Kung Fu Master - HOT NEWS as WIP Amiga OCS Remaster of a classic Arcade game gets an early demo

Even more Amiga news to get through now, as if you've been following our recent updates regarding Graeme Cowie, Ten Shu and DJ Metune's upcoming Amiga conversion of a classic Arcade game called Kung Fu Master. Then you'll pleased to know as thanks to a heads up from our good friend Saberman, he has told us you can head on over to the EAB forums (or linked below) and try out the first demo of the upcoming Arcade to Amiga OCS conversion of Kung Fu Master: A game which is being remastered with artwork by Tensu(Original Arcade graphics also available when released).

Space Assailants 2121 - A New Atari 8bit and Atari 5200 Space Invaders clone!

We've seen lots of Space Invader variants over the years from Sprite Invaders on the C64, to our personal favorite from Pink/Abyss 'Tiny Invaders' on the Amiga. Well another Atari homebrew variation of Space Invaders has just appeared, and this one by Anschuetz is called ' Space Assailants 2121'; An Arcade like release which pits you against waves of Aliens avoiding all of the scrolling stars instead of dodging missiles shot by the Aliens themselves.

Asteroids RX - A from scratch conversion of two classic Atari games for the ZX Spectrum & Spectrum Next!

Does anyone remember the Asteroids game from 1979 whereby destroying as many asteroids as possible and gaining a high score was the aim of the game? Well if you do remember it and want to play a really fine version of it on the ZX Spectrum, then make sure to check out highriser's latest speccy release of 'Asteroids RX'; a 'from scratch' conversion of two classic Atari games, Asteroids and Asteroids Deluxe for the 48k,128k and a version with Spectrum Next enhancements that are included.

Jackal - A NES top down shooter coming to the Amiga via Neeso Games gets a new demo

While many of you are still waiting for Neeso Games awesome looking Arcade platformer of 'Super Delivery Boy', which is due for release towards the end of this year. There's another game you should be keep an eye on as developments progress, and that's Jackal; A remake of the NES top-down shooter of the same name, graphically enhanced to take advantage of the Amiga (OCS-ECS) hardware, which is currently being developed for the AmiGameJam competition.

Fallen Kingdom - An upcoming Atari XL/XE Chess game with a difference!

When I was a young lad my step dad used to always go on about Chess. He'd sit there for hours on end moving around pieces as if the end result would be some grand prize. It certainly wasn't my idea of fun as I was a video gamer anyway! Still if you like Chess but feel like the gameplay could be changed in some way, then you may be interested in checking out 'Fallen Kingdom'; a new game entered into the Atari XL/XE competition that adds a unique style to the Chess based genre.

Gacek - Another Bomb Jack port for the Atari XL/XE gets a second tease

I can still remember in the late 80's playing the brilliant Arcade port ' Bomb Jack '; a game that required you the player to jump and float about getting rid of all the bombs on the screen before they are used to blow up historic places of interest. It was such an awesome game that even though a fan port of the game was released on the Atari XL/XE coded by Krzysztof Gora in 2008, another version looks to be in the works and this one is called Gacek and developed by Shanti77. To coincide with this news, the game has got another teaser as an entry into the ABBUC Software Contest 2021.

Kooky Klimber 2021 - A vertical scrolling arcade game for the Atari XL/XE entered into the ABBUC Software Contest 2021

Another retro gaming article to keep you company and yes there's certainly a lot to get through, is a brand new game for the Atari XL/XE called 'Kooky Klimber 2021'. This game developed by Eric Anschuetz, Robert Anschuetz, and John Weisgerber for the ABBUC Software Contest 2021, is a vertical scrolling Arcade game in which you need to climb huge towering buildings while trying not to be knocked off by the local residents!

The Fall of Prometheus - A fabulous Mythical action puzzler for the MSX is now playable online

The MSX community are certainly no strangers to quality releases on the MSX especially with great games such as Night Knight and No Back Down. Well today's news is equally special for the MSX community, as we've recently found out through Facebook, that you can now play Mystery Labs awesome action puzzle game of 'The Fall of Prometheus' online; A game which has over 30 screens divided in 3 worlds: Tanatos, Garden of Hesperides, and another secret one set in a mythological theme.

Preamp II - A new A500 OCS Music disk by Nectarine placed 6th at the Function 2021 party!

Something slightly different for this afternoon other than all the games we have mentioned, as if you're looking to play some damn fine tunes on your Commodore Amiga and Mel O Dee's wasn't enough to blow your speakers, then you might be interested in checking out Nectarine latest Music disk called Preamp II; a new release placed 6th at the Function 2021 party which features lots of great tunes from a number of musical talents listed in the Music disk itself.

Kowalsky's Fury 2 - Action platformer with a great soundtrack entered into the ABBUC Software Contest 2021

For those of you wanting some Atari 8bit news, we've recently been told via Saberman, that one of the games entered into the ABBUC Software Contest 2021 was a rather interesting Action Platformer called 'Kowalsky's Fury 2'; This game according to the video uploader, is a platform game consisting of 4 levels in 2 different worlds. The player must be cautious with enemy bullets, the method of destroying such objects is to move a little and then duck for a moment.

Green Beret - Highly challenging retro classic gets another AmiGameJam Amiga update

Green Beret(Rush N Attack) was an action arcade game released by Konami in 1985, with many different ports such as the Amstrad and C64. It is remembered for its Cold War setting and its reliance on the player using mainly a knife to dispatch enemies, although you were able to collect many different weapons including the flame thrower. So why is this game getting another mention on IRN? Well as of today if you were hoping for some more news for the Scorpion Engine developed Amiga version, then we've got you covered with the latest footage from the coder himself Dante 3d dev@dantemendes.

Super Metal Hero - Eagerly awaited Amiga AGA platformer looks better than ever in this new WIP video

Yet another retro gaming news announcement has just appeared in our inbox for a Monday heads up, as as we've recently been informed through the EAB forums from Colin Vella, that the eagerly awaited Amiga game of 'Super Metal Hero'; a kickass new Amiga game that is being coded in Blitz Basic by Colin Vella, graphics by Tenshu, Music by JMD and publishing by Double Sided Games, has just got another video tease giving us a further glimpse at the enemies and stages found in the game.