Impressive NES Mod with a built-in Screen!

Of all the NES mods and designs that people have put out, from classy paint jobs to new internal modifications, this hardware hack by Silius is certainly impressive. Using what looks to be a NES style case, the designer has placed a working LCD inside, that can be opened upwards and with a touch of a button NES games are displayed on a LCD like laptop screen.

Cognition : Game of the year edition - Top quality Adventure is now available to buy

Prepare yourself for one of the greatest adventures of 2013, as Phoenix Online Publishing are celebrating the support release of Cognition : Game of the year edition. A fantastic adventure that has you, as the role of Erica Reed, a Boston FBI agent with the power to see the past and solve clues and puzzles with the power of your mind as you follow the trail of murderous serial killers.

Z: Steel Soldiers - Multi-platform update to a 3D classic RTS

Back in 2001, legendary game producer The Bitmap Brothers released a 3D update to their futuristic Real Time Strategy war game Z with Steel Soldiers. Well Things have moved on a little since then and what was once pretty tasty in the 3D hardware department has now been well and truly bettered even in mobile 3D, and TickTock Games have given Z:SS modern makeover with a special release just for nVidia Tegra(and others to follow.)

Core Miner - A modern-styled 2d space game released today for Android

Core Miner which is a modern styled 2d space game by Utility Function, will be available today for Android based devices. Explore deepest space and mine for resources as you take on the role of an industrial worker trying to make a living. This resource collection game has no combat, but does give you the ability to upgrade your mining ship as you mine asteroids while enjoying the immersive tactile effects that Core Miner provides.

Merchants of Kaidan - Trade for riches through Steam early access

Either you are a fan of Tradewinds or games such as Port Royale, then you might be interested in Merchants of Kaidan by Forever Entertainment, that is currently up for early access through Steam. Merchants of Kaidan is a trading based game, fused with RPG elements that has you traversing the landscape and trading for the best possible profit.

Airships - Design and fight with Airships - Gets a Steam Greenlight campaign

When I was a kid I always used to design great things in Lego and fought enemies in my imaginary mind, so when the developer Zarkonnen mentioned his RTS airship design and fight game Airships, it kinda took me back to my childhood years. Currently going through a Steam Greenlight campaign and up for Early Access, Airships has the unique idea of module based design as your air sailors run around, ferrying coal, ammunition and generally being the life blood of your massive Airship

Pool of Radiance Translation/Code Wheel Updated + also a new PoR wheel with Rotation!

Back in 1988, copy protection for video games was limited. In the case of the Strategic Simulations Inc. computer role playing game, Pool of Radiance, it consisted of a translation wheel which took an Espruar (Elvish) rune, and a Dethek (Dwarvish) rune, and converted it to the English language.

Reboot Bundle 6.0 - FIRST 48 HOURS ONLY! Pay just £1.49 for 6 awesome Steam games

We've just been informed by Bundle Stars, that they have released the latest Reboot 6.0 Bundle to the gaming masses. Featuring 6 awesome steam games such as Postal, Expedition, Knytt Underground, Blockland, Steal Storm and Rock Ages, this is a bundle that is certainly peaking on the cool scale. If you want my recommendation, check out Rock Ages which has a simply awesome soundtrack that has been used in a multitude of YouTube videos. Do note though you only have 48-hrs to pay the price of £1.49 or you lose out on a great deal!

Available here

Wings : Remastered Edition - A Cinemaware classic revamped - Gets a beta release and short preview

Only just recently we featured Cinemaware's classic revamp of the WW1 arcade flight game, Wings and today we've just had the first beta build that was made available to Kickstarter backers. Wings : Remastered is a revamped version of the Amiga version that will feature far higher graphical capability of the original, while still keeping to the original game play that made Wings on the Amiga so great. Wings: Remastered was also a Kickstarter success and thus today we are here to show you a small preview of that beta build.

Fire with Fire - Tower defence game gets a Kickstarter campaign!

It looks as if another tower defence game is about to take center stage and that is the awesome looking Fire with Fire, by Skull Skill Studios. Currently going through a Kickstarter Campaign, Fire with Fire turns the genre on it's head by adding in an offensive twist that features not just a great art style but also looks incredibly intense.

Hungrynaut - An insane game from Torpedrogames

What do you get if you mix Flappy Bird, VVVVVV and someone with a huge appetite? You get Hungrynaut by TorpedroGames. A game that has you as an astronaut zipping through a space station in Zero Gravity while trying to eat as many burgers as possible to satisfy his ridiculous hunger. Sound easy? Wrong, it isn't! The space station is covered in deadly spikes through an endless high score system, which you must avoid by changing gravity with a tap of your finger. However one wrong tap and its *SPLAT*.