Rocket Ranger Reloaded - Retro overhaul gets a prototype playable demo trailer

An update to our previous article of the revamped classic Rocket Ranger as "Rocket Ranger Reloaded", the developers Cinemaware have just announced a playable demo trailer for a Kickstarter tease. This is an action adventure game originally developed by Cinemaware in 1988 for a multitude of systems is set to be graphically overhauled through a Kickstarter campaign. Once again developed by the same company Cinemaware, "Rocket Ranger Reloaded" will return to the 1930's-40's with that authentic B-Movie Hollywood style and will feature a number of enhancements such as all in high-definition stylized graphics with a new orchestral soundtrack and much more.

I Hate Skool - Faithful remake of spectrum 48K Skool Daze

Pablo Barron of White Hole Studios presents their first game "I hate skool" an updated version of a spectrum 48K and C64 classic, Skool Daze. Of course, as you can see, the graphic style has been kept faithful to the original Speccy version as a celebration of the original's 30th anniversary, but has been programmed from scratch as a complete remake.

Ur-Quan Masters (Star Control 2) - Beta 1 HD Release!

The day has finally come as Ur-Quan Masters (Star Control 2) has now been released as a beta in glorious HD detail. Regarded as one of the greatest PC space games ever made as you explore systems, communicate with strange alien lifeforms and fight in weirdly enjoyable space combat, you can now play it in amazing high resolution!

Buck & Miles - Retrotastic Platformer gets a Kickstarter

We get so many retro inspired platformers going through a Kickstarter campaign it's hard to keep up. But Buck & Miles developed by quackgyver really caught our attention. According to the developers, the game follows Buck the Trucker and Miles the Pilot as they run, jump, bop and bounce their way through a mysterious and magical desert, spanning over ten different worlds and biomes.

Viktor, a steampunk adventure - Gets a Kickstarter +Demo

I love a good adventure and who doesn't? So when Studio Spektar, a Croatian company contacted us about their latest adventure game "Viktor" we just had to take a look. Currently going through a Kickstarter campaign with a demo provided, Viktor is a steampunk adventure where you star as a wild boar on a quest to become the Emporer of Austria-Hungary.

Rogus : Kingdom of the Lost Souls - Action packed pixelated release

Take a pinch of Lord of the Rings, add in a lot of action, mash it all up with lots of pixels and you'll most likely end up with Rogus: Kingdom of the Lost Souls, developed by IronDrop Studios; a new epic runner game released today. Starting off as a small iOS/Android project then turned PC through 9 months of hard work, Rogus features cool pixel graphics and fun game play as your skills are put to the test through precise jumping, aiming, dodging, shielding and spell casting.

Moonspire Preview +2 - Arcade Homebrew release for C64

Hot on the heels of the latest Amstrad CPC Homebrew release is the latest Victory game preview for C64. Described as a Paradroid meets Cybernoid game and developed by DM/Victory, this latest game although just a demo features appealing graphics, good game play and polish sprites. Certainly a worthy addition for any C64 owner!

#CPCRetroDev - Amstrad CPC Game Creation Contest

We haven't featured an Amstrad CPC homebrew title in ages, so instead of featuring one, we are going to feature lots of brand new retro releases from the #CPCRetroDev - Amstrad CPC Game Creation Contest. In all 16 games were submitted to the Spanish contest from shooters to puzzle games, and the three main winners were : Super Retro Robot Rampage, Orc's Dungeon and The Legend of CPCerdo.