The Adventures of Bouncing Bob : Lurching Dead - Bagnalld's latest ZX Spectrum release

Oh dear poor Bob, first he's dealing with an overheating situation, then it's Ghosts taking over his garden maze and now he's having to deal with an outbreak of a deadly mutated pathogen that's spawned deadly Zombies. Welcome to the next enjoyable game in Bagnalld's ZX Spectrum line up, ' The Adventures of Bouncing Bob - Lurching Dead '.

Only on promo - Black Friday deals on GOG including The Witcher 3!

It's that time again when we mention super deals from GOG and it came as no surprise to us as it's none other than Black Friday! That's right, it's a time of the biggest shopping day of the year, when retailers knock prices across much of their stock to kick-start the gift-buying season and save you tons of dosh. This is the ' Only on promo ' a five day long promo which will end on Sunday, 29 November and features not just four great bundles such as the D&D Gold Box Bundle, D&D Classics Bundle, Warhammer Bundle, and the Star Trek Bundle, but that incredible RPG The Witcher 3, for the first time with a 50% Discount!!! What a fantastic time to buy, so head on over to GOG and play more awesome games!

Links : 1) GOG 2) D&D Gold Box Bundle 3) D&D Classics Bundle 4) Warhammer Bundle 5) Star Trek Bundle 6) The Witcher 3

ZX Spectrum Games Code Club Book

Anyone who owned a ZX Spectrum in the 80's or 90's, surely must have had a bash at programming in BASIC. Who could resist a quick type-in from a magazine or book to show what your humble hands could do in the space of half hour? Or two hours. Or three. I guess it depends on how long the program was or indeed how long it took for you to learn how to make the required commands pop-up. (Extend Mode held with Caps Shift was the bane of my life)

ZX Spectrum Retro Review - Stunt Car Racer

Stunt Car Racer is a 3D racing game by Micro Style, released in 1989 on all the main platforms of the time, and as a budget title three years later on the Kixx label. The action takes place on a raised roller-coaster style track, such that had this come attached to a Hot Wheels licence no-one would have been surprised. Your car is delivered by crane to the start line, and your task is to race one on one against a series of competitors - preferably without coming off the track.

H.P. Lovecraft in Text mode - Final push for a unique horror Kickstarter campaign

Over these past few days we've been getting reports of a new Kickstarter that takes the influential writing from the famed horror writer H.P Lovecraft, while telling a story in dark and rather creepy PETSCII C64 ASCII artwork. And sure enough we got the heads up today from QUESTRON of their in final days Kickstarter, that aims to bring you a Hardcover book with a gold foil cover (210 x 285 mm), from two of his more obscure writings, “Dagon” and “Nyarlathotep” with PETSCII.

ShipLord - Survival Asteroid dodger gets Steam Greenlit!

What a very positive week this has been for a multitude of developers, as another Steam Greenlight success has appeared in the form of a survival game based sci-fi called ' ShipLord ', by Just1337. Currently in development for PC, MAC & Linux with a release date of soon, ShipLord has asteroid dodging mechanics and energy collection, combined with interactive boss fights. The main goal of the game is to survive a specific period of time, collect as much energy as possible, so you can progress further into the vast and fully unique space.

Clumsy Moose Season - Weird and wacky Steam Greenlight success

We've seen some really wacky games appearing on Steam, and it looks as if the Steam Greenlight success of 'Clumsy Moose Season' by Enrick Lambert is most certainly one of them. In this game which can be played by friends, you play as a stupid moose living amongst the islands inhabited by several angry rangers. The problem is, it's moose season, and due to them being a bit dumb they don't even realize it. Thankfully though this gives you the opportunity to do what you want in the most weirdest of ways without even thinking about those annoying rangers!

Cathedral - A NES-inspired 8-bit adventure you might want to see

Putting aside all those Greenlight successes and back to my 8-bit ways, Decemberborn was kind enough to give us a shout out about their new game ' Cathedral, the 8-bit adventure ', that is inspired by the great NES console as an adventure and exploration RPG! Yes indeed a NES style game, and if that game Shovel Knight was anything to go by, people will be all over this like Mario to a stash of coins!

Dungeon Kingdom - A retro inspired dungeon crawler but is it any good? (Preview)

It’s that time again - a new grid based first person dungeon crawler has been released and I’ve been really looking forward to this one! I've been following it’s progress for a while and building up a fair amount of anticipation and expectation. Now it’s out, and even if it’s in Early Access right now, I could not resist giving it a play through. I’m normally quite reluctant to playing Early Access games, since I’ve more than once witnessed developers gladly taking my money and then abandoning further development.