DDI3 USB Floppy Emulator for the Amstrad CPC 464 BIG Review!

When Indie Retro News began its life some years ago, most of our hardware reviews have either been for the C64 or specific Everdrives for retro based consoles such as the Sega Mega Drive and NES. However we have never done a review of anything for the Amstrad CPC 464 or 6128 because at the time there were no new external SD attachments specific for that hardware, at least until now. This is the 'DDI3 USB Floppy Emulator for the Amstrad CPC 464' by a rather talented designer by the name of Zaxon also known as Piotr Bugaj, who has created some impressive pieces of kit for systems such as this Amstrad and even the ZX Spectrum!

1541 Diagnostic Cartridge - If you've got a C64 1541 disk drive, you need this!

When we first did C64 reviews, the very first device that we showed off was Shareware Plus's 'uCassette'. It enabled users of the C64, to play tapes via your mobile or audio equipment directly into the C64 as MP3 or Wav files. Well that same company has sent us a new cartridge called the ' 1541 Diagnostic Cartridge ', which if you've got a 1541 disk drive, would be a highly regarded item to add to your ever growing list of accessories.

TRAF - Trajes Fatais - 2D costume fighter needs your Greenlight votes

Now I'm sure many of you have heard the term ' Cosplay ' in which people dress up in costumes looking as close as possible to the characters they portray. But imagine putting these costumes on and gaining actual powers, a sort of X-Men effect without the mutation. Well if you take a look at the 2D Fighting experience of  ' TRAF - Trajes Fatais ' by Onanim Studio that is currently going through a Steam Greenlight campaign, you'll not only have powers as a guest in a costume party, but you'll also be able to kick ass with many different moves.

Rainbow Walker - Atari 8bit classic gets an Atari 5200 conversion

Created in just 1.5 days by Wrathchild and noted as a conversion based on a top Atari 8-bit game, comes a new Atari 5200 port of ' Rainbow Walker ', which also appeared on the C64. First released way back in 1983, designed by Steve Coleman and published by Synapse Software. You play as a strange little creature called Cedrick, who hops on a dark and colourless rainbow as a goal to colour it and advance to the next level.

DOOM Retro v2.0.4 - The latest Doom source release packed with updates!

We've just been informed through our twitter feed that ' Doom Retro ' , which is a minimalistic designed DOOM source port by Brad Harding, has now reached version 2.0.4. Unlike that very gory Brutal Doom, with it's destroyable bodies and disgusting physics, Doom Retro tries to stay as close as possible to the original game but improving it with a number of features and updates. See change log for details.

Indie Retro News & RGDS Podcast Amiga DOS Special!

I'm sure many of you will agree with me, but Aaron White is becoming a bit of a legend in the Amiga scene. He has done countless albums now going right back to 2014. From C64 remixes and 80's tracks, to Amiga PDs and even a more recent Sega Master System Hits Vol 1. But for me although these are mighty fine releases, I always like to challenge people to push their skills to the limit. So I said to him, " Can you convert PC MS-DOS tracks to the Amiga and if so, can you convert these? " Sure enough after some teasing over the weekend, here we have ' The Indie Retro News and RGDS Podcast Amiga DOS Special ' from Aaron White of RGDS Podcast. A small part 1 album, with remixed game soundtracks such as One Must Fall, Aladdin, Doom, Empire Civil War and The Lion King.

RPGolf - A hybrid RPG Golf game mix gets an Indiegogo campaign

We've just been informed by Riccardo Castelnuovo and the team at gaming startup ArticNet who are based in Osaka, Japan, of a new game called ' RPGolf ' that is aiming for Indiegogo funding for iOS, Android, PC and Mac. Classed as a hybrid RPG Golf game in an open-world, the developers have taken the boredom of golf and added a unique twist based on the beautiful surroundings you usually see when playing the game in real life.

7 Mages - A dungeon crawler with unique combat aims for Steam Greenlight success

Through all these years of writing one of my favourite genre game types, just has to be a dungeon crawler, especially as I'm always writing about them and even now I'm playing through the classic Eye of the Beholder series 1 to 3. Thus I was pleased to hear from Napoleon Games, that their dungeon crawler with its unique turn-based system of combat (that allows you to split up your comrades to make the battles more tactical), and previously unseen musical magic. Is not only going to be available as an early access title 15th March 2016, but they are also running a Steam Greenlight campaign so you can have this fine looking game in your Steam library.

Amiga CD32 Bubble Bobble Trilogy special!

I was just about to go to bed when my mobile started dinging at me to let me know of a new message in my inbox. As soon as I saw Earok's name popping up, telling me of a new Amiga CD32 release, I was just too excited to ignore it and thus turned my computer on to share this glorious news. It's the ' Amiga CD32 Bubble Bobble Trilogy ' by AmigaJay, a brand new Amiga CD32 conversion by the same person who also does those fantastic CD sized CD32 covers!