Immortal Empire - Tactical based RPG coming to Steam

Here at Indie Retro News we do like a good RPG, especially ones that involve lots of tactical based game play with plenty of fighting, skills and loot. So the recent mention of 'Immortal Empire; a great browser based multi-player game set in a fantasy universe, is coming to Steam for the PC, we were most certainly interested. With a mix of X-Com and a side order of Diablo, Immortal Empire will be significantly improved upon from the browser based offering!

Paperboy USA - C64 +3D NTSC fixed release!

You may or may not have read our excellent review of Paperboy, Elite's awesome arcade game from the 1980's. But the C64 release which was originally cracked and released by different groups has now appeared as a USA - NTSC version which hopefully should appeal to our retrogaming American readers. According to the Underground Domain Inc release group, they've added a trainer for cheating, fixed the game to stop the flickering and to stop the crashing while using an NTSC machine.

Brat - Frustrating Amiga Puzzler freely playable on the PC

Get ready to play one of the most frustrating puzzle based games ever released on the Amiga. It's 'BRAT' by Image Works from 1991, which is now available as a free launch-able PC file thanks to The Company.PL. In this crazy isometric puzzle game, you the player, must guide Nathan through a series of 12 scrolling levels, while avoiding obstacles, picking up items and reaching the end of the level without falling off.

WinUAE 3.2.0 beta 5 - The latest Amiga emulator Monday update!

Another week has passed and already we are here again to mention another Amiga Emulator WinUAE beta update for you to test and to give any feedback to the developer Toni Wilen. Currently at version 'WinUAE 3.2.0 beta 5', this latest release has a number of additions and updates including - made disk image drag 'n drop floppy drive hit box larger and - DOSBox CPU core type selectable in bridgeboard config GUI. Now for most people as long as the emulator loads retro games such as the Amiga, then we are perfectly happy with that. But for those of you want the latest in interesting updates, Toni Wilen certainly has you covered. See change log for details

Sam's Journey - Impressive C64 Metamorphosis, Part 2: Sam in Black update!

We were a bit delayed on this one due to only getting the news today, but the developer Knights of Bytes has just informed us over a rather impressive update for the in development C64 game of 'Sams Journey'. You may remember our previous update titled 'Part 1 A Pirate's Life For Sam', which shows off Sam's special abilities such as being able to pick up items, carry them around and throw at enemies as a pirate. But this time Sam has gone even further, he's become a Ninja in the latest trailer of 'Metamorphosis, Part 2: Sam in Black'

The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human - Pixelated action adventure gets an alpha demo!

Developed by Christopher Andreasson (Code and Design) and Josef Martinovsky (Art and Design and Sound) and made in Game Maker Studio, the Kickstarter success of ' The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human' has now appeared on Gamejolt with a playable alpha demo. Set in the deep underwater depths, millions of years later, you return in a sub-aquatic spaceship from a nearby wormhole in search of habitable planets, to try and discover what has happened to the Human race by exploring the decaying ruins of our species and fighting deadly sea-creatures in search of answers.

Memoirs of a Spectrum Addict - ZX Spectrum film Kickstarter success!

I'm sure many of you have noticed the influx of ZX Spectrum books, games and modifications, but a new ZX Spectrum film has just smashed through it's Kickstarter goal and there's still 29 days to go. It's the 'Memoirs of a Spectrum Addict - A tribute to the Sinclair ZX Spectrum ' film by Andy Remic. Classed as a full length documentary and raising over £1,624 so far, this Kickstarter of retro memories will be 120-180 minutes in length, which takes a detailed look at the ZX Spectrum, it's history, it's developers, it's games and it's fans!

How To Be A Complete Bastard - ZX Spectrum retro review by Florinthedwarf

I've always wanted to know!
Shock! Horror! A swear word in a computer game title! Many people might be aghast to read such filth as "How To Be A Complete Bastard" being displayed on the front cover of a computer game....but not being most people, funnily enough this is what drew me to it. People may say it's childish to drop down to such a level to try and get attention, but it was based on a book by comedy genius Ade Edmonson, so do you know what I say to these people? Neh-neh Neh-neh neh!

Tales of Gorluth II - Amiga action adventure hopes to get a sequel!

Behold Amiga owners, as AMIworx has informed the retro community of the planned development for 'Tales of Gorluth II'; the sequel to the action adventure 'Tales of Gorluth', which, according to the developers was the best Amiga game of 2014. With your help of over 200 pre-orders the developers will make a brand new sequel that doesn't just have an optimised 32 colour palette, but redefined sprites, overlay blocks and more. In light of this news, a new trailer has appeared to wet your appetite!