Blask - A new first person shooter Amiga demo with Koyot1222 graphics

There's just no stopping us, as after already flooding the community with the latest retro news, here's a new Amiga demo called 'Blask (eng. Shine?, Glow?, Glare?)', or as it's previous name 'Alien Enemy: Dangerous Alien', which is a new improved demo with Koyot1222 graphics. To coincide with this news for what looks like a very early work in progress first person shooter, not only has zzielins done a gameplay tease but you can download the demo right now through the zone.

Whitewater Madness - Move over Toobin you've got destructive competition (Atari STe)

I'm pretty sure many of you remember the Arcade game 'Toobin' by Atari Games, a game which featured two player fun in a competitive river race as you bounced off each other avoiding obstacles to get to the finish line. But now imagine a very similar game but this time you're in a powerful ship of some kind travelling through time to collect energy cells while also shooting at deadly hazards such as giant water beasts. Welcome to ' Whitewater Madness ' a game which was under development in 1989 by Scott Williamson and Ed Schneider designed specifically for their new Atari STe computer!

Noita - A magical action rogue-lite with smashing pixels revealed!

Welcome to ' Noita ' by NollaGames,  a rather special game created by the same team behind Crayon Physics Deluxe, The Swapper and Environmental Station Alpha. This magical action rogue-lite, set in a world where every pixel is physically simulated using the developers in house Falling Everything Engine.Will put you in control of a powerful character that can explore and fight through a procedurally generated world using spells you've created which can melt, burn, freeze and even evaporate the pixelated landscape around you.

Beer Belly Bill In : Grillieren! - A rather charming C64 game that's still a preview!

Way back in 2006 a coder by the name of Widdy released a rather charming little game called Beer Belly Bill In : Grillieren! Barbecue Deluxe for the Gameboy Advanced, with later ports to the Wii, Android and even Java. But now in 2017 Widdy(Code/Graphics) and FieserWolf (Music) via Genesis Project, has released a preview of the C64 version, which according to a CSDb member by the name of Groepaz is about 10 years old!

Cascade Quest - Classic inspired adventure game coming early 2018!

Ladies and Gentlemen the 1980's adventure graphical style is BACK! That's right, there's a game that has just appeared in our news feeds that looks very much like the oldest Kings Quest, Space Quest and Police Quest games right out of the 80's. Welcome to ' Cascade Quest ' by IceFallGames, a game built in the classic Sierra adventure game style, in which you as the player embark on an epic adventure though forests, mountains and mysterious lairs, on a mission of escape and retribution!

Modern Love Classics - An incredible music collection for the C64 released by MultiStyle Labs!

Once again we are turning our attention away from games and towards our music lovers, as an incredible music collection has been released by MultiStyle Labs for the C64 called ' Modern Love Classics, which does contain heavy stroboscope visuals. This release which came 4th at Nordlicht 2017, features 7 mind blowing tracks such as Jammer - Left Right, LMan - Clubster, Randall - Night Falls Over Amygdala and even Jammer - Jogging Naked. As one person puts it "The most amazing music disk I've seen and heard in a while".

Argus *ULTIMATE EDITION* - Great news as a stunning RPG adventure for C64 is accepting pre-orders!

News for the C64 just gets better and better as after already exciting us with the news of Sam's Journey accepting pre-orders, we've just learnt that Argus *Ultimate Edition* by Achim Volkers, Saul Cross, Trevor Storey and Jason 'Kenz' Mackenzie, is coming August 26th 2017 and can be pre-ordered today. This incredible looking game via Psytronik Software, is an RPG Adventure game set in a Dungeon Crawler style.

Sam's Journey - Most anticipated C64 game for some time is up for pre-ordering

Knights of Bytes, the creators behind the incredible looking C64 platformer 'Sam's Journey', which 90% of the public thought was an April fools when it was announced by us FIRST in 2015, has once again appeared in our news feeds as now being up for pre-orders. With lots of huge levels to explore, plus hidden items to be found in a game full of amazing detail, the developer has shocked the community as you can pre-order the game right now as a disk, cartridge or even digital download through protovision.

FLASHFLOPPY - First alpha release of new FREE and OPEN Gotek firmware!

The Commodore Amiga Facebook community is one of the best places on the internet whereby users around the world can come together and share anything and everything they want related to the Amiga and have fun doing so. But as is the case with this group, there's always one such member who stands head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to helpful advice or software to push the Amiga community forward. And so this week Keir Fraser has announced the first alpha release of the new FREE and OPEN Gotek firmware, which will read and write ADF and HFE images!

Chibi Akumas Episode 2: Confrontation! - Amstrad bullet hell shooter gets a sequel tease

At the tail end of last year, a new homebrew took to the stage and was a bullet hell shooter known as ' Chibi Akuma(s) ' developed by Keith56 for the Amstrad CPC. It was a crazy in your face shooter with bullets appearing at you from all sides through 5 levels of extreme fire power and deadly end level bosses as you played as Chibiko in her unholy battle against an invasion. That game which drove most of us insane, has once again reappeared in our news feeds but this time as a sequel called Chibi Akumas Episode 2: Confrontation!