Asylum - Horror with a kickstarter announcement

This is Asylum, a scary as hell horror point-and-click adventure game by the same designers as Scratches (Senscape). That game, yes Scratches gave me goosebumps, It was one hell of a well made Adventure, in a first person perspective. But Asylum looks to go beyond that in the fear factor. This is a  psychological horror adventure inspired by H. P. Lovecraft set in a massive, decaying mental institute.

Myself I'm a Paranormal Investigator, so it really takes me a lot to get creeped out, I've been to places that would scare the most sane of people. Yes I have investigated an asylum and even an abandoned fort with miles and miles of dark tunnels, with only my equipment and torch in hand. I played the demo of Asylum which was released some time ago and it gave me the odd chill, but I felt the narrator's voice was slightly annoying but everything else was spot on, so I'm sure this kickstarter will achieve greatness.

In Asylum , you'll come across a great plot that is going to be both twisty and satisfying. The deeper you go and the more attention you pay to your surroundings, the more Hanwell Mental Institute will reveal about its true nature. Such as it was with the demo, the rooms and corridors will be full of horror like detail, the game will pull you in and not let you go. You'll have an entire asylum to explore, with close to 100 rooms. I can see a lot of people playing in the dark and doing youtube video's of themselves playing ;)

This is just ONE level of many

As for the story, they are keeping that firmly to themselves, the developers don't want us to know too much as they want us to fall deep into the story as we play. Though you may want to watch the following videos featuring Bertrand (aka "Subject E14") in a most uncomfortable situation. These were released anonymously and went viral before the game was announced: Session One, Session Two, Session Three, and Last Session.

  • A mature and disturbing horror storyline that will haunt you for years to come
  • High definition graphics that remain sharp on the largest monitors
  • One of the biggest virtual buildings ever created for a game
  • Around 100 rooms to explore in breathtaking detail
  • Featuring the voice of industry veteran Josh Mandel
  • Over 15 hours of gameplay estimated

Old Trailer

Asylum is even up on Steam Greenlight, but the most important at this time is to achieve it's kickstarter goal, of which I'm going to pledge. Currently it's at $3,611 of only a $100,666 goal and I think it's going to smash that.


Supports Windows, Mac, Linux and will be hopefully on Steam DRM FREE!

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