Iridis Alpha - Hokuto Force cracked and fixed Jeff Minter's Terrifying Twitch Shooter

Iridis Alpha was the creation of Jeff Minter (Llamasoft) and published by Hewson in 1986.  Most cracked versions up until now have contained a bug which would crash the game on stage 4 under certain conditions.  Hokuto Force have fixed the bug for this release and also fixed the game for NTSC machines, as well as some very handy training modes, a high score saver and of course fantastic documentation.

LOWREZJAM - Over 200 rather cool and low rez games to play

A lot of good games have appeared today, but it's time to go beyond that and smash the barrier, as JackOatley's #LOWREZJAM 2017 is nearly finished and already there's 200 rather cool games to play! This unusual game Jam, in which people around the world came together to create their own uniquely styled games with a set resolution of 64x64 pixels. Features a wide range of genres ranging from an Another World inspired game, to a beat em up called 64 FISTS and even a F-Zero type game called Subshred!

Project-X - An Amiga Shoot em up you've just got to play

One of the greatest Shoot em ups I can remember, wasn't the all time classic R-Type, but Team 17's Project-X, which was not only released on the Amiga in 1992, but later ported to MS-DOS. It was a game for its time that excelled in graphics, sound and awesome wave blasting enemies that not only featured cool weaponry, but great powerups such as side defence, missiles and even speed ups. But if you've never played it and want to have a go, then Gamesnostalgia have done a PC/MAC packed version with inclusive Amiga emulator and game file.

Centiplode - Classic Arcade inspired game has crawled its way onto your mobile!

Surprisingly I don't play many games on my mobile, mainly for the fact many of them are rather rubbish, but today Gazzapper Games contacted us to let us know their Centipede inspired game has come to your Android and it's well worth playing. You see Centipede was released as a vertical fixed shooter by Atari in 1980 and also featured in the more recent Pixel movie, the game had you defending your garden against not just spiders and scorpions but also a rather nasty splitting Centipede!

Madcap Castle - Charming puzzler in a Gameboy-esque Style

A game that has already got a Steam Greenlight success and has recently been updated via Gamejolt, although still a work in progress, is the Gameboy-esque 2D puzzle platformer of ' Madcap Castle '. Developed using Game Maker Studio originally for BaconGameJam 10, you control a wizard who must explore an ancient and mysterious castle in such of knowledge. But beware it will not be an easy task, as along the way you must use your skills to avoid cannon balls, lasers, spikes and other such nasties to accomplish your goal!

Circuitry - John Blythe's electronic ZX Spectrum game is here!

Indie Retro News is almost back of our holidays so to kick it up a notch here's a new game from Rucksack Games aka John Blythe, Circuitry for the ZX Spectrum. In this game developed using Arcade Game Designer by Jonathan Cauldwell. You play as the Nan'O'Bot, a bot sent into a mainframe to save as much data as possible after a major hack at the private outsource R&D company Revanox! You have to complete this task but beware not only is the fate of human kind in the balance, but there's uncontrollable AI to deal with as well!

Indie Retro News is taking a break, back soon!

After 4 years of writing through the highs and lows of retro gaming it's time to announce Indie Retro News is taking a short break! No don't worry we won't be gone for ever, but as of this evening all writing will stop until either late Thursday or back on Friday. The reason for this is, I seriously need a time out as apart from one day stop when it turned out to be a disaster, I've never been anywhere away from my own area! Probably the addiction of finding the latest game news and keeping the site going doesn't help ;) But anyway, massive thanks to all of you who keep coming back, and don't worry, you'll see us again on Friday!

The Pillars of the Earth - A one-of-a-kind 2D interactive novel available on GOG/Steam by Daedalic Entertainment!

One of my all time favourite TV series was Pillars of the Earth, a TV adaption of the best selling historical book of the same name by Ken Follett, which tells the story of the construction of a mighty Gothic cathedral set in the twelfth-century, with all the abuse, sadness, fighting and love that followed the tale. But today as a shocking surprise, Daedalic Entertainment has announced that their highly anticipated interactive novel, The Pillars of the Earth, is now available on PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Deep Blue - Errazking's ZX Spectrum game takes us deep underwater

This took us completely by surprise as only today we found out that Errazking had launched a new ZX Spectrum game called 'Deep Blue', which was developed using 3D GameMaker, a piece of software originally published by Crl for Spectrum in 1987. This game which takes place deep in the underwater depths and give us a gameplay experience to that of an Isometric Ultimate Play the Game title. Features a character in scuba gear on the hunt for an immense treasure held in a gigantic Titan.

Crash 2018 Annual - Kickstarter revival of the classic ZX Spectrum Crash magazine a BIG success!

It wasn't long ago that we told you of Chris Wilkins newest Kickstarter for The Crash 2018 Annual; A revival of the classic ZX Spectrum Crash magazine, wrapped up in the guise of a Christmas annual, with a brand new Oliver Frey Christmas cover! Well we are pleased to tell you not only is this Kickstarter a success, but it has smashed its goal of £12,000, reached £37,545 through a number of awesome stretch goals and there's still 4 days to go!