Seven Over Par - Amiga Golf Classics - Unofficial Amiga CD32 Release by Amiga Jay

We've had some very decent unofficial Amiga CD32 compilations so far, from beat em ups to racers and shoot em ups. But now it's time for boring Golf, I err mean ' Seven Over Par - Amiga Golf Classics ' as a September release for the Amiga CD32 by Amiga Jay. As a run up to Christmas with possibly more packs to come, Amiga Jay has released the last of his sports collection for this year and it's packed with games such as, Links (US Gold, 1992), Nick Faldo's Championship Golf (Grandslam, 1993-4), PGA European Tour (Ocean, 1994-5), Ryder Cup (Ocean 1993-94), Sensible Golf (Virgin, 1995), Tournament Golf (Elite, 1990) and World Class Leaderboard Golf (US Gold, 1988)

YIIK: Episode Prime - The MixTape Phantom and the Haunting of the Southern Cave demo

This month AckkStudios released their rather wonderful short demo tease, YIIK: Episode Prime - "The MixTape Phantom and the Haunting of the Southern Cave" for both PC and MAC. Regarded as a Supernatural Japanese style RPG with action based micro games, you star as Vella Wilde, Alex Eggleston, and Claudio Erlich on a quest to uncover what happened to Sammy Pak, who disappeared after being pulled from an elevator by something out of this world.

Halloween Jam 2016 - It's time to create those scary games!

Game developers across the globe get ready for horror, as a new game jam is about to begin that is sure to give you the shivers. Welcome to the ' Halloween Jam 2016 '; a brand new jam that takes place between the 1st and 31st of October, to encourage more people to produce horror and spooky games, with a theme of 'Fear'. This can, as noted by the organisers, be interpreted however you like such as "create a cutesy game about friends helping each other overcome their fears rather than create a full on horror game "

VilQ - 1st place game dev compo winner for the Sega Megadrive!

Many of you asked about the first place winner of the RetroKomp Game Dev Compo 2016, and here it is for the Sega Megadrive, ' VilQ ', by Axi0maT (code, GFX), KaiN (code) and AceMan (MSX). Unlike the other games mentioned in the game compo, this one is a non stop side scrolling jump, run and slider in which you need to avoid the enemies, pick up the food and get as far along as possible to reach an ever higher score.

Oniric Kung Fu - Martial arts game in development for the MSX2

If Karate chops and high powered kicks is your idea of fun, then 'Oniric Kung Fu' developed by Oniric Factor for the MSX 2 might just be the game for you. As an inspiration by that classic game ' Yie Ar KUNG-FU ' published by Konami in 1985, Oniric Kung Fu takes a different approach to Konami's game, with polished graphics and fresh game mechanics where your strategy and fighting skills will be decisive.

Bridge Strike - Amiga game 2nd place winner gets a demo release

From the developers of that excellent game Tanks Furry, Project R3D 2016 have now made available the demo for their latest Amiga game Bridge Strike, which came 2nd place in the game dev compo at RKLE 2016. Classed as a top scrolling shooting game, Bridge Strike looks to be inspired by that classic game River Raid but with top quality graphics, wicked tunes and blasting action!

Ultimate Fighters CD32 SX32 V1.1 - A fighting compilation for the Amiga CD32 gets an update!

Earok has contacted me again regarding his previous last great Amiga CD32 unofficial compilation, as a soft-retirement due to him moving over to commercial Amiga game development and overhauls; 'The Ultimate Fighters [CD32] [SX32] unofficial Amiga CD32 compilation pack'. This is, in his words, the largest themed collection the site has ever produced, 40 fighting games across numerous different styles. Although we have mentioned this pack before, it has now been updated to a 1.1 Workbench version!

ZX Vega+ Official update and release date announced!

The ZX Vega + Ooh, shiny!

It's finally here! Well, nearly! After weeks of confusion and worry for some people, Retro Computers have decided they've teased long enough and have announced the release date for the Vega+! What is that date, you ask? Well, anyone who has pledged to the campaign can expect their Vega+ to be winging it's way to them from the 20th October!

Blazing Guns - Retro Komp Gamedev Compo 2016 Amiga game is now available for download (Demo)

Moving on to the Amiga now, and a 9th place entry in the recent Retro Komp Gamedev Compo 2016, is Aszus and team action platformer 'Blazing Guns'. A game that was fully coded in assembler, with no AMOS or Backbone, looks to star a gun slinging gangster that has the ability to run, jump and shoot at enemies such as bats. It features 50fps, pure assembly code, runs from floppy drives and or hard drives and has dynamic action on 320x267 screens.