The Last Ninja Wastelands & Scoopex : SuTeKH/Epyteor releases two Amstrad music disks!

It has been some months since we have featured any Amstrad CPC tunes that are downloadable for the Amstrad, and that is about to change as of today thanks to SuTeKH/Epyteor. From the creator of Now That's What I Call Chip Tunes, Turrican 2, Kong Strikes Back & Friends, Ghosts'N'Goblins (By Mark Cooksey), Donkey Kong Country (Aquatic Ambience), 9 Lives, and The Secret Of Monkey Island (Title) CPC conversions, has now made available Anty^Scoopex and The Last Ninja (The Wastelands)!

Dad Quest - Hilarious child throwing platformer needs your greenlight votes

When it comes to all those games made by different developers you'd think there wouldn't be anything more to offer in a strange kind of way, but one such game really stood out in a long list of greenlight campaigns and that was ' Dad Quest ' by Excaliburgames and Sundae Month. This is in fact a child throwing platformer for the PC, in which you need to fulfil your Dad's quest to the legendary island. As each Dad dies, its Child will grow up, obtain a Child of their own and will seek to finish what their Dad started; to complete this grand Dadventure. 

ADIÓS A LA CASTA - EPISODE 2 - The Amstrad gets a much improved homebrew sequel tease!

Not long ago, 4mhz released the first chapter of ' Adios a La Casta ' as a homebrew for the Amstrad CPC 6128 and 6128 Plus. It was an enjoyable game that required a 128k based system, that mixed it up with classic platforming fun, while pushing out smooth frame rates and inclusive of a decent soundtrack. But today's news is a bit more eye opening, as the developer has announced Adios a La Casta episode 2, which actually looks a much better game, taking advantage of the full colour range of the Amstrad CPC, unlike the blander pinks and purples of chapter 1. To coincide with this news, a new teaser trailer has been released!

BLOCKY SKIES - Top quality homebrew appears on the Amiga!

Usually when a brand new homebrew game comes out, we are the first to know about it, but ' Blocky Skies ' developed by Enable Software Pty Ltd for the Amiga, took us completely by surprise. A game that was announced via our Commodore Amiga Facebook group as a top down arcade puzzler, stars a rather unusual character that must follow multi directional lines to reach the finish line. Along the way he must collect coins, avoid enemies and try not to go off the path, because if he does, he will fall a very long way!

XYDONIA - High quality shoot 'em up targets a Steam Greenlight success

A great bit of retro inspired news has just appeared in our inbox, and it's none other than the previously mentioned Shoot em up ' XYDONIA ', which is not only going through a Steam Greenlight campaign, but on June 27th the developers will be aiming for a Kickstarter success. If you love side scrolling shoot em ups, and the names R-Type, Project-X, Gradius or Darius give you goosebumps, then XYDONIA developed by Breaking Bytes for the PC is just what the doctor ordered!

CynthCART 64 v2 - Analogue Digitizer for the C64 gets a review!

It has been some time since we've done a full review of a hardware accessory for such systems like the C64, so here we are with a brand new product directly from Shareware Plus, the 'CynthCART 64'. Now you may remember Shareware Plus's 'uCassette' , which enabled users of the C64 to play tapes via your mobile or audio equipment directly into the C64 as MP3 or Wav files. Or the 1541 Diagnostic Cartridge for disk drive diagnostics, but what we have here is completely different. This is in fact an Analogue Digitizer, designed by Paul Slocum, manufactured by Shareware Plus with special thanks to Siem Appelman, that turns your C64 into a standalone analog synthesizer! Yes you too can make music via your C64, and thanks to this short review (I'm not a music artist) you can see what it's like!

Double Bubble - Insanely difficult ZX Spectrum homebrew

Miguetelo has just released his very first ZX Spectrum homebrew game called 'Double Bubble', which was developed using AGD. If you hate frustrating games then look away now, but if you love a challenge even if it means losing all your hair, then this game will do just that. In Double Bubble, the gameplay is very easy to understand, guide your second bubble around a maze like screen, avoid everything that is deadly, reach the exit and it's a level complete. Sound easy though? NO WAY!

Lionheart - One of the best Amiga platformers, PC-Mac playable

Lionheart is one of the nicest looking Platformers ever released on the Amiga, the details and game play are of very high standard, with parallax scrolling and 3D Backgrounds. Even though it was using the old chipset, non AGA, which further makes this an impressive game. This was originally released in 1993 by Thalion Software and art design by Henk Neiborg which had your character traversing the levels, jumping platforms and killing bad guys, thus it was so popular that it received some great reviews in several magazines. As such I'd highly recommend everyone download this game today, because thanks to Gamesnostalgia this game is once again playable, but on more modern systems on both PC and MAC, pre-configured using FS-UAE.

The legend of Daisy : A Diz To The Past - Zaks is still being a pain in another Dizzy fan adventure!

If the other Dizzy game gave you the urge to go on another adventure, then how about 'The legend of Daisy : A Diz To The Past' (Legend of Zelda?), developed by Andrew Goulding (AndyG), which was only just released for the PC as a demo! In this game, just like the last one, Zaks is being a real annoyance, but unlike before, Zaks has stolen all of Dizzy's gathered money and declared himself emperor of a police state. It's down to you, to put a stop to him, which may involve a bit of time travel.