Minit is coming to C64 - That Awesome Thalamus reveal in full.

We’ve had some pretty cool announcements for the C64 in recent years.. But Thalamus’ reveal last week that Devolver Digital’s “Minit” is being ported to the humble 8 bit machine as well as the soon to be released Spectrum Next could well be the most exciting news since the end of the C64 era in the early 1990s. The news has been spreading not only in the usual retro news circles such as Commodore Format who revealed the news in an exclusive last week, but also AAA gaming news websites.

The C64 mini is going LARGE and feature packed! - Full sized version of the 80’s best-selling home computer (December 2019)

With the resurgance of retro gaming hardware enabling us to play old classics on big TV's with lots of built in games such as the NES Mini, SNES Mini, Playstation 1 Classic, NEO GEO Mini,PC Engine Mini and the C64 Mini you'd be forgiven in thinking there wasn't much else to get excited by the end of this year. Well The C64 crew have something to shout about and in a pretty big way, as they have just announced the full-sized version of ‘THEC64’, will be coming December 2019!

Dizzy Scripting Engine reaches v1.1.0 - Create Dizzy games for the ZX Spectrum

I've always had a soft spot for that lovable character Dizzy; A character by the Oliver Twins that takes us back to the golden years of the Amstrad, C64 and even the ZX Spectrum. To be honest it's why everytime there's a new Dizzy fan game being developed or a lost Dizzy game found, I've always got to give it the mention. So why am I mentioning Dizzy again? Welcome to the 'Dizzy Scripting Engine'; an engine that makes it easier to create Dizzy games for the ZX Spectrum!

Bearsden Primary School P6 Coding Games for the ZX Spectrum

We feature so many games on this site from all corners of the world, but what we don't usually feature if at all is games made by kids, it's a rare thing nowadays. But thankfully Bearsden Primary School was up to the challenge, as the pupils in P6 (10-11 year olds) at Bearsden Primary, have been learning to code zx Spectrum games using AGD. What you see below is an amazing result of some of the fabulous coding skills they have developed over the year with the games mentioned in this very article!

Docsters Digger - Bonus C64 game released with Mancave

During this weekend as noted by our main write up on Friday, Psytronik Software had released a brand new C64 game by Megastyle called ' Mancave '; a game which follows the hilarious adventures of Richard Morningwood who has the unfortunate task of gathering up the pages of some rather naughty magazines that have been nabbed from his secret stash by his pesky kids. Well if you were fortunate enough to purchase this great C64 game, you'll be interested to know the game also contained a bonus in the form of another game called ' Docster's Digger '.

Eel Ecurb - Bruce Lee playable in reverse on the Atari 8bit

In 1984 Datasoft released a brilliant arcade platformer called 'Bruce Lee' which was based on the famous motion picture martial artist. It was and still is a highly regarded platformer that is still loved to this day and can be played by anyone. But boy do we have something unusual for you guys and girls As thanks to a heads up by Saberman, we've been told Ute has released a test demo called Eel Ecurb; A game which is basically Bruce Lee played in reverse as a test demo for the upcoming Bruce Lee 2 Atari 8bit conversion/port!

198X - Multi-Genre Arcade game by Hi-Bit Studios released on GOG and Steam

The Indie games just keep on coming today, and one that really stood out and just released on GOG and Steam, is Hi-Bit Studios latest multi genre Arcade game of ' 198X '. Now I know many of our readers have a particular favourite when it comes to game types, so this one seems to have the best of both worlds. It isn't just an Arcade brawler, but a racing game, a jumping game, a roleplayer and what really interests me is the Shoot em up part shown in the trailer!

Carrion - A gory creature game gets a new gameplay teaser

Put away your fluffy toys and tell your children it's time for bed, as Gamespot Gameplay have released new gameplay footage for Phobia Game Studio and Devolver Digital's upcoming gory horror game ' Carrion '; a reverse horror game, in which you assume the role of an amorphous alien being and have the ability to rip the insides out of anything human you come across!

FoxyLand - PSCD is aiming for an Indiegogo success for their upcoming Sega Megadrive game

It was only just last month that we featured PSCD Games's upcoming Sega Mega Drive game ' FoxyLand ', which is a conversion/port of the PC game that was originally released by BUG-Studio back in May of last year. Fast forward to today however and we've just been given a shoutout on Twitter, that PSCD games have announced the Indiegogo crowd funding campaign for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis version of FoxyLand, which they hope will fund their game to a release towards September 2019.

RUN DEMON RUN - Endless C64 runner is coming soon from Icon64

If you're looking for more C64 news then you've come to the right place! As we've just been given the heads up by Icon64, that they are soon to release a game through Psytronik called ' RUN DEMON RUN '. Yes indeed from the same team who brought you Sizzler, Rocky Memphis : The Legend Of Atlantis and The Sky is Falling. Comes a new game that is an endless runner whereby you need to keep running, jumping and dodging without stopping for a quick cup of demonic tea!

Mancave - Psytronik Software will be releasing a new C64 game this weekend [RELEASED]

Great news if you're looking for a new C64 game to play this weekend, as thanks to a heads up by our good friend Aaron, we've been told Psytronik Software will be releasing a new C64 game called Mancave. A game which will be released this saturday 22nd June as a digital download, standard cassette format, a special clamshell tape edition (limited to 50 copies), budget C64 disk and or premium+ C64 disk.

Sensible World of Soccer 2020 is coming and we can't wait!

I'll be straight with you right now, I can't stand football, I never liked it as a kid and I don't like watching it as an adult, even if it is the in thing for most sports watchers. However there were some retro games that I did enjoy playing during my much younger years, and those were Sensible Soccer and Kick Off 2! They were no Fifa's, but playing them on the Amiga was so much fun and just perfect for ball kicking against a friend, without the thuggish behavior of a day out at the local stadium. So why we mentioning these games you might ask? Well we've just been told through our twitter feed that the classic game of Sensible Soccer, is making a come back as Sensible World of Soccer 2020; a new game which is coming to a PC near you later this year!