LuftrauserZ - Paul Koller's magnum opus blasts its way onto the C64

Name: LuftrauserZ
Developer: Paul Koller
Publisher: RGCD
Format: C64 (PAL) Cartridge and Download (from
Available: Out Now

Not only is Paul Koller responsible for some of the greatest technical feats on the Commodore 64 (Super Bread Box, C64nabalt, and Micro Hexagon), his C64 demakes are also some of the most fun. Specialising in backwards porting games from modern systems which he thinks would suit the C64 graphics and cpu capabilities, his latest game is an official port of the 2014 game Luftrausers by Vlambeer  (Windows, OSX, Linux, PS3, Vita). It has taken three years to complete, and it’s easily his best yet. Set in an alternative universe's 20th century conflict, you are taken into the middle of a hostile sea in your submarine base. From here you can take off in your basic rauser (experimental sub launched fighter plane), where you instantly find yourself surrounded and under attack.

Zzap's back - Zzap! 64 Annual 2019 announced!

Remember that feeling you had when you were waiting for your favourite computer magazine to come out? We've got that feeling again right now, thanks to Chris Wilkins (The Story of Commodore 64 in Pixels) who has announced that he hopes to bring back Zzap! 64 for a very special annual edition. Although it's early days, Jaz Rignall has confirmed his involvement and we've got our fingers crossed that Gary Penn, and many more of our favourite Zzap writers will be able to help make this project happen.

The Dream Of Rowan - Amiten launches pre-order campaign for Amiga ECS Run & Jump Platformer

Through the last year or perhaps longer we've been keeping an eye on developments regarding Amiten's run and jump platformer of ' The Dream of Rowan ', which was due to be released at some point for the Amiga. Well the good news is, not only has the game come along in leaps and bounds from its first showing, the team behind the game have announced a demo, a pre-order campaign AND all this with a nice trailer or two to set the mood.

Digital Illusions Collection - A Pinball bonanza for the Amiga CD32

It's getting ever closer to Christmas and now we've just found out Amiga Jay has released the second day of Christmas fun with the ' Digital Illusions Collection '; a glorious Amiga CD32 release packed with three fantastic Pinball games and two games that don't require the smashing of a flipper button. Yes indeed welcome to one of the best Amiga CD32 packs released for some time with three of my personal favourites, Pinball Dreams, Pinball Fantasies, Pinball Illusions, as well as Benefactor and Amiganoid!

International Karate Ultimate Released - Feature C64 Roundup!

Following on from last week's preview, you can now play the full release of International Karate Ultimate.  A 30th anniversary homage to theArcher MacLean classic created by JonEgg, Excess and Formby cracking group inspired by a meet up at Syntax '17 demo party in Melbourne.   Here's a look at the features the final release includes.  

Unavowed - Wadjet Eye Games announces 2018 release date with a new trailer!

Wadjet Eye Games, the Studio behind the brilliant adventure games such as Golden Wake and The Blackwell Series have once again contacted us regarding their upcoming supernatural adventure game ' Unavowed ', which tells a story of dark forces and a squad of young blood to protect the mundane world from a threat stronger than any these crime fighters have faced. Wadjet Eye Games has told us not only is the game due to be released in 2018 but a new trailer has arrived that shows off the fantastic design of the game and the possible story to come.

Organism - Isometric Aliens C64 game gets a new tease and it looks fab

During this year we've constantly kept you up to date with Trevor Storey, Achim Volkers and Saul Cross's C64 game ' Organism ', which has that Aliens vibe but looks fantastic as an Isometric action game that is due to be released next year via Psytronik. Well as of today the same game is in the news again, because the team behind the game have announced it as not only 95% complete, but they have released a new teaser to the upcoming release showing not just the intro but in game footage as well.

Knight Hero - Upcoming ZX Spectrum platformer with Chess pieces!

Jaime Grilo has recently announced a new game that is coming to the ZX Spectrum, that is very much inspired by Chess but instead is actually a platformer but using Chess pieces. Titled as ' Knight Hero ', this is a new game in development using Arcade Game Designer that doesn't just look bloody good fun with well timed jumps the order of the day, but the music sounds fantastic thanks to Risky using Musicizer II!

White Light - BBC Micro owners should check this latest game out!

Dave Moore@DaveArcadian has contacted us through our twitter feed about a new game that has launched for the BBC Micro that doesn't just look rather awesome but it's available as a free download and can be purchased as a physical copy on a 5.25in floppy! Tilted as ' White Light ' and developed by Sarah Walker with graphics by John Blythe, comes a new game as an unofficial sequel to FireTrack, which has long been regarded as one of the most technically advanced games ever made for the BBC Micro.

Gunfright Returns - Reloaded Remix - An enhanced version for the ZX Spectrum

If you were an Ultimate Play the Game fan in the 80's, then this latest news which has appeared in our inbox might just interest you, as the Ultimate Play the Game classic of ' Gunfright ', has been enhanced for the ZX Spectrum as ' Gun Fright Returns - Reloaded Remix '. This game which was released in 1985 as an isometric action game written by Tim and Chris Stamper has now been given some rather nice improvements thanks to TomCaT , GoodBoy, tiboh and Panda!