Troll Song Verse 1: Completely stoned - Point 'N Click Adventure

Not to be confused with the *Other* troll song, this is a point and click adventure from the heart of the Adventure Game Studio forums, Where CaptainD has been slaving away for his passion project to bring us an adventure game which is very different from the usual pirate, detective, or ninja pirate fare.

Terra Incognita ~ Chapter One: The Descendant - A retro inspired RPG needs your Steam Greenlight votes

A big Kickstarter success for BackToBasicsGaming, as they have now turned their attention towards Steam Greenlight for their latest game "Terra Incognita ~ Chapter One: The Descendant"; a retro inspired turn based RPG heavily influenced by retro games such as the Final Fantasy series and Suikoden 2. The developers are promising a deep and immersive story-line, a vast world with rich detail, fast turn based battle system, a large amount of recruitable characters, legendary weapons, an original 16-bit sound track and much more. With many hours of game time, lots of baddies and great dungeon crawling, "Terra Incognita" might be worthy of your Steam Greenlight votes!

Nordic In-N-Out Weekend Promo - More great deals from GOG!

For anyone that is looking for the latest retro offers, you might like to know that once again GOG is doing some more fantastic deals. This time it's none other than Nordic Games, famous for games such as Black Mirror, SpellForce, Gothic 2, The Guild and many others! Their entire catalogue is available - for 4 glorious days! As GOG States : You can get all the great games at individual discounts ranging from -75% to -85%, or you can complete your Nordic shelf with all missing games priced as low as -90%. That means all 35 titles, including the SpellForce series, an RTS/RPG fantasy saga, a Gothic (video game) duo and four The Guild games coming up at £0.99 each, not to mention other memorable titles, would come up to barely over £38 for the lot... Until the 96-hour promo is up and the games disappear, that is - so make haste!

Weekend Deal Page

SkySaga - Minecraft style MMO reaches Alpha 2 stage!

Only just last month we announced "SkySaga"; A fantastic looking Minecraft style multiplayer game by Radiant Worlds which is currently going through early Alpha testing. Today's announcement is that SkySaga has now reached an Alpha 2 stage and is available for closed testing by invite through registration. A lovely game indeed which I was able to test last night. As it features new lands to discover such as sea, snow, sand, fields and mountains where you can create, build, dig, harvest trade and much much more. SkySaga really is full of charm and immersive detail that I actually preferred over Minecraft. I just hope they put in a bigger FOV and Mouse Acceleration settings.

C64 Demos 2013/14 - Impressive demo scene experience

Although we've done a number of Amstrad and C64 remixes we haven't featured an actual C64 demo scene before and that is about to change today! These are two of some of the best live demo scenes available to view on Youtube, from the C-64 Demo Competition BFP 2013 to LIVE at X 2014. The demo that blew me away was "20 years is nothing; a visually impressive petscii demo that tells it's own story.

Return to the Roots : Open source 15.12.2014 add-on update for Settlers II Gold Edition

Ah Settlers II Gold Edition, what a grand retro game that was. Micromanaging a village from colonizing new lands, conquering, producing goods, mining resources, watching your little villages go to work while listening to the music and the chirp of birds. It's still loved to this day and thanks to the developers behind "Return to the Roots" they've released the latest open source update add-on which has new features such as Battlefield Promotions and Improved Lua Scripting. Return to the Roots supports multiple operating systems, being playable on Windows 7, Vista & XP as well as Mac OS X and Linux

The Purring Quest - A purringly good looking game!

Have you always wanted to be a cat, to live the life as a cat and do everything a cat does? Now you can thanks to Valhalla Cats in "The Purring Quest! Which is the latest platformer to be a Steam Greenlight success. According to the developer, The Purring Quest is a story about you as a cat meeting Kimchi the cat on a journey to find his ill human. Through this delightful journey of realistic hand drawn animations, beautiful places, famous cats and full of humour, you'll be able to experience all the emotions as a cat from jumping, hiding, attacking, to climbing and even keeping yourself clean. A delightful game indeed and fun for all the family, The Purring Quest has a release date of TBD and will be available for PC!

Outcast 1.1 - An enhanced version of a hit classic, today on Steam!

Even though the previous Kickstarter of Outcast HD was a complete failure, today Fresh3D will be releasing "Outcast 1.1" on Steam ; An enhanced version of that brilliant title from 1999. Outcast is still an all time classic especially for it's time as it offered free-roaming environments, clever reactive AI, great voice acting, over 20hrs of gameplay and much more, it was simply stunning and still loved to this day.