Wolfenstein 3D remake now on the Pico-8!

As the 8-bit fantasy console Pico-8 gets improvements to its engine, people are pushing its boundaries more and more. As a result, more and more raycasting demos and games are coming out of the woodwork. As well as a Duke Nukem 3D demake/demo, is a WIP of the granddaddy of them all, Wolfenstein 3D, which many will recognise as the starting point for the whole First Person Shooter genre.

Rick Dangerous - An all time favourite game gets an Atari 8-bit port update trailer!

Atari 8-bit owners prepare yourselves for a great update, as the classic platforming game ' Rick Dangerous ', which was developed by Core Design and published by Firebird in 1989 for the Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, and DOS, is still coming to the Atari XL and Atari XE! Yes you heard that right, a game that has lived on in the hearts of many and a gem in the retro scene, is being ported over to the Atari 8-bit with a high attention to detail. To coincide with this news, a new gameplay 2 trailer has been released showing classic and VBXE gameplay

Fight Run Preview - Onslaught teases a tiny 2D fighter on the C64

Checking through the latest CSDb updates, I happen to come across a new preview on the C64 released by Onslaught that looked like it could be a game to keep an eye out for when it's actually released in full. This is ' Fight Run Preview ' ; a lovely little 2D fighting game that stars up to two players kicking and punching each other until the time runs out.

Cyber Shadow - In development retro styled platformer with a hint of Ninja Gaiden

Alepos Arkoudis‎ recently contacted us via our Facebook page of a new NES style platformer that is in development for both PC and MAC by MekaSkull and Pentadrangle. Titled as ' Cyber Shadow ', this game mixes the best bits of Metroid, Castlevania, Ninja Gaiden and Megaman and puts you in control of a mighty warrior slashing your way through the armies of mechanical fiends to free your clan and discover what's happened during your rather long hibernation.

Fire Breath - Lost in the Attic for 26 years finally released for the C64

Software developer Erik J. Hooijmeijer has released an old title he tried to release in 1990 on his alternative software development website: Ctrl-alt-dev. Sitting in his attic for 26 years, this fully playable platform game - inspired by my two favourite games: Bubble Bobble and Creatures - can be downloaded for free from his website, and not one, not two, but three trained versions from The Genesis Project, Laxity and Onslaught are also available on CSDB.

Chuck Rock - Another C64 Game that Wasn't... Case Closed!

One of my favourite pieces of news to do write ups on are the reports from "Games That Weren't" ... A dedicated investigative news website which delves into the histories of C64 games. Especially ones which were either left unfinished, or mysteriously vanished at some point, usually between magazines' reviews, and actual release day. Last year saw some high profile Hi-Tec and Warner Bros games, not only found, but also restored and finished to a playable level, for everyone to enjoy. And on 12th Jan another exciting story surfaced, as they announced to have found a fully working and completable version of popular Amiga platformer Chuck Rock (Core Designs).

PENULTIMATE CARTRIDGE - A MEGA-CART packed with features for the VIC-20

It's pretty eye opening to think that many of our first reviews were related to the accessories available to the C64, which included the UCassette, SD2IEC, C64SD V3.0 Princess and the 1541 Ultimate. In actual fact the first SD based review we did in regards to the C64 was actually sent to us by our good friends thefuturewas8bit, who is also supplying through their website this latest bit of kit the ' PENULTIMATE CARTRIDGE ' for the VIC-20!

Boxx 3 - A brand new colourful platformer for the Amiga

It's time to put the Intellision and Vectrex aside and look towards another retro system, as earlier today Lemming880 released his latest Backbone platformer ' Boxx 3 ' for the Commodore Amiga. In this colourful game you play as a green guy who has to collect all the coins, avoid deadly traps, kill nasties and jump from platform to platform to reach the end exit. Once he's done all that, it's a level complete and it's on to the next ever harder stage.

Hera Primera - Juno First clone on the Vectrex looks awesome!

I have a bit of a soft spot for the Vectrex ever since I played one some years ago at the GEEK event in Margate, so you can probably see why I'm just that little bit excited for Peiselulli's latest shoot em up ' Hela Primera ', that is in development for the Vectrex. Now if you've ever played Juno First by Konami in 1983 then you know what to expect with Hela Primera, as this rather cool blaster is actually a clone of that classic game. It has all the vertical-scrolling, enemy waves and blasting action intact, and damn does it look seriously good on the Vectrex.

The Minstrel’s Legend - Open world RPG making its way to the Intellivision

It is a rare thing to mention an open world game coming to an old 70's machine, but here we are with ' The Minstrel's Legend ', which is a brand new RPG developed by Intv Prime, that is making its way to the Intellivision. If you like games such as the Ultima series or even Nethack, then you probably know what to expect with Intv Prime's latest game, as the game mechanics are similar but instead puts you in control of a group of adventures to renew the imprisonment of the demon Xcitticx. If they cannot succeed in a few days, the demon will escape and the game will be lost.