Legion - Amiga Polish RPG now free PC playable

Put aside your Dragon Age, turn away from the Dragonborn in Skyrim and look towards the PC playable release of Legion; an Amiga 1996 RPG by Polish developer Gobi. According to some, one of the best Polish RPG's of it's time, a fantasy strategy game with elements of role-playing genre. For anyone that hasn't played it, like myself, The Company.PL has now released the Amiga version as fully PC playable.

Stinger! - 1985 C64 shooter now with a trainer

First released in 1985 as a sort of Asteroids clone and now cracked by Genesis Project for C64, you fly your very own space ship in a multi-directional shooter. Attacking a multitude of stinging enemies such as wasp fighters, wasp bombers and other such wasp like enemies each with their own attacking pattern, you must defend yourself and keep your shield intact or your ship will blow up. Although it's not the best game we've played as it's a bit repetitive, it does have a nice star background and is easy to play.

Faye King : Jungle Jeopardy - Point and click adventure set for Jan 2015 release

Imagine being a pilot for hire accepting assignments with no questions asked, then crash landing into a jungle and injuring your paying customer. You'd probably go and get help right? That's exactly what has happened in Faye King : Jungle Jeopardy, the latest announced point and click adventure from Two Tales. Developed in that lovely old graphical style, like an original Lucasart adventure, the developers are set to release the game for PC - Jan 2015!

C64SD V3.0 Princess - The first SD2IEC with tap file support [17th DEC Firmware/Menu Update]

On the 11th of November we reviewed one of the best SD2IEC based devices for your C64. Titled "C64SD V3.0 Princess" by Manosoft, it was an incredible SD2IEC hardware device that also had the first Tape(*tap) file support. It is still attached to my C64 today and for anyone else who has the same product will be interested to know that the developer has released the latest firmware and menu update Firmware Princess V0.10.3.F & Menu 1.2. Read on for the change log

High Voltage SID Collection V62 - 46,000 SID tunes for the C64!

Are you ready for the ultimate SID collection for the C64; a SID collection that spans years in the latest High Voltage SID Collection from HVSC. Featuring 46,000 SIDs that will keep you retro dancing for hours! HVSC is a hobby project that organises 64 music into an archive for both musicians and fans. One of the largest and most accurate retro computer music collections known.

Broken Pearl - Action packed arcade vertical shooter now available!

Have I got another treat for you today! How about an awesome vertical shooter that makes you feel like you really are at the arcades? It's "Broken Pearl" by Mikael Tillander, in which you need to fly your chosen space ship and defend yourself from both air and land based creatures. Featuring brilliant blasting action, power ups, great arcade style graphics, awesome music and great sound effects, this is our recommended game of the day!

Vertical Shooter - Early preview of a WIP Homebrew Shooter for C64

Excess has just released a work in progress "Vertical Shooter" for the C64. Although it is in very early stages with no sound being played in the game and no hit damage, it does look like it could be a great game when it's finally finished. Vertical Shooter does have a great crack intro and smooth in game controls, so if you're interested it is available to download and play for free.

Tower57 - 16-bit Arcade game with Alien Breed and The Chaos Engine inspirations

Every so often there's a very special game that really catches my eye, and Tower57 by Benitosub and artist Cyangmou looks to be high up on that scale. It is the arcade love child of Alien Breed and Chaos Engine with fantastic 16-bit styled pixel art and interactive and destructive environments. According to the developer the game is set in a dystopian future in which humanity has found refuge in self-sufficient mega towers and a government conspiring to keep its citizens subjugated. Currently the game is still in very early development but it will be coming to PC, Mac and Linux!