Cannon Fodder - An all time classic ported to Amiga CD32

According to Earok the next Amiga CD32 port has been released and this one is sure to give some pretty intense memories from just the cover alone. It's none other than Cannon Fodder, an all time classic Action-Strategy Shoot 'em up developed by Sensible Software and published by Virgin in 1993. This grand game of mission based and military battling, also had a pretty famous soundtrack with the words "War, it's never been so much fun" to promote their controversial Amiga game.

Grinder - A new take on Space Invaders

Your memories of Space Invaders would probably be of alien like spaceships slowly moving down the screen increasing in speed as you blast them out the way one by one. But Grinder, developed by member of jabber conference goes much further than that and changes not just the style but the level of difficulty contained within.

Tearaway Thomas - Classic Amiga platformer gets a CD32 conversion!

As promised EAB user Earok has already gone onto the next Amiga game and has given it the full conversion to the classic Amiga CD32 console. Unlike the previous hit action classic we are now moving onto a more familiar platformer that has your hyper character moving through the levels, collecting all the gems before the time runs out.

Domestic Dog - Live the life of a dog OUT NOW!

Does anyone remember those games called CATZ and DOGZ, where you nurtured and cared for a cute virtual pet as if it was real? If so, you may want to come and play Domestic Dog, as you live the life of a random dog that tries to survive the harsh domestic realities of life. Developed by SurrealDistractions, and available now and going through a Steam Greenlight campaign, you play as a dog that can explore, play, eat, drink, sleep and even be a complete pain in the arse. But what makes this virtual dog experience better than the others?

Brutal Doom - V20 brings more bloody dripping effects!

You are in for a bloody treat today as ‘SGtMarkIV’ has released the latest gorish trailer to his upcoming V20 "Brutal Doom" mod for Doom, in which there's more than just the odd blood splatter to add to the immersiveness of a great classic. According to SGtMarkIV, Doom being a great first person classic, will not not only be louder, bigger, faster and harder hitting. Will now be even more bloody with impressive blood dripping effects and all new squishy sounds, lovely!

WinUAE 2.9.0 Beta 14 - QEMU PPC is still work in progress

Development is still progressing as Toni Wilen has now released WinUAE 2.9.0 Beta 14 of the best in Amiga emulators. Unlike the previous beta which contained only a handful of fixes this one is a pretty big update and also has some code restructuring. Please note though that QEMU PPC emulation is still work in progress and QEMU-side is not yet included. For those of you that want the latest in beta updates, check out the latest change log and download.

Classic Amiga Flashback - ported to Amiga CD32

EAB user Earok has been busy at work getting CD32 compatible versions together of Amiga games that never had a release on Commodore's CD console, and for the month of September are planning on getting one released each day, Starting with the brilliant Delphine classic, Flashback.

Fate Tectonics - A fresh take on the god game genre - Steam Greenlight campaign

Checking the latest Steam Greenlight campaign releases we came across a game that really stood out in both the artistic style and a new take on the god game genre. Developed by Golden Gear Games; Fate Tectonics has you building your world piece-by-piece using the power of god like fates, while keeping them happy enough to avoid world destructive hissy fits.

Red Death - A free exploration game that feels like Prometheus

Unlike some people I know, I really enjoyed the movie Prometheus, with it's alien world, large spaceship and strange deadly life forms. So when I happened to come across Red Death by Zeitgeist, it certainly gave me that Prometheus vibe. According to Zeitgeist, Red Death is an exploration game of survival as you partake on a mission to Mars to uncover it's secrets.

Super Cyborg - An awesome looking retro inspiration gets a Steam Greenlight campaign

For those of you who loved games such Contra or Metroid, then it might be worth your time to check out Super Cyborg; A retro inspired action packed platform shooter, developed by Arturgames. Currently going through a Steam Greenlight campaign and available on Desura, Super Cyborg is an action packed game of 7 intense levels filled with baddies, big bosses and high powered weaponry as you play as a battle cyborg in a mission to stop the evil life form before humanity is wiped out for good.

Space Shock - Dungeon Crawling in Space gets new footage!

Just last year we featured Space Shock, a brand new Dungeon Crawling RPG in space that looked to take the third person dungeon experience to new heights. Developed by Ideas Unbound Studio and through a successful Steam Greenlight campaign, Space Shock twisted the idea of a Dungeon Crawler, from dungeons, forests and old cities to the Sci-Fi world of huge ships, space stations and big bases. Today the developers have released two new trailers which not only shows off the first person viewpoint but also the top down tactical based combat.