Under The Ocean - Sandbox style creation game

For all the fans of Sandbox style creation games, those that have a style of Terraria & minecraft, here's a game you might like to take a look at and play. It's called Under the Ocean, which is a sequel to the brilliant Under the Garden game.

Under the Ocean is a complete overhaul of Under the Garden with new features, enhanced gameplay and just even more awesomeness! Overcome the weather, vicious animals, injuries, disease, dehydration and famine to build your home on a deserted island.

You start out shipwrecked, thirsty and alone. Start your campfire, find weapons and forage for food before the night sets in. You scavenge what you can from what’s washed up on the beach; but from then on, you’re on your own. What I like so far about Under the Ocean is that it has a crafting system just like other games of it's type, so if you want to make an item for example an axe, you might need wood and steel.

What's more when it comes to house designs you can build it complete with a fireplace, doors, windows, staircases, railings, light bulbs, waterwheels and a bed. However when it comes to light bulbs, you'll need electricity and that's been thought of too. By building a windmill or water wheel attached to a generator this allows you to power your home, and anything in it.

The land itself is also randomly generated giving you a new experience each time you play.
If you're on a boar infested island, you'd better have washed up armed! Islands can have different size, shape, terrain, lighting, weather, starting equipment, tools, weapons, animals, plants, backstories and more.

The game is still in an alpha state but so far it looks like a lot of fun, so check out the game website for which you can pre-order to play the alpha. You can also have a play of Under the Garden to see what the prequel was like which is FREE.

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