Stunt Car Racer - The best stunt car game on the Amiga easily launch-able on PC and MAC

Of all the games to appear on the Amiga, this in my opinion was one of the best stunt style racers and one of Geoff Crammonds finest games,  it had some of the craziest tracks ever with one of them being the ultimate track the "Ski Jump". Yet what made it so good was not just the feeling of speed, but the thrill of accelerating into the sky and coming back down with an almighty crack, especially if you end up missing the track altogether. So you can probably see why I'm just that little bit excited to play the best Amiga version but on a PC or MAC with an easy to launch set up thanks to Gamesnostalgia and of course emulation software FS-UAE by Frode Solheim.

Street Fighter II 128K - The latest CPC edition with new AI implementation teased

Indie Retro News has been keeping you up to date with the latest developments with the impressive looking homebrew remake of Street Fighter II titled ' Street Fighter II - CPC Edition ', which as we said before in a number of articles is being developed by DaDMaN, McKlain and AugustoRuiz for the Amstrad CPC 6128 (128Kb RAM). Well you'll pleased to know after numerous updates another video has appeared today showing the first AI implementation with both players computer controlled.

ENEMY 2 Collectors Edition - The sequel to a bloody Amiga shooter is available in boxed form!

In 1997, which is very late in the Amiga's life time, Anachronia released the bloody action shooter ENEMY : Tempest of Violence as an exclusive for the Amiga system. It is a very rare and brilliant game that was very similar in style to that other classic Flashback, but also very close to the style of Blizzard's PC platformer Black Thorne, but with far more action and gore. Regarded by those that played it as a ver under appreciated Amiga game, sadly only relatively few copies were sold because of the state of the Amiga market and so we never had the chance to play a sequel, at least until now.

Tina's Adventure Island - MSX game developed over the years available for pre-order! (+Demo)

This week just gets better and better as after mentioning two NES games high on the play-ability scale, Imanok has announced his seriously cool looking platformer ' Tina's Adventure Island ' which is now available for pre-order in cartridge form for the MSX with a promo demo. Developed over several years, this game has the essence of classic oldschool MSX games with a very strong inspiration to that of the great Arcade title Wonderboy.

Super Mario Bros 3 - A New Journey - 8 newly themed worlds to explore in a NES classic

Either you've been living in a cave or stuck on some far off island waiting for rescue, there's probably not one person on this Earth who hasn't heard the name Mario, or more especially the legendary classic Super Mario Bros 3 by Nintendo on the NES, released way back in 1988-1991. One of the finest platformers ever that has lasted the test of time, is once again gracing our gaming screens as an unofficial extended release in ' Super Mario Bros 3: A new Journey' by Alan Jacobs.

SEGA classic Sonic the Hedgehog on the NES as a hack gets an improvement patch

Good afternoon you lovely people have I got some great news to brighten up your day! Remember last month when I announced with a big article, SEGAs classic Sonic the Hedgehog but released on the NES as a hack by JABU. Well you'll be pleased to know after some negative feedback regarding the music, not only has there been a music improvement patch done by Ti, but there has also been a graphical enhancement done by exactly the same person.

Wizard's Dominion - Lost early C64 RPG gets new release [ Update ]

Wizards Dominion was a popular graphic adventure written for the first 16 bit home computer the Texas Instruments TI 99/4A in 1982, and ported to C64 in 1983. Until now you'd only find the Texas version to download online, but thanks to Genesis Project the game has been rescued and is available now on CSDB.

Defender of the Crown - Extended Collector's Edition by Cinemaware Retro - Unboxed!

When I was a teen in the 90's I was a massive fan and collector of the Cinemaware line up on the Amiga such as Defender of the Crown, It Came from the Desert and my all time favourite Wings. But even though a remastered edition of Wings was later released on the PC through a successful Kickstarter campaign, I have still been eagerly awaiting the collectors edition of the Defender of the Crown released by Cinemaware Retro for multiple systems including even the Amiga CD32. Thus today in my hands are "TWO" Defender of the Crown Extended Collector's Editions, both signed with one of them opened up just for you.

Welcome to the story of the Commodore Amiga by Nostalgia Nerd

It's nearly time for bed but have I got an early morning surprise for you! If you want to know more about the Amiga, it's historic story and how it become the legendary system that it is known as today by many retro heads such as myself. Then you really should watch Nostalgia Nerds latest Youtube Part 1 video of ' The Amiga Story '. According to Nostalgia Nerd, who is well known for making great retro system reviews and stories, This episode deals with the "up" part of the story, and takes place during the 1980s. It charts the conception of the Lorraine machine (that would become the first Commodore Amiga), the early years and team spent working on the machine, the buyout of Atari followed by Commodore, the launch of the original Commodore Amiga machine (later renamed the Amiga 1000) and the subsequent Amiga 2000 and Amiga 500 machines which conclude before 1989 is out.