AGA Integration into the Apollo core ( Vampire ) shows jaw dropping frame rates!

As many of you know the Amiga accelerator the ' Vampire ' has been around for a little while now, giving incredible performance boosts to the Amiga 500 and Amiga 600 as the Vampire 500 V2+ and Vampire 600 V2. A powerhouse of technical marvel by Igor Majstorovic, (Majsta) and tcore (CPU) by Gunnar von Boehn, (BigGun) that is faster than an Amiga 1200 with a 68060 accelerator running at 80MHz with very little heat or power consumption! However that is all well and good but what is lacking is AGA Integration, which as of this moment is being shown off in some rather impressive game play frame rate teasers!

Skid Row Joe - Pico-8 game based on C64 title Rags to Riches

In 1985 Bob Keener with publishing rights by Melody Hall Publishing Corp, released the rather unique adventure game ' Rags to Riches ' on the C64. In the game you played as a tramp that had to make something of himself, by cleaning up the streets of bottles, exchanging them at stores for money, as well as getting a job, a nice hair cut, some education and finally becoming a millionaire by accumulating $1,000,000. Although I've never played it myself, a Pico-8 developer by the name of Greentiger has released the first version of his tribute game on the Pico-8 as ' Skid Row Joe '.

La Carretera - Hit The Road with a Brand New C64 Adventure Game!

La Carretera (The Road) is a brand new text adventure game for C64. The original version was Spanish only, developed by Rulas International under the Sputnik World label and the hacker group Excess have provided an English version opening it up to a wider audience. This is a short, but fun adventure game, where the usual system of typing commands to move and examining rooms has been replaced by simply choosing from a few options given at the end of each section.

The Mini Slug Project - A tribute to Metal Slug now available as an Amiga 68k version

I can say for sure there's probably not many of you that haven't heard of 'Metal Slug', a game in a series of games that are well known in the gaming community, going back to the days of the Neo Geo system. This game has plenty of humour, while remaining action packed throughout. Collect weapons and health from hostages, use vehicles and shoot the best guns at a constant wave of enemies including big bad bosses. In fact it was so much fun and still is, that a fan by the name of Clement Corde released a small tribute to the game as 'Mini Metal Slug' for a number of systems such as the Amiga OS4 in 2012. Which this week has been ported by Arti / ArtiGames for the Amiga 68k.

BLIMPGEDDON - Defeat a sentient Fridge in this summer ZX Spectrum game

The temperature has soared outside so most of us are probably heading to the fridge to get a cool beverage or a cold ice cream, but what if that fridge became sentient, turned angry and devised a plan to wipe out all ice cream plants using a blimp army. You'd probably think that wouldn't happen, but that has happened in Narwhal's ZX Spectrum game ' BLIMPGEDDON ', and it's down to you as Agent 99 to put a stop to Hans Von Deck, the first sentient fridge.

Pains 'n' Aches - In dev Knight'n'Grail sequel gets new C64 gameplay footage

In 2009 Wide Pixel Games, with publishing rights by Psytronik Software, released the fantastic action adventure platformer game, Knight 'n' Grail, which was rather like Metroid and Castlevania. It featured over 200 screens, upgrades, varied monsters and much more that made it a highly recommended game and one of the best on the C64. So as a glorious announcement and a heads up by Oliver Lindau. Mikael Tillander, Håkon Repstad & Hans Axelsson, the team who brought you the original stunning Knight 'n' Grail game are working on the sequel as Pains 'n' Aches, which has since received a new gameplay footage video!

The Sky is Falling - An anticipated C64 game is now available via Psytronik Software!

It's only Monday but we begin the week with a fantastic start as one of the most anticipated C64 games of the summer, titled as 'The Sky is Falling', has finally been released through Psytronik Software. A debut C64 release from Stuart Collier, is based on an original game by Ovine by Design, assisted with graphics by Trevor Storey and funky soundtracks from Richard Bayliss. It may have been teased some time ago, but boy has this game come along way as it is looks seriously awesome!

Mario's Moonlight Adventure Hack - A late night rescue, Peach has been kidnapped!

If blasting away the undead isn't to your liking but you still want to check out the latest ROM hacks, then how about playing teeporage777's 'Mario's Moonlight Adventure', which is an extensive NES hack of Super Mario Bros that is played entirely through the night. Once again Peach has been kidnapped, but this time she's been taken in the middle of the night, and it's down to you as Mr Mario to traverse this now dark landscape and rescue her!

Zombies Ate my Neighbors: Dr. Tongue’s Revenge - SNES classic with all 55 levels re-made

It was only just a little while ago that we mentioned a much harder hack of the great SNES game ' Zombies Ate my Neighbors ', which pushed the difficulty to an all time high through each of the 55 levels. Well as of this week another ROM hack titled as ' Zombies Ate my Neighbors: Dr. Tongue’s Revenge ' has been released but this one has all the levels remade but with some unique ideas by Skylar Brock. It isn't as difficult but the mad scientist Dr. Thideous Tongue is back for revenge!

Robot 1 in The Ship of Doom - A new ZX Spectrum game by Mat Recardo

The weather is roasting outside with the sun beaming down, but rather than be outside and enjoying it how about playing Mat Recardo's new ZX Spectrum game ' Robot 1 in The Ship of Doom ' which was released just moments ago. With outstanding music by Sergey Tosov,  this game puts you in control of Robot 1 who has been left behind by the crew on a space ship that is on a collision course with the sun. Get the teleport keys, find the teleporter and get the hell out of there before you roast hotter than summer!