WinUAE 2.9.0 beta 25 - Amiga emulator gets a Sunday release

It seems as if Toni Wilen, developer of WinUAE never rests as even today on a Sunday he's just released the latest Amiga emulator beta version of WinUAE 2.9.0 beta 25. A version which again contains even more bug fixes such as uaenet.device + slirp combination was broken (probably has always been) and more accurate 68000 prefetch mode instruction cycle usage. So if you want the latest release, read the changelog and grab the download link.

Gunslugs II - Action packed shooter gets a Steam Greenlight campaign + Demo

Prepare for a destructive force of high powered weaponry with lots of cool explosions, as Gunslugs II by Orangepixel is now available as a demo and going through a Steam Greenlight campaign. Featuring lots of chaos, enemies to fight, more content, more special effects and a cool story as you once again fight the Black Duck Army.

SuperTed - A new shooter appears on the Amiga!

Only just recently we featured a text based adventure of DangerMouse and I mentioned the reference to classic based cartoon TV shows such as Bananaman and SuperTed. Well funnily enough today appears an arcade shooter for the Amiga from that very classic TV show that stars SuperTed himself. Although this is a fan made side scroller shooter made by Mikael Persson using Backbone, it was only developed in just three weeks. SuperTed(Amiga) features decent enough graphics with cameos from Lemmings and other Amiga based characters that must be avoided or shot at.

Super Retro TRIO Console - 3 in one retro system NES / SNES / Genesis / Megadrive (HARDWARE REVIEW)

Moving on from the Amstrad's, the C64's and the ZX Spectrum, today we are going to look at a rather cool retro based console sent to us by, who previously sent us the Commodore 64 : A visual Commpendium. This is the Super Retro TRIO developed by Retro-Bit; an impressive looking (NES / SNES / Genesis/Megadrive - 3 in 1 System ), that can play those old console games without actually having to switch consoles. Today we are going to give you that hardware review and give our final opinion from both myself Neil and my other staff writer David.

DangerMouse - Text Adventure demo latest Amiga release

For many of you as an older gamer, you'd probably remember those cartoon days of Bananaman, SuperTed and yes that excellent DangerMouse. From the early 80's to the mid 90's was a time of some pretty fantastic cartoons and DangerMouse was certainly one of them. With a parody of the British Spy fiction such as James Bond but played as a Mouse and his side kick Penfold, you can now relive those days in the latest Amiga demo release of "DangerMouse: Text Adventure" from AmigaPD.

Eternity Port - Transcendence gets a space expansion

Kronosaur Productions who are the developers of the previous great space adventure strategy game Transcendence have just informed us that the latest expansion is now available. Titled "Eternity Port", this new adventure features a new player class (the CDM mercenary), new ship classes (Hercules, Raijin, and Spartan), and new sovereigns. And, for the first time, you can explore the area of the galaxy near Sol.

Distant Star: Revenant Fleet - Space fleet strategy gets a Steam Greenlight campaign

Prepare for war and launch the fleet as Distant Star: Revenant Fleet by Blazing Griffin is now available through Alpha and up for votes through Steam Greenlight. For those of you who enjoyed Homeworld it might be worth checking out this game as it features real time space strategy and fleet based combat with a range of different ship classes all with procedurally generated content.

Radial-G - Oculus Rift Racer Gets Steam Early Access


Back in July, we featured the spectacular upcoming Oculus Rift title called Radial-G: Racing Revolved as they set up their kickstarter campaign and despite a fantastic effort, it didn't quite reach its £50k goal. Undeterred by this setback, the team at Tameka games were able to receive additional funding and have continued with development and have just announced that the Game will soon be available on Steam.