Amiga Game Remakes for Android by Tomáš Konvička

To be honest apart from the odd Android game here and there, we tend not to feature them. Most are in our eyes are rather poor and just a way to cash in on microtransactions and other such paid for in game nasties. However thanks to a find by s2325, he's come across a video on Youtube which shows some of the better games that have appeared for Android based devices. This is in fact the 'Amiga Game Remakes for Android' upload by Tomáš Konvička, which has games such as Lemmings, Another World and Battle Squadron. It's just a shame that the video is only 11mins long, as I'm sure there are other great Amiga games ported over, well that's if the Amiga/Android emulator uae4all doesn't take your fancy!

RGDS Podcast Presents - 2 In A Retrogaming Tent (When I'm Cleaning Podcasts)‏ AMIGA!

Well it looks as if I was right beforehand, Aaron White has definitely gone bonkers, as he's just gone and released an even weirder track than the previous one. Another sampled remix for the Amiga, this time he's remixed an old George Formby classic ' When I'm Cleaning Windows ', or should that be, ' When I'm Cleaning Workbench ' ;). But anyway, this is the 'RGDS Podcast Presents - 2 In A Retrogaming Tent (When I'm Cleaning Podcasts)‏' release, which is a very upbeat, toe tapping track that will make you feel like you want to go line dancing!

Links : 1) Download 3) Aaron White 3) RGDS

The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim - The ultimate graphics and mod tutorial!

Picture by TonyTurbo

Something different for a new weekend and one I thought I'd never be mentioning on Indie Retro News, is a Skyrim mod install guide. Now yes I know Skyrim is an AAA title, so that's against what this site is about, but mods themselves are pretty unique and are created from individual people flowing with their own ideas and creativity, something we support a lot. I mean hey I play Skyrim nearly every month, but the problem is finding the right mods to install, how to install them and dealing with any issues that will at some point crop up. When it all works, Skyrim looks beautiful and can give the wow factor, but finding the right guide to get to that point can be as bad as finding a needle in a haystack, at least until now. A person by the name of PredCaliber as done a near two hour Skyrim install guide, from graphical changes and overhauls such as an ENB right up to the ultimate Character mods. It is in fact, the definite guide and one we highly support! 

StarCrawlers - Sci-Fi dungeon crawling through GOG Early Access

Through all these years of dungeon crawling most of us have experienced the tight corridor experience with dark beasts at every corner, with sword and shield at hand ready on the defence. This is especially true of classics such as Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder and Lands of Lore. However apart from the great game that is Hired Guns, there is also this more modern game ' StarCrawlers ' which is a sci-fi dungeon crawler as you build a crew of renegade adventurers on the fringes of space, taking jobs from megacorps to hunt bounties, sabotage rivals and conducting corporate espionage!

ICS 2 - Unforgiving browser based platformer gets a sequel

Good afternoon gamers, it's another day of news articles and to begin with we have ' ICS 2 ' developed by Miroko, that you may want to try if you like difficult platformers. In this browser based game you must traverse each level to reach the exit, but unlike the typical traps and check points that most games feature, this one has an unusual game element which adds to the playability of the game.

ZX Spectrum Vega Review - Is this as good as a real ZX Spectrum?

The ZX Spectrum Vega

It's here! We've waited a long time, but finally the missing piece of the Spectrum puzzle has arrived! Well, it arrived months ago but as I only received one at Christmas, I'm a bit behind with the times. Original backers of the Vega would have received their console a quite a few months back, and going by various reviews and visits to Spectrum groups, it's had a mixed response. Before it was released there were grumblings for various reasons. From a lack of keyboard to no joystick port, it seemed people were hoping for it to be damned, which I find rather odd.

ELF - Amstrad CPC Adventure based on the Ocean arcade classic now in English!

Remember when we gave you the heads up for Defecto Digital Studios in development Amstrad CPC Adventure, which at the time was only in Spanish? Well we've just been given a tweet from the developer that this game is now in English! What great news indeed as that means all of our English readers can now play this new Amstrad Adventure which is based on the arcade version released by Ocean Software in 1992!

Railways : A Railroad management game in development for the Amstrad CPC

Before I even read the description of the game, just looking at the above image gave me nostalgic memories back to the 1990's game ' Railroad Tycoon ' by Microprose Software Inc. It was a game in which you managed your own Railroad company from placing train lines, creating stations and making as much profit as possible via goods or passengers. And that's basically where this new game ' Railways ' is headed as it too is a Railroad management game, but this is in development for the Amstrad CPC and developed by Trewdbal.

Slasher's Keep - A dungeon crawler with interesting features coming to Steam 2016

What do you get if you mix a dungeon crawling experience, with a blend of Dark Messiah Might and Magic and Skyrim? Most likely you'll end up with ' Slasher's Keep ' developed by Damian Schloter that has some rather interesting features. A Steam Greenlight success and due to be released on Steam this year, ' Slasher's Keep ' is a first person dungeon crawler with randomly generated dungeons and various traps that gives you the opportunity to skilfully smack enemies into them via a dynamic melee combat system.