Master of Magic - A classic 4x strategy game by Microprose reviewed by DarkwyndPT

Like I said in my previous review, this time we’ll take a look at one of my personal favourite games of all times and perhaps the most in-depth game I’ve ever played, Master of Magic. Master of Magic is a 4X strategy game developed by Simtex and published by MicroProse. It was originally released in 1994 for DOS and ported for the PC-98 in 1996.

Here Be Dragons - Satirical turn based strategy game available through early access

Here on Indie Retro News we love it when developers take a side step away from your typical genre and add their own degree of humour to make their games fresh and unique, which is certainly the case with Here Be Dragons by Red Zero Games. This latest game on Steam which as of this moment is still in early access, is a satirical turn-based strategy game featuring unique "living map" graphics, where you lead a group of crazed captains and eradicate legendary monsters in order to allow Christopher Columbus the discovery of the New World.

Chopper Command (C64) - Final version will be released tonight [ RELEASED DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE ]

Indie Retro News have been given the heads up that Chopper Command is currently in the process of being released, and will be available to download this evening.  Final bug testing was completed this week after we helped Beta test the game live on Twitch.  It was streamed on my twitch channel at hayesmaker64 and together with eagle eyed viewers we spotted a number of small descrepencies between the Atari 2600 original and the C64.

Malasombra - Eye candy NES title announced by 4mhz!

4mhz has been one of our favourite Amstrad publishers, releasing fabulous games such as Operation Alexandra, and even the brilliant The Lost Treasure of Cuauhtemoc! Sadly however a game we previously thought was coming to the Amstrad isn't, as thanks to a heads up in our twitter feed the rather eye opening 'Malasombra' has actually been announced as coming to the NES! Yes that's right one of our most eagerly awaited Amstrad games, will now be releasing on the NES complete with high quality detail, fabulous sound and hopefully as they put it as a NES masterpiece.

Fallout - An amazing game reviewed by Cola Powered Gamer

Fallout can be considered the godfather of modern RPGs. While it may look and play differently than modern RPGs, almost everything that you see in today’s RPGs, Fallout did in one way or another. Released in 1997 and developed by Interplay, Fallout is certainly one of the most important RPGs ever developed. Its development process was rough and full of problems, but the result is one great game

Wonder Girl in Monster Place - An updated Amiga game tease by Moya

Once again another Amiga game has been mentioned, as we've just come across a post on our Commodore Amiga Facebook group, of an updated game tease by Moya called Wonder Girl in Monster Place(WIP title). This game which had an early tease some time back, is an action platformer developed using Backbone, and stars a character resembling Jill of the Jungle which pits you against multiple enemies including sword welding Skeleton foes.

The Rescue Expedition - Upcoming Atari 8bit action platformer accepting pre-orders

Putting aside the Amiga and C64 news now, as thanks to a heads up by a good friend of ours, we've been told Gorgh and Retronics Publishing action packed platformer of ' The Rescue Expedition ', is now ready for pre-orders priced at PLN 149 (EUR 39, USD 49) for a collectors boxed edition. Orders can be placed at the email address or Until the stock is exhausted as there is a limited run of 100 copies.

Quasarius Rush - New Amiga Shoot em up announced, wip tease!

Inviyya and Geometrical Blast are just two of the Shoot em ups that we previously announced as coming to an Amiga near you at some point in the near future. But now after a heads up by Per Ola, another Amiga game has appeared and is a work in progress, and that's Rafael Lima's ' Quasarius Rush '; a top scrolling shoot em up that has been shown off in this latest footage, giving us an early glimpse at the first level.

MARS - A new C64 game from Sputnik World, a mission to MARS!

C64 owners you might have felt a little bit left out today with all that Amiga and C16/Plus/4 news going on, but worry not! As thanks to a hearty heads up from Psytronik Software, they have announced a brand new game coming to the C64 called 'MARS'. Yes indeed it's time for the C64 to shine, as in this upcoming game from Sputnik World, set 50 years after man first set foot on the moon, you must take a bold new leap to visit that big red planet, the planet MARS!

ALPHARAY - A fabulous shoot em up for the COMMODORE C16 + 64K and the PLUS/4

On the topic of brilliant looking shoot em ups, one such game caught our eye, and that's Stefan Mader's and team ' ALPHARAY ' by Puls4r. This game released recently at the Evoke party, is a stonkly good shoot em up, which was released by the Bauknecht Group for the COMMODORE C16 + 64K and or PLUS/4. It features high quality graphics, smooth frame rates, and a nostalgic scrolling action trip to that of R-Type!

Inviyya - An in-development Amiga Shoot Em Up, and we can't wait!

The Amiga scene has really kicked it up a notch this year, what with the upcoming Black Dawn Rebirth and Tiny Little Slug to name but a few great games we are looking forward to. But one such game is high up on my wishlist, and that's TigerSkunk, Triace and Premium's upcoming Amiga Shoot em up ' Inviyya '. This game of which we have featured many many times since its first announcement in October 2016. Looks to be an incredible game, with not just amazing scrolling graphics, but super action, great sound effects, and a real hark back to days of R-Type or Project-X!

The Scorpion Engine - The next best creation tool for the Amiga?

As most of you are aware, there are different ways to create Amiga games, either through Amos, Blitz Basic, RedPill or through the rather lackluster Backbone. But one such engine is making its presence known, and that's Earok's upcoming Scorpion engine; a nifty piece of software that at some point will allow other users to create great games as 50HZ on A500...Or as in the case of the latest Tales of Gorluth conversion and other footage shown through this year so far, the possibility of creating higher end games with smooth scrolling even on lower end machines.