Ruzar - The Life Stone - Dungeon crawling for your Steam Greenlight votes

Every time a dungeon crawler is announced I get that sense of nostalgia through tight corridors, traps, enemies and side stepping grid based movement. But for a dungeon crawler to be good, it has to live up to games such as Eye of the Beholder, Dungeon Master or the more modern Legend of Grimrock. So here we are with Ruzar - The Life Stone developed by Hammer Glass Studio, a dungeon crawler RPG game currently going through a Steam Greenlight campaign in which you play as an adventurer who needs to discover the powerful Life Stone.

Sounds of the 80s - Hit music from our youth played through a C64!

Turn back the time to the 80's, a time of cool music, strange clothing and weird hairdo's. Remix that music through your C64, add in some 8-bit detail and you'll have this latest release of Sounds of the 80's. A brand new release by TRIAD, 4th place winner of the C64 Demo Competition at Gubbdata 2015. Use your joystick and control the hand and click on each object to listen a brilliant remix of an 80's tune!

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ZX Spectrum emulator Spectaculator gets a great update!

Jonathan Needle, creator of the excellent ZX Spectrum emulator 'Spectaculator' for Android, IOS and PC has just announced that the classic 80's Magic Knight series and Skool Daze is now available for download with Spectaculator. Also announced is full support with iOS game controllers such as the Moga Rebel,  Mad Catz C.T.R.L.i,  SteelSeries Stratus and many more. So if you want the best ZX Spectrum emulator for your Android or iOS based device then give Spetaculator a try, which plays not just ZX Spectrum game files but also has a number of classic games included.

Catacomb Kids - Frantically cool roguelike platformer, now in early access!

It's a Monday and what better way to start the week than playing Catacomb Kids by FourbitFriday ; a roguelike platformer that is more than just your average indie game. It's a cool rougelike in which you have to combine quick reactions, tactical engagement and strategic character growth to overcome the challenges ahead. Furthermore this game also features procedurally generated dungeons, lots of cool items and deadly traps which can also be used to your advantage!

Trance Sector Ultimate - Top quality arcade C64 release!

New Dimension and RGCD have released 'Trance Sector Ultimate' for the C64. In my opinion regarded as a top quality arcade release. you must fly your ship in a set direction while collection spheres and higher points while also avoiding other enemies. The graphics are pretty decent and the game play is both fun and easy to master. But what the game does have that keeps me coming back for more, is the top quality sound track. Not only is the intro full of awesome beat trance, but the in game music also plays which is lacking in many other arcade games of the C64 era.

Ultima IV Remastered now available for the C64

Another big hitter in the retro scene for C64 owners is today's release of Ultima IV Remastered for the C64. Originally released way back in the late 80's for the Apple II and ported over to the C64, is arguably one of the best RPG's ever released for the Commodore. It is the first in the "Age of Enlightenment" trilogy, shifting the series from the hack and slash, dungeon crawl gameplay of its "Age of Darkness" predecessors towards a story-driven approach. This remastered version however fixes more than just a few bugs and pushes the game to almost perfection.

Bruce Lee II - An all time favourite gets an impressive C64 sequel

Hot off the press and just announced, 'Bruce Lee II' converted by Jonas Hulten is the very latest C64 title to appear that is set to wow the retro gaming crowd. Originally released as Bruce Lee in 1984 by Datasoft based on the famous motion picture martial artist Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee II by Jonas Hulten is a true C64 port of Bruno R Marcos's successor Bruce Lee II which appeared on the PC in 2013 and featured both an Amstrad CPC mode and a C64 mode which gave it that retro look.

WinUAE 3.1.0 Beta 14 - Toni Wilen releases the latest Amiga emulator beta

The last post for today unless something amazing comes out, is Toni Wilen's latest Amiga emulator beta release of WinUAE 3.1.0 beta 14. Once again containing more bug fixes and updates, is available as a free download and a decent upgrade to the previous final version. Regarded as one of the best Amiga emulators available, in which you can play Amiga games on your PC will be in a beta phase until we reach a more stable build. See change log for details

Escape Machines - Science fiction shooter with powerful robots

Back To Basics Gaming have informed us about their new science fiction shooter called 'Escape Machines' that is currently going through a Steam Greenlight campaign. Set in a world of people and robots, the story is about love, hate and greed for power between people and artificial intelligence. Developed using an in-house engine created with Flash Builder, Escape Machines is a non-linear shooter with beautiful old school graphics in a fully 3D rendered environment with animated sprites in an isometric view.

Rampage Knights - Beat em up with style through Steam early access

Rake in Grass, developers of the brilliant side scrolling shoot em up 'Jets'n'Guns' have set their sights on a completely different genre that combines both Golden Axe and the game play style similar to Binding of Isaac. Welcome to 'Rampage Knights', a co-op beat em up mixed up with randomized dungeon crawling and exploration, which you can play alone or with a friend online.

RETSNOM - Puzzle platformer with mirror flipping mechanics, gets a Steam Greenlight campaign

RETSNOM developed by SOMI is the latest puzzle platform game to get a Steam Greenlight campaign. A puzzle platformer in which you need to get a cure to save your daughter from becoming a Zombie. Unlike other puzzle games however this one features an unusual game mechanic which enables the mirror flipping of platforms and objects to solve puzzles and reach new places. The mirror can be flipped in a multitude of ways, either left or right or up and down, basically in way you see fit to solve a puzzle or to find the exit.