Blockman Gets - A new Pac-Man inspiration arrives and this one is for the Amiga!

It wasn't long ago now that here on Indie Retro News, we did multiple features of both the hit classic's Pac-Man and Ms Pacman over to the Amiga by JOTD as two great Arcade conversions. Well here we are with another Pac-Man style of game, as thanks to Saberman and Per Ola Eriksson contacting us via Facebook, we have been told Jayenkai has released a new clone of that classic called 'Blockman Gets - Amiga Edition' developed in BlitzBasic. To coincide with this news, not only has Saberman done a gameplay video, but Per Ola Eriksson has done one as well!

New Rally-X - An Arcade conversion of Rally X for the C64 is in the works and it still looks fab!

It wasn't too long ago that many of us had the pleasure of playing Allan Turvey's Terrapins RX; a Rally X Remix demo which was based on the 1980 game by Namco and official conversion Maze Death Race which was released later in 1983 by PSS for the ZX Spectrum 16K! Well it's time for the C64 to get in on the Rally fun, as thanks to Saberman contacting us today, he has told us that Jake79 with music by Merman and sound effects by NM156, has made available a new preview 2 of their Arcade conversion of Rally-X for the C64 called "New Rally-X".

Flood16 - A brand new game has been released for the VIC20 and C16

I think after this I'm going to take the weekend off, as it has been non stop this week with some fantastic game news from across the globe for many different retro systems. But anyway, hot off the press is the new VIC20 and C16 game of ' Flood16 ' by Javier Gonzales; a new game which according to the creator you need to not only pick up the food, but avoid the incoming flood! To coincide with this news, Saberman has done a new gameplay video which can be watched below.

Voodoo Detective - A new adventure inspired by the classics is coming May 24th! (PC/Android/iOS)

I think it's about time we put those homebrew games aside and look towards an Adventure game that may excite those who played that fantastic game 'Monkey Island' or even the classic 'Kings Quest'. As we've recently been informed through our email, that Short Sleeve humorous point and click adventure game of 'Voodoo Detective ' is coming to Epic, Steam, Android and iOS) as of May 24th. A game that draws its inspiration from the classics such as Monkey Island  and takes players on an adventure with many twists and turns. 

Deth Complex! - A very challenging yet enjoyable NES game from Tim Moore

If you're looking for a new NES game to try and want one to satisfy your retro gaming needs, then look no further than this latest news update! As thanks to a heads up by a good friend of ours on Twitter, we have been told that you can now download the full version of Tim Moore's new NES game of 'Deth Complex!'; a very challenging platformer in which you need to avoid lots of dangerous traps and nasties to find a way out of the factory of Death!

DaemonClaw : Origins of Nnar - BitBeamCannon needs your feedback for their upcoming Amiga, Sega Mega Drive and modern system platformer!

Indie Retro News has been flooded with new updates in our inbox, from new Amiga games to those released on the Amstrad, Atari XL/XE, C64 and the ZX Spectrum. But now thanks to another heads up from Walter in our Commodore Amiga Facebook group, he has told us not only has the upcoming Amiga, PC and Sega Mega Drive game of 'DaemonClaw' been teased with new footage, but the creators are looking for people to sign up, test the game and give feedback while it's in development!

Revenge of Trasmoz - This upcoming Amstrad game via Volcanobytes looks super cool!

In 2020 Volcanobytes, Defecto Digital, Beyker, ThePope and BitFans, with cover/box art by Dani Diez, released the fabulous ZX Spectrum game of The Curse of Trasmoz; an Arcade game in which you played as a brave hero, on a quest to break an evil curse throughout multiple areas of more than 20 challenging yet well designed levels! Well fast forward to today and thanks to Volcanobytes who contacted us on Twitter, we have been told they are now working on the Amstrad version of 'Revenge of Trasmoz'.

Beethoven's Revenge - Play as BEETHOVEN in this rather lovely ZX Spectrum game from ZXAMAZE

Another ZX Spectrum game has graced our screens, as looking through the website, we've just come across a rather cool looking new ZX Spectrum game developed by ZXAMAZE called 'Beethoven's Revenge'; A game in which playing as the recently revived BEETHOVEN, you must not only break out of a musical detention camp of the future, but you also have to collect the necessary instruments to rescue your fellow composers and maybe even find out who captured you in the first place!

1942 - Arcade quality port is still coming to the Amiga with new shown!

In 1984 a great shoot 'em up was released for the Arcades by Capcom and that game was 1942. A game in which you not only had to shoot down enemy planes including bombers, but you could also perform awesome rolls while collecting power ups. Thankfully this game which was one of the highlights of that era, is still coming to the Amiga. As thanks to a heads up from Saberman, we have been told Agermose is still working on his full Arcade to Amiga conversion of....1942!

Knights and Slimes - In dev Arcade platformer for the C64 by Monte Boyd gets a new world map tease

The first announcement for the morning and one I think many will still be interested in playing when it gets an eventual release, is the upcoming game of Knights & Slimes for the C64 by Monte Boyd. Yes indeed we've just found out that not only is Monte Boyd still working on his new arcade platformer for the C64, but the creator behind the game has has recently teased some new footage which gives us the first look at the new world map and a new level!

Miner 2019er - HOT NEWS as the prequel to a classic 1983 title gets a C64 release!

Even more C64 games to get through now, as Psytronik via Facebook has just announced the previously mentioned C64 game of "Miner 2019er ", has finally been released for the C64! This game of which we did post about some time ago on Indie Retro News, is a fantastic prequel to the legendary classic of Miner 2049er. A game that was originally released way back in 1983 by Bill Hogue as a game that also set new standards for computer games due to its arcade quality concerning the action, paired with excellent sound and outstanding graphics(c64 wiki).

TrekWar! - A new Star Trek game for the Commodore PET by Jimbo

Fancy a new game for the Commodore PET, then you've come to the right place! As thanks to a heads up by a good friend of ours on Facebook, we've learnt of a new game that you can play right now called 
'TrekWar'; an action game which has been developed by Jimbo that is available to download for completely free for any fans of Star Trek! To coincide with this news, you can either watch the video below or download the game through itch io.