H.E.R.O II - Original C64 action classic overhauled gets a very early preview!

Sometime back we mentioned the work in progress enhancement of the original C64 game of H.E.R.O, which was first released way back in the 1980's for the Atari 800/2600, ColecoVision, C64, C128, and Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Now titled as ' H.E.R.O II ', with updates by the same developer Retrofan who is behind the upcoming Bombjack remaster. Has felt that the original was lacking in the graphics department as it looked and played hardly any better than the Atari 2600 version. As such also thanks to maltes they have decided to make it look so much better as an overhaul, that is now previewed in this early version released by Excess.

Uwol Quest For Money - The Mojon Twins ZX Spectrum homebrew in dev for Atari Jaguar

In 2009 The Mojon Twins with publishing rights by Ubhres Productions released the homebrew platformer of ' Uwol, Quest For Money ' for the ZX Spectrum with a much higher quality port for the Sega Genesis as well as a later version for the MSX2 by Imanok. Well just recently that same game has resurfaced but this time for the Atari Jaguar as a new port which is currently at an early stage of development.

Myths and Dragons - An impressive beat em up is heading to the MSX 2

If you were a huge fan of beat em ups such as Knights of the Round, Warriors of Fate or even Dungeons and Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara, AND have an MSX 2, then look no further than Kai Magazine Software's 'Myths and Dragons', which is to be released by the end of July. This rather impressive looking beat em up with up to 2 players fighting it out against fantasy creatures, will have the opportunity to gain experience, money, levels and be able to purchase brand new fighting equipment.

OpenTyrian - Open Sourced Tyrian classic shown as Amiga Vampire footage!

Growing up there was nothing more satisfying than playing top down scrolling shoot em ups such as the fantastic classic Tyrian and more especially Tyrian 2000 before it went open source in 2007. A game developed by World Tree Games Productions, published by Epic MegaGames that featured non stop blasting action, multiple enemy types, different weapons, a fantastic UI, impressive graphics, and a full story that make it a joy to play even today. So if you're interested playing Tyrian on an Amiga 68k, especially with a Vampire, then read on!

Else We Get Mad! - A homebrew beat em up on the Amiga? YES!

This is a very rare thing for us to mention as news, but AmigaWave has made available a work in progress demo for their homebrew beat em up, 'Else We Get Mad!', which shockingly is for the Amiga with 512 Kb memory. Yes indeed from the same creators of the medieval adventure game Furtum Sacrum, comes the latest tease for a beat em up that has appeared on the Amiga that isn't an adventure game or platformer, something we see a lot of on this system.

Space Junk - Miguetelo Art's new ZX Spectrum game with music by David Saphier

As it's the 35th birthday of the ZX Spectrum and we've already mentioned the ZX Spectrum BASIC Jam earlier today, how about playing a new game by Miguetelo Art, with music coded by David Saphier, called ' Space Junk '! This is a brand new game released recently that was made with AGD and features your very own space ship in which you need to clear the level from all the space junk

ZX Spectrum BASIC Jam - Create a game in Sinclair BASIC to celebrate the birth of the ZX Spectrum

Throughout the years we've tried to feature as many retro inspired game jams as possible, from the Speccy Jam to the very latest GBJam. Each of these gave people around the world the opportunity to create any game they wish, as long as it fits the specific system criteria set by the competition creators. As such thanks to the organiser Gazzapper and a heads up by Gary Plowman (ZX Spectrum Games Code Club book), today's game jam called 'ZX Spectrum BASIC Jam', is in celebration of the birthday of the ZX Spectrum (35), Dartmouth BASIC (53), and the birth of the new ZX Spectrum Next.

SRAM 2 - CINOMEH'S REVENGE - 8-bit Adventure remake featuring 30 graphic modes gets a demo!

Arjon van Dam, the same developer behind the work in progress adventure game ' Futurama ' and 'Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards (AGI)', has recently announced a demo release for SRAM 2 - CINOMEH'S REVENGE, a PC remake of the late 80's obscure french text based adventure horror game which was first released for the Amstrad CPC and PC ( MS-DOS ) in 1986.

Armed with Wings: Rearmed - Stylish hack 'n slasher platformer is coming June 1st!

Take a pinch of the latest Japanese animation with spectacular Ninja/Samurai moves and blend it with a dark and dilapidated world and you'll most likely have 'Armed with Wings Rearmed'; a 2D action hack 'n slash platformer developed by Sun-Studios that will soon be exiting Steam Early Access and launching officially on June 1st 2017 for Windows. Control a capable hero and a cunning eagle to save the world from darkness, travel through various lands and underground passageways that challenge the player's ability to solve puzzles, engage enemies and platforms.

Ghost Chaser Densei - A rather cool SNES Beat em up gets a full English translation

I'm sure there are many of you out there that loved playing Final Fight, Double Dragon, or even Streets of Rage, but how many of you have heard of Winkysoft's 'Ghost Chaser Densei'? Probably not many outside of Japan, because this rather stylish side scrolling Beat em up was not only released in the Arcades as Denjin Makai and then Ghost Chaser Densei for the Super Famicom, but it was only ever released in Japan. Thankfully as of this week AgentOrange, MrRichard999 and rainponcho have fully translated the game into English, which means SNES owners can not only check it out, but they can bang a few heads along the way!