Thalamus Lunark announcement - C64 and Spectrum Next?

Legendary C64 publishing house Thalamus have announced that they will be porting Lunark to the C64 and Spectrum Next, if the Nintendo Switch and PC/Mac versions are successfully backed on Kickstarter.

Super Toboggan Challenge - A Richard Bayliss C64 game using a new Assemble IT Update

We now look towards the C64 for our retro kicks, as this week Richard Bayliss through The New Dimension has released the fast scrolling sports game ' Super Toboggan Challenge ' for the C64! This game developed using the new Assemble IT Update, was developed as a fun example game to show off the smooth upwards and downwards scrolling that can be created using the new IT update.

Turbo Tank Redux DX - Action blaster inspired by NES games, available on PC

Looking for something cool to play on your PC that is inspired by classic games on the NES, then look no further than Turbo Tank Redux DX by Amir Bayareh. A rather cool looking drive and shoot game inspired by the classic NES graphic and sound style, as well as games oriented to speedrunners. The game is not only free to play but you can download it right now via!

Quartet - Fabulous 14th puzzle entry for the MSXdev'18!

The MSXDev compo has gone from strength to strength this time around, as not only did we have games such as Burn US, X-Racing and Barbarian the Duel to enjoy, but now there's a new puzzle game worth playing called ' Quartet ' by Ilkke & bitsofbas! This game of rather high quality, is a high score based game in which you need to complete as many faces as you can.. The more complete the face is, the more points you get

Blackthorne - DarkwyndPT takes a look at a very good classic action game!

Well, like I promised last time, today’s review is from a GOOD action PC game and it’s also one of the first games produced by a famous game developer. I’m talking about Blackthorne. Blackthorne (AKA Blackhawk in Europe) is an action/platform game developed by Blizzard and published by Interplay. It was originally released in 1994 for DOS and SNES/Super Nintendo. It was ported the next year for the SEGA 32X and the following year for Macintosh and the PC-98. It was re-released in 2003 for the Game Boy Advance and in 2013 for Windows.

RESHOOT R - Richard Löwenstein's new Amiga game gets a great website launch

Another Amiga update this week as Richard Löwenstein, the same developer behind the commercial enemy wave blaster on the Amiga called ' Reshoot ', has launched a new website for his previously announced in development Shoot em up called 'RESHOOT R'. This game coded in pure assembler language, will almost follow the same game style as the first game but be louder, more colourful, more playable, more spectacular and now more upbeat!

Booty The Remake - A fabulous entry from the ZX DEV MIA Remakes compo is released

The ZX Spectrum is doing well this month as after previously announcing that a new version of Alley Cat de/remake for the ZX Spectrum was made available. Along comes Booty The Remake to further whet our appetite. Now unlike the previous game which didn't get a ZX Spectrum release, this one did as it was released in 1984 for the Amstrad, Commodore and yes even the Spectrum. What does make it all fresh though is the fact that this is a remake of the original game with some rather nice improvements indeed.

Old Towers - RetroSouls seriously cool ZX Spectrum game is coming to the Sega MegaDrive/Genesis

Video screenshot from Twitter

If you've been following RetroSouls for awhile you would've known they have released games such as GLUF, Old Tower, Twinlight, Alter Ego, and even Tourmaline for the ZX Spectrum. Well today as thanks to a heads up via their Twitter page, they have announced a new(ish) game for the Sega Megadrive and Genesis called ' Old Towers '; which looks like their previous game ' Old Tower ' from the ZX Spectrum but instead ported over to the Sega console.

Black Dawn Rebirth - Double Sided Games latest Amiga crawler with new Alpha footage

Moments ago we were contacted by Double Sided Games, that they have released a brand new Alpha teaser for their upcoming Dungeon Crawler ' Black Dawn Rebirth '. Now if you remember our previous posts from this great publisher, they told us Black Dawn Rebirth is the 7th episode of the Black Dawn Dungeon Crawler/RPG series that is going to be released on the Amiga at some point in the near future. This footage is the very first we've seen that gives us a good glimpse of what the game entails.

OpenTTD 1.9.0 Beta 2 - Open Source Transport Tycoon Deluxe gets a new beta

OpenTTD is one of the most popular open source releases on our site, and that comes as no surprise to us as it's a constantly updated open source version of Microprose's hit game Transport Tycoon Deluxe. A game that's so addictive you'll be spending hours developing your very own transport tycoon company in an all time classic hit real time strategy and management game that has since been updated to the latest version of OpenTTD 1.9.0 Beta 2 with even more fixes and improvements!

SOPHIA II - Enhanced remake of Matthew Smith's "Styx" available as version 1.0

What a week this is turning out to be so far, as if we didn't just have Back to the Future Part III: Timeline of Monkey Island and Dead Zone to enjoy but now we have Alessandro Grussu enhanced remake of Matthew Smith's 48k ZX Spectrum game "Styx" called 'Sophia II' released for the ZX Spectrum! As we said before this is a sequel to the successful Sophia and a remake of Styx while blending gameplay from both games.

Dead Zone - A new ZX Spectrum game by PCNONOGames

ZXDev2015 was kind enough to tag us on Twitter to let us know of a new game that has been launched ready for your enjoyment for the ZX Spectrum. The game is of course ' Dead Zone '; a new game by PCNONOGames in which you need to stop an alien attack intent on abducting all living beings and leaving cities as Dead Zones. Join forces with your allies across the world and put a stop to this once and for all with your powerful machine.