Brick's Revenge - Bouncing balls in this Arkanoid/Breakout C64 WIP clone

The sun is going down fast and it's nearly time to rest, but before that happens we thought it best to mention Amazingly Awful Games upcoming game of ' Brick's Revenge ', which is a clone/inspiration to classic games such as Arkanoid or even Breakout and is coming to a C64 at some point soon.  Now if you remember Arkanoid; an arcade game first developed by Taito in 1986, with the bat like device scrolling from side to side at the bottom of the screen, bouncing an orb back and forth and smashing blocks for a high score, then keep eye out for this game as it looks very similar and just as fun.

Keystone Kapers - Another Atari to C64 conversion is coming from Chopper Command team!

While many of you had the chance to play the stonkingly good Atari to C64 conversion of Chopper Command by Antonio Savona, Steven Day, Saul Cross and Flemming Martins which was released only recently. It looks as if we will have another game to enjoy in their conversion line up, because as of this weekend we've learnt they are also working on a full Atari to C64 conversion of the 1983 game 'Keystone Kapers' by Activision.

Alone in the Dark - Survival horror classic reviewed by DarkwyndPT

Welcome ghouls, ghosts and other things that go bump in the night, to our horror special review. And this evening, we’re going to take a look at one of the games that built the foundations of the survival horror genre: Alone in the Dark. Alone in the Dark is an action-adventure game made by Infogrames and originally released in 1992 for DOS. It was re-released the following year in CD-ROM format and ported to the FM Towns and PC-98 computers. It was also ported in 1994 to Macintosh and 3DO and the following year to the Acorn 32-bit computer. And in 2014 it was released for iOS.

Queen's Wish: The Conqueror - The latest RPG release from Spiderweb Software

The well known company Spiderweb Software, creators of rpgs such as Avernum and Geneforge have once again put their development hands into another great title, as going by the latest update on their Facebook page, they have announced Queen's Wish: The Conqueror; a brand new chapter in a new series of games whereby you can either serve your queen or rebel using diplomacy, or your combat skills as a warrior or even a spell caster.

Lost Patrol - Retro game set during the Vietnam War in 1966 reviewed by Cola Powered Gamer

Vietnam War, like all wars in history, is greatly covered in almost all types of media, and video games are no exceptions. Lost Patrol was among the first games that focused on the Vietnam War, but it covered it in a very unique way. Developed by the duo Ian Harding and Simon Cooke (Shadow Development), and released by Ocean Software around Christmas of 1989 (MS-DOS version in 1991), Lost Patrol had interesting development history.

Vecter - Fast paced racing game with a trippy 80's feel

Trawling through the Gamejolt website looking for some awesome games to play, and we've come across a game called ' Vecter ' which is currently at an early access stage by Taranasus. This game that's available to download right now, is an arcade fast paced non stop runner, whereby Vector graphics, neon lights and a trippy 80's feel, will hopefully pull you in as you try not to slam into dangerous obstacles!

NARWHAR Project Hornwhale - Speccy game dev brings an arcade Shoot em up to the PC

UltraNarwhal has turned his attention away from the ZX Spectrum this time around, as moments ago he contacted us to tell us, that he has released his arcade shoot em up called ' NARWHAR Project Hornwhale ' for the PC. This game available to buy through, is a game created using Construct 2 over the course of the last 4 years, and puts you in control of a choice of rays on a mission to despose a dictator that took their free milkshake away.

Soul Force - Sarah Jane Avory's upcoming C64 Shoot em up looks better than ever!

While many of you are still eagerly awaiting Sarah Jane Avory's upcoming RPG of 'Briley Witch Chronicles' which seems to have been put aside for the time being, you might be interested to know that the ex-SEGA game developer and author, has also released brand new stage 7 footage of the upcoming game ' Soul Force '. This is a new game and second shoot em up from Sarah, as the previous one was a fantastic top scrolling shoot em up called ' Neutron '; A C64 game which gained very favourable reviews.

Ironseed - A remake of a 1994 sci-fi game gets a beta version!

We used to feature so many remakes in the early days of Indie Retro News, but over time developers seem to have put them aside and concentrated more on Indie games and or modern games that have that retro look. Thankfully one such creator hasn't given up on doing remakes of old games, as thanks to a heads up by a good friend of ours, we've been told of a new remake beta released via called ' Ironseed ', which was released by Channel 7 Software.

Fit For A King - NES style retro Tudor RPG Out now

Ever wanted to be King of England? Fancy changing the whole church just so you can marry who you want? Want it in a NES style RPG format but on your PC? download and steam keys too? Then Fit For A King is probably right down your Tudor alley.

Romhacking Spotlight - New Weapons, Reinforcements and Juggling!

Welcome to the Romhacking Spotlight! This time we are going to look at a couple of hacks that will really do some amazing upgrades! Have you played these hacks or have any romhacks to recommend then please tell us about them in the comments. Enjoy the hacks!

Assembloids - Fast-paced reaction puzzle game out now for the Atari Lynx

Atari Lynx gamers you may be interested in this news update, as we've just been given the heads up by a good friend of ours, that the fast paced action reaction puzzle game of ' Assembloids ', which appeared on the Atari 2600 made by Martin Wendt restricted to just 4k, has now made an appearance on the Atari Lynx! Yes now it's the time of the Atari Lynx to experience this enjoyable game, as thanks to a heads up from Martin, we've been told you can now download Assembloids completely free today as a final ROM.