The Story of Zeldo - A love letter to Zelda but on the Pico-8!

It has been some time now since we last featured a Zelda style game, so we set out to change all that by finding one that is both enjoyable to play and is more than a standard fan game. So here we are with 'The Story of Zeldo', a love letter to Zelda, but this time surprisingly enough on the Pico-8 developed by alanxoc3 that is also available to play in your browser!

Blazing Guns - Previously announced 2016 Amiga shooter gets an update

In 2016 we announced Aszu and team action platformer 'Blazing Guns' demo which was coded in assembler that ended up as a 9th place entry at the Retro Komp Gamedev Compo 2016. It star'd a gun slinging gangster that had the ability to run, jump and shoot at enemies such as bats in a game that featured 50fps, pure assembly code and dynamic action on 320x267 screens. Well as of today the game has a further update as now not only does it have a title screen, but a new team mode!

Castle Defender - BBC Micro's only tower defence game gets a release

We rarely feature BBC Micro games, but today's announcement is an exception, as thanks to a heads up by @ahope1 there's a new BBC Micro game in town and it's called ' Castle Defender ' developed by ChrisB. Available as a disk based BBC Micro B/B+ and Master system file, this game puts you in control as the defender of a castle, you must use defensive towers to protect your castle from attack and keep your health up at all times!

Dark Destroyer 2117 - Top scrolling C64 shoot em up features music by Richard Bayliss

We are moving away from Amstrad and C64 ports, as now it's time to look towards a new game on the C64, as S.E.U.C.K. Trainers United has announced the release of the SEUCK game ' Dark Destroyer 2117 ', which was coded by Sensible Software and has been designed including the graphics, as well as enhancements, music, and sfx by Richard Bayliss. In this game you play as the controller of a number of Drones, that have been sent to defend the Earth from a mighty Alien hostile planet known as the Destroyer which is hurtling towards Earth!

Pinball Dreams CPC - Fantastic Amiga classic previewed on the Amstrad CPC - Nightmare update!

At the end of last year we announced the fantastic Amiga pinball game ' Pinball Dreams ' by Digital Illusions CE in 1992 had finally been made available as a preview download on the Amstrad CPC by none other than Batman Group, creators of the scene demo Batman Forever. Well we are pleased to tell you that after much excitement and global Amstrad load ups of the brilliant preview, Batman Group has announced via the CPC forums the next table of 'Nightmare', which is now the latest update after ' Steel Wheel '.

VVVVVV Preview v2 - Another modern indie game to C64 conversion and this was the first one!

As many of you know, we were the very first to get the news out that the extremely challenging 2010 modern indie game of ' VVVVVV ' by Terry Cavanagh, was made available as a full conversion to the C64 by unctiover and released by Laxity. Well some of you were a bit confused and had asked us if this was the same conversion that was making the rounds some years ago, and our response was no it was not the same one, as can be seen by this latest VVVVVV Preview 2, which has now been released by Paulko64 on the C64.

VVVVVV + - Incredible news as modern Indie game gets a C64 conversion!

We are about to blow you away with possibly the BEST C64 release news of the week, as Laxity have released the full C64 conversion of the modern Indie game ' VVVVV ', which was originally released back in 2010 and created by Terry Cavanagh for multiple platforms including the PC. This puzzle platform game is a conversion of one of the hardest games you'll ever play but it's one of the best that has gathered countless high scores!

gdxBlood - Gory FPS classic is getting an unofficial Java port!

One of our readers ' Jeff Cotten ' has recently informed us that Monolith Productions and GT Interactive Software's gory first person shooter which we know as Blood, is getting an unofficial Windows port via Java by AxeleratorM210. Originally released as shareware in 1997 and the full version in 1997 for MS-DOS, this game was one of the bloodiest and horrific first person shooters of the era, as it featured zombies, undead butchers, cultists, hell hounds, giant spiders and further deadly enemies that would cover the floor in blood!

Wolfcastle McBain - New ZX Spectrum game inspired by The Simpsons character

Ask anyone in the world if they've seen The Simpsons they'd pretty much would all say yes, but ask if they remember the character McBain, named as Rainier Wolfcastle, they'd probably think of a cartoon version of Arnold Schwarzenegger, which this game is based on! Yes indeed, Wolfcastle McBain developed by C. Oscar Garcia, is their very first ZX Spectrum game made with La Churrera, and puts you in control of McBain, blasting away enemies in a top down view.

-=Alien Enemy: Dangerous=- - A preview of an early engine alpha on the Amiga

On the topic of first person shooters although not in the same league as the recent Project Warlock, here's a new tease for an Amiga game that is currently being shown off as a very early engine alpha, -=Alien Enemy: Dangerous=, coded by mastaszek for the Amiga 500 and Amiga 1200. This footage shows us a glimpse of a game that is using some graphics from the hit PC game Quake, while having sound effects such as "Headshot" from Unreal Tournament.