Billy Masters Was Right - A short PC Adventure inspired by Maniac Mansion

In 1987 Lucasfilms released the critically acclaimed graphic adventure of Maniac Mansion. It had for its time fantastic graphics, animation, humor and story telling with its point-and-click interface becoming a standard feature in the genre. So how would you like to play a new adventure game in a Maniac Mansion graphic style, would you be interested? You would good! Welcome to Billy Masters Was Right; a brand new Adventure game that's short but a ton of fun!

The Menace from Triton - An awesome MSX Shoot em up appears

We've had some truly great Shoot em ups on our site, from games such as the more recent Red Sunset on the Amstrad CPC, to the rather cool homebrew known as Santron on the C64. But now it's time for the MSX to get in on the wave blasting action, as Santiago Ontanon has announced the release of the fabulous looking Shoot em up called ' The Menace from Triton '; a game which is a new entry for the MSXDev 2020 competition!

ClamKnight - A lovely PC Puzzle game inspired by the SEGA Master System II

Another game that might be worth a play through is Narehop's latest PC game called ClamKnight. This game created in just 11 days for Windows, specifically for the SummerJam created by PixelGameMaker MV. Is a brand new game in which playing as a boy called Marvin, you must use a mighty mop to defend Bikini Beach’s castle from the evil Crabbers and other nasty creatures that are freely roaming around the castle itself.

SlipSpeed - Race your Slip Speed craft in this cool DOS/Windows game

A rather special little game for our ever growing MS-DOS Gaming Facebook group, as trawling through the latest featured games, we've come across a DOS and Windows game called 'SlipSpeed' developed by Voxel and tijn. This game updated around 53 days ago on the itch io website, is a seriously cool game in which you must race your Slip craft through multiple tracks pushing to be the number 1 racer of the future.

Screaming Wings - An "Improved" Atari XL/XE edition of the 1986 Shooter

Trawling through our Twitter page, we were politely informed this week that the 1986 Top down shooter of ' Screaming Wings ', which was originally released on the Atari 8bit, Amiga and Atari ST by Red Rat Software, has just been improved by Franco Catrin. This game which is very similar to the hit classic 1942 and can be regarded as a clone, has now been gameplay improved as the graphics are much more appealing across the board.

Deva Drifter - Drift your sports car in this new Amstrad game from Alberto

Moving away from the Amiga, C64 and ZX Spectrum this afternoon, now is the time to look towards the Amstrad for our homebrew goodness. As thanks to Saberman letting us know through Facebook, we've been told Alberto has released his new Amstrad game called ' Deva Driter '; A game whereby you need to drift around a track as fast as possible, while also trying to complete three laps within the allotted time!

New Bubble Story - An upcoming Amiga 500 remake of Bubble Ghost

Fabulous news Amiga fans, as if you've ever played the 1987 multi system game of Bubble Ghost, then you might be interested to know that as of next year 2021, the label Agima will be releasing an Amiga remake of Bubble Ghost called ' New Bubble Story '; a game which in itself is a refactoring of a previous game the coder wrote 25 years ago for the Amiga 1200 called ' Super Bubble Remix '.

PARSEC - A conversion of the TI-99/4A 1982 game over to the speccy

Conversions, ports and inspirations we certainly do like them on Indie Retro News, especially if they are very good such as the many Arcade developments on the C64. But today we have something slightly different, as going by a new video posted by Saberman, we now know that if you have a ZX Spectrum, you can download the latest game of 'PARSEC'; A conversion/port of the classic 1982 game by Texas Instruments that was released originally on the TI-99/4A computer.

Covid Attack 64 - A new Basic compiled game for the C64

If you're looking for some new games for your C64 then you've come to the right place, as this week as a new release for the C64, Kimono with GFX by Kody, SID Sound by Richard B and Code Sound by Phaze101, has released the Basic compiled game of 'Covid Attack 64' for the Commodore 64; a new game in which you must deliver the medication while avoiding the deadly Covid virus in every level.

Wonderful Dizzy is coming to the ZX Spectrum NEXT - New Animation teased!

Dizzy will always get a full feature on Indie Retro News, from new fan games, to those that have been found lost in the back of The Oliver Twins loft. Thankfully Dizzy still lives on in the hearts of many, as if you've got a ZX Spectrum NEXT and are a Dizzy fan like myself, you'll be overjoyed to learn that Dizzy's newest adventure of Wonderful Dizzy will still be coming to the ZX Spectrum NEXT at some point in the near future. ( It was delayed from 2019 )

Ftype - An upcoming Amiga Shoot em up developed by Fabbroz

New games are coming in thick and fast for the Commodore Amiga, as not only did we mention Chicken Chaser, BlitzWays, and EON Amiga, but as of now another game has just appeared to whet our appetites. Titled as Ftype, this new game being developed using Amiblitz3 and coded by fabbroz. Is an upcoming top scrolling shoot em up, in which you must destroy waves of enemies and end of level bosses.

WinUAE 4.4.0 - Another feature packed Amiga Emulator update is now available for download

After a number of betas through these last few months with inclusive notable changes, we have recently found out through EAB(link), that Toni Wilen has released a brand new WinUAE version 4.4.0 with bug fixes, new emulated hardware and a large amount of improvements to take us through this month and beyond! Regarded as one of the best Amiga emulators and always being worked on by Toni, this release doesn't just have new emulated hardware such as Hardital Dotto (clone of ICD AdIDE), but also new features including 68030 MMU emulation optimisations, and cycle-accurate 68010 emulation.