Xyphoe plays through all the Microids games on the Amstrad CPC!

Vive La France! Xyphoe takes an Amstrad CPC journey exploring all the games released by French developer and publisher "Microids" who still exist today! Microids heavily supported the Amstrad CPC and for most of the 80's the Amstrad was their primary target platform. Their games are known for trying different concepts and styles from the 'norm' and often featured lovely colourful graphics and animation. As you will find, not all their games were a success however neither did they release any real stinkers! So this is a kind of a "Let's play" video of sorts, unscripted and unrehearsed, but hopefully a lot of fun!

Indie Retro News teams up with Xyphoe!

As if this year couldn't get any better, but after previously teaming up with Retro Asylum and then Novabug, we are now teaming up with Xyphoe! If you've never heard of Xyphoe before, his videos are very similar to Novabug's, in the fact that he does retro gaming longplays, reviews and more, all with clear to understand vocabulary and enjoyable enough to keep coming back for more. In fact as a first teaser before he gets the hang of our little editor, here's a video to keep you occupied ' [ARCADE / MAME] Hunchback - Longplay & Review '.

Giana Sisters: Special Edition - Enhanced edition for the Amiga gets a 2nd update!

Bit of a late one this, as I was very busy at the time, but Earok, who does those damn fine CD32 releases, has once again teased the ' Giana Sisters: Special Edition ', which is an Enhanced edition for the Amiga that is currently in development. A revamp of the very well known platformer of 'Great Giana Sisters', from 1987, is getting a bit of a make over, as not only will it be using graphics ported from the DS version, but as this latest progress 2 update shows, a lot of original graphics and palettes from an artist known as Tsak.

Agony - Madmind Studio teases a visually appealing first person survival horror

Put the kids to bed and get ready for untold horror, as Madmind Studio have just teased their brand new first person survival horror game ' Agony ', which is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC at some point during 2017. Featuring bloody visuals in the horrific depths of hell, you begin your journey as a tormented soul without any memories of your past, and must explore, and interact with other damned people and possess simple minded demons to find a way to escape, or forever suffer the ultimate torment. To coincide with this news, the team behind this game who have worked on numerous AAA titles such as The Witcher 3 and The Division, have released a video and more screenshots!

Stair Quest - Sierra inspirational adventure that was made in just two weeks!

Love playing Adventure games? Check! Love that old Sierra Kings Quest style 80's graphics? Check! Then 'Stair Quest', developed by a small team of Sierra fans for the #AdvJam2016, is just the game for you! Made in just two weeks, Stair Quest star's a brave knight Sir Devon on a quest to find the legendary Orb of Stars, as the realm of Castle's Wood is in despair! Do note however, you're not the only one on this quest, as King Jonathan's own daughter Princess Ingrid is also in search of this relic!

Xenon 2 : Megablast - Amiga & Atari ST Shoot em up blasts its way onto the Atari Jaguar!

We've just had a real shocker of info in our mail box today, as that incredible shoot em up, ' Xenon 2 : Megablast ' from 1989, is finally available as a pre-order for the Atari Jaguar as a commercial release. Originally designed by those famous developers The Bitmap Brothers, and regarded as one of their most popular games for the Amiga and Atari ST (later ported to other systems), puts you in control of your very own space ship, blasting space monsters, collecting power ups and buying upgrades! A bloody fine game indeed and now Xenon 2 for the Atari Jaguar has the full blessing of Mike Montgomery, and converted over to the Atari Jaguar by Atariage user Cyrano Jones, with a brand new soundtrack by 505!

Beyond Hyrule - Love Zelda? You really should play this!

In 2001(?) Challenge Games released what many would class as the best Zelda hack available for that mind blowingly enjoyable RPG on the NES, ' Zelda ' . It was called ' Zelda Challenge: Outlands ' and basically gave you the player a completely different experience of the original hit game, by changing not just the overworld map and the location you start, but the locations of secrets, such as dungeon entrances, shops, and residents with clues changed as well. You could almost class it as a completely new game! But today's heads up, is the PC update of the remake of that well known hack, as ' Beyond Hyrule ' ,by FlameCursed , Logos.

Jewel Warehouse - EgoTrip's latest Amstrad game has Jewels and traps!

Another homebrew this week and it's nether a C64 game or a ZX Spectrum one, but it's an Amstrad game developed via CPCtelera! Oh yes after a lack of Amstrad goodness, EgoTrip was on hand with his latest puzzler ' Jewel Warehouse '. that is available to download today! In this rather challenging release, you play as Amy and must collect all the power crystals before the Cyborg Queen's arrival. But as is always the case, it wont be easy, as this Warehouse is a bit of a mess, some parts are on fire, and strange creatures have appeared!

Tourmaline - A new ZX Spectrum homebrew with an upbeat soundtrack!

ZX Spectrum owners, emulator users and readers of Indie Retro News, have I got an awesome homebrew game to show you today, that was only released just recently! The game I'm going to shout about is, Tourmaline ' by Retro Souls Team; a very enjoyable arcade/puzzle game with lovely ZX Spectrum detail, a cool soundtrack, addictive gameplay and if you remember the game well, a hint of Boulder Dash!