A Pig Quest - This upcoming C64 game looks so damn awesome!

If you have a C64 or using an emulator chances are you'll be reading IRN on a daily basis for the latest gaming news! Well if you're reading the website right now, you'll not want to miss out on this news announcement, as trawling through Twitter we've come across a rather impressive looking game for the C64 called The Pig Quest : An action platformer by Antonio Savona, Mauricet, Aldo Chiummo and Gaetano Chiummo that is in development right now!

Green Thang - An unreleased action platformer sees the light of day for the Amiga! (Prototype)

If the recently announced Theme Park game coming to the C64 wasn't enough to whet your appetite, then how about this piece of news sent to us by Saberman. As we've just been told that our good friends 'Games That Weren't' have released a playable prototype of the unreleased Amiga game 'Green Thang'; a game that was meant to be released to compete and surpass games such as Zool and B.O.B but never saw the light of day... Until now.

Funfair Inc - A Bullfrog Theme Park inspiration is coming to the C64!

Well this came as a complete surprise to us, and one I'm now eager to play when it gets a release later this year, as thanks to Saberman telling us, we've been told Arlasoft is working on a Theme Park inspired game called 'Funfair Inc' for the C64. Yes indeed if like me you loved playing the classic Bullfrog title released on multi systems back in the 90's, a game featuring all the puking, building and ride creation you could ever want, will be pleased to learn you will be able to play a Theme Park management sim on your C64 as of December 2020.

USA Zombie Apocalypse - Run for your lives, Zombies on your Vectrex

We haven't featured the Vectrex for awhile, so to change all that here's a new announcement that's appeared in our inbox, AR Vectrex has announced the release of their Zombie fest game of ' USA Zombie Apocalypse " for the Vectrex System; a game in which you must blast away deadly enemies such as Bats and Zombies through multiple parts of American states. Think of it as House of the Dead on your Vectrex!

ZetaWing - Another Shoot em up incoming for the C64 from Sarah Jane Avory

While many of you are still eagerly awaiting Sarah Jane Avory's upcoming RPG of 'Briley Witch Chronicles', and of course the brilliant looking Shoot em up of 'Soul Force'. You may be interested to know that the ex-SEGA game developer and author, has just released the latest footage for the upcoming C64 game ' ZetaWing '; a new game which is yet another Shoot em up from the same creator who also designed both Neutron and the Christmas themed game called ' Santron '.

Alter Ego - Popular ZX Spectrum game gets ported to the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis

In 2011 RetroSouls released the rather popular game of ' Alter Ego ' for the ZX Spectrum, a game which was later ported over to the NES, PC, Android and yes even the Amiga. However there was a system that this game would've been just as good on, and that was the Sega Mega Drive. Well today after an email by a good friend of ours, we've just learnt that RetroSouls has now released the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis version which has been Remastered and programmed with C language powered by SGDK.

Dodgy Rocks - A new Amiga game from Nivrig requiring OCS/ECS 1Mb

If Dungeon Crawlers are not your thing and you fancy more of an Arcade experience, then how about this game which was released just recently via Aminet and Itch.io for the Amiga it's 'Dodgy Rocks'; A heads up by Per Ola of a new Amiga game from Nivrig, in which you must avoid as many rocks as possible for an ever high score. Basically as the creator says " Dodge, dodge, dodge, dodge and ... uh ... dodge! "

The Shadows of Sergoth - A glorious work in progress Amiga Dungeon Crawler gets a demo

How time flies as it felt like it was only just yesterday that I had the pleasure of playing the high quality dungeon crawler that was released on the Amstrad CPC 6128; An inspiration to all those great first person grid based dungeon crawlers such as Eye of the Beholder or Dungeon Master. Well once again I'm in disbelief, as today we've just been told the upcoming Amiga conversion of that great homebrew crawler, has got its first Amiga demo released via Double Sided Games.

GBJAM 8 - Lots of great games submitted to the latest GameBoy Jam!

What a great early part of the week for retro games, as during the latest GBJAM 8, over 200 games were submitted for voting to be a successful entry in the GameBoy themed Jam. A jam in which gamers from around the world were given the opportunity to create any game they wish, as long as it looked like a Game Boy game. In fact it was such a great competition that we even had the pleasure of playing the rather cool game of 'GBNOID' ; a game inspired by the classic Cybernoid by Raffaele Cecco!

Quick War C64 - A new C64 SEUCK game from Vox Videogame and TND

Trawling through the latest retro games on itch.io looking for a decent C64 game to play, and one that may be of interest to our readers, is Vox Videogame's C64 Shoot em up of ' Quick War C64 '. This game according to The New Dimension, is a rather unusual Arcade blaster in which you must save Terra2 "and defend the music and their notes and yes even the human race.

Treasure Island Dizzy - Another classic The Oliver Twins game now on the Commodore Plus/4

I have always been a massive Dizzy fan, not only playing every Dizzy game ever released since 1987 by the famous Oliver Twins but also featuring all of the fan games, the Atari XL/XE conversion by Irgendwer and Fandal, and the more recent Dizzy 1 conversion by Dave (Ulysses777) over to the Commodore Plus/4. Thankfully the conversions haven't ended there, as thanks to Yolkfolk letting us know, we've been told Dave (Ulysses777) has now released the Commodore Plus/4 conversion of Treasure Island Dizzy.

Monkey Lad - Welcome to an Alex Kidd demo inspiration on the Commodore Amiga

In 1987 Sega released the great side-scrolling platform game ' Alex Kidd ' for the Sega Master System console. Although it was first released in Japan in 1986 but internationally in 1987, it was one of the most well known games as it was also built into most Master System II's. For anyone that has played the rather enjoyable original, will be pleased to know as an updated test to the Scorpion Engine on the Amiga, Earok has shown off what the engine can do with a short playable demo which he is calling 'Monkey Lad'.