Hyper Wings - Geldo79 releases an early work in progress Amiga game build

Here on Indie Retro News we do love writing about the Amiga, especially with all the games mentioned in the past and even today with the upcoming platformer of Creeping Me Out Hex Night and the kick ass brawler of Devil's Temple : Son of the Kung-Fu Master. Well here's another Amiga game to play albeit in an early stage of development, and it's Hyper Wings developed by geldo79; An Asteroids and Star Control mash up which is being developed in ASM.

Devil's Temple : Son of the Kung-Fu Master - Kung Fu Remaster has now evolved into an Amiga OCS spin off!

Another Amiga news story for you all as if you've been following our recent updates regarding Graeme Cowie, Ten Shu and DJ Metune's upcoming Amiga OCS conversion of a classic Arcade game called Kung Fu Master. Then you'll pleased to learn that not only is the game going to be called Devil's Temple - Son of the Kung-Fu Master, but it will now be a spin off game with lots of cool kick ass levels, combining some of the best features of Vigilante such as player weapon pick ups and additional moves. To coincide with this news, Graeme Cowie has shown off an impressive title screen for the game.

Creeping Me Out Hex Night - An upcoming Amiga platformer by Mixel gets new footage

If you loved playing Platformers on the Amiga, then you might like this latest news update to start the week, as trawling through the EAB forums, we've been told there has been a number of new in-development teasers shown for Mixel's upcoming Amiga platformer of 'Creeping Me Out : Hex Night. A Scorpion Engine created Action/Adventure/Platformer that doesn't just feature complex levels, but a story, enemies, big bosses and dangerous traps to keep you company.

Prince of Persia - HOT NEWS as a fabulous Atari XL/XE port has been released!

Another hot news story for you all, as we have just been told through twitter that the all time classic platformer of 'Prince of Persia'; a game which has been released for many different systems back in 1989 by Broderbund, has finally been made available as an incredible port for the Atari XL/XE. Prince of Persia is not only a game that featured lots of well designed platforming levels, but the game was full of danger as you must be careful not to fall through loose floors, get hit by sword wielding guards, crushed by gates or at worst skewered in blood on deadly spikes.

Puzzle Bobble on the Amstrad CPC - Novabug gives us an exclusive Video review as a release is due today!

Teased back on February on this very site, the much awaited Amstrad CPC arcade port of Puzzle Bobble will not only be released at some point today, but to get you excited prior to the BIG release thanks to Crazy Piri who sent us the game, I have an exclusive review video to show you which can be viewed below in glorious 8bit. Puzzle games on the Amstrad are sort of a specialty for the system, it can really shine with these types of games.

Galaxian on the C64 really looks like a fantastic conversion/port by Arlasoft

Galaxian has appeared on Indie Retro News a few times over the years, especially as it is one particular Arcade classic that homebrew developers love making clones of with special effects and bonus power ups added. Well this time we are going back to the original hit from 1979, as Arlasoft has yanked the retro shoot em up classic over to the C64 with all the nostalgia intact such as the sound effects and animated enemy waves.

Souls Keeper - A cool looking MSX and MSX 2 action platformer is available for pre-order!

While we wait for two amazing releases due this weekend, which for the moment we are keeping it a guarded secret ;) . There's one game that I can mention that might be worth a look as a future release, and that's Oniric Factor's upcoming game of 'Souls Keeper'; An action platformer with cool graphics and gameplay, that can be pre-ordered as a physical release for the MSX and MSX 2. (The game preorder period for the first bunch of cartridges starts on October 29th and ends on November 29th.)

Rocket Away 2 - A brand new C64 game courtesy of Blazon/TND. Dodge those asteroids!

Yet another C64 game has appeared in our box of retro goodness, as we've recently been informed via The New Dimension on Twitter, that if you head on over to the Itch. io link below, you can download the latest arcade game from Blazon/TND called 'Rocket Away 2 ; a public domain game written under the Blazon label as an enhanced party game sequel to the original Cassette 50 Charity Compo entry, called "Rocket Away".

Popeye V1 - A special find for today, as an unreleased and early C64 prototype of a classic Arcade game appears!

Now here's a blast from the past, as we've recently been informed by our good friends Games That  Weren't, that the classic Arcade game of 'Popeye' which was originally released on the C64 back in 1983 via the Parker Brothers, has re-appeared on the same system, but this time as an unreleased and full C64 conversion prototype. A different version of the game not seen for almost 40 years by a completely different developer Jack Verson for On-time Software

Briley Witch Chronicles - Eagerly awaited C64 Japanese inspired RPG from Sarah Jane Avory gets a new tease

As many of you know by now, the ex-SEGA game developer and author: Sarah Jane Avory is working on a fabulous RPG for the C64 called ' Briley Witch Chronicles ', which by all accounts isn't just a good looking game, but will have lots of interesting features that is sure to whet your appetite. Well after trawling through Twitter looking for some updates, we've just found out some interesting news, as Briley Witch Chronicles has yet again been mentioned but this time with a brand new encounter teaser.

Bouldeurdache - A "Boulder Dash C64" Unity remake, as a tribute to a classic released in 1984.

We've featured the 1984 Boulder Dash game many times now, from the release of Boulder Dash Junior II The Final Dig, to Boulder Dash Senior and even the more recent version on the VIC20. But now as something slightly different, we've just found out by trawling the itch.io website, that Blackbird Studios has released the "Boulder Dash C64" Unity remake called Bouldeurdache; a tribute to the old Commodore 64 game released in 1984.

Ms Pacman - After the Arcade to Amiga conversion of Pac-Man, JOTD releases Ms Pacman!

It wasn't long ago now that here on Indie Retro News, we did multiple features for JOTD's fabulous Arcade conversion of the 1980's hit classic's Pac-Man, a game which was released on the Amiga as Pacman 500 (link). Well today's news came as a complete surprise to us and one I think you'll be pleased to hear, as thanks to another heads up by a good friend of ours, we have learnt that JOTD has released a fully complete version of Ms Pacman over to the Amiga 500; Yet another great Arcade conversion of the 1982 classic that's well worth a download. (The game is mentioned as being a beta, but it is complete with just a few unnoticeable things to fix)