Infernal Runner - Deadly traps await you in Hokuto Force's latest C64 release!

Before we begin, a huge apology to all of our readers for the delay in articles on the site, as not only has the heat been unbearable with no A/C, but I've had to rebuild the system with a new water cooling unit to keep the temps down. Now with that out of the way, welcome to a rather special C64 release from Hokuto Force which first appeared at the Menhir Party - 20 Years Later - Reunion Meeting. It's 'Infernal Runner'; a rather deadly run and jump platformer first released by Loriciels in 1985, originally created for the C64 and ported to the CPC which has now been enhanced by the great scene team of Hokuto Force!

Charlotte's Dream - Retro styled adventure aims for Kickstarter funding

There are two types of genres that are popular with us, the adventure types and the platformers. So the latest Kickstarter of 'Charlotte's Dream' developed by Robert Guiscard certainly fits in the adventure category. But what makes this game really stand out and it's not just the retro inspired graphics, was the fact that this game actually began it's life on the Commodore Amiga when the developer was just 12 years old. Now many years later, he has once again started work using the original game files, but starting from scratch to bring this adventure title to PC, MAC and Linux through Steam but with more modern game mechanics and controls.

Knight 'n' Grail 3 - Work in progress action adventure C64 game looks to impress

Screenshot from April 2015 build

While many C64 owners will be looking forward to playing the still in development games of HYPERION and Sam's Journey, there's another C64 title called 'Knight 'n' Grail 3' developed by Micks256 which may just grab your interest with the latest trailer. The original game titled Knight n Grail was on sale from Psytronik and was regarded by many as one of the best action adventure games for a long time on the C64. It featured fantastic game play, a large map with excellent visuals and music throughout, so this unofficial work in progress title certainly has a lot to look up to.

Jeroen Tel - legendary C64 composer aims for Indiegogo funding for Tel Me More

When it comes to games and or movies, what really sets them off is a good soundtrack, it can give you many different emotions depending on the type of music that is being played. For example listening to a powerful orchestra would probably be suited to either a battle or a love scene. So it will come as no surprise to you that this exact same feeling goes with games as well. But a bad game can still be noted just by it's incredible soundtrack. Thus with this latest indiegogo announcement, the C64 composer legend that is Jeroen Tel has launched his crowd funding campaign for 'Tel Me More' which is a remake of Jeroen Tel's most memorable Commodore 64 video game soundtracks.

Into the Stars - Early access date announced for a spiffy looking space sci-fi!

We've just been informed by Fugitive Games and Iceberg Interactive that the Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter success of 'Into the Stars' finally has an early access date starting 9th July on Steam. Into the Stars is an open-world space survival simulation, as you play the role of a Captain and his crew to explore a great star system in search of a new home for humanity. Players will outfit their ships with mighty weapons, hand pick their crew and set off on a voyage where they must scavenge resources, shelter civilians and outrun a hostile alien force in order to survive.

Hunter HD - Action/Adventure classic remake reaches v003!

Many months a go we mentioned Cherno's early playable remake of the great Activision classic from 1991; a high grade 3D game with sandbox-type game play that by today's view point would be classed as a Grand Theft Auto and a Battlefield mix. It is in our opinion a great action adventure game which has been enjoyed by many for a good number of years. Thus it's our great pleasure to announce that Cherno has finally given himself a kick up the backside to release yet another update version with a ton of added features and improvements in the latest v003 build.

Aaron White releases the latest C64 To Amiga Chiptunes Volume 3 Album!

We are currently experiencing a stunning heatwave here in the UK with temps into the mid 30's. So what better to enjoy this lovely summer weather, apart from with a cool fan and a drink, is by listening to Aaron White's latest chiptune album 'C64 To Amiga Chiptunes Volume 3' which was only just released! In this fine album for your Amiga, you'll experience the greatness of the C64, with classic gaming tracks such as DJ Puff, Gryzor, Shinobi, Pacland, New Zealand Story, CJ's Antics, Space Harrier, Yie Ar Kung Fu and Paperboy. From Code Masters to Mastertronic, such fine chiptunes all given that great conversion, thanks to as always Aaron White!

Available to download as an ADF file from our secure download site

Foxtail - Beautifully pixelated adventure aims for Steam Greenlight success

Many of you may remember a very classic adventure title called 'Inherit the Earth', which was released way back in 1994 for platforms such as the Amiga, Mac OS and DOS. It featured anthropomorphic animals (Furries) with a great storyline, lovely fantasy detail and characters with their own personalities. But today's feature of 'Foxtail' by Gingertips is very similar in design, has lovely pixelated graphics and is also aiming for a Steam Greenlight success for PC, MAC and Linux.

Kingdoms of Steam - Amiga shoot em up gets a demo

After our recent announcement for the side scrolling shoot em up of 'Kingdoms of Steam', the developers have now given us the heads up of a two level demo that is now available for the Amiga community to try out and give them your feedback. Developed by AmigaPD, Kingdoms of Steam was made in Reality and is inspired by the Megadrive game Empires of Steel but with the aim of the game to defeat the different steam fleets and return peace to the kingdom.