Amiga Mania - Retromania is going to launch a big Amiga event 19th May!

Throughout the years we've always tried to feature as many events as possible that are dedicated to a multitude of systems from the Amstrad, C64 and ZX spectrum, to the Amiga or even the Atari ST. Now most of these events feature different systems with talent from around the world showing just what these systems can really do with some rather impressive demo's. However this event Amiga Mania, which is going to be held Gaia-Portugal in ISPGAYA, is only going to be dedicated to the Commodore Amiga itself.

W*H*B - A ZX Spectrum homebrew review by The Games Helmet

Cubes. Confusing, aren't they? Well, not really. But Bob Smith's 2009 ZX Spectrum game "W*H*B" will certainly have you thinking otherwise! The Games Helmet's latest "Your Sinclair" style retro review takes a look at what is surely one of the Speccy's best homebrew puzzlers - in fact, it even holds it's own against the best puzzlers from back in the 80's! You'd be crazy not to try it, but you might get even crazier once you're hooked...

The A to Z of Games Consoles & Home Computers

All the systems! Here is my attempt to make the ultimate 'almost' complete video list of Game Consoles and Home computers released over the years since the early seventies. I have tried to make this list as comprehensive as possible but a few rare systems and oddities maY be missing.

A Mario Bros Classic Series Review by Thermoptic!

I have always loved the Mario Bros game, ever since i first played the arcade port of it on my Commodore 64. Its one of those timeless games that you never can get tired of. Its super simple to learn and control for new players and the gameplay is also simple but at the same time it can be very challenging! Mario Bros is definitely a game that is best suited for two players, and one thing i really liked about this game is that you can choose how you want to play it; either you can play cooperatively with a friend and try to clear as many levels as possible or you battle up and try to stop the other player and get the highest score.

Chip Bit Day 2018 - Annual music festival banging away chiptunes 28th April!

Very short notice this one as we've only just come across it in our spam box, but we've recently been told that as from next Saturday 28th April, the annual music festival of 'Chip Bit Day 2018' will be held in Manchester as a dedication to a unique music community & genre know as ‘Chiptune’. If you don't know where Chip Bit Day comes from, they have told us it stems from the blog “Chip Bit Sid” - set up in 2015 - which features weekly reviews about chiptune music and artists. The blog had hit one year on the scene in 2016 and a celebratory event was in order: Chip Bit Day was born and the rest is history.

Crypt of Dracula - Action/crawler coming to the Sega Megadrive/Genesis

The Sega Megadrive/Genesis hasn't had many news updates lately so to change all that, here's a new game that's still in development ' Crypt of Dracula ' by MatteusBeus and team. According to the creator behind the game, this one is going to be an action/slash crawler developed using SGDK and what was originally a small project, has since blossomed into a much bigger and more impressive game.

Sydney Hunter and the Curse of the Mayan - Upcoming retrotastic release by Collectorvision Games gets a sneak peek

During the last couple of months we've been keeping you up to date with Collectorvision Games upcoming retro inspired platformer called Sydney Hunter and the Curse of the Mayan, which is going to be coming to PC, Xbox One and Switch this fall, with plans to port to the PS4 later this year. Well if you've been following this Montezuma's Revenge inspired title of epic proportions, you'll be pleased to know the company have released a sneak peak footage of the game running on the Nintendo Switch.

Nogalious - Multi system retro platformer gets a new PC version trailer

Some time back we gave you the heads up over a new game that is coming to the Amstrad, MSX, ZX Spectrum, C64 and even the PC. Known as Nogalious, this latest game is being developed by LuegoL3go Studios and is going to be a high quality action RPG that is sure to keep you going through the months ahead. Well that same game has appeared again but this time the developers have released a trailer for the upcoming PC version.

Tea-Leaf Ted - Manly version released for the ZX Spectrum 48k/128k

Not content with the Amiga news, bit bored of the C64 and want something fresh and Speccy to play, then about the latest game developed called 'Tea-Leaf Ted' , which was coded by Jaime Grilo using Arcade Game Designer (AGD) 4.7 by Jonathan Cauldwell and AGDMusicizer II by David Saphier. Interested? Good! Because this is an action platformer, where you play as Ted Lightfingers, a novice thief who loves coins. The problem is the Police are out to get you and other crooks and gold digger chicks love the money too. So grab the coins, find the key and get out of their pronto before any of those baddies do you harm.

New Compatible A500(+) case campaign live streams

As many of you are aware, are currently running a crowd funding campaign for new compatible Amiga 500 and A500+ cases to replace the current case you have at home, which by now has most likely gone yellow. Now unlike the previous campaign for new A1200 cases which did end up as a huge success, so far this one still has a long stretch to go with just $60,052 raised of a $155,000 goal. But read on as you'll see why there is still a chance of this campaign hitting its goal.