RollerCoaster Tycoon: World - Gets a rather disappointing gameplay trailer

Atari has just released the latest game play reveal teaser trailer for it's upcoming PC RollerCoaster Tycoon game, 'RollerCoaster Tycoon World'. Developed by Pipeworks Software, RollerCoaster Tycoon World will feature unlimited rides, unlimited building, unlimited shopping goodies and pretty much everything you could think of in this latest RCT release. But what is looking to be very disappointing is graphically it looks far worse than RollerCoaster Tycoon 3, and what was shown in the trailer looks worse than a Playstation 2 game! Let's hope that this is an early build or at least the game play will live up to the interest.

Killer Bundle 2 - Bundle Stars deadly Steam bundle!

A late one for us, but we don't care as it's another Bundle Stars awesome bundle release. This one is the ' Killer Bundle 2', and features not one, not two but ten Steam games for only £3.99, saving $115. But what's the point of a good deal if the games are bad, well not to worry as this bundle features some great titles such as the RPG space hit Space Rangers HD and the first truly modern World War 2 FPS Enemy Front! But that's not all, as also included is Hegemony Rome: The Rise of Caesar, 10 Years After, Reprisal Universe, Samudai, Boid, Blitzkrieg series and Redline.

GODS game classic gets an overhauled 1080p Intro remake

Would you like to see a HD intro remake of the classic Amiga game 'GODS', in glorious 1080p detail? Yes well good, because here it is! The original 1991 Bitmap Brothers intro in HD detail, using 2D digital art by FRULILI, music remix by DAXX - daxx step 2 dub and game play clips by AL82.

The Forbidden City - Top quality Zelda fun from Jamian

We haven't featured a Zelda fan release for a very long time and thankfully with the release of ' The Forbidden City' that is about to change. Developed by Jamian, the same developer behind Zelda: Linked To The Past,  The Forbidden City is a highly impressive fan release that features a real ocarina item, gasha seeds and rings, 7 large dungeons and smaller mini-dungeons, fully scripted bosses and minibosses, minigames and scripted items.

C64 big game compilation pack including Nibbler!

Put together by nightfallcrew in a big zipped file of inclusive zipped C64 releases, this compilation pack contains a rather large amount of new games or tools (Cracked / Trained or Unreleased) for the Commodore 64 that have been made available from multiple release groups. All in all over 27 games are included ranging from Nibbler which we featured to Star Slayer and Donkey Kong Junior. See list for details!

Oceanic - Roberto Ricioppo's SEUCK C64 Shooter

Here's an interesting C64 game by Roberto Ricioppo as not only does it have a playable loader as you bomb the city to the ground while the tape loads, but the main game is a SEUCK C64 shooter with ship to ship battles across the ocean waves. Your main mission? Clear the ocean from rogue ships, but watch out because if you fail you'll sink to the ocean depths.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Medieval open world RPG woodland teaser!

The open world medieval RPG and a massive Kickstarter success 'Kingdom Come: Deliverance' by Warhorse Studios, had only just last week saw the release of a rather lovely 'morning in the forest' alpha video teaser. In the video you'll see the improved details from the moving foliage, ground detail, tree textures, lighting and also added bird sound effects.

Disciples Of The Storm - Netstorm Islands at war reboot, Steam Greenlight success

Storm Isle Productions developers of the Netstorm Island reboot ' Disciples of the Storm ' have just informed us through Twitter that their retro inspired game is a Steam Greenlight success. A unique, fast-paced, real-time, complex strategy game with elements of role playing developed by the fans and with the help of the original developers as you battle across a number of islands, each one controlled by an individual player.

Commodore 64C classic in new cool colours through Kickstarter

We were a bit late on this one but the news of today is the C64C (a Commodore classic) is going to get a rather spiffy colour change through a Kickstarter campaign. Already a massive Kickstarter success raising $18,869 of a $10,000 goal will give you the chance to own a brand new coloured mold of the C64C in a colour of your choice!

Dylan the Spaceman - Amiga Dizzy style clone gets new Screenshots

Work is still progressing on AmigaPD's Dizzy like clone 'Dylan the Spaceman' and to coincide with the release date announcement of July 2015 he's also uploaded some rather nice screenshots. We did feature the game before and in short you play as a spaceman called Dylan and have to pick up items to solve puzzles, talk to characters and move through the different scenes until completion. Certainly a very nice game to look at so far and should fill our Amiga needs for this summer holiday!

Raging Justice - Retro inspired brawler through Steam Greenlight

Brawlers, beat em ups, fighters or what ever you may call them are extremely popular on this site. There is nothing better than getting into an unrealistic arcade fighting situation, giving someone the smack down and having no real life consequences. So here we are with 'Raging Justice', a retro inspired brawler developed by MakinGames that is currently going through a Steam Greenlight campaign.