Bloodstained Curse of the Moon - Fans of Castlevania will love this new game!

While many of you followed the Kickstarter campaign for INTI CREATES CO., LTD 'Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon' which ended up as a huge success hitting an impressive $5,545,991 goal. You'll be pleased to know that the stretch goal of the Kickstarter campaign as ' Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon ' has now been released for Nintendo3DS, PS4, PSVita, and PC!

Ultimate Racing 2D - A rather cool top-down racing game, coming May 24th

If you're looking for something slightly different but sticking to that racing genre that we have featured so much of this week, then look no further than Ultimate Racing 2D; an upcoming top down racing game that doesn't just have 35 racing classes but it also has over 45 speedy tracks, an extensive career mode, championship mode and even an online multiplayer mode which is all coming to Steam, 24th May!

Fusion Issue 1 - The first of a great gaming mag available for pre-order

Although I prefer a good website full of indie and retro gaming news "ahem", there's many people out there who like the feeling of a physical product in their hands that can be opened up at work, on the train or just sitting beside a tree on a lovely summers day. Thankfully there's a new issue of goodness to come that will satisfy your needs, as Fusion Gaming Magazine will be launching the first issue of ' FUSION ', at the low price of £3.99

Barbarian+ - A feature update for this upcoming Amiga game overhaul

Barbarian is a one-on-one fighter game whereby you have to take down your opponent using a variety of moves, of which the majority involve your sword. You can spin it around and wait for someone to walk into it, an over-the-head chop is also available along with a side swipe as many of the preferred ways to kill in this late 1980's game. But even though it is rated as a great game, there's a team of people out there who have decided to give it a much needed overhaul based on the Amiga version not providing any improvements over the C64 version, except sound and a higher screen resolution (Colin's post)

Nixy The Glade Sprite for the ZX Spectrum gets a BIG review by Scotty

Bubblesoft recently released their wonderful platformer game, Nixy The Glade Sprite for the ZX Spectrum (128k) and Spectrum ULA Plus using AGD (Arcade Game Designer). Previews of Nixy were released earlier this year to a rousing reception. This is my first review on Indie Retro News, so I hope you enjoy!

Comanche 1/2 - A technically marvellous Pico-8 heli-sim

For our third installment of "What's new in Pico-8" we have a treat. Would you believe someone has created a full voxel terrain engine in the diminutive fantasy console? Well someone has and unsurprisingly it was user electricgryphon, with a de-make/fantasy prequel to the venerable Comanche series of helicopter sims.

Robbie Strikes Back v1.2 - Unofficial updated Amstrad version of a Speccy classic

In 1983 Ultimate Play the Game released a rather unusual game called "Pssst" for the ZX Spectrum, in which you played as Robbie the Robot on a personal struggle to stop deadly garden pests from swarming and eating at his lovely garden plant. If you remember this fun game you'll be pleased to know that today Salvakantero has released an updated Amstrad version of this game as a conversion of the original classic!

Foxy Land - A charming indie platformer by BUG-Studio

Oh what a beautiful day it is today and more so when there's games to play such as this charming platformer ' Foxy Land ' developed by BUG-Studio for Windows, macOS, and Linux. In this game you play as a lovable fox called Foxy that is on a quest to not only save his love, but also has to collect all the cherries and jewels found throughout all of the challenging levels.

Tomb of G'Nir - A Pico-8 platformer of epic hardness

Pico-8 is not without an abundant supply of platform games, being that it was made almost specifically to make them. Celeste was one of the first and has served as the basis for many since as it's usually a new Pico-8 users foray into modifying a game engine. In the second pico-8 roundup feature, Tomb of G'nir takes hat model and shifts it up a gear.. or ten!

Syctek - A Pico-8 arcade cabinet shooter

In the first of three "What's New in Pico-8" roundup features we have Syctek - A simple to play, hard to master addictive vertical SHMUP. Designed for an arcade cabinet and meant to spawn hi-score rivalry among you and your friends.