L'abbaye Des Morts - Double Sided Games announces a fabulous C64 release!

Throughout the last year and into this one we've been banging on the drums about the upcoming C64 game 'L'abbaye Des Morts', which was in development by Antonio Savona, with graphics, music, sfx by Saul Cross and Gryzor, with full permission of Locomalito. Well today is the day that everyone in the C64 should be excited, as we are pleased to announce as thanks to a heads up by the publishers Double Sided Games, that L'abbaye Des Morts is officially available as a digital download!

Mike The Guitar - Shooter edition coming to the ZX Spectrum

Mike The Guitar is back in action for the ZX Spectrum, but this time instead of being a platformer which appeared on both the Amstrad and the ZX, he's blasting badies in an upcoming shooter! Yes indeed welcome to ' Mike The Guitar - The Shooter ', the very latest announcement from Sebastian Braunert and team, in which you must blast away enemy waves and big bosses as they appear along the scrolling screen of an SEUD developed title!

Eye of the Beholder - A Dungeon Crawling classic as a port on the C64 ( Intro in the making! )

During last year we were keeping you up to date in regards to Andreas Larsson‎ and team's work in progress Eye of the Beholder port that is coming to the C64, which looks as if it was released all those years ago along side the Amiga. Well it's a new year and a new update has been posted, as thanks to Andreas Larsson from our Dungeon Crawlers : RetroGaming Facebook group, he has showed us the very first snippet of the Intro which is likely to be in the C64 version due hopefully this year!

Captain MaCaw - A ZX Spectrum Inspired Retro Platformer hits Steam!

Earlier today we were contacted by Auld Games that their ZX Spectrum inspired title of 'Captain MaCaw', had finally made an appearance on Steam. This game announced previously by us last week, is heavily inspired by ZX Spectrum classics such as Dizzy and Seymour, while having its own story of pirates, a lost island and a journey of item collection, puzzle solving and platforming antics.

Classic Dungeon Crawler Eye of the Beholder gets a BIG DarkwyndPT review!

It’s a whole new year and I made a New Year’s resolution: I decided to try finishing any past games I left unfinished before trying any new game and that includes today’s subject, Eye of the Beholder!

Eye of the Beholder is a dungeon-crawling RPG developed by Westwood Studios and published by SSI. It was originally released in 1991 for the Amiga and DOS. It was ported in 1992 for the PC-98 and in 1994 for the SNES/Super Nintendo and the Sega Mega-CD. An Atari Lynx port was also being developed by NuFX but it was never released.

But as always, let’s first look at the covers:

Guard Duty - Upcoming charming 2D fantasy adventure with a new Bloodlines Trailer

I've always been an Adventure gamer on both my Amiga and PC, and have such fond memories of games such as The Secret of Monkey Island, Simon the Sorcerer, Fable, Kings Quest and even the Quest for Glory series. So to hear that a new Adventure game with a fantasy twist known as ' Guard Duty ' by Sick Chicken Studios has got a brand new Bloodlines trailer for their upcoming game due Spring 2019, I was just a little bit excited!

Ultimate Play The Game "Sabre Wulf" is coming to the Atari XL/XE

The retro news just keeps on coming this week, as earlier today we found out ' Sabre Wulf ' will be coming to the Atari XL/XE as a new development port by Robert Stuart with music by Miker. Yes indeed this famous game released in 1984 by Ultimate Play the Game, and originally released on the ZX Spectrum, BBC Micro, C64 and Amstrad CPC, will soon be making its home on the Atari while hopefully keeping all of the original gameplay and graphical style intact.

Star (Dust) Wars - Star Wars inspired shooter gets a 3D update for the Amiga

If you've got an Amiga and sick and tired of playing homebrew platformers, then look no further than ElectricBlackSheep's Star Wars inspired Arcade shooter ' Star (Dust) Wars '. This game released as seperate downloads both 2D and 3D, is inspired by classic Star Wars games, and features non stop shooting action playing as the legendary X-Wing taking on the evil Empire. The game was written in AMOS and although the 2D version requires a 68k Amiga with 1Mb chipram (OCS,ECS,AGA) and at least V1.3 KickRom, the 3D version requires atleast an AGA based Amiga.

Rygar AGA - Tecmo's Arcade game as an Amiga port with new sound effects!

It's a late one here in the early hours of a Wednesday morning, but that didn't stop us from writing about the latest Amiga news, which as you guessed by the image above, it's about Rygar AGA! Yes indeed this upcoming Arcade port of a game released in 1986 and appearing on multiple systems such as the Sharp X68000, C64, ZX Spectrum, NES, Master System and yes even the Lynx. Has once again made an appearance on Indie Retro News, but this time with most of the required sound effects added that were missing in the earlier versions!

Baby Pac-Man - Bally Midway's Arcade game gets a new Atari 7800 port tease

It was at the end of last year we gave you the heads up that the Arcade game ' Baby Pac-Man ', was coming to the Atari 7800 as a brand new port by the developer Bob Decrescenzo, which is due to be released at some point during 2019. Thankfully time has moved on and as from this month, a new build has been teased that shows just how far the game has come even with working Pinball physics code done by Kurt Woloch!