Heroes Rescue! - Defecto Digital's next Amstrad CPC game gets an update

We haven't heard much from Defecto Digital lately, creators of ELF which was an adventure based on the arcade version released by Ocean Software in 1992, But on Sunday they had shown off a new update from ' Heroes Rescue! ' with a new graphical upgrade. Developed using AGD and starring the famous character FRY from Futurama, this is an arcade platformer, in which you need to avoid enemies, jump across platforms, and rescue the legendary Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles and their master Splinter!

Golden Tail - A new Amstrad CPC game in dev and it looks good!

Good morning everyone I'm back after a short break and what a way to start, as Reidrac has announced his latest game in development for the Amstrad, ' Golden Tail '. Using features from the Space Pest Control engine, this looks to be a pure platformer with jumping, collection and avoiding mechanics but inspired by Japanese Folklore. Also as another neat ability, your character Kitsune can use ninja magic to disappear to avoid certain enemies, move faster, and to reach specific areas in the game.

New Release Platformer Fort Django For The C64!

Fort Django is a brand spanking, shiny, newly released platformer for the Commodore 64 from Dr. TerrorZ, featuring super fluid gameplay, and extra large sprites offering a new twist to the genre.

XYDONIA - High quality shoot 'em up is a Kickstarter success

Glorious news today for the developers Breaking Bytes as not only is their fantastic looking retro inspired shoot em up ' XYDONIA ' a Steam Greenlight success, but they've also reached their Kickstarter goal of €20,000 with 5 days still to go. This is one game I'm very excited to get my hands on, as it gives us a taste of the blasting days of the 80's and 90's such as R-Type, Gradius or Project-X but adding in the developers own ideas to make this something rather special.

Center Court 2 - Unreleased Amiga game is found and finally released

A bit of a late one this and one not to be missed, as after being informed by DamienD, we have learnt of an old Amiga game called ' Center Court 2 ' that was originally unreleased, is now available to the public. This Amiga game was actually authored by SecondService in the late 90's and had remained in an unfinished state on a harddrive that had become defective. Thanks to a member by the name of Python1 and eggman who then had the hard drive in their possession, the game was finally rescued from its corrupt state on the 9th of July.

Lawless Legends - HOT NEWS, Apple II RPG crawler finally gets a release

What a way to finish off the day as we've just been pinged through Facebook, of the release of ' Lawless Legends ' for the Apple II. This is a game that has been in development for sometime and takes the medieval dungeon crawler and mashes it up with the wild wild west! Traverse the map above and look for new locations, walk through places in a first person viewpoint just like the games of old, visit bars and get drunk with the locals, battle menacing beasts across a hot desert and involve yourself in a fantastic story in Lawless Legends!

Into The Rift - An awesome pixelated action platformer teased!

There are many platformers out there, some are very simplistic, while others are both high in graphical design and playability. One such game ' Into The Rift ' looks to have everything you need in a platformer and that little bit more. Designed by WestonPDX, Into The Rift is a running, jumping and weapon slashing metroidvania that has a number rather interesting moves that is sure to make this game a bit of a jaw-dropper. To coincide with this news, the developers have released lots of animated gifs.

Yun - The Mojon Twins latest NES game has bubbles!

The Mojon Twins have been rather busy lately as they have made available their latest action platformer ' Yun ', which is completely free to download and play on an NES. In this game you play as the lovely lass Yun and must capture all the creatures to fill the pantry in her restaurant. Using her bubble powers not only can she use this ability to capture and stun any creature she comes across, but she can also use a bubble to get to the highest of platforms in many of the areas across each zone (woods,marsh,factory)

Wind and Water Puzzle Battles - Independent Game Festival 2008 finalist gets a Dreamcast re-release

Great news for Dreamcast owners as TrekMD from RVG has informed the retro community, that 'Wind and Water Puzzle Battles' is available to buy online region free! Developed by Yuan Works, this is a re-release of one of the best puzzle games for the DreamCast and a finalist at the Independent Game Festival 2008! In this game you'll come across beautiful retro pixelated graphics, many secret levels, mini games and much more all contained within a pro created picture CD and added 40 page English and Japanese booklet!