Time of Silence 2 - C64 second place adventure winner is getting a sequel

Last month we had the fantastic English release of Claus's F64 Game Competition entry "Zeit der Stille" ("Time of Silence") which came second place in the Forum64 Adventure Competition 2015. An Adventure RPG with high grade music and smooth scrolling has been given a mention again today as we've been informed it's going to get a sequel in the ' Time of Silence 2 '.

Back in Time Symphonic Collection - C64 Symphonic Box Set Kickstarter success!

After a recent article and a big social share by ourselves, the ' Back in Time Symphonic Collection - C64 Symphonic Box Set ' is now a Kickstarter success with still 35 hours to go! Currently at £32,230 pledged of a £30,000 goal with project lead by C64Audio, they are going to arrange and produce a box set of Symphonic Commodore 64 studio arrangements that sound like properly large, epic )(or bouncy and fun, or eerie and mysterious) film soundtracks with full transcripts for orchestras to play live in concerts, creating a new generation of SID fans with incredible scores for people of all ages. To coincide with this glorious news, C64Audio have released a new update video with a powerful orchestra!

Night City Assault - Beat em up with style gets a double campaign!

XtraMileGames recently contacted us to announce a Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaign for their latest retro inspired Beat em up, ' Night City Assault ', which aims to bring back the brilliance of those classic Arcade games such as Double Dragon and Final Fight, but incorporating RPG mechanics, a robust fighting engine, exploration and a mission based campaign to create something unique, fun and engaging to play.

Escape From The Sewers - ZX Spectrum Spanish game by PrimyGames

Something slightly different today as this game is mainly for our Spanish readers, is PrimyGames platformer' Escape From The Sewers ' developed using The Mojon Twins Churrera framework. Released for the ZX Spectrum 48K, you play as a square like character and must escape from the sewers while avoiding the usual enemies such as spiders, rats and snakes.

Amiga Racer - Lotus racing action for your modern Amiga

AmigaTec Inc have now announced the release for the next best racer on a modern Amiga as ' Amiga Racer 2.0 ', which is available to download for AmigaOS 4.x, MorphOS and Linux. Developed by Michael St Neitzel, who is a huge fan of the classic hit Lotus title, this game once again gives you that Arcade rush and adrenaline we experienced all those years ago. Although the game is free to download and play, it is still in a development stage and with donations this gives the developers help to give more cars, tracks and more frequent updates.

Indie Retro News and RGDS Podcast Amiga Album Special!

As you well know I am a huge fan of the C64 to Amiga conversion tracks done by Aaron White of RGDS Podcast. Month after month he has done his own flavoured remixes and full conversions from classics that are well known in the retro gaming scene such as Bruce Lee, Paper Boy, Flimbo's Quest, Shinobi, Pacland and New Zealand Story. He has even does his own sampled mixes of classic 90's dance tracks. But from this I sent him a challenge, I wanted him to do an Indie Retro News special, a special that is full of my personal choices that not only sound upbeat on the C64 but could almost be worthy of being played through a hi-fi system. But that's not all, I wanted to see if he could remix a PC cracktro tune and sure enough, he has gone beyond my expectations and fulfilled my every request.

Parasite - Shape changing retro styled platformer (Steam Greenlight)

Another Steam Greenlight campaign for mention is the non-linear retro styled platformer of ' Parasite ', which puts you in control of an alien worm wanting to get rid of a human space colony on his planet. In this game that even has a demo for you to try, you have the ability of changing your shape into a multitude of characters such as a dog, human or worm with each having their own abilities to be able to sabotage the human complex.

Into the Belly of the Beast - An immersive underwater adventure (Steam Greenlight)

Lucky Brograms have announced through a PC Steam Greenlight campaign their beautiful looking action adventure game of ' Into the Belly of the Beast '. In this 3D underwater experience, you play as a small worm-like creature that must rescue her children from a mighty sea creature, swallowed up and deep within the belly of this beast. On your journey through the beast's body, you can deploy special powers, make friends and adapt yourself to your enemies with a unique DNA based eating feature.

The Epic Commodore C64 SID Collection - 10 hours of amazing tunes!

Good morning everyone, I believe we have found possibly the most amazing retro tune album ever on Youtube, and this one comes in at 10 hours long, ' The Epic Commodore C64 SID Collection '. Every tune has been painstakingly selected and arranged into hour-long sectors, which aims to really bring home the greatness that is the SID. As the creator says, The Epic Commodore C64 SID Collection aims to be a delight for the veteran C64 freak as well as today's millennial who loves chiptunes but has never even seen an 8-bit computer. So press play, turn it up and be in heaven for the next 10+ hours!