Even the Stars : Explore space and contemplate

Laika on our twitter feed just informed us about a new game that is in development that requires you to explore space, type commands and generally contemplate your tiny existence in the vastness of space. According to PolClarissou, Even the Stars was originally created for the Venus Patrol’s Space Cowboy game jam that tries to give you a purpose in life, to explore and discover rather than getting getting old, lost and have no meaning.

WinUAE 2.8.2 Beta 6 - New PPC update

First we had the big CD32 FMV update, then we had another big update regarding Accelerator Boards and today Toni Wilen has released the PPC update, much to the joy of Amiga retro heads. This being WinUAE 2.8.2 Beta 6 features PPC information, CyberStorm MK1, CyberStorm MK2 emulation, CyberStorm MK2 flash rom chip emulation and much much more. WinUAE 2.8.2 is certainly looking like an impressive build and I for one can't wait to install the latest Amiga Emulator release on my PC! Read on for the change log.

Twin Tiger Shark - Retro inspired shoot 'em up that's just awesome!

There's nothing like a damn good shoot 'em up, especially one that is inspired by the era of the 80's and 90's classics. So here we are with Twin Tiger Shark by Wide Pixel Games, a game that is true to it's roots and is just simply awesome. With an online score system, wide screen control rotation support, 6 stages, lots of enemies, big bosses, 3 difficulty settings, 3 weapon types and some cool power ups, this is a top quality shoot 'em up that we'd recommend.

Lunar Blitz RX - Remixed arcade classic for the C64

Bit of a quiet news day today, so it was nice to see that Lunar Blitz RX was released for the C64 by Cosine, which is a remixed version of the original Atari 8-bit arcade game. Lunar Blitz RX was coded from disassembly and upgraded to match the Atari 8-bit version first released in the start of 2012.

Friday the 13th - NES retro review of a classic horror

I believe there is a time in every gamer’s life when they are not able to truly choose what games they would end up owning. You might ask for ‘Excitebike,’ and end up with ‘Hogan’s Alley’ and ‘Donkey Kong Classics.’ Or you might ask for ‘Ninja Gaiden’ and end up with ‘Friday the 13th.’ It seems that when you don’t get the game you wanted, a licensed game is what you end up with.

Terrahawks - Videopac homebrew release for the ZX Spectrum

Originally developed for the Odyssey2 (Videopac), Terrahawks is a Shoot 'em up style game that feels like Space Invaders but far more action packed, especially as enemies can move around the screen at a rapid rate while trying to take you out. This more recent version is a homebrew ZX Spectrum port, developed by gazj82 that should work on just about any Spectrum. In Terrahawk you play the member of an elite group of trained specialists and it's your duty to defend Earth against the dangers from space.

Seasion - Action packed shooter gets a Kickstarter

How would you like to play a cool Arcade Shooter that has inspirations from "Alien Breed" with RPG elements that features not just dynamic weather but also a non-scripted AI. Well if you check out Seasion that's currently going through a Kickstarter campaign you'll see why this game could rate in the cool category. According to the developer Ben, you play as an ancient human woken up from eternal sleep and must defeat an invasion force that is causing all out chaos on your home planet.

Super Scrapped Robot - Twin stick shooter in a Gameboy flavour

Developed by Bureaubureau, Super Scrapped Robot is a twin stick shooter that has you, playing as a Robot with a bipolar personality disorder, in a mission to find something to put on his head. You might find that strange but it's the compulsion of this robot that will put him through many game moments of action based shooting with lots of enemies in a great Gameboy style.

It Came From The Desert - Cinemaware's unreleased SEGA action version is coming!!!!

I could not believe what I was seeing today as Florian Merz had spotted what looked to be an updated It Came From The Desert by Cinemaware, for the Sega Megadrive/Genesis. At first I thought it was a joke, was this real? Was this some sort of trick by Cinemaware? But no it's real! Cinemaware spoke to me and confirmed the unreleased 1990 version will be released for the Holiday 2014 season as a limited edition version, with the production of the cartridge, case and manual working closely with WaterMelon Games, the creators of Pier Solar for the Mega Driver/Genesis.

Shattered Planet - A survival adventure rogue-like set on a dangerous world

We've just been informed by Kitfox Games about their new survival adventure roguelike, Shattered Planet that is now available to buy on Steam. Set in a futuristic world and a side mash of turn-based RPG, you'll be battling your way across an ever changing landscape that's different every time you play. According to the developers you are tasked with the research of alien wildlife for science, but this will not be easy as some of the nasty critters will fight back.

Power Rangers: Beats of Power - Top quality free beat 'em up!

GO GO POWER RANGERS! Ah those where the days, I can't remember how many times I watched the show on TV and of cause the big movie. But then I grew up and now think it's a right load of, well you get the idea. So it was great to see today that Merso X and collaborations has developed Power Rangers: Beats of Power, which is a brand new beat 'em up based on the retrotastic Power Rangers and fused it with Beats of Rage.