Beautiful Bricks - A new take on a retro classic with up to 4 players!

If you remember Arkanoid; an arcade game first developed by Taito in 1986, with the bat like device scrolling from side to side at the bottom of the screen, bouncing an orb back and forth and smashing blocks for a high score. Then you might be interested to know, Ready Wolf has released their latest game Beautiful Bricks; an Indie game which is inspired by that classic but also has its own rather special features including up to 4 player enjoyment!

Crystals of Amalgam - An addictive match 3 game with retro inspirations gets a PC release

We've featured a number of great match 3 games on Indie Retro News, games such as The Return of Traxtor and Vegetables Deluxe to name but a few. But now after searching the very depths of, we've come across a brand new game for the PC called 'Crystals of Amalgam'; a freely playable and great looking release by Alex FC and Dotto Meister for the Revision Jam [8 Bits to Infinity Anniversary] competition.

Doom - A special third anniversary review from Retro Freak Reviews!

Welcome one and welcome all to Retro Freak Reviews’ third anniversary! Cue the confetti and the fireworks! It’s hard to believe that’s been 3 years since I started rambling about old computer games. And for this magnanimous occasion, we’ve prepared not only a review of a true classic, but perhaps of the most influential PC game of all times: Doom!

AMIner - An arcade mining game for the Amiga gets a new build

Another announcement has just arrived from Saberman, as he has just told us a previous Amiga game that was released in March of this year called 'AMIner' has been updated to ver. 19.11.07, which features a number of improvements. This previous game listed in the EAB game development contest 2019, is an Arcade game that is not only based on a Motherload flash game, but also looks like an inspiration to Mr. Driller Drill Spirits, which was originally released on the Nintendo DS.

Black & White - Upcoming ZX Spectrum 128k game by Pat Morita Team gets a demo

Another ZX Spectrum game to cheer you all up on this rather gloomy Sunday, as thanks to Saberman who contacted us the other day, he has told us Pat Morita Team has released a early demo for their upcoming ZX Spectrum game 'Black & White'. This game classed as an arcade puzzle platformer, puts you in control of Twin witches Candel or Alice, as they must settle their debt to the King and obtain their teacher's forgiveness. Their playful antics caused a fusion of witches and a tornado that distributed the kings treasure across the land.

Armortale - A lovely looking platformer gets a PC release

If you want to play a new platformer that not only looks charming, but has plenty of enemies and challenges to be had, then as of this moment you can finally play the latest release of 'Armortale' by rpg2heaven, which is available to buy on Steam. Armortale is an up-tempo action platformer set in a magical fantasy world. Embark on an adventure to find the 4 magic armor sets and stop 2 prison-escaped demon baby foxes from terrorizing the kingdom.

Uchūsen Gamma - Juan J. Martínez upcoming Shoot em up for the MSX

Juan J. Martínez has made some rather cool games lately, games such as Night Knight, The Dawn of Kernel, Rescuing Orc, Magica and Golden Tail for systems such as the Amstrad CPC, C64 and MSX. But now after a heads up in our email, he has told us he is now working on a Shoot em up called 'Uchūsen Gamma' for the MSX; a vertical shoot’em up that is due to be released this upcoming November 29th!

Blastaway - An addictive arena shooter released from RETREAM!

Are you looking for an enjoyable game to play that is inspired by the classic Wizard of Wor game from the 1980's, then look no further than 'Blastaway' from RETREAM; a brand new game for Amiga OS 4.1 and Windows, that the developer says "is a highly playable and entertaining arena shooter, gameplay-wise heavily and shamelessly inspired to Wizard of Wor and graphically somewhat inspired to The Chaos Engine".

The Curse of Trasmoz Collector's Edition - High quality ZX Spectrum game ready for Pre-Orders

Oh glorious news indeed Speccy gamers, as just moments ago thanks to a heads up tweet we've been told 'The Curse of Trasmoz Collector's Edition' is not only ready for pre-orders, but as 16th of December you'll be able to play it via cassette & or 3" disc. Although there is no mention of a digital download as of yet, the game is being developed by a team of people such as Volcanobytes, Defecto Digital, Beyker, ThePope and BitFans, with cover/box art by Dani Diez, and created using AGD and Musicizer II.

Better Late Than Never - Andy Green Pixel Art Book gets a BIG Florinthedwarf review!

Better late than never? Sounds like my train company's slogan.

It's finally here! Yes, Andy Green (or Sir Andy Green I like to call him - shoe size unknown) has at last put a collection of his amazing pixel art together in book form for us all to enjoy. No more having to log on to Facebook to see it, now it can sit handsomely on your bookshelf waiting for you to take out and browse at your leisure. My first impression - don't drop it on your foot. Ha, I joke of course. It's a bit of a whopper indeed, but it's what's needed to fully appreciate to grand-ness of the project. To really appreciate the detail that's gone into each image, you really do need to have a substantial size which really helps to blow you away with its majesty. Coming in at almost 140 pages, this will keep you enthralled until the last page.

Alley Cat - Atari/DOS cat classic is coming to the NES

Probably one of the oldest pet themed game's on our website is Bill Williams and published by Synapse Softwares 'Alley Cat' for the Atari 8bit in 1983 and MS-DOS in 1984. Playing as Freddy the cat, your objective was to perform challenges such as catching mice in a persons home in order to reach his cat love, Felicia. For what was a very odd game indeed with cheese the size of an entire room, and a humorous cat falling behind the fence, we are pleased to meeow to the hilltops, that Alley Cat will be coming to the NES thanks to FG Software (Vectrex28).

Prince of Persia - A brilliant retro gaming classic is coming to the Intellivision

This year just keeps on giving for retro gaming news, as just moments ago we were told that the all time classic platformer of 'Prince of Persia' is coming to the Intellivision as a conversion/port by Matthew Kiehl. This game was originally released in 1989 by Brøderbund for multiple systems and featured lots of well designed platforming levels and extreme danger, as you must be careful not to fall through loose floors, get hit by sword wielding guards, crushed by gates or at worst skewered in blood on deadly spikes.