Blastr - A simplistic yet enjoyable Atari XL/XE shooter

We've featured a lot of C64 and ZX Spectrum news this week, so to change all that, here's an Atari XL/XE game to keep you company, it's Dely's latest Atari game of 'Blastr'. This game developed using Mad Pascal, is a new shooting game in which you must blast away a specific amount of static enemies per level with a limited amount of lives. 

Meonlawel - A beautiful C64/128 RPG is in development

The C64 news just keeps on coming, as if you thought The C64 Xmas Bundle and the Mini Multiplayer announcement wasn't enough to whet your appetite, then you'll be pleased to learn that there's a high quality RPG in development for the C64 called Meonlawel; a game set in the land of Meonlawel, dominated by vampyres, both animal and human, with a story of revenge and the rumours of an antitode and a great silver sword.

Mini Multiplayer RPG has been announced for the C64

Another C64 announcement of which RPG genre fans might enjoy reading about, is the fact that Darren Foulds has teased with a new screenshot and video, of his early in development game which he classes as a Mini Multiplayer RPG. Although the game doesn't have a name and development was on and off throughout 2019 and into 2020, Darren has said this MMMORPG is being written in 6510 Assembly for the Commodore 64 using Turbo Macro Pro (on the C64) for that real retro feeling.

C64 Xmas Bundle - A bundle of C64 games for Xmas and beyond!

Looking for a great bundle of games to play through Xmas or beyond, then make sure to check out this news announcement, as thanks to HayesMaker64 who contacted us previously, he has told us Badgerpunch Games has done a $5 bundle of games called ' The C64 Xmas Bundle '. This Xmas bonanza doesn't just feature games from Badgepunch themselves, but also Carleton Handley, Megastyle, MikeRichmond, RetroSouls, RGCD.DEV, SarahJaneAvory, Shallan and Space Moguls!

Outrage - After 30 years a fabulous 'Hawkeye' style game is coming to the C64!

Awesome news C64 owners, as we've just been informed through Twitter that if you've been waiting and waiting (some 30 years in fact) for the release of the Hawkeye inspiration of Outrage to come to the C64, then we are pleased to announce that Protovision / Psytronik will be soon be publishing the game as it is nearly complete. If you haven't heard of this game before, that's because it was originally produced by Cosmos Designs for the Boeder Talent Competition in cooperation with the 64'er magazine a long time ago, but it wasn't until Protovision and Psytronik got involved that they put every effort into finishing the game, without all the bugs and glitches and no source code.

Yoyo's Great Adventure - A new ZX Spectrum game inspired by classic Dizzy games!

If you are a fan of the Dizzy games by the Oliver Twins or want a fun little adventure to play on your ZX Spectrum, then come and check out RafaƂ Miazga's Dizzy like game of ' Yoyo's Great Adventure'; A new adventure game featured in the Yandex competition, which puts you in the boots of Yoyo. A small funny creature that has been teleported to Ancient Poland as a lightning storm and dark magic has changed his country for the worst.

Bullet Storm - Tactical ZX Spectrum shoot em up by VolatiL (team)

Moving away from the platformers and top down Arcade games, as we now look towards a decent shoot em up for our ZX Spectrum wave blasting fun, as another game was featured in the Yandex competition and that game was 'Bullet Storm' developed by VolatiL (team). Unlike other shoot em ups we've featured before, this one is a horizontal shootemup without scrolling, with a lot of action and a little bit of strategy.

CODE-112 - Another game worthy of a ZX Spectrum mention!

The Yandex Retro Games Battle competition was certainly very popular this year with many games entered into the competition and hoping for a top spot win. One such game we didn't get the chance to mention was CODE-112; A new ZX Spectrum game developed by PCNONOGames, in which you play Samia on a rescue mission of a young girl of 6 years old related to the new social engineering research center!

River Raid Cold Winter - A winter version of the 1980's classic RiverRaid on the Atari XL/XE

While some of you are probably enjoying Project R3D's River Raid style game of ' Bridge Strike ', or the River Raid clone of 'RiverRaid Reloaded' which was both released on the Amiga and streamed by Amiga Bill and Saberman last year, you might also be interested to know that if you enjoyed the original classic, you can download the Winter version of that game which was released on the Atari XL/XE by Matias Dimitrov Albarran, and R.Defabri.

White Jaguar - ZX Spectrum platformer with detailed levels released

The last ZX Spectrum game to be mentioned today but due to time constraints we couldn't talk about them all, is a new game entered for the Yandex competition called White Jaguar. In this game you play as an Indian and for your mighty quest must make your way across many levels, to find yourself in greatness and become one of the great Jaguars!

Marsmare: Alienation - Arcade ZX Spectrum platformer that looks to be well worth playing!

Even more gaming news now, as Red Raid wasn't the only game worth mentioning via the Yandex 2020 competition, as we've also come across this ZX Spectrum game of Marsmare:Alienation; a game that according to the developers Drunken Fly (crew), is an Arcade platformer with metroidvania elements, that puts you in boots of a Hero fighting for his life on Mars and the hopeful return back to Planet Earth.

Red Raid - A rather nice action platformer gets a ZX Spectrum release

Moving on to the ZX Spectrum now for our retro goodness, as we've just been informed via the speccy community, that ZXBITLES has released their rather cool looking ZX Spectrum game of 'Red Raid'. This game announced just last month with a heads up article via IRN, is a rather impressive looking game, that according to the creators, was developed for the Yandex Retro Games Battle 2020 hoping for a top spot winning entry.