DOOM PIT - Exclusive physical release has been announced for the speccy

Ah Clive Townsend what a very talented developer he is, creator of the brilliant Saboteur! series of which many of us love still to this day. Sadly there was one game in his line up he never released and that was Death Pit; a game advertised a lot by Durell, completed, but was never considered good enough for release even though some of the routines did end up in that game Saboteur. Still even though the development version was found in 2007, we at least have ' Doom Pit ' to look forward to. A brand new game recently announced as an exclusive physical edition to the official sequel for Clive Townsend's previously unreleased Death Pit, bundled together in a great package by Monument Microgames!

Droid Buster - C64 'Mandroid' coming to the ZX Spectrum

The games just keep on coming, as after already mentioning The Last Ninja (1) possibly coming to the ZX Spectrum, we are here to shout out that the C64 version of 'Mandroid' is being remade as ' Droid Buster ' for the ZX Spectrum via the ZX-Dev-MIA-Remakes competition. According to the developer of this remake, Mandroid was originally going to come to the ZX Spectrum as Cyborg but with it being never released, the developer is remaking the game in his own image, both the graphics and mechanics.

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis Special Edition Demo 2.0 released!

Dungeon crawlers are not the only genre I'm a huge fan of, as if I showed my adventure game collection on the shelf gleaming with The Secret of Monkey Island, Quest for Glory, Kings Quest or even Indiana Jones that would prove I also have a soft spot for the Adventure genre too. Thankfully it seems others have a spot for games such as Indiana Jones, as just moments ago Patrik Spacek announced the release of the Indiana Jones Fate of Atlantis Special Edition Demo 2.0!

Prisonnier II - A New Game for the Sega Master System

Prisonnier II is a new homebrew puzzler game by Offgame, released on March 17th, for the Sega Master System, Master System II and Megadrive/Genesis with Master System/Power Base Converter.

The Last Ninja - Is System 3's classic game coming to the ZX Spectrum?

In the late 80's System 3 released one of the most incredible 8-bit games of all time, cited by many as a highly innovative, groundbreaking title that put you in control of the ninja Armakuni on his journey to the palace of the evil shogun Kunitoki to assassinate him, avenge his clan, and retrieve the sacred scrolls. That game was none other than ' The Last Ninja ', a highly successful game for its time which as of today has re-appeared in our inbox but instead as a possible tease for an upcoming unofficial ZX remake.

MoonQuest - Procedurally generated adventure with a Terraria flavour aims to impress

Add a touch of Minecraft and a dash of Terraria what would you get? Probably this rather fine game that's doing well on Steam so far, 'MoonQuest 'by Wizard Mode. A procedurally-generated adventure game where each play through gives you a new world to explore. Filled with themed worlds, the harvest of resources, treasure and deadly creatures to fight with the possibility of a powerful weapon at hand!

The World War Simulator Part II - A new Amstrad and ZX Spectrum game by Retrobytes Productions!

Great news if you're an Amstrad or ZX Spectrum fan, as we've recently learnt that Retrobytes Productions has finally launched their eagerly awaited game 'World War Simulator Part II' for both the Amstrad CPC and ZX Spectrum. This game developed by Alex Layunta, Toni Ramírez and José Antonio Martín is a high grade top down action game that will give most of us a rather Eagle's Nest flavour.

Black Paradox - A Retro Inspired Side Scrolling Shooter Available July 20th with Demo Downloads

Black Paradox is a fast paced rogue-like shoot 'em up game with amazing pixel art and a Synth-Wave soundtrack by Fantastico Studio. The game will be released on Steam July 20th, with Xbox One, Ps4 and Nintendo Switch releases by end of September.

Demo versions are now available for Windows and MacOS (HERE)

Everyone's a Wally Remix previewed!

Everyone is? So it's not just me, then? Phew.
Everyone's favourite Wally is back! Well, almost. For over a year now, Johnathon Cooper has been working on his remake of this Speccy classic and finally, it's almost there. Johnathon has just released version 0.8 of the game which can be downloaded from the games' Facebook page. Here is another remake that has got us all happy at IRN and one member in particular (well, it's me) is over the moon that we are stepping closer and closer to a release of the finished product.

Kung-Fu UFO - Kick ass platformer is coming to the Sega Megadrive/Genesis!

I think I'm going to have a writing break this weekend as this week has been crazy busy for awesome games from across the divide. But before then it is time to mention a seriously cool kick ass platformer that is coming to the Sega MegaDrive and Genesis near you as ' Kung-Fu UFO '; a game by Retro Nerve. If you love story driven adventure games heavily inspired by sci-fi and martial arts movies from the 80s and 90s or the inspiration of games such as TMT, Battletoads, The Way of the Exploding Fist and even Mortal Kombat then read on!