Blask - First person shooter Amiga tech 2 demo update

It's a Monday which means it's time to start writing retro news, and for the first piece of news here's a new Amiga tech 2 demo called 'Blask (eng. Shine?, Glow?, Glare?)', or as its previous name 'Alien Enemy: Dangerous Alien', which is a new improved demo with updated movements. To coincide with this news for what still looks like a very early work in progress first person shooter, not only has Saberman done a gameplay video, but you can download the AMOS test version below!

The Path - Illustrated text-based puzzle game also playable in your browser

Another game released by Adventuron this month and no not a simulation, is the Illustrated Text-Based Puzzle game ' The Path '. Yes indeed it's time to put aside the sim and look towards this rather unusual game, as in the The Path you will encounter a series of challenges, containing situations and actions they may be very dangerous in real life.

Hamurabi - A classic resource management sim ported online!

Atlantis and Dragonfire weren't the only games to be ported this month, as earlier today Chris contacted us to let us know that a port of 'Hamurabi' had been released and playable online via the Adventuron page. This game according to the main write up, is a port of the classic 1968 resource management sim by Doug Dyment and is adapted from the 1973 BASIC version port by David Ahl (printed in BASIC Computer Games, 1973).

Metaloid:Origin - Super cool fast-paced gun’n run 2D platformer coming to Steam 28th March!

If you're looking for an upcoming game that is not a retro game but still has that retro vibe, then you'll pleased to know as thanks to a heads up by Retro Revolution, that they will be releasing their fast-paced gun’n run 2D platformer of ' Metaloid:Origin ' on Steam 28th March. In this game you play as one out of three android warriors, and must dash through 9 kick ass levels to save their planet from a robot army led by the meancing Lucian Corp!

SPECTRANET – Ethernet based ZX Spectrum device, loads games from the Internet!

There are many ways to load ZX Spectrum games from real hardware, you can either attach a real tape deck, use your mobile phone OR devices such as the DIVMMC. But what if I told you, you could connect your ZX Spectrum to the internet and launch games. would you be interested? Well if you are, that's exactly what this article is about, as thanks to Ben Versteeg of  bytedelight and using Dylan Smith's 'Spectranet' with a valid MAC address, has been able to play games directly from the internet and using real ZX Spectrum hardware.

Katana Soul - A new game teased from SEEP devs based on the C64's 16-color palette

Our old friends SEEProduction, creators of those cool beat em up's and fighting games with famous characters from other well known titles, have just sent us a message from their twitter page that they are going to be releasing a new game this month called ' Katana Soul ', which will be coming to the PC. What makes this game rather nice isn't so much it is a ninja slashing platformer, but the game shown is based on the C64's 16-color palette!

RoboZZle64 - A Beta preview of a work in progress C64 Puzzle port

The image reminds me of something unspeakable...

The ZX Spectrum wasn't the only system to get a port this week, as earlier today we were contacted by the developer Richard-William Loerakker, that he had made available a beta preview of the work in progress puzzle game RoboZZle64. Now if you've not heard of this game before, the original Robozzle game by Igor Ostrovsky was a social puzzle game which teaches programming, using only a few simple commands to control a robot to complete a puzzle area.

GALAXY FORCE - Bullet hell shooter inspired by Scramble, playable online

In March of this year (yes it's still March :p) PuzCPC released a very nice side scrolling shoot em up Amstrad port of a much earlier game which was originally released way back in 1983 as Skramble developed by Darrell Etherington. The actual release name was ' Scramble ' which was also the original name of the game released in February 1981 developed by Konami and distributed in North America by Stern Electronics.  So why am I talking about Scramble again? Well benjames171 recently released his own inspired version of Scramble, but this time as a bullet hell shooter called Galaxy Force

Bridge Strike - Modern 'River Raid' on the Amiga gets a digital download pre-order

As we said before in our previous article, many months ago the creators of Tanks Furry , Project R3D, released a teaser for their in development Amiga game ' Bridge Strike ', which had a backers winter demo along side the announced AmiGameJam and was awarded second place in the Game Competition at RetroKomp event in Gdańsk. But today the developers have given us another update, as not only is the game classed as a modern version of Activision's River Raid, but the website is now accepting pre-orders for the digital download!

Spectrum Addict 2.5: The Lost Tapes - Documentary film about the Sinclair ZX Spectrum Computer is a Kickstarter Success!

Andy Remic certainly knows how to please the retro community, especially through the organising, creating and releasing two incredible ZX Spectrum packed feature documentaries. Both the Memoirs of a Spectrum Addict and Spectrum Addict Load "Film 2" were crowd funded successes. Well now it looks as if he has another Kickstarter success under his belt, as this month we were told the next feature length documentary film the 'Spectrum Addict 2.5: The Lost Tapes', has reached a high goal with 428 backers pledging £9,275!

Dragonfire ZX - Another Atari 2600 to ZX Spectrum port by Luca Bordoni

Another ZX Spectrum port to grace our speccy screens and again from Luca Bordoni using AGDX, is the Atari 2600 game Dragonfire, which was first released in 1982 as another game by Imagic. Yes indeed get ready to play another port, but unlike the other game we mentioned previously, this one puts you in control of a guy who must steal the treasure from a fire breathing dragon while also avoiding deadly fireballs!

Atlantis - Atari 2600 fixed shooter ported to the ZX Spectrum

Saberman is on the ball again as earlier today he contacted us, to let us know that Luca Bordoni had released a ZX Spectrum port of an Atari 2600 game called ' Atlantis '. Now if you've not heard of this game before considering how old this game is, then you might be interested to know that Atlantis is a fixed shooter video game released by Imagic in July 1982, developed by Dennis Koble who also wrote Trick Shot, Solar Storm, and Shootin' Gallery for Imagic