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Hello everyone, here is something different from me instead of my usual kick starter articles, which may interest you, especially some of our younger readers. Pokemon survival Island is about surviving on an island as its name suggests, the game play in this game is similar to the Pokemon games on the Game boy handheld consoles, except for a few very interesting differences which give this game a unique flavor compared to the Pokemon games made by Game Freak for Nintendo.

The story of the game is that you are an intern who works for a corporation called Silph co. However you are the only survivor of a deadly boat crash, you are stranded on a deserted Island. Using the last of your supplies, yourself and your Pokemon must survive on this island which has a hostile environment, as you explore the island you will uncover the secrets of an ancient civilization and realize that maybe the boat crash was not an accident.

There are no Pokemon centers, villagers or friendly professors with an angry nephew to help you out this time,  you are pretty sure someone out there wants you dead. You will be fending for yourself alone on the island, it is just yourself, your own Pokemon and 386 different types of wild Pokemon which you can capture. These Pokemon are from the original first to third generation Pokemon games on the handheld Game boy console. Pokemon survival island is being made by ferriswheel42 and it is for the PC. The game was intended to bridge Pokemon and mine craft game play originally, but it has become an experiment in game creation for its creator ferriswheel42.

To survive the player will have to work to equip a camp, during the game the player will find more camps. However the games creator has not named who has left these abandoned Camps behind them. You will have many tools at your disposal for item creation like brewing pots and mortars.
There will be a bed to sleep in, by sleeping in the bed your Pokemon will heal, the player will also have chests to store items and Pokemon in, there will be no computer system like in the original Pokemon games which had the function to store your Pokemon and upload them from which ever location you were at, So you will need to think very carefully about which Pokemon you take along with you on your adventures. Although the chests seem to be computerized going by a game play video of the game which I have seen, I have posted the video near the button of this article for you to view, if you wish to do so.

  Inspired by mine craft, the player will be able to craft items and potions etc. These items and potions will help the player and their Pokemon to survive.

There will be wild Pokemon encounters just as you would expect of a Pokemon game, but what makes this game different is that the game will not say what the Pokemon's level is, so you will have to proceed in each battle with alot of caution, all of the wild pokemon will be a level lower or higher than the players Pokemon. But they wont be so high in level that the game will become to tough to beat, although there is a chance that a higher level Pokemon could wipe out your party which means game over.

 The island will be home to 8 temples built by an ancient civilization, this feature in the game is giving a nod to fantasy games like The Legend Of Zelda etc. Each temple will contain ancient relics crucial to unlocking the mystery of the island, and they will be full of traps and hazards.

The game will have a mixed sound track which takes inspiration from a range of Pokemon games from the past and several tracks by ferriswheel42 them self.

There is currently no release date for the game.

If you like the sound of this game you can find it here.

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