GOG.COM now supports Linux - 50 games available!

It's with great pleasure to announce that GOG.com, which is a great platform for classic games and Indie's now supports Linux! It's been a long time coming and many people have asked for this to happen and today was the day that it did. According to the team, the first 50 games are are all from their DRM-free catalogue and many of those are first time Linux titles, such as Flatout, Flatout 2, Darklands and the horrificly good Realms of the Haunting

Sega Master System Brawl - Super Smash Bros you now have a new contender for your crown!

Can you believe this? Some talented little keyboard wizard called David Bonafonte, has only gone and made a Smash Bros punch a like for the Megadrive! The game is clearly a tribute to the much maligned Super Smash Bros , one of Nintendo's flag ship game franchises. Master system brawl boasts an impressive roster of our favourite 8 bit master system legends,one on one and out for blood.

Faxanadu: Daggers and wingboots, mantras and monsters await you

There are many retro video games that are fun to play for someone new to the experience. There are your basic platformers, platforming shooters, shoot’em-ups, and action-adventure titles. Few games though, can be considered gateways both to an interest in video games and to an entire genre of entertainment. Faxanadu is one of those games.

Forsaken Isle - Wilderness survival in an RPG SNES style for early access

I for one am a huge fan of SNES style RPG's with the 16-bit colour pallet, great storyline and addictive game play, so it was great to see that Forsaken Isle, which is very much like a SNES style game is now available to buy for early access. Forsaken Isle by Smoodlez, is a little different than your average retro inspired RPG though, as it's a wilderness survival game focused around crafting and the will to survive as a marooned Pirate. 

Reckpunk - A weird and wonderful platform runner from Damien(dlan)

If there's one thing that stands out for me other than curious gameplay is an unusual artstyle, and when it comes to Reckpunk by Damien(dlan), a strange artistic design is certainly one of them. With a release date of September 2014 for the PC, Reckpunk features 8-bit graphics with the game play of that of a platform runner. Throughout this game your reaction counts, you must avoid obstacles and move platforms with the use of your mouse and with this design it really works. Not only is Reckpunk a great looking 8-bit styled game, which would probably look good on a Spectrum it also features fun and challenging game play.

Super Tank Wars - 90's retro inspired tank action mash up!

We don't get many two player games on Indie Retro News, so it was nice to hear from HOT 'n SPICY Games about their new PC, Linux title Super Tank Wars, that's due for Desura Alpha-Funding starting in early August 2014. What looks to be a Beat 'em up mashed with a Shoot 'em up but with tanks, features fast paced retro inspired arcade action from the 90's in a top down view as you shoot and blast each other into tiny pieces.

Marvel First Alliance 2 - The latest kick ass free beat 'em up!

Sometime last year we featured possibly one of the better OpenBor beat 'em ups to hit your PC and that was Marvel First Alliance by Brazilian Developer Zvitor. Well today we have a new release that further improves upon the original with far more ass kicking than you can possibly take. Marvel First Alliance 2 is inspired by the greats such as Streets of Rage and Double Dragon and a game that not just fighting purists will enjoy but those that enjoy the Marvel characters!

ScummVM v1.7.0 - The best way to play Adventure classics gets a big update!

If you have a great collection of DOS or Windows based classic point and click adventure games, then the latest update of ScummVM 1.7.0 will do you nicely. I for one have it installed and use it for all my classic adventure games. But what is ScummVM, I hear you ask? ScummVM is a very special program which allows you to run certain classic graphical point-and-click adventure games in the compatibility list with extra added nifty features, provided you already have the main files.

Why have just one Alter Ego when you can have two? (ZX Spectrum)

Dream walker : Alter Ego 2 is a new and may I say, incredible addition to the huge library of ZX Spectrum homebrew titles that seems to grow each week! This comes after the already impressive Alter Ego in 2011. This one comes to us all the way from Russia and has been programmed to make use of the special high colour mode for our little black box.

Kyd Cadet 3 - A new Exolon inspired ZX Spectrum game

Although I never played Exolon, hell I didn't even have a ZX Spectrum! Paul-J has just announced the release of Kyd Cadet 3, which is inspired by that very retro classic title from 1987. Kyd Cadet 3 features great action packed ZX Spectrum game play as you move from screen to screen, shooting aliens and avoiding death.

Electro Gates Preview - Playable preview of a C64 Puzzler

I'm starting to wonder if there's another battle going on between the C64 and the ZX Spectrum, especially with all the latest homebrew games coming out for both systems. So here we are again with another C64 title, Electro Gates Preview, which is a puzzle game from Hokuto Force. Although the graphics are not up to the top end standards of a C64 title and it's a preview, Electro Gates is a fun maze like puzzle game whereby you need to deactivate all the electro gates in the right order to get to the next stage.