Skatemasta Tcheco - NES style Adventure out now on Steam!

Tcheco is back! Last time we saw Tcheco was in the game Tcheco in the Castle of Lucioand but this time he brought his skateboard in a new auto-scrolling 8-bit Nes style adventure created by Marcelo Barbosa. Skatemasta Tcheco is all about quick reflexes and muscle memory as you skate around and jump between platforms and avoiding obstacles. The game does not only looks like an old Nes game, it has the same feeling with simple controls and without any tutorials you just press one of the two buttons to jump into the game for some retrogaming action!

Altered Beast - A classic Arcade beat em up as a fan game reaches final!

If you are a retro gamer, chances are you would've heard or atleast played the 1988 classic Arcade game of Altered Beast by Sega which appeared on multiple systems including the Sega Mega Drive. Well if you do remember it, you'll be interested to know LucasCCBJogos has now released the final version of his fan game which is complete with new modes, new enemy sprites and much much more.

Indie Retro News went to PLAY Expo Margate 2020!

During last weekend Indie Retro News had the pleasure of going to the awesome retrogaming convention of ' PLAY Expo Margate ', which lasted from the 21st to the 23rd of Feb 2020. It was an event that was to have a fair slice of gaming and merchandise stalls, cosplay, retro gaming hardware with games to play, modern gaming, competitions, arcade machines and much more. It was an event that we have been eagerly awaiting to go to all these months past, and we can very much say it was AWESOME!

Upcoming Streets of Rage 4 gets a new trailer! ( Switch/PS4/Xbox One/PC )

The news is spreading far and wide and that has come as no surprise to us, as just moments ago through our twitter page, we've found out that the publisher Dotemu and developers Lizardcube and Guard Crush Games, have announced a new trailer for their upcoming game Streets of Rage 4. An all-new continuation of SEGA’s iconic arcade brawler series known for its kick ass tunes, bare knucke fights and wonderful 16bit graphics styling with OST tracks from legends such as Yūzō Koshiro, Motohiro Kawashima, Yoko Shimomura, Hideki Naganuma and Keiji Yamagishi!

Vega - C64 Scene demo becomes a Shoot em up

Usually when it comes to scene demo's, they are released by groups, containing awesome tunes, scrolling pieces of talented artwork, and other such greatness hoping to win that top spot in a competition. I mean who hasn't heard of Fairlight, Noice and Offence before? Well anyway, what if rather than watching a scene demo you could actually play one? Welcome to Vega; a damn fine demo originally released by Delysid in 2017 that can now be played as a C64 shoot em up inspiration by Atwoods Studios and trained by Excess!

Drunken Chopsticks C64 - Stop the flies from getting into Mr Miyagi's broth!

I always liked the film Karate Kid. Released in 1984 it told the story of Daniel LaRusso, a high school student who moves from New Jersey to California and is subsequently targeted by a group of bullies that all attend the same Karate school. He is befriended by Mr Miyagi, his apartment block’s handyman, who teaches him another form of Karate to defend himself. The instruction sees him setting Daniel a series of seemingly menial, boring, mind numbing tasks, such as painting his fence and waxing his car.

DOOM - Could a "Doom" clone run on a 7MHz Amiga 500 with 1MB of RAM?

We've certainly seen some impressive projects through the years on retro hardware, for example showing how well Sam's Journey and Super Mario performed on a C64 was impressive enough. But now it looks as if we are about to go one step further. As thanks to a heads up from Per Ola, we've been told KK/Altair is working on a project to show that it may be possible to run a Doom clone on just a 7MHz Amiga 500 with 1MB of RAM!

Melkhior's Mansion - In Dev Ultimate Play the Game Atic Atac inspiration looks so awesome!

Remember when we gave you the heads up that Ultimate Play the Game's famous classic Atic Atac, was not only being remade for the PC but it was also being remade for the ZX Spectrum Next? Well there's great news for this rather dank and drizzly evening! As after checking through our Twitter page, we've come across a brand new update for the work in progress 'Atic Atac' game which they are calling Melkhior's Mansion!

JORRY - Point and click Adventure horror game available on Steam

Gamers who prefer a more horror oriented Adventure will be pleased with this news, as we've recently found out the Adventure horror game of ' JORRY ', has been released on Steam for the PC by Korozif. This game according to the creator, is a game filled with horror that is inspired by the classics of the 90's including not just action, but survival game play that is intended for adult audiences. So yes you can probably die being eaten alive!

Old Tower - A great game by RetroSouls finally arrives on the C64

If you've been following RetroSouls through the last couple of years, you would've known they have released games such as GLUF, Old Tower, Twinlight, Alter Ego, and even Tourmaline for the ZX Spectrum. Well today as thanks to a heads up via their Twitter page and from our good friend Per Ola, they have announced a new(ish) game for the C64 called ' Old Tower '; a game which was previously released on the ZX Spectrum that has since been ported over to the C64.

Legacy - PDA Dungeon Crawler will be released on the Amiga by Inked Pixel Software!

It was only last week that we announced on Indie Retro News that a demo was made available of a Dungeon Crawler called 'Legacy'; a game that appeared on the PDA by Redshift in the mid 2000's featuring a huge world, dungeons, towns, NPC's and pretty much everything you could want in an old school Dungeon Crawler. Well after telling people it was never going to be released as a full version due to rights issues(?), it looks as if Inked Pixel Software has taken up the task, and will be releasing the full version of 'Legacy' this year on the Amiga!

You had one job! - A new C64 game everyone needs to try!

The last heads up from Saberman and one I think you'll agree looks like a ton of fun. Is the brand new game for the C64 called ' You had one Job!' by Xellas, KK, Traq and Denys.This game created for the C64 in assembler language, is a fun for all the family release, in which playing as a professional, you need to hide what they screwed in the house before the owner spots the mistakes.... But watch out for the cats, rats and the owner or you'll lose a life!