Grimoire - Multiplayer Heretic inspired FPS prepares for kickstarter with an open Alpha

Omniconnection studio is in the final stages of preparing for a kickstarter campaign with an open alpha version of Heretic-inspired magical FPS. Imagine the classic Heretic in a multiplayer deathmatch arena style but with a modern 3D engine and eye candy galore and you have the essence of Grimoire. They promise a plethora of spells, classes and styles, with some fab looking environments to come.

Mark of War - Ambitious tabletop war game launches a Kickstarter campaign

$500,000 is a pretty lofty goal for a Kickstarter campaign these days but games industry veteran Mike McTyre thinks his team at Warpforged games has what it takes to get it. They're aiming to produce an epic scale tabletop war gaming experience on desktop PC's, Macs and mobile, and with the combined range of talent behind this project, they can probably pull it off, with over 20 years combined industry AAA experience.

Crown Cave - Increasingly difficult Platformer (Free Game of the day)

With games such as VVVVVVV and Meat Boy pushing the difficulty to the extreme, while keeping the level of fun at an all time high, it's no wonder so many games of it's type appear on free sites. Thus today we have another difficult platformer to show you in the form of Crown Cave. Developed by Launch444 you play as a brave fool who enters a mysterious cave to prove his mettle against the challenges that await him. Believe me there are plenty of challenges to be had in Crown Cave with spiked traps, falling acid, wondering fools and more of which I wont spoil.

SpeccyJam - A new retro game jam inspired by the ZX Spectrum begins today!

Finally it's here, a game development jam many of us have been eagerly waiting for since it's first announcement some months ago. A jam so damn awesome that it has an impressive judge panel that are well known in the retro scene. Judges such as Jas Austin who coded the Speccy version of Sega classic Altered, Beast, Colin Jones responsible for Rock Star Ate My Hamster and Clive Townsend produced ninja adventure, Saboteur. It's the Speccy Jam,  in which indie developers from around the world will come together on the 29th August - 5th September to create brand new retro inspired games in the flavour of that great 8-bit system, the ZX Spectrum

Doomed 'n Damned - Retro inspired Platformer gets a 1.0 release

We at Indie Retro News love a good retro inspired game, especially when it comes to platformers that are inspired by the 8-bit or 16-bit era. So when arc-gen games informed us that Doomed 'n Damned available on Desura, Indie Game Stand and Humble Store has a new 1.0 release we had to give it the mention. Currently going through a Steam Greenlight campaign, Doomed 'n Damned features top notch platforming game play, inspired by the classics, but with all new HD graphics, nasty traps and menacing baddies.

Chunky Cat - Multiplatform 2d Platform-Runner game now available

We don't get to enjoy many platform-runner style of games, so when Mandarina Games sent us word about their new game Chunky Cat, we were happy to have a play test. Currently available on iOS, Android, Amazon and Web you play as a Chunky Cat that must eat fish, pigeons or rats while avoiding enemies and traps to reach his eating goal.

The Deep Paths - The latest Dungeon Crawler to appear on Kickstarter!

So far our Dungeon Crawling Facebook group seems to be doing rather well, and if it wasn't for Jehan we would not have seen this awesome looking Dungeon Crawler that's currently going through a Kickstarter campaign. Developed by Steve Jarman, The Deep Paths has inspirations from well known classics such as Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder and Lands of Lore with new innovations to give it the more modern edge. has an overhaul and DRM free movies!

Hot off the press, we've just been informed by that they have not only overhauled the site, but have also gone down the route of DRM free movies. GOG who were originally all about the classic games, have had a number of changes over the years especially with the inclusion of not just classics but also Indie titles. Today the creators behind GOG have given the website a make over that not only looks more up to date with fancy features, but they have also improved performance. But this is not all they have introduced!

Northbound - Cool 2D Fighting game from Chadrick Evans

Developed by Chadrick Evans, Northbound is a cool in development 2D fighting game that's currently free to play. Featuring an Arcade Mode, a Versus Mode and a Practice Mode, you'll be fighting numerous opponents as you try to expose dangerous elementals. Although Northbound doesn't have a huge amount of characters, it is in development and will feature an online mode and additional characters later on.

Game Oldies : Play retro games online through an awesome website!

I was just trawling the web looking for something different and came across a site that probably has one of the best retro online playable set ups I've come across. Now I know we have other greats such as JavaCPC Games and VirtualNES but when it comes to Game Oldies, the amount of content and systems playable in a browser just blew me away.

24 Killers - Flash minigame concept goes full-desktop with greenlight and kickstarter

Ever since doodle jump made it big, quirky, hand-drawn games have been getting a lot of love, and Todd Luke's catalogue of games certainly excel at that. In 2013, Todd made a quick flash game for the '13 7 Day Roguelike Challenge which was a sort of clue-like (or cluedo depending on what part of the world you hail from) but with monsters instead of Prof. Plum. Well now he's expanded on that and is turning it into a full blown adventure game, 24 Killers.