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H. P. Lovecraft’s The Case of Charles Dexter Ward - New Kickstarter horror from Senscape

Senscape has just announced through Kickstarter, H. P. Lovecraft’s The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, which is a new horror adventure by the same designers of Scratches, Serena and Asylum. Developed in that great point and click style, Charles Dexter ward is a faithful and painstakingly researched adaption of a popular novel written by Lovecraft.

Elite Dangerous - Beta 2 is now available to download! [ UPDATE ]

With over 400 billion star systems, jaw dropping graphics, huge space stations and mind blowing combat it just has to be Elite Dangerous, David Braben's latest game in the Elite series. Although the game is still in beta with a great amount of support, the developers have announced a new beta 2 version that is every bit as big as the first one with tons of features and improvements!

Cousin Horace - High quality homebrew release for the ZX Spectrum

Oh yes indeed another ZX Spectrum homebrew release, and this one is a really high class title that doesn't just feature one genre but four! Developed by Alessandro Grussu, Cousin Horace is an epic adventure with five different chapters for a mix of platform, shoot-‘em-up, puzzle solving and maze exploration.

Jack B. Nimble - Endless running fun for iOS

Sean Noonan has announced his latest game "Jack B. Nimble", an endless runner, is now available for iOS. First released for PC, Mac and Linux in that lovely game boy theme, you play as Jack as he runs and jumps across many platforms all the while whipping candles. If running to fast becomes a drain on your anxiety use the grass to slow down, but do watch out for trees as it could put you to a painful halt.

Microprose Formula One Grand Prix - Earok's next encore Amiga CD32 release

Rev your engines, wait for the green light and GO! As Earok has released the next Encore Amiga CD32 port of Microprose Formula One Grand Prix and the 2014 season update. Grand Prix was originally released in 1991 and featured some of the best simulated racing experiences ever to appear on the Amiga. It really felt like you were driving in the Grand Prix, as it had proper speed immersion and great crashes (of which I experienced a lot).

Shadow of the Beast Legacy : Popular remake gets another update!

When we previously mentioned darkfalzx's port remake of the hit game classic "Shadow of the Beast", it became one of our most popular articles on Indie Retro News. But as we promised before, we'd keep you up to date on the latest developments. So today the developer has released the latest update to "Shadow of the Beast Legacy" which brings in new software filters, optimized video settings and Android, iOS separate builds.

CDT2WAV 1.4 - The latest tape emulator for Amstrad owners

If you're an Amstrad owner especially those of you who still prefer tapes, then you might be interested to know that Markus Hohmann has released the latest CDT2WAV for PC-Amstrad tape emulation. It's a pretty impressive bit of software that is able to play Amstrad tape sounds from your PC and can be used to convert original CDT to WAV playback. Today the developer has announced the release of 1.4 with Automatic pause control: Maybe useful to load games like from Amsoft. (Which need some time to draw a title screen).

Sign Motion - Platform and Puzzles with a unique design twist

Now there's one thing that I respect the most and that's developers doing something fresh with brand new ideas and a unique twist to the genre. So when Midnart gave us the heads up of their new Platform Puzzle game Sign Motion, due for release 24th October on Steam, I just had to check it out.