Barbarian - ZX Spectrum head chopping classic gets a Sega Megadrive port

This has been one of the best weeks of the last few months for the retro scene so far, as we've had so many games to see either for systems such as the C64 or ZX Spectrum, we've just been blown away. Now it's just got even better as F.L has now announced the release of the 1987 ZX Spectrum head chopping classic 'Barbarian' for the Sega Megadrive! The same developer behind the open source clones of the Amstrad CPC, C64, ZX Spectrum, Atari ST and many others, has now released this version as a rom file which works on a real sega genesis/megadrive, everdrive, and emulators!

Aquanoids - High quality ZX Spectrum homebrew in development! (Beta Preview)

We've just been given an exclusive Indie Retro News look at a brand new in development ZX Spectrum underwater action game, developed by Neil Parsons (Program Bytes 48k) that is due to be released this Sunday. Created using the Mojon Twins MK2 engine, Aquanoids features bright ZX colours, underwater enemies such as squids, and the main character looks like a blue minion that's been mutated from those great movies Despicable Me and The Minions(2015)

Aliens - ZX Spectrum retro review by Paul Davies

*Disclaimer - Phil Oakey is not affiliated with this release.
Space - a dark and cold place, where millions of stars decorate the atmosphere. Comets, shooting stars, planets, black holes and possibly Sandra Bullock can be found within it's bleak un-breathable blanket of mini fireballs (stars again). It's amazing really. It's so huge that we will never find out the full extent of it's majesty with it's seemingly non-stop existence. Just imagine yourself floating in space, taking in the enormity in it all, drifting past milky ways (tasty!), planets in the distance and the hazy weightlessness of it all and then argghh.... ALIENS!!!!

Daffy Duck And The Great Paint Caper - C64 game recovered and released today!

As to my utter amazement we've just learnt of the release of a fantastic C64 platformer game originally by Hi-Tec in 1992 that never saw the light of day, until now! After 18 years worth of searching by Games That Weren't, they are proud to announce the fully recovered 'Daffy Duck - And The Great Paint Caper' which scored a massive 95% review from Zzap 64. Also according to GTW this game was to be one of Hi-tec's first premier range titles making great use of a recent licence agreement with Warner Bros. However all was not well as the game never appeared on the shelves, especially with Hi-Tec going under. But today the game is finally here, as according to Onslaught who have big fixed, added a trainer and more, they've released the Holy Grail of C64 games, Daffy Duck +3DS!

Bathyscaphe - Frustrating ZX Spectrum homebrew release

A new ZX Spectrum release for today and it's Jerri, Brightentayle and mmcm's colourful arcade game of Bathyscaphe, which is freely available in English and Spanish. After the recent discovery of a multi-level military complex by a Scientific Station, you were tasked in the launch of the Bathyscaphe to recover what was within for further research study. However all didn't go as planned as the complex was almost wiped out by a unknown mutant life form. Thus it's down to you to escape before you run out of oxygen.

Renowned Explorers - Gets launch trailer for GOG/Steam release!

We've just been informed by Abbey Games, the same developers behind the brilliant game 'REUS', that they have announced the release of 'Renowned Explorers: International Society' on GOG and Steam. An adventure strategy game with remarkable attitude-based game play set in a fictitious 19th century, is now available for PC, Mac and Linux as you explore the far corners of the world in the age of discovery. To coincide with this great news, the developers have released an official launch trailer, which shows the game play, character designs, animation and more.

New AMIGA 1200 Cases - The rebirth of a fantastic new Amiga case Kickstarter!

When I was growing up one of the computers that I strongly remember other than my Amstrad CPC 464 was the 90's Amiga, from the A500 to the A1200 both of them such incredible computers that it pretty much made me the gamer I am today. You would probably have already realized that by now with all the Amiga emulator and game articles that appeared on IRN. So to kick off a rather impressive news announcement from Philippe Lang, from the failed Kickstarter 'New A1200 Computer Housing Project'. It is back on Kickstarter with a new name 'New AMIGA 1200 Cases' and let me tell you, unlike before this has every chance of being a success.

The 2015 ZXS Retro Game Jam is about to begin

Throughout these last few years we've featured as many of the retro inspired game jams as possible, from the Speccy Jam to the very latest GBJam 4. Each of these gave people around the world the opportunity to create any game they wish, as long as it fits the specific system criteria set by the competition creators. Today's game jam called '2015 ZXS Retro Game Jam' (#ZXS2015 for short), is a homage to the great ZX Spectrum and as such games created must follow the rules of the system design specification such as being created in basic.

Doom for the AmigaOS 4? Welcome to Chocolate-Doom!

We've just been informed by Tom of the Amiga retro gaming community of the release of 'Chocolate Doom' for the AmigaOS 4. Doom was originally developed by id Software way back in 1993 as a first person shooter playing as a space marine fighting hordes of demons and the undead in order to survive. Chocolate Doom aims to accurately reproduce that DOS classic as well as other games based on the Doom engine, but in a form that can be played on modern computers. One such version was released recently for the Amiga OS4 as Version 2.2.0. So if you've got the hardware, load up this fine classic, you'll be pleased you did!

Update : To those of you who are struggling to understand the picture : Chocolate Doom aims to accurately reproduce that DOS classic as well as other games based on the Doom engine : Hence why you see Heretic, a doom based engine game in Chocolate Doom.

Links : 1) Source 2) Download 3) Amiga OS4 Info