Halloween 2014 - Musical treat for C64 owners!

As we have just over 1 hour left of Halloween lets finish it off with a fine C64 tune released by Software of Sweden. A tune so good, it feels like an up beat 8-bit horror mix. Don't expect a great amount of background wizardry but do expect a cool image that really suits the time of the month!

The Playwright : Season 2 - Episode 1 of a brilliant horror series!

We've just been informed by the developers The Game Kitchen that their latest horror episode sequel "The Playwright" is now available for download. Episode one, Season 2 of The Last Door which is a great series of Adventure horror gaming will have you glued to the screen with a Sierra style art work, a gorgeous musical score, surrounded by a deep immersive storyline that will feel like a book you just can't put down.

Monty's Last Strike and Dark Tricks - The latest Halloween Homebrew Releases for ZX Spectrum!

As it is still Halloween, we must continue the ghastly theme and mention two of the latest ZX Spectrum titles to appear. Both released by Dazman and both full of retro antics; Monty's Last Strike & Dark Tricks, are two arcade platformers that are freely available for the 8-bit ZX Spectrum.

Super Skeleman - Platforming Halloween Fun!

Happy Halloween everyone, it's a grand day today to be playing creepy games or going out doing a bit of trick or treating. Thus we have Super Skeleman; a short exploration platformer with great retro aesthetic that's free to download and play today! Developed by Ben Allen, Super Skelemen is a 3D Mario style game where you can dive, back flip, triple jump and wall jump through as many as 100 rooms. Collect 5 mysterious runes and watch out for the spikes, in our freeware game pick of the day

Concrete Jungle - kickstarter and Greenlight campaigns for a City Sim and tabletop deck builder

Cardiff based indie dev Cole Jeffries has just launched his kickstarter and steam greenlight campaigns for his new city building game - Concrete Jungle. While the style may look familiar, in a Sim City 3000 kind of way, the gameplay features a new twist on the classic city management genre.

Willy The Wasp 2 - The ZX Spectrum sequel that's full of colour!

The thoughts of Summer are fast disappearing as the weather is turning colder and the leaves are falling. But there's one good point to an end of summer, none of those Wasps! Well at least the real ones anyway, as here we are with a ZX Spectrum sequel "Willy The Wasp 2". Probably the most colourful of Homebrew ZX Spectrum games we've played, full of detailed rooms and 8-bit music.

Renegades Deluxe - Brand new Amiga release by Wayne Ash Worthart

Back in 1993 Wayne Ash Worthart and friend decided to make a P.D game based on the classic shooter Alien Breed with split screen scrolling, but due to issues was cut back to just a Deathmatch release. The news today is we now have "Renegades Deluxe" to play, an overhaul of the original Amiga title that looks so much better with better details, new maps, a music track and that all important two player split screen mode! Through 3 years of hard work, Amiga owners can now play a brand new Amiga game that harks back to Alien Breed with lots of action packed shooting!

Star Wars - An all time classic LucasFilms series is now on GOG!

For some weeks now GOG has been keeping it very quiet over which company will be next to appear on GOG and to our surprise it was none other than Lucasfilms (a collaboration with Disney Interactive). With today's announcement comes two incredible titles that are branded as some of the best Star War's games ever released; Star Wars X-Wing & Star Wars Tie Fighter. Play through many missions of space Star Wars combat, play as either the good guys or the bad guys and be immersed in CD-Rom goodness. This is Star Wars at it's best!