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Verdun - Squad based WW1 multiplayer game due for release!

M2H. BlackMill Games announced today that Verdun; A Squad based multiplayer WW1 game will soon be released! But before that, while the game is still available through Steam Early Access, it's just received the last major update with performance fixes, micro stuttering fixes and more. Verdun is set in WW1 and inspired by the infamous battle of Verdun in 1916 and contains many interesting features such as : Authentic weaponry, character levelling, realistic historical battlefields, tactical squad assembling, real time dynamic front-line immersion and much much more.

Cannon Fodder : Action packed collection for Amiga CD32

If you said to any Amiga gamer, "War has never been so much fun" they'd probably know what game(s) you were thinking of. As for those of you that don't, it's the perfectly action packed Cannon Fodder, plus it's sequel Cannon Fodder 2 and all expansions and demo discs. First developed by Sensible Software in 1993, you the player control a small squad of up to five soldiers through more than 20 missions as you take out enemy units, buildings and vehicles in some of the best games ever released. Thanks to Earok you can now play all these fine games on your Amiga CD32!

FPS Redux Bundle - Kick ass FPS action from Bundle Stars

No sooner had we finished writing up the previous bundle than another bundle had appeared from Bundle Stars and this time it's the FPS Redux Bundle. For only £2.99 you can buy 10 first person shooter steam keys; games such as S.T.A.L.K.E.R Clear Sky, Depth Hunter 2, Dark Raid, Epigenesis, Lovely Planet, Dead Effect, 3089, Iron Storm, Chrome and Chrome SpecForce.

Dinosword - Retro inspired platformer gets a Kickstarter

It's time to move away from the Amiga releases now and focus our attention to a very nice looking retro inspired platformer that has just appeared on Kickstarter. Developed by Lowercase Games, Dinosword is an epic retro platformer about exploration, sacrifice, and a little green dinosaur named Chompy. In this colourful game, you have been chosen to find a legendary sword that will save all the dinosaurs from extinction.

Bomberman - Free Arcade fun for Amiga CD32

Now here's a great classic nearly everyone has heard of, it's the great "Bomberman" also known as Dynablaster. An awesome Arcade game first developed by Hudson Soft that has so far sold well over a million copies and is incredibly addictive, especially in multiplayer mode. In these brilliant arcade classics your goal is to complete each level and reach the exit by strategically placing bombs in order to either kill enemies, your friends or to destroy objects. Power ups can be collected to give yourself the edge, but watch out as not only can other bombs kill you, you can kill yourself!

Evil's Doom - An incredible RPG Dungeon Crawler for the Amiga FREE!

Have I got a treat for you retrogamers! If Ambermoon wasn't popular enough here comes another RPG for you to play that's not only a good game but it has a bit of a history behind it as well. Welcome to Evil's Doom, one of the last "big" Amiga games; a classic dungeon crawler made by Croatian developers Olympia Entertainment Group that was never officially released. According to some sites it was due to bugs however Evil's Doom became a victim of software piracy, after the beta version was sent to magazines, the first cracks appeared and the developers cancelled the game and left the Amiga.

Back to the golden age - Arcade Action Atari ST port for Amiga!

How would you like to play the latest Amiga port of a very fine Atari/Amstrad game first released in the early 90's by the well known company Ubisoft? Well now you can with Back to the Golden age; An Arcade, Action sword fighting game where you can explore rooms, castles and dungeons all the while fighting knights, warriors and other strange beasts that lurk in the next screen. What's more... You can buy supplies, find loot and even cast spells, it's a grand game indeed with cool animation, fighting sequences and plenty of gameplay that will keep you occupied for ages.

WinUAE 2.9.0 Beta 17 - The latest Amiga beta emulator PPC release

Toni Wilen has once again released another WinUAE beta for the Amiga/PC community and this time it's WinUAE 2.9.0 beta 17 which further improves the PPC support. I'm sure we can't be that far away from a final version of this great Amiga emulator, but as usual see the changelog for fix details and download links.

Deuteros - Strategy PC remake gets a v140919 update

Rejoice as the next Deuteros (Ian Bird) remake version is now available to download. Play an early alpha remake build of one of the finest Space Strategy games ever released. Research new technology, colonize the stars, mine for resources and defend yourself against the Martians in a sequel to another great classic, Millennium 2.2.

Three awesome bundles from Bundle Stars

We haven't featured Bundle Stars bundles for awhile simply due to the fact that they release so many awesome bundles it's hard to keep up. So today we are going to feature not just one bundle but all three; The Immortal Bundle, the Indie Jam 4 and Arctic Bundle. So many great games on Steam and the prices are spot on as well!

Breathless - AGA first person shooter for Amiga CD32

Another day, another Earok Amiga CD32 port release and once again it's a first person shooter in the form of Breathless. Developed by Fields of Vision, Breathless is a great action game as it has mood and atmosphere, huge levels to explore, enough combat to keep the player interested and a Doom style engine in lovely 256 AGA colours. Although this is the last of the AGA first person shooter Amiga CD32 ports by Earok, it's actually one of the best and runs much better than the previous release.