Slain! - Gorish platformer gets a new gameplay trailer and more!

We were one of the first sites to mention this gorish platformer of Slain! developed by A Wolf Brew Games, which is coming to your PC, MAC and Linux for Steam 2015. But now those same developers behind this incredibly pixelated mash of blood and body parts, not seen since the days of Moonstone have now not only released a game play trailer featuring Metal music from Celtic Frost, but also some new animated gifs to get your bloody giblit juices flowing! (Gif Heavy)

Last Invader - Kick ass blasting action from CrazyGames!

For what it's worth we do like our retro games, but we also like indie games that are great fun to play and certainly worthy of a download. So here we are with 'Last Invader' developed by CrazyGames, which is not only a featured game on gamejolt but one of our personal favourites today as well. In this arcade shooter you are a mechanical robot sent as the last invader to wipe out the planets defences.

R-Type Deluxe blasting it's way towards the Atari STe

You may remember our big article on the Amstrad remake of 'R-Type 128k' which came with high praise and regarded as one of the most downloaded Amstrad homebrew's ever. But there's another remake that is set to take the Atari ST scene by storm and it's 'R-Type Deluxe', which is coming to the Atari STe at some point this year developed by Stephen Jones. For those of you who don't know of R-Type, it is one of the most incredible shoot em ups of our time, originally produced by Irem in 1987 that has been ported to a multitude of systems as you defend humanity against a mysterious alien life form known as the Bydo.

Random Acts of Mining - Arcade fun for your Steam Greenlight votes

When it comes to Indie games some of the most popular types are those that involve the player exploring deep caves and fighting beasts with a mission to collect something of value. It gives you that urge to go ever deeper and a wonder of what lurks around the next rock face. As such, here we are with 'Random Acts of Mining'; a game that involves a Robotic Underground Treasure Hunter as she navigates her way through dangerous randomly-populated subterranean environments to procure precious gems and acquire valuable wildlife specimens that was lost in an accidental teleport!

Saboteur 2 - Classic Action Adventure ZX Spectrum 128k beta release!

Now here's a blast from the past and a game that I remember as being one of the best action-adventure games I had ever played on the Amstrad CPC 464. It's 'Saboteur II' developed by Clive Townsend and released by Durell Software in 1987, the same publishers behind the incredible dragon flying 'Thanatos'. This fine game was released for many platforms such as the CPC, ZX Spectrum and C64 and featured a female protagonist who must break into a high-security compound, fight off guards, avoid pumas and alter the course of a nuclear ballistic missile and then escape on a motorbike. But the news of today is this all time classic game is getting a 128k remake for the ZX Spectrum by Alex Rider which will feature better frame rates (faster), fixed bugs and much more.

ReSeT 20 DemoParty Winning Entries? [UPDATE]

Bubbles of the mind

Just last month the Amstrad Push'n'Pop demo party of ReSeT #20 was set to astound retro gamers with talented sceners showing off their artwork and music in the city of Countances, located in north west France. A success since 2000, the event is open to all retro gamers no matter their level and interest, with the latest demos released on Atari ST, Atari XL, C64 and ZX Spectrum. But what really stands out are the winning entries in the competition ranging from combined demo's to graphics and music which will be voted for and the winning entries announced very soon [See Update]. So without further ado, here are our personal graphical choices!

Falling Blocks - ZX Spectrum homebrew takes on Tetris!

One of the most popular games of all time was a tile-matching puzzle video game first released in 1984 which became a huge hit on the Gameboy in 1989. Many hours were spent rotating blocks and placing them in a line to gain a high score. It just had to be 'Tetris; a game that caused many people to spend hours playing and could not put it down. Although a conversion of Tetris was released on the ZX Spectrum by Andic Software in 1986, 'Falling Blocks' which we are going to feature today is a new take on that classic but developed by Peter McQuillan and released just last month.

More incredible Dizzy artwork from PIT

Who doesn't love that lovable little egg of Dizzy? He's always on a fantastic adventure solving many puzzles while trying to avoid having his egg cracked by the evil Wizard Zaks. So it comes as no surprise to us that there are many fans out there who like to imagine him on another quest, but rather through a game is done with artwork. And when it comes to artwork our favourite artist just has to be Pit, who we've featured before has once again pushed his skills to the limit and done more highly detailed cartoon like drawings, that earns it's place on our site.

Infernal Runner - Deadly traps await you in Hokuto Force's latest C64 release!

Before we begin, a huge apology to all of our readers for the delay in articles on the site, as not only has the heat been unbearable with no A/C, but I've had to rebuild the system with a new water cooling unit to keep the temps down. Now with that out of the way, welcome to a rather special C64 release from Hokuto Force which first appeared at the Menhir Party - 20 Years Later - Reunion Meeting. It's 'Infernal Runner'; a rather deadly run and jump platformer first released by Loriciels in 1985, originally created for the C64 and ported to the CPC which has now been enhanced by the great scene team of Hokuto Force!