Animetic Story Game 1: Cardcaptor Sakura - A Fully Playable English Translated Release!

Bit of a late one this and one we had to give a shout out to, is PsionBolt and NoOneee's fully playable English translated release of the PlayStation game Animetic Story Game 1: Cardcaptor Sakura. Mentioned earlier today by our good friend @VizionGamer. This game was released in Japan by Arika in 1999 for the Playstation 1, it featured beautiful 2D graphics, full voice acting, animated cutscenes from the TV show, and actually retells the story of the first season of the popular Anime that many people are still a fan of to this day. As RomHacking puts it  "this game recreates the world of Cardcaptor Sakura more accurately than any other CCS game before or since (and there have been quite a few other attempts)!"

PAULA POWERED LEVEL UP - A wicked Music CD featuring an Amiga 1200 is coming 1st May 2017!

Music listeners and Amiga retro gamers alike, ready your CD players. As PAULA POWERED is preparing the launch of their very first CD: A 5-track EP called “LEVEL UP”, which is coming 1st May 2017. Described as a Digital Punk bonanza, mixing 80's retro sound into the 21st century where punk, pop and electro influences are mixed with old video games sounds. PAULA POWERED LEVEL UP doesn't just feature the vocals from one of our own special Commodore Amiga moderators Sally Ann, but Guitar and Programming by Syvlain de ST Pierre AND an original Amiga 1200!

Saboteur! - A brilliant ZX Spectrum game gets a florinthedwarf review

The Milk Tray man has certainly upped his game.
Prepare to enter a world of ninjas, secret bunkers, hard as nails security guards, confidential floppy disks (this was the 80's) and the odd angry dog, as this is the world of the Saboteur! No running around, all guns blazing taking out the aforementioned guards (and maybe the odd dog), you'll require stealth, skill and cunning to get out alive.

Dizzy's 30th Anniversary celebration - International Dizzy day announced, Saturday 8th April!

Ever since I had an Amstrad CPC 464 and then on to an Amiga, I have always been a massive Dizzy fan, playing pretty much every Dizzy game ever released since 1987 by the glorious Oliver Twins. It was also the reason Indie Retro News has tried to keep you informed to the latest developments coming out from our good friends the YolkFolk and many other Dizzy related sources. This is especially true for this news because as of today as a fantastic heads up in celebration of Dizzy's 30th anniversary, the Oliver Twins have announced International Dizzy day, which is being held at the National Videogame Arcade, Nottingham Saturday 8th April!

Tales of Popolon - Santiago Ontanon's new MSX game is a bit of a crawler!

Once again another Nenefranz's heads up and again for the MSX, is Santiago Ontanon's ' Tales of Popolon ', which looks to be a 3D styled Dungeon Crawler that is in development and available as a ROM download with inclusive source code. In this game you play as the hero Popolon who is on a quest to stop to the source of evil that has not only taken residence in a fortress, but is killing people and has taken all the souls, stopping them from reaching Hades.

Ghost - New MSX game in development by Francisco Tello de Meneses creator of Unepic

Nenefranz has just sent us word about a brand new game that is in development for the MSX and is being created by Francisco Tellez de Meneses, the same developer behind the rather cool platformers 'Unepic' and 'Ghost 1.0', which were both released via Steam. This latest game which is also known as Ghost but for the MSX, was presented last December at the 50th RU of Barcelona, where it gained very positive attention towards a final product with a lot more features.

Pilot Attack - Stay in flight and don't crash into the ZX 48k landscape

A new ZX Spectrum game to play for the beginning of the week and this one is by Misfit, published by The Future Was 8 Bit and is called ' Pilot Attack '. Released for the 48k and as a horizontally scrolling shooter, you must guide your tiny little plane through Thrust like landscapes, while also avoiding or shooting at enemies that come at you from a number of different directions.

Stardust - In your face Asteroids clone as an Amiga-PC playable release

Another great unofficial re-release by Gamesnostalgia for the PC is this rather spiffy Asteroids Amiga clone of Stardust, which was released by Bloodhouse in 1993. This game took Asteroids to another level with not just awesome power ups and shields, but also looked graphically advanced with vivid in your face colours and containing a wicked high beat soundtrack. Although the game did appear on the PC, the port were distinctly lacking with the PC version being buggy as it was not by the original team.

Ooze - A slime filled ZX Spectrum Homebrew Review

Regular visitors will have seen Andy Johns' latest Spectrum homebrew previewed here over the last few weeks; well, the Ooze is out of the jar now and all over my Spectrum - but that's another story. What's important here is that the game has just been released, and it turns out to be quite an entertaining way to pass an hour on a chilly Sunday afternoon.

Head Over Heels - Isometric hit unofficially re-released as an Amiga-PC playable file

A great Friday update as we've just learnt that Ocean Software's 1987 isometric hit game 'Head Over Heels' has unofficially been made available as an Amiga-PC/MAC playable file via GamesNostalgia. What that means is, if fiddling with emulators and rom set ups is not to your liking you can play the Amiga version on your PC and MAC by simply running the file, although at its core it does use the fantastic frontend emulator FS-UAE.