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Spectaculator - ZX Spectrum emulator for iOS with more games!

For those of you who loved those 8-bit retro days and have a handheld iOS device, you can once again enjoy playing some fine retro games using the ZX Spectrum Emulator "Spetaculator" on an iPhone or iPad. Developed by Jonathan Needle and priced at only £1.99, Spetaculator plays not just ZX Spectrum game files but also has a number of titles such as Bears Bovver, Doomdark's Revenge, Everyone's a Wally, KWAH, Redhawk and Skool Daze as IN-APP purchases.

Legend of Grimrock II - Epic Dungeon Crawler gets a Oct 15th release!

Top news today as the developers Almost Human Ltd have finally announced the release date for the sequel to the incredible Dungeon Crawler; Legend of Grimrock. Legend of Grimrock II is now available for pre-order and will be released for October 15th 2014. With all new game features, enemies, new levels and incredibly detailed outdoor levels, you will be able to relive an experience that spans a generation back to the days of Eye of the Beholder and Dungeon Master.

Powerglove - C64 Run'n'Gun on Physical Cartridge release

Despite having a thriving enthusiast coder community, there are still few releases for the 30 year old Commodore 64 and even fewer still physical releases, so it gives me great pleasure to announce that Lazycow games have released their 2013 RGCD C64 16K Cartridge Game Development Competition 3rd place entry on physical C64 cartridge as well as .crt downloadable and PC/MAC/Linux systems.

Slam Tilt - One of the best Pinball titles now for Amiga CD32

As if Pinball Fantasies couldn't be beat; along comes Slam Tilt, a Pinball simulation game developed by Liquid Dezign HB and published by Century Entertainment that became one of the best Pinball games of all time. Released in 1996 for Amiga as an AGA version and in 1997 for PC, this hit game featured four incredible tables; Mean Machines, The Pirate, Ace of Space and Night of the Demon. Ranked 13th best game of all time by Amiga Power, you can now play these epic Pinball machines on an Amiga CD32 thanks to Earok.

Heavy Bullets V1.00 on Steam 9-15-2014 with Early Access


The FPS/Dungeon Crawler; Heavy Bullets is moving out of Beta and will be released this Thursday 9-18-2014, and is currently available now with early access on Steam. You've only got six bullets in your revolver, so you'd better make sure your shots count! Discover the multitude of items and equipment to help you on your way through a wild maze of colour and sound, to locate and reset the security mainframe. Try not to get killed. :o)

Archeomania - Brilliant Tetris Plus inspired ZX Spectrum remake

I feel sorry for the C64 lately as it seems the ZX Spectrum homebrew scene are getting more and more great releases that are out to impress. We even had the more recent ZX inspired Speccyjam with lots of lovely free retro inspired games to play. So here we are with Archeomania; a great Tetris style game developed by Ralf that has a pretty interesting twist. Unlike the usual Tetris with falling shaped blocks to make a filled line, in this one you need to save a girl by erasing the block rows underneath her in that usual Tetris style. If she reaches the bottom you've done it, but if she doesn't she'll end up being squashed by the spikes above.

Downfall - Gorish Adventure now free to play!

Downfall was first released as a commercial horror adventure game way back in May 2009, yet now this gorish game is available for everyone to play for free. Developed by Harvester Games, Downfall is a sick and twisted adventure title that should not be played by children, it's all hand drawn and blood dripped and has a disturbing story that may just touch your very soul.

Unkatris - Impressive Tetris clone for Sinclair 1K ZX81

The screenshot above might not look like much but when you think how well Tetris actually plays and looks today you'll be pretty impressed to see that this is a Tetris clone on just a Sinclair 1k ZX81! Developed by antoniovillena and using the original code of a ZX81, "Unkatris" has the same objective of manipulating shapes with the aim of creating a horizontal filled line of blocks without gaps. Not only is it great fun but it's seriously impressive how the developer has made it seem so Tetris and run incredibly well on such an old retro system.

Leading Lap MPV - AGA racer gets an Amiga CD32 conversion

Good afternoon gamers, I hope everyone had a good weekend! Thus with a new week it's a new Earok Amiga CD32 port and none other than Leading Lap MPV; a '95 AGA racing game for the Amiga. Although the game is fun to play as you race around the track at break neck speeds, it's no way as good as the brilliant Formula One, Still though atleast it's free and will probably be the last of the racing AGA conversions, so enjoy it and look forward to another release tomorrow.

The Killing Grounds & Flappy Bird get the Amiga CD32 treatment!

You may have noticed the lack of posts these last few days, that's because I haven't been well at all. So while I was bed bound I had the pleasure of playing the latest Earok Amiga CD32 ports of both Alien Breed 3D : The Killing Grounds and Flappy Bird. Whereas The Killing Grounds is a first person shooter, Flappy Bird is a tappable flappy game to avoid pipes.

Lawless Legends RPG Corral! and other updates

Seth of 8-Bit Weapon and his 8-Bit Bunch have rolled out their new website for the Apple ][ RPG "Lawless Legends" that is currently in development. The header title is appropriately named...The Lawless Legends RPG Corral!