Wizard of Wor - A port of an 80's classic WIP to the NES

Remember the days spent down at the Arcades, hearing the beeps and bops from the different machines, the coloured lights flashing all around, and money being lost for hours worth of enjoyment? Then you might be interested to know the 1980's Arcade game of Wizard of Wor, which also appeared on the Atari 8-bit, Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Bally Astrocade and C64, is being ported over to the NES by tschak909!

Fox n Forests - A nostalgic trip back to the 16bit platforming era, coming Spring 2018!

If you remember growing up playing 16bit platformers, either on the SNES or Sega Megadrive such as Mickey Mouse or even Ghouls 'n Ghosts, then have we got the game for you! This is 'Fox n Forests' developed by Bonus Level Entertainment, a gorgeous looking 16-bit inspired pixelated platformer, where you play as a Furry that can loot, upgrade, hack and slash and even change the very seasons of the game you're playing in! Yes that's right, this game lets you switch seasons to avoid obstacles or even beat enemies! What a lovely game indeed and not only does it have a teaser trailer but it's coming to PC, Linux, Mac (Steam and DRM free) Spring 2018.

BetterWB 4.3 - A more slimline approach to Amiga workbenches!

No I know this isn't a game nor is it a package of eye candy, but we've just learnt that BetterWB has been released with an update of 4.3. Now some of you might ask what exactly BetterWB is, well if you've ever installed a Workbench package on an Amiga and wanted the most of your resources and not bothered about how it looks, then this is the package for you! According to the source it's very much like AIAB, Amikit, AmigaSYS and ClassicWB but instead is an updated extension to AmigaOS 3.1, without all those hardware requirement penalties typically associated with these kind of packs.

PLAY Expo Blackpool 2018 - Gaming Youtuber Interviews

Every year since 2012, Replay Events has held the annual gaming extravaganza PLAY Expo in the somewhat rough but lovable Blackpool. 2018 was no exception, and so I attended for a forth time. On this visit however, I intended to seize the chance to interview some prolific and up and coming gaming youtubers. I talked wrestling games with Kim Justice, video scripting with Slopes Game Room, the WiiU with Top Hat Gaming Man and Ghost n' Goblins with Octavius Kitten, plus much more. A total of 7 interviews in total, split into 3 films. These guys create some excellent gaming content, a bit of something for everyone in the retro sphere.

Cannon Fodder - The best War game on the Amiga, play it now PC/MAC Gamers!

No words can describe just how amazing this game is, there isn't that many people on this planet right now that haven't heard of Cannon Fodder. A military game with a sense of humor and a cool music soundtrack to boot!  If you love controlling armies of little men, that you care so much about, while shooting the bad guys in a splattering of blood, then this is the game for you. Furthermore apart from the PC versions which are available to buy on GOG, and the cool Amiga CD32 compilations, you can of course check out the easily launchable Amiga versions on a PC/MAC either via The Company or GamesNostalgia.

APULIJA-13 V2.0 - Alessandro Grussu's action shooter on the ZX Spectrum gets an upgrade

Ladies and Gentlemen another ZX Spectrum game has made an appearance on IRN, as Alessandro Grussu announced recently that APULIJA-13 V2.0 is available for all to enjoy. This game which according to Jonathan Caldwell showed off what AGD could really do, has been enhanced with new improvements and is based upon the Director’s Cut, but also runs on 48K Spectrums (without AY background music).

Monty On The Run Remake - PC Remake of an 8-bit classic

Way back in the 1980's Gremlin Graphics released the very first Monty Mole game in the series for the ZX Spectrum and C64. This lovable character that looked like a cross between a human and a mole, star'd in his very own adventure as ' Wanted : Monty Mole ' , which from then on spawned a number of other famous sequels on different 8-bit systems such as Monty on the Run and Auf Wiedersehen Monty. But today thanks to a fan of those classic games, Damien Green has just released an all new remake of Monty On The Run, but this time for the PC!

New Amiga 500 Case kickstarter teased?

If you've been following Indie Retro News throughout these last few years, you would've by now read about A1200.net's kickstarter regarding both the new A1200 cases and the keycaps. Well most of us have already received those new Amiga 1200 cases much to the delight of the Amiga community, we are still waiting for our keycaps to go with our stunning new case such as black keys to replace yellow. However if you don't have an Amiga 1200 and sitting by your side is an older Amiga 500 model, you'll be pleased to know we've just learnt from Steve through our Facebook group, that a new Amiga 500/+ Case Kickstarter will be announced at some point this year. - So keep watching this space!

Links : 1) Source 2) Facebook

Impossabubble - A brand new ZX Spectrum game by Dave Clarke, REVIEWED!

An imposter bubble? That's impossabubble!
Everyone loves bubbles, don't they? Whether they're floating around in the air making children happy, or in your beer (making you happy) it's hard to make an argument against them, which conveniently enough brings me onto Impossabubble! Developed in AGD by Dave Clarke with absolutely brilliant music (more on that later) by David Saphier, Impossabubble is aiming to join recent AGD developed games, many featured here on IRN, in being one of the best released in modern times. On the face of it, it looks on course to reach the upper echelons of great Speccy games, not only those composed with AGD but of recent years.

ProCon CD32 - Third party gamepad for the Amiga / Amiga CD32 that looks awesome

Here is something I think is rather cool and especially on a hardware level, is witchmaster's ProCon CD32; a gamepad built especially for the Amiga! Now some of you are already drooling at the mouth seeing this picture and that's probably because not only does it look like a SNES controller, but if this is a success it may be the next best thing for playing games that doesn't cost an arm and a leg to buy, ahem "Amiga CD32 Competition Pro Joypad Controller “Honey Bee” "