install directory via the Terminal and run the Launcher:

java -jar open-ig-launcher.jar

Chose the Update Launcher button or Other > Repair Launcher option from the menu.
So either run the launcher and update it or if you don't have any of this software yet, go to the website and download it. You'll have a lot of fun with this strategy open source remake

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