Ikari Warriors - The best Amstrad CPC 8-bit shooter with a new loader screen!

A feature we have never done before and no it's not a brand new game or a complete game remake, but a very special loading screen by none other than Ste86. Welcome to ' Ikari Warriors ', a 1986 Elite game released for many different systems such as the Amstrad, Amiga C64, ZX Spectrum and many others. In this game that is classed as one of the best 8-bit shooters on the Amstrad, you must rescue your commander from enemy forces deep in the jungle. The only thing that let the game down, was the loading screen and now thanks to Ste86, he's revamped the screen and it looks absolutely gorgeous!

Behemoth Preview - A shooter of an Armalyte C64 clone!

Another Onslaught crack today and this one is a little bit special for those of you who remember the awesome C64 shooter 'Armalyte', released way back in 1988. Although this is not a full game with only level 1 as 100% complete and the others half that, 'Behemoth Preview' supplied by Jazzcat is classed as an Armalyte clone that was originally meant for the budget label, however the game was never finished because the crew went over to the Amiga. Now thanks to Onslaught you can play the first level and test out the others, but be warned, as we said it isn't finished.

Moonraker +2 - Obscure C64 shooter cracked by Onslaught

Onslaught are on fire today as they've also released Hires Software's C64 game 'Moonraker', which was an obscure shooter first appearing in a 1980's Norwegian magazine called Mikrodata. In this game which is a little bit like space invaders, you must defend your cities using a Space Shuttle from the alien threat, which is not only being bombarded by sphere like objects but also from the UFO which zips from one side to the other.

Welcome to Hell +3 - New C64 shooter cracked by Onslaught

Onslaught has been very busy lately as they've not only released Rattlehead's new C64 game of 'Welcome to Hell' (with a trainer), but they've also put out some other fine games including previews which we will be featuring later today. In regards to Welcome to Hell, in this game you have been transported to hell by an evil force and must stop at nothing to destroy all the demons before you become one yourself.

Big Mac : The Mad Maintenance Man - Theenemy cracks a frustrating C64 title

Now here's a game I never played when it originally came out, it's Big Mac - The Mad Maintenance Man by Mastertronic, released for the C64 way back in 1985 which has now been cracked by Theenemy. With a similar game play style to Manic Miner, the aim of the game was to work your way through a power station with a limited air supply, by flipping power levers while also avoiding deadly traps such as beams, electrical lines and other such nasties that would kill you in one go.

WinUAE 3.2.0 Beta 10 - Amiga emulator morning beta update

Good morning retro gamers, it's another emulator update today and it comes from our good friend Toni Wilen and the release of the Amiga emulator 'WinUAE 3.2.0 beta 10'. Currently the best Amiga emulator you can use for playing games or installing an Amiga OS, second to FS-UAE. This beta update has a number of improvements over the previous version such as added x86 CPU speed adjustment and 3-State Apollo 500/2000 IDE/SCSI combo HD controller fully implemented. As ever make sure to read the change log and download at the bottom of the article.

Hop 'n Frog - Arcade ZX Spectrum release based on a classic! (+Review)

When I was growing up I really loved playing the 1981 Arcade game of Frogger by Konami. It had loads of charm, great gameplay for kids and it really made you feel for the safety of those little green frogs as they hopped their way across a busy road, then across a river of logs and Crocodiles to get to the other side. So when Gabriele Amore announced on the World of Spectrum forums about 'Hop 'N Frog' which is heavily inspired by Frogger, but for the ZX Spectrum, I just had have a go!

Satellite Reign - Spiritual successor to Syndicate released on GOG and Steam!

Grand news today as 5 Lives Studios have informed us of the release of 'Satellite Reign', which is now available to buy on GOG, Humble and Steam. Over 2 years since their successful Kickstarter campaign. and many days through the early access program. 'Satellite Reign' is a spiritual successor to the Syndicate Series and the same creator behind Syndicate Wars, which was originally released by Bullfrog Productions in the 1990's and in my opinion was some of the greatest games I have ever played.

Popeye - Atari 5200 arcade improvement and an 8-bit port!

Now here's a blast from the past and no it's not the Amstrad version of Popeye, but an arcade Atari 5200 improvement and 8-bit conversion to the original Atari 5200 arcade port of a Nintendo platformer by Parker Bros, released way back in 1983. In a similar vein to Donkey Kong albeit not as good, you play as Popeye and must collect hearts, musical notes and the letters H-E-L-P that the lovable character Olive drops from the top of the screen. But be warned, just like the cartoon, Brutus will get in your way with the help of the bad Sea Hag!