Prince of Persia - A brilliant retro game open sourced and free to play

Earlier today we mentioned Brøderbund's 1989 retro gaming classic of Prince of Persia, which was given an enhanced audio and performance treatment for the Atari STe by Peter Putnik. Well now we are going to go that one step further as it's time to announce the update release of the free open source port update of the MS-DOS version of Prince of Persia, which works perfectly on modern systems with a simple click of an exe file!

Prince Of Persia - Hit classic is audio and performance enhanced on the Atari STe

From 1989 onwards Brøderbund released the hit classic action platformer game 'Prince of Persia' on a multitude of systems such as the Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST and MS-DOS. A true brilliance for its time and still worth playing today, featured many platforming levels and high danger which was usually met with falling floors, sword wielding enemies, crashing grates and at worst deadly spikes. This incredible game however has again appeared in our news feeds, but this time thanks to a heads up by AtariCrypt has been audio-enhanced by Peter Putnik for the Atari STe.

Tales of Gorluth II - Amiga 68k Action RPG sequel gets a new trailer

AMIworx are back in the news again as they have informed the Amiga community of a brand new trailer for their Action RPG game 'Tales of Gorluth II', which is a sequel to the best Amiga RPG of 2014. It's also thanks to the Amiga community the sequel came to light, as after 200 pre-orders were reached, the developers realised this game had to happen, but far more improved than its predecessor.

ZERO and The Castle Of Infinite Sadness - MSX puzzle/action game as an improved 48k ROM version

MSX owners take note as Matra has announced the improved 48k ROM version of the Arcade Puzzle game ZERO and The Castle Of Infinite Sadness, which is now available to buy priced at 25€ on his website. Now if you've been following the MSX scene you may have noticed this game was available before as a freeware 32k ROM download. But now it is better than ever as it has been enhanced with features such as Pure Screen 2, an intro explaining the story + improved sound, 3 different difficulty levels, 80 stages, different animations when the player dies, and if played on an MSX 2 runs at 60hz!

Mega Vault - Vic-20 adaption features the famous Horace in a Spectrum style on the PC (WIP)

Many of you might remember this wide eyed, blob character with arms and legs, that first appeared way back in 1982 in the Pac-Man style arcade game of Hungry Horace by Beam Software. Which was celebrated as the first arcade game for the ZX Spectrum and the first game in the Horace series, such as Horace and the Spiders and Horace Goes Skiing. But now as a complete twist to the series, the developers Sunteam are making an adaptation/expansion of the Vic-20 game Mega Vault, featuring the famous Horace in a Spectrum style for the PC.

Galactic Wars - Frenetic, pretty SHMUP on the Pico-8

We love the Pico-8 here at IRN. For a virtual platform with such limited capabilities, the community is producing some outstanding games and demos, even ones made in a month... Today we have Galactic Wars, an entry in the 2017 1GAM (One Game A month)  for January - With its title screen we see a blatant homage to Galaga before we even start. Self proclaimed as inspired by classics like Gradius, Galaga or R-Type, It's humble origin doesn't mean it's short on class.

Hagane no Renkinjutsushi : Meisou no Rinbukyoku aka Full Metal Alchemist - Gets a GBA English translation

Even though I'm in my 30's now, I still love watching Anime, more especially the ones with a great story and enough power to destroy the world itself! So it stands to reason why I was a huge fan of the Japanese Animation ' Full Metal Alchemist ', which Hagane no Renkinjutsushi : Meisou no Rinbukyoku on the GBA is based on. Sadly however, unlike the Animation which was able to be watched worldwide, the GBA version was only ever released in Japan and wasn't in English, at least until now.

Aliens The Ultimate Doom - Alien Trilogy (UD) Reborn teased!

Get ready to hide behind the couch once more, as Kontra Kommando has announced the Alien Trilogy (UD) mod update, which combines the GZDoom mod 'Aliens: The Ultimate Doom' with Alien Trilogy graphics. As such, Aliens Trilogy UD will be graphically overhauled, have AI he has developed for Aliens : The Ultimate Doom, as well as gore for exploding deaths and a complete texture replacement. In light of this scary news, the modder has released a new teaser footage!

Super Bubble Bobble Boy - A mix of classics teased in this wip ZX Spectrum game

Gabriele Amore is certainly no slouch in the area of ZX Spectrum development, as so far he has released games such as Castle Capers, Chunk Zone, Popeye(Conversion), GOOD NIGHT KANGA and even the ZX arcade port of Donkey Kong Jr. But this week as a very early tease and once again developed using Arcade Game Designer ( AGD ), he has now shown off another game in development and this time it's the Bomb Jack and Bubble Bobble mix of ' Super Bubble Bobble Boy '

Feral Umbra - A demonic pixelated platformer in dev by DesixStudios

Jeff Cotten has contacted us via our Facebook page of a brand new game that is in development called ' Feral Umbra ' by DesixStudios. This game with what looks to be high grade pixel art with dark demonic backdrops, is an upcoming adventure in which you are to explore a vast and alive world filled with demons, ancient technology, and challenges. On a journey to extirpate the malevolent power which conceived you.​