Devil's Quest - A challenging ZX Spectrum game from Octocom

If you're looking for a new ZX Spectrum to play during the week, then you might be interested to know, that Octocom has released a creepy top-down Arcade game called ' Devil's Quest '. In this game you play as the most trusted of Kings Knights, on a quest to free his people from the forces of evil led by an ancient devil. Through many different levels, you must collect items such as spells, while also avoiding deadly enemies that are very difficult to avoid!

Bridge Strike - Modern 'River Raid' on the Amiga goes Free!

Some time ago the creators of Tanks Furry , Project R3D, released the fabulous game of ' Bridge Strike ' for the Commodore Amiga; a game which originally had a backers winter demo that was also awarded second place in the Game Competition at RetroKomp event in Gdańsk. But thanks to a heads up from our good friend Solo, he has told us the commercial version of the game can now be downloaded completely free while many of us are still in isolation.

Merge 64 - A new C64 Puzzle game from Arla Games

I'll tell you the truth right now, I'm terrible at Puzzle games! Not only that, but trying to write an article regarding anything Puzzle related just isn't my strong point. Still if you like puzzle games and have a C64, you might be interested in playing Arla Games latest C64 release called Merge 64; a game that was written while watching Shallan's 16-hour charity steam, in which he built the C64 game 'LUMA', and raised over $1,200 for Extra Life! ( Donations still accepted! )

Vampire Vengeance - A lovely ZX Spectrum game from POE Games

ZX Spectrum owners listen up! As we've just been told through our twitter page, that POE Games has now released a decent quality action platformer for the ZX Spectrum called 'Vampire Vengeance'. Yes indeed if you're looking for a new ZX Spectrum game to play then you've come to the right place! As in this game from Ariel Endaraues, Juan Antonio Fernandez (F3M0) and Beyker, you are on a revenge quest as a Vampire against an army of knights known as the Order of the Silver Cross.

Black & White - A new ZX Spectrum 128k game by Pat Morita!

Another game to cheer you all up on this rather awful weekend, as thanks to Saberman who contacted us today, he has told us Pat Morita Team has finally released their previously demo'd ZX Spectrum game of 'Black & White'. This game classed as an arcade puzzle platformer, puts you in control of Twin witches Candel or Alice, as they must settle their debt to the King and obtain their teacher's forgiveness. Their playful antics caused a fusion of witches and a tornado that distributed the kings treasure across the land.

City Bomber 4K - Megastyle’s one button bomber game released for free

This one is for anyone who enjoyed the City bomber type games on the 8bit home computers. Inspired by Blitz on the VIC 20, I remember this type of game from playing Night Raider on my friend’s brand new Amstrad CPC 464 in the 1980s. I even tried unsuccessfully to port the game onto my C64 using BASIC, so I’ve always had a soft spot for the game’s simplicity. The game was developed by Docster of Megastyle, and released last year as part of Bobr Games’ Single Button Games Collection cartridge, and yesterday Megastyle released it on their download page and available for free.

Donkey Kong Jr Game and Watch - Retro gaming classic gets an updated C64 port

A long time ago, when I was but a teen. I remember going on Holiday to New York and it was the very first time I ever saw a 1980's Nintendo Game and Watch with a little guy that had to put out a fire. Sadly I was never able to buy one of them, but it's thanks to the hard work of Arla Games they not only ported Donkey Kong Jr Game and Watch over to a number of systems of which we featured previously, but as of 5 hours ago they have updated the C64 version more in line with the others ie Vic 20.

Colonos ZX - A new ZX Spectrum 48k game from JOSE MANUEL GRIS UMPIERREZ

Another Saberman heads up as he has told us JOSE MANUEL GRIS UMPIERREZ has released the Arcade/Platformer game of ' Colonos ZX ', which is available to download and play on a ZX Spectrum 48k. This game developed using AGD, is the latest enjoyable title to appear on our little Speccies, as in this game you need to survive against an uknown Martian race, as you try to find your rescue vehicle to escape from Mars.

Fusion CPC - This latest retro magazine is dedicated to the Amstrad CPC

In 2018 we gave you the heads up regarding a great gaming magazine called ' Fusion ' which is jam packed full of gaming news and hardware features that is highly recommended in anyones gaming collection. Well if you've been reading the latest Fusion magazines and have ever grown up with an Amstrad CPC, you'll be delighted to learn that Chris Wilkins has launched the Fusion CPC issue; A Special issue of Fusion devoted just to the Amstrad CPC filling 52 pages in length and priced at just £1 for a PDF!

Links :1) Source 2) Printed version 

Yazzie - A lovely arcade game by RetroSouls gets a Sega Mega Drive and Genesis release

If you read Indie Retro News this month, you would've come across some fabulous ZX Spectrum games that were released for the Yandex Retro Games Battle 2019 competition, games such as Drift, and Valley of Rains to name but a few. Well one of those games in the competition called ' Yazzie ' was not only released for the ZX Spectrum and MSX in 2019, but as of this month was also developed and released for the Sega Megadrive / Genesis by RetroSouls.

Nucleo 448 - A cool SEUCK C64 sci-fi shoot 'em up

Trawling through the latest SEUCK Compo 2020 enteries looking for a decent C64 game to play, and one that stood out in the crowd was Leonardo Vettori's updated C64 Shoot em up of ' Nucleo 448 '. This game according to The New Dimension, is an updated version of Nucleo 447 from the C64 SEUCK Compo 2019, that is enhanced with aiming aliens, a new status panel, power ups and a kick ass tune by Richard Bayliss with tape loader by Martin Piper!

Thunderflash - A new game inspired by the likes of Ikari Warriors, Commando and Heavy Barrel!

Our good friends SEEP, creators of the cool beat em up's and fighting games with famous characters from other well known titles such as Golden Axe, Ikari Warriors and Fighting Street, have just let us know of the release of 'Thunderflash' which is now available to buy on Steam. This game available for under a fiver, is a "love letter" to the arcade games of the 80s, a Run 'n Gun game inspired by gems like Ikari Warriors, Commando and Heavy Barrel.