Pixel Galaxy - Crazy pixelated shooter gets a Kickstarter Campaign!

Probably the craziest pixelated shooter has just appeared on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight and it's none other than Pixel Galaxy, a new action shooter without shooting that's inspired by Katamari & Super Hexagon. Developed by Serenity Forge with PC, Mac and Wii U in mind, this is one game you've just got to check out!

Miika - Way too cute 3D puzzle game gets a Steam Greenlight campaign

For far too long we've had demonic beings, evil creatures and action packed gameplay, so lets look towards Miika which is all about the cute and cuddly. Developed by NoxusLTD and currently going through a Steam Greenlight campaign, Miika is a very creative looking 3D puzzle game based on camera perspectives combined with the use of optical illusions.

Ghosts 'n DJ's - A different take on the Ghosts 'N Goblins classic

Dr. Kucho! Games have announced the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for Ghosts 'n DJ's; A PC, Mac, Linux game based on a very retro classic that nearly everyone has heard of, Ghosts 'n Goblins. Originally released in 1985, Ghost 'n Goblins was a hit Arcade Platform game that has a multitude of ports and is still loved to this day. Thankfully the developers have assured us through their campaign that Ghosts 'n DJ's will be very much like the classic but with a far more modern twist.

The Blues Brothers - The Company.pl returns with an Amiga-PC classic!

After a very long hiatus "The Company.pl" has released the latest Amiga PC portable edition of another Amiga classic "The Blues Brothers". First released in 1991 by Titus Software you play as the Blues Brothers and must avoid the police in order to make it to a blues concert. Thankfully the use of boxes can be thrown at enemies or put down for you to stand on, just watch out for the granny in the trolley as she's not to be messed with.

Guns, Gore & Cannoli - Action packed shooter - Demo!

Just the other day we featured the kick ass looking action packed Kickstarter campaign for Guns, Gore & Cannoli which is proving to be very popular through the social media networks. Well for those of you want something a little more than just news about a Metal Slug style game in a gangster vibe, the developers have released a demo tease which should help their latest Kickstarter Campaign.

Land of Enki 2 - Recommended platformer is back with a sequel

Back in June of this year we featured the first Land of Enki which was one of our favourite platformers of the day. Today the developer has released the latest sequel "Land of Enki 2" that is every bit as good as the first one. The story takes place two years after saving the kingdom of Naturia; shipwrecked on Drumdrum Island you must defeat an evil witch that wants to bring an eternal winter to the land of warmth.

Supernatural Bundle - Spooky goings on from Bundle Stars

Demons, ghosts and all those scary things are about to come out and play for Halloween with the latest Supernatural Bundle from Bundle Stars. For only £2.99 you can experience the horror that is Halloween from games such as Splatter, Blackbay Asylum, Dracula Trilogy, Dracula 4-5, Into the Dark, Larva Mortus, Necronomicon, Pixel Puzzles, White Noise Online and Zombie Solitaire. That's 10 spooky games for a great price... Dare you play them all with the lights out?

FireFlower Games - Autumn Sale!

How would you like to play some great games at great prices, then look no further than the latest Autumn sale from FireFlower Games. From Adventure titles to Shoot em up's there are lots in this list to keep you busy, all from 20% to 75% off! As for my recommended pickings, I'd go for the Deponia series with it's high charm, great humour and great adventure detail.