VVVVVV + - Incredible news as modern Indie game gets a C64 conversion!

We are about to blow you away with possibly the BEST C64 release news of the week, as Laxity have released the full C64 conversion of the modern Indie game ' VVVVV ', which was originally released back in 2010 and created by Terry Cavanagh for multiple platforms including the PC. This puzzle platform game is a conversion of one of the hardest games you'll ever play but it's one of the best that has gathered countless high scores!

gdxBlood - Gory FPS classic is getting an unofficial Java port!

One of our readers ' Jeff Cotten ' has recently informed us that Monolith Productions and GT Interactive Software's gory first person shooter which we know as Blood, is getting an unofficial Windows port via Java by AxeleratorM210. Originally released as shareware in 1997 and the full version in 1997 for MS-DOS, this game was one of the bloodiest and horrific first person shooters of the era, as it featured zombies, undead butchers, cultists, hell hounds, giant spiders and further deadly enemies that would cover the floor in blood!

Wolfcastle McBain - New ZX Spectrum game inspired by The Simpsons character

Ask anyone in the world if they've seen The Simpsons they'd pretty much would all say yes, but ask if they remember the character McBain, named as Rainier Wolfcastle, they'd probably think of a cartoon version of Arnold Schwarzenegger, which this game is based on! Yes indeed, Wolfcastle McBain developed by C. Oscar Garcia, is their very first ZX Spectrum game made with La Churrera, and puts you in control of McBain, blasting away enemies in a top down view.

-=Alien Enemy: Dangerous=- - A preview of an early engine alpha on the Amiga

On the topic of first person shooters although not in the same league as the recent Project Warlock, here's a new tease for an Amiga game that is currently being shown off as a very early engine alpha, -=Alien Enemy: Dangerous=, coded by mastaszek for the Amiga 500 and Amiga 1200. This footage shows us a glimpse of a game that is using some graphics from the hit PC game Quake, while having sound effects such as "Headshot" from Unreal Tournament.

Project Warlock - A retrotastic first person shooter you need to see!

Buckshot Software have announced a seriously cool looking retro styled first person shooter via Steam Greenlight as ' Project Warlock ', which is in development for PC, Mac and Linux. Taking its inspiration from 90's shooters such as Wolfenstein 3D and Doom and as a love letter to that era, this game puts you in control of a mysterious and powerful mage who travels through dimensions and universes in an attempt to remove all evil from existence with an array of weapons and magic at his disposal.

The Last Ninja 2 +8DG - Hokuto Force celebrates via the C64 with a big trainer and more!

Are you bored with nothing to play, then come and play a hit C64 classic that pretty much everyone has heard of from the 80's, and one of System 3's greatest action adventure games from 1988 'The Last Ninja 2'; which has now been re-released as a +8DG by Hokuto Force with more than just a quick improvement. This fabulous game has been given the once over by Hokuto Force and not only features graphics fixes, but also a full trainer and with inclusive 1581 version.

Space Trip 2086 - A brand new C64 game released.

Space Trip 2086 is Psytronik software's latest C64 release. The download version is available to play now when pre-ordering physical copies of the cassette or disk version, which should be released later this month (April 2017). Not only does the pack contain the excellent Space Trip 2086, but there's also a mini side scrolling shootemup (Space Trip 2085), a sound track, and documentation included.

The Big Red Adventure - Multi-platform Adventure game, gets a DamienD Amiga release

In 1995 Core Design released ' The Big Red Adventure ' as a sequel to a very fun and comedic Adventure game ' Nippon Safes Inc ', which was released on multiple platforms such as the PC, as well as a CD-ROM for the Amiga 1200 and A4000 in 1997 by Power Computing. This rather well known game, which takes place in Russia after Michael Gorbatsjov's Perestroika, has been unofficially re-released for the Amiga by DamienD but this time without the need for the CD.

Astro Force - Another worthy contender for the SMS Coding Competition 2017

The Sega Master System homebrew scene is certainly giving me goosebumps this month, as another decent looking shooter known as 'Astro Force' has appeared via the SMS Power - SMS Coding Competition 2017 forums. Once again a high grade development, this one is an inspiration of other games such as RSG, Thunder force, Gaiares, Aleste,  R-type and MSX nemesis and features plenty of action to keep you busy!

Mecha-8 Demo - Mech based shooter aims to impress via SMS Coding competition 2017

Even more retro goodness made available as a demo on the SMS Power forums, is the recently shown  'Mecha-8 demo' for the Sega Master System "SMS Coding competition 2017". Developed by Nanochess this game is a high grade sneak preview of a top scrolling shoot em up that according to many, features top quality and polished gameplay, intro and cutscenes that set the mood, and plenty of in game blasting action!