Bridge Strike - Modern 'River Raid' on the Amiga is now ready to enjoy!

As we said before in our recent article, many months ago the creators of Tanks Furry , Project R3D, released a teaser for their in development Amiga game ' Bridge Strike ', which had a backers winter demo along side the announced AmiGameJam and was awarded second place in the Game Competition at RetroKomp event in Gdańsk. But today there's a BIG shocker, as although Bridge Strike was due to be released during April, we've actually been told the full game can be digitally downloaded RIGHT NOW!

Legends of Amberland - 90's inspired crawler by Silver Lemur Games - Early Access on Steam

We've been banging on about this game for months now, but today we were told by Silver Lemu Games that their work in progress Dungeon Crawler of ' Legends of Amberland ', is now available to buy through Early Access on Steam. This rather nice looking crawler that is still being developed is a classic styled RPG that is inspired by great games from the 90's such as Dungeon Master, Eye of The Beholder 2, Might & Magic 3-5, Crystals of Arborea, and even the GoldBox series (Champions of Krynn, Dark Queen of Krynn, etc).

Amiga Power: The Album With Attitude - A tune banging retro remix Kickstarter launching this Friday!

This is seriously great news for anyone who loves retro gaming music, especially from the Amiga! As during the weekend just gone by, we were told that a new Kickstarter is launching this Friday that is sure to excite many in the Amiga community. Titled as ' Amiga Power: The Album With Attitude ' comes a new Kickstarter from Matthew Smith that will feature not just a Mighty Booklet, but two discs spanning thirty-five tracks of remixes from classic games such as Apidya, Banshee, Blob and many many more!

Double Dragon - A proper version of a classic game coming to the C64!

Even to this day, if you ask someone what they thought of Double Dragon, and they'd probably tell you of an awesome beat em up game released in 1987, that gave you the option to play two twin martial artists who could kick, punch and throw enemies off scene through many different levels. Well if you had this game on pretty much every system going but felt the C64 version was awful, well happy days as it looks as if Majikeyric of Hokuto Force is working on his own proper version of that classic game.

Berks Four - Super duper blaster for the Atari XL/XE

It's the Atari XL/XE's time to shine today as over the weekend we were contacted by Saberman of a new game called "Berks Four", which was coded by Jon Williams who was also behind another classic game called "Jet Boot Jack". In short, Jon has previously worked on other games such as "Baby Berks" , "Major Blink" and "Berks 3" and this is the completely different extended version growing to 64KB of data!

OpenTTD 1.9.0 RC2 - Open Source Transport Tycoon Deluxe gets a new release candidate

OpenTTD is one of the most popular open source releases on our site, and that comes as no surprise to us as it's a constantly updated open source version of Microprose's hit game Transport Tycoon Deluxe. A game that's so addictive you'll be spending hours developing your very own transport tycoon company in an all time classic hit real time strategy and management game that has since been updated to the latest version of OpenTTD 1.9.0 RC2 with even more fixes and improvements!

AlarCity Dungeon Prototype - Formerly known as the "AlarTV" Amiga version

Even more Amiga news today as we've recently been informed from Earok of PixelGlass, that he has released a playable Amiga prototype of the AlarCity Dungeon, which was formly known as AlarTV. Now I know many of you are still waiting for the full game of AlarCity from PixelGlass, but this downloadable blaster is a version of a game that no longer represents the current vision at all while still remaining completely playable. As in his words "the engine, the graphics, the gameplay and the upgrade system are in the process of being completely overhauled to something more fun and polished".

Xenon - The Bitmap Brothers 1980's Shoot 'em Up reviewed by DarkwyndPT

Yes, I know that in my last review I promised to get away from the stars, but I spent the last weekend playing some old arcade titles and thus decided to write a small review that just happen to be of a classic shoot ’em up. Sorry. Anyway, today’s subject is Xenon (the DOS version, obviously).

Blask - First person shooter Amiga tech 2 demo update

It's a Monday which means it's time to start writing retro news, and for the first piece of news here's a new Amiga tech 2 demo called 'Blask (eng. Shine?, Glow?, Glare?)', or as its previous name 'Alien Enemy: Dangerous Alien', which is a new improved demo with updated movements. To coincide with this news for what still looks like a very early work in progress first person shooter, not only has Saberman done a gameplay video, but you can download the AMOS test version below!

The Path - Illustrated text-based puzzle game also playable in your browser

Another game released by Adventuron this month and no not a simulation, is the Illustrated Text-Based Puzzle game ' The Path '. Yes indeed it's time to put aside the sim and look towards this rather unusual game, as in the The Path you will encounter a series of challenges, containing situations and actions they may be very dangerous in real life.

Hamurabi - A classic resource management sim ported online!

Atlantis and Dragonfire weren't the only games to be ported this month, as earlier today Chris contacted us to let us know that a port of 'Hamurabi' had been released and playable online via the Adventuron page. This game according to the main write up, is a port of the classic 1968 resource management sim by Doug Dyment and is adapted from the 1973 BASIC version port by David Ahl (printed in BASIC Computer Games, 1973).

Metaloid:Origin - Super cool fast-paced gun’n run 2D platformer coming to Steam 28th March!

If you're looking for an upcoming game that is not a retro game but still has that retro vibe, then you'll pleased to know as thanks to a heads up by Retro Revolution, that they will be releasing their fast-paced gun’n run 2D platformer of ' Metaloid:Origin ' on Steam 28th March. In this game you play as one out of three android warriors, and must dash through 9 kick ass levels to save their planet from a robot army led by the meancing Lucian Corp!