Fantastic Ubisoft classics exclusively on GOG!

What an incredible day this is turning out to be! Lots of new Amstrad games, a C64 competition, an Amiga shoot em up release date news, and now our friends GOG have let us know of the exclusivity of Ubisoft classics appearing on Yes indeed, Ubisoft has just pushed out some of the best games I have ever played on the digital store page, with fantastic classics such as Archimedean DynastyAlbion, and Anno 1602 A.D. With further classics such as Revenant, Hearts of Iron III, Cosmonautica and Dream coming towards the end of the week.

GBJAM 4 - Game Jolt game development jam in a Game Boy style

If creating C64 games for the 2015 C64 16KB Cartridge Game Development Competition isn't to your liking, then we have just the #GBJAM for you. It is of course Game Jolt's 'GBJAM 4', in which people around the world have been given the opportunity to create any game they wish, as long as it looks like a Game Boy game in 4 colours, with a screen resolution of 160px x 144px. So if you've got the creativity and want to have a go, make sure to place your entry from August 8st - August 18th, with closing dates by August 18th at 23:59.

Links :   1) GBJAM 4 Website     2) Game Entry Page     3) The Team

Kingdoms of Steam - Amiga shoot em up release date news

After our previous announcement for the side scrolling shoot em up of 'Kingdoms of Steam', and then the 3 level demo release, the developers have improved the game even further with not just a brand new level 4, but new landscape detail, a possible hard drive, CD32 version and also release date news! That's right ladies and gentlemen, AmigaPD's 'Kingdoms of Steam' made in Reality and inspired by 'Empires of Steel' has new baddies for level 4, including rocket propelled air balloons and new landscape detail such as city landscapes, with ruined buildings and towering blocks.

RGCD - 2015 C64 16KB Cartridge Game Development Competition!

We may have missed out on the early launch news, we were that busy! But this is certainly one for C64 owners to get all hyped over, especially if you know a bit about C64 coding. As RGCD have launched the 2015 C64 16KB Cartridge Game Development Competition. Following on from the success of the last four competitions, the competition creators are hoping for a fantastic 2015/16 full of incredible games all working in 16KB cartridge ROM format. Although the creators have yet to secure prizes, sponsorship and awards, they are hoping for winners in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd category.

The Lost Treasure of Cuauhtemoc - Another lovely Amstrad CPC game in development!

Early this year as a first over any other site, we gave you the heads up over a new game for the Amstrad CPC which was set to light up our twitter feed in favs and re-tweets. It was none other than Sad1942's Amstrad homebrew platformer ' The Lost Treasure of Cuauhtemoc', in glorious high quality detail. Looking like a Castlevania, Pentacorn Quest and Rick Dangerous mash up, Sad's game looks very good indeed, with baddies to fight, platforms to jump and nasty traps to avoid all squished up into 64kb. So if you have an Amstrad CPC 464, this game may well be at the top of your list.

Roland of Sherwood - Carnivac's next impressive Amstrad CPC game

Carnivac of the CPCWiki forums is certainly no stranger to us, in making Amstrad games that are real eye openers in graphical detail. He blew us all away with the work in progress Cosmic Prison Commando, now he's doing the same with his latest platformer game 'Roland of Sherwood'. Unlike his previous work in progress title, this one isn't as far developed as he's only just been making it over the last few days as a test project for himself and any CPC developer who wants to have a go at converting it to a real CPC when finished.

Immortal Empire - Tactical based RPG coming to Steam

Here at Indie Retro News we do like a good RPG, especially ones that involve lots of tactical based game play with plenty of fighting, skills and loot. So the recent mention of 'Immortal Empire; a great browser based multi-player game set in a fantasy universe, is coming to Steam for the PC, we were most certainly interested. With a mix of X-Com and a side order of Diablo, Immortal Empire will be significantly improved upon from the browser based offering!

Paperboy USA - C64 +3D NTSC fixed release!

You may or may not have read our excellent review of Paperboy, Elite's awesome arcade game from the 1980's. But the C64 release which was originally cracked and released by different groups has now appeared as a USA - NTSC version which hopefully should appeal to our retrogaming American readers. According to the Underground Domain Inc release group, they've added a trainer for cheating, fixed the game to stop the flickering and to stop the crashing while using an NTSC machine.

Brat - Frustrating Amiga Puzzler freely playable on the PC

Get ready to play one of the most frustrating puzzle based games ever released on the Amiga. It's 'BRAT' by Image Works from 1991, which is now available as a free launch-able PC file thanks to The Company.PL. In this crazy isometric puzzle game, you the player, must guide Nathan through a series of 12 scrolling levels, while avoiding obstacles, picking up items and reaching the end of the level without falling off.