The Sea Voyagers &D - Explore the New World on your old C64 computer

Inspired by an Ebay find, MadMax of Mad Hacker's Incorporated teamed up with Hokuto Force for a new release of The Sea Voyagers (1984). This release adds the game's manual, and comes with a photo of the keyboard overlay, which you'll need to play the game. This is a mainly text based interactive history lesson, don't expect any arcade thrills or pirating glory. But if you've got any interest in knowing a little bit more about early European explorers, or would like to test your knowledge, or have kids who like history, then this is definitely worth checking out.

Gorgeous ZX Spectrum Art Work - Part 3

Dragon's Lair by MAC

For awhile now Indie Retro News has been showing off many of the most impressive pieces of art to come out of the ZX Spectrum scene. We have done a part 1, a part 2, a what if of Pirates! on the ZX Spectrum and now we are at Part 3, with a number of alternate loading scenes from some popular classic games such as Dragon's Lair. Other such graphical eye poppers have also been included that really bring out those 8bit graphics and each one given a direct mention.

Caren and the Tangled Tentacles v1.3 - PrioArt 2016 Caren Kickstarter Version Teaser!

Right from the word go Indie Retro News was one of the first sites to give you the heads up for Oliver Lindau , Martin Wendt and Kamil Wolnikowski's fantastic looking Adventure ' Caren and the Tangled Tentacles ' for the C64. It was a previous winner of the F64GC 2015: Adventure competition and released as a downloadable 1.1 version much to the appreciation and excitement of the retrogaming community. Yet this week the game is looking so much better as a new teaser video has been released of Caren and the Tangled Tentacles V1.3, the Commodore 64 - A Visual Commpendium 2nd edition kickstarter EasyFlash-cartridge version

1917 The Alien Invasion - This frantic bullet hell shooter looks cool

On the topic of scrolling shoot em ups such as 1942 and the recently released 194-8 on the Pico-8, it might be worth your time taking a look at this rather cool looking shoot em up for the PC; ' 1917 The Alien Invasion ' developed by Andrade-Games. Available for just 4.99, 1917 is a memorisation shooter combined with the fast and frantic action of bullet hell shoot em ups, while also having a unique graphical design, an interesting UI and yes, even bloodshed!

Alarcity - PixelGlass' upcoming first commercial Amiga game is teased

You may remember our exclusive heads up for the unofficial Amiga platformer overhaul of ' The Great Giana Sisters ', which was known as ' Giana Sisters Special Edition '. It was a remastered/overhauled release by a new label called Reimagine Games as a teaser of what was to come focusing on non commercial ports, hacks and remakes. But under a new company name which is focusing on the commercial side is Pixelglass, who today have announced as their first commercial Amiga game 'AlarCity'. A fast paced, top down, arcade shoot'em'up action game!

194-8 - Arcade inspired shoot em up available for the Pico-8!

Some more Pico-8 news today and one that is closely inspired by the shoot em up '1942' by Capcom released in 1984, is the latest version 1.0 of 194-8 by LeDjinn for the Pico-8 and your PC playable in a browser. In this game you pilot a green plane with a gun and a powerful beam weapon, that has to destroy many waves of enemies to reach and destroy the end boss for a level completion. Just be careful as not only will your weapon need recharging, but touching any enemies will cause you to lose a life.

42 ZX SPECTRUM 128K AY GAME MUSIC TUNES - 2.5 hours of ZX Spectrum music via Zeusdaz!

A rather early write up for you this morning and one I'm sure will fill up the rest of your day, is Zeusdaz's latest game music Youtube upload, '42 "ZX SPECTRUM 128K AY" GAME MUSIC TUNES'. From the creator of the huge 6 hour Amiga music Youtube upload which was released some time ago, comes a new list of tracks as his top 42 128k favourites that are all UNemulated and completely uncut! From Byte Me, SWIV and SEA DRAGON to STEG, GENESIS and even ROBOCOP there's way too many to choose from as my favourite.

Zippy The Porcupine - Sonic The Hedgehog on the Atari 2600? WOW!

In the early 90's I had the pleasure of playing the mind blowing platformer Sonic the Hedgehog on the Sega Megadrive. A game by Sega which featured a ring collecting blue hedgehog that could spin, run, jump and roll about at the fastest of speeds in a battle against the main antagonist Doctor Eggman, plus a number of other menacing enemies throughout each level. It even had a number of spin offs too which made it such a hit with so many people across the world! So you may be pleased to read of a Sonic The Hedgehog clone, which in 2013 was announced in development on the Atari 2600 by Sprybug.

Cathedral - A NES-inspired 8-bit adventure is looking better than ever

Last year Indie Retro News was one of the first sites to give you a new look at Decemberborn's in development NES inspired 8bit adventure ' Cathedral ', which is coming to PC, MAC and Linux at some point in the near future. It looks to have the brilliance of Shovel Knight and the charm of the retro classics while having cool platforming dungeons, unique aesthetics, new items, baddies to fight and puzzles in a world filled with secrets and side-quests. Well that same game has this month been improved further with a lot of work and updates on the game engine, the sprites and the music, which features in a new gameplay video.