ROBOTS RUMBLE - A challenging puzzle platformer released for the ZX Spectrum

Great news if you're a ZX Spectrum player as we've recently been informed that Miguetelo Art has released his puzzle platformer ' Robots Rumble ' for the ZX Spectrum 48k and 128k. Yes indeed if you're looking for a challenge and love listening to a fabulous soundtrack (128k) then read on as I think you'll agree this game will keep you hooked!

Scuttlebutt - Behind Enema Lines: New game from Karl Hörnell for C64

Veteran Game developer and Cartoonist Karl Hörnell has ported his free to download ZX Spectrum game: Scuttlebutt, to the C64. Karl created a number of games for Interceptor Software while still at school. These included Clean Up Time, Velocipede, Fruity, Ronald Rubberduck and Toad Force. These were all pretty much entirely solo projects. As working for a UK company whilst in Sweden kept him isolated from the rest of the in house development team, and no internet or email to share knowledge. Even so, his games are well regarded, even to this day.

Star Control: Origins - A modern variant to a classic game series

Released back in probably the best gaming years of the 90's, the space adventure/combat/RPG Star Control and its sequel Star Control II was an all time classic series for the PC that has been un-matched even today as although it mixed it up with space exploration and combat, it had lightheartedness interspersed with darker moments to make it a rather unique experience indeed. Thankfully for those who remember them will be pleased to know ' Star Control: Origins '; A modern variant of those classics, will be launched within the next 30mins on GOG/Steam!

Prisoner of War - An upcoming MSX1 game you'll not want to miss

It's time to give the MSX1 a bit of retro love as we've just found out as of this December, the developer @unepic_fran, with music and sound effects by @jvicentemz, and @Gryzor87 will be releasing their current work in progress game of Prisoner of War for the MSX. If you like your stealth games then read on, as in this game playing as a prisoner of war shot down in your helicoptor you'll need to escape!

Portal port to the C64 is about 80% complete!

Earlier this month we shocked the news scene as we found out the C64 was going to be getting a port of the hit puzzle game ' Portal ', which was a modern game released on Steam way back in 2007. Well fast forward to today and boy do we have a great heads up for you, as the developer Jamie Fuller has tweeted not only is the game is nearly 80% complete, but he's shown off new footage of this fabulous work in progress project.

Treasure Island Dizzy - Classic Oliver Twins game appears as a pre-order for the Atari Jaguar!

Defender of the Crown isn't the only game to be announced as coming to the Atari Jaguar and available as a pre-order, as we've also found out the classic 1980's The Oliver Twins game ' Treasure Island Dizzy ' is also making its home on this fabulous console. This game which is close to my gaming heart will include a professionally printed, full-color box, a full-color manual and game cartridge. This run of Treasure Island Dizzy is limited to 250 copies.

Defender of the Crown - All time classic game by Cinemaware is coming to the Atari Jaguar (Pre-order!)

One game I remember so fondly is Cinemaware's fantastic medieval game ' Defender of the Crown ' from 1986. It was released for multiple systems including the Amiga, DOS, NES, Atari ST, Amstrad CPC, C64, Macintosh and the Apple IIGS in 1988 with a CD-i version much later on. A grand game for its time and loved by all, is going to make an appearance on another retro system, as we've just learnt Defender of the Crown will be coming to the Atari Jaguar!

L'abbaye Des Morts - Upcoming eagerly awaited C64 port gets one last sneak peak!

Some time back we announced the release of L'Abbaye des Morts; a great retro platformer in a ZX Spectrum style that was originally developed by Locomalito who is no stranger to developing fantastic games such as Maldita Castilla and Hydorah. Well you'll be pleased to know that same game which also appeared as a port for the Amiga OS 4 and Sega Megadrive is still coming to the C64 and has been shown off with brand new footage before its eventual release!

Giana-Sisters 30th Anniversary Extended Preview - A glorious C64 celebration of Giana Sisters

We've certainly heard a lot about that famous platformer the Great Giana Sisters from 1987, especially as it came back to the Amiga as a Giana Special Edition by Reimagine Games and then of course the Great Giana-Sisters Construction-Set, whereby you can create your own levels. But this latest release as Giana-Sisters 30th Anniversary Extended Preview on the C64 by The-Seven-A-Three, is something of a special breed and one you might be interested in checking out!

Super Cars - A well known classic gets a ZX speccy review

Super Cars is a game that has it all, when it comes to car games at least; cars, racing, power-ups and the ability to earn money, all in one game! 'How can one game manage that?!' I hear you cry? Well, I don't know as I'm not a programmer, but those geniuses at Gremlin Graphics have managed it. No more just playing a car game just to do racing or just to earn money and upgrade; this one has it all. Including missiles.