Target Renegade Mod - Enhanced beat em up for the ZX Spectrum

In 1988 Ocean Software ( Imagine Label ) released a fine beat em up for the Amstrad CPC, C64 and ZX Spectrum. It was a great title that featured both single player and two player fighting with you playing as street fighters known only as Renegade, in a revenge against a kingpin named "Mr. Big" for murdering their brother. But today's news sees the release of a 'Target Renegade Mod' by R.M (Ralf) which not only enhances the colours throughout the game, but also gives it new backgrounds, more challenging game play and a higher number of enemies to fight.

Roberto Ricioppo releases four new games for the C64

I for one find Sunday's extremely boring so it's great to hear that Roberto Ricioppo has been hard at work at releasing even more SEUCK shooters for the C64. In fact he hasn't just released one C64 game this week but he has gone ahead and released FOUR! Each one is a shooter but varies differently in style, from a futuristic blaster in 'Across the Space One' to a wild west themed game in Matthew the 'Cowboy'.

Brutal Doom - Blood dripping official v20 trailer!

Get your calenders or diaries out and make sure to put in June 5TH, because SGtMarkIV’ has released an official trailer for V20 'Brutal Doom' which is going to be released on that day. You thought you've seen Doom, but wait till you see the carnage, the blood and the finishing moves in this Doom mod trailer.  Damn does it look retrogamingly awesome!

Break 64 - Arkanoid/Breakout style game now available for the C64

Ready your paddles retro gamers, as a new Arcade C64 release which has come out preview is now available to download and play on your C64! Developed by Italian coder Wanax that is very similar to Arkanoid and Breakout, is a brand new game titled 'Break64'. The aim of the game just like those other great classics is to bounce a sphere like object around the level with your paddle, while smashing blocks and collecting objects (fruit) that fall.

Another loyal Amiga gamer passes away Laffer35 - Sad News

It has come to our attention that Laffer35; a loyal, friendly and all round great chap has passed away due to suicide. He was in the hearts of many Amiga owners as not only was he a valued member of LemonAmiga and EAB ( English Amiga Board ), but he did many great Amiga longplay videos while giving friendly comments to other longplay's. As such JimPlaysGames has done a very heart felt video message, that I really think you should watch. Laffer35 I didn't know you personally, but thank you for being a great part of the Amiga community, and as I've had personal experience with suicide, I perhaps know a little bit of how you felt.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt : Massive open world map tease and more!

A new video has appeared which shows off just a snippet of the size of the open world map that is to appear in CD Projekt Red's 'The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt' which is set for release next month, May 19th. According to the developer the open world is supposed to be over 30 times the size of the older Witcher games, populated with merchant cities, characters, beasts, mysterious islands, dangerous mountain passes, and forgotten caverns!

Albion - An all time classic RPG gets a Windows/Linux port

What a great start to Friday as we've just come across a fantastic bit of news of which may send a slight tingle down the spines of retro gaming RPG players across the globe! And that news is a fan based release of the Windows/Linux port of Albion; one of my all time favourite RPG's released by Blue Byte Software in 1995!

Dungeonmans: The Heroic Adventure - Adventure Roguelike Expanded, Improved, and On Sale

We've been informed by Adventurepro Games LLC , that their Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight success of 'Dungeonmans : The Heroic Adventure' has now been improved upon with further features and improvements.  Classed as an adventuring roguelike with deep and creepy dungeons, will have you searching for loot through 12 different styled areas such as dripping swamps, deathless crypts, huddled warrens, forest camps while fighting many unique monsters plus champions and bosses!

Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 - A Kickstarter mechanical success now available on Steam!

It's certainly impressive that every Playway Kickstarter so far has been a Kickstarter success. From 'The Way', to 'Hard West' and a mechanical car simulator titled 'Car Mechanic Simulator 2015'. Well that release date for Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 has finally arrived and as from now you can buy this garage based success with all the cars and parts you could ever want on Steam for your PC.

Indie Legends Bundle - Bundle Stars best ever bundle!

Announced just moments ago, Bundle Stars has released what they class as their best ever bundle, the 'Indie Legends Bundle'. For only £3.19 you can play 8 legendary Steam games that have gathered over 20,000 Steam reviews giving a grand total of nearly 93% of positive votes. Games such as Monaco, SpeedRunners, SteamWorld Dig, Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition, Divekick, Kingdom Rush, Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams and The Fall!

Silent Hill Alchemilla v1.1 - Atmospheric horror for Half-Life 2

I am a huge fan of Silent Hill, I have enjoyed both movies with it's death, creepy fog, horrifying creatures and that siren that plays as the atmosphere changes to one of total horror. But what if I told you there has been a recent release of Silent Hill: Alchemilla 1.1; a recreation of the original atmosphere of Silent Hill on the source engine. Do I have your interest now? Good. As Alchemilla is not just a remake but a completely original story designed for you the fans of SH!