Hired Guns - An Amiga Sci-fi experience like no other on the PC

As its my Birthday today, I thought it best to celebrate by mentioning one of the best games on the Amiga, 'Hired Guns', which has been packaged together with FS-UAE for playability on the PC by GamesNostalgia. First released in 1993 for both Amiga and DOS, this game was the highlight of my gaming youth developed by DMA Design and published by Psygnosis. It put you in charge of 4 mercenaries lured into a trap! A weapons proving ground whereby you must defend yourself against genetically engineered creatures.

Magica - A rather lovely Amstrad game by Reidrac gets teased

Reidrac ( Juan J Martinez ) who is one of our favourite homebrew developers on an 8bit system has appeared in our news feeds again with his new game Magica, which is in development for the Amstrad CPC. This game from the teased description is going to be a multi level single screen arcade game, with similar stun and hit mechanics to that of other great games such as Bubble Bobble and Snow Bros, while also having the developers own unique blend of great graphics and fun for all gameplay.

WinUAE 3.4.0 Beta 9 - Latest Amiga Emulator beta fixes expansion handling

Although we missed WinUAE 3.4.0 Beta 8, we didn't miss out on WinUAE 3.4.0 Beta 9 which was released earlier this evening and not long after the previous version. Once again Toni Wilen is still working on the best Amiga emulator to be feature perfect, and this time he's made sure the expansion handling addition is more stable. But as per usual there's always other fixes and improvements to be made and you can read the entire changelog below.

Defender of the Crown - ZX Spectrum edition by Cinemaware Retro limited to 250 units!

We've been keeping an eye on the speccy forums this week and after a heads up by our good friends Cinemaware Retro, they have announced the full details of the Defender of the Crown ZX Spectrum version. As many of you know, not long ago we spoke of a rare game by Mirrosoft that according to Cinemaware was never officially released, although some of our members have said otherwise. Yet this week as shown by the image above, Cinemaware Retro have told us the FIXED version is available for order, limited to just 250 units and shipping will begin October 2016.

Wonder Boy Returns - Wonder Boy classic gets a cartoon makeover

You'd be forgiven in thinking there wasn't going to be anymore Wonder Boy games coming to the PC, however after the announcement of Monster Boy and The Cursed Kingdom and Wonderboy The Dragons Trap, you're now going to have to put up with Wonder Boy Returns, which is coming to Steam this fall! With a heads up by CFK, Wonder Boy Returns is a complete remake of the first Wonder Boy game, which originally appeared in the Arcades as a highly addictive side scrolling skateboard rock jumping and axe bashing platformer.

Double Dragon Reloaded - A near Arcade experience brings back the nostalgia

Friday just gets better and better as another game has hit our news feeds and it's none other than Double Dragon, or shall I say 'Double Dragon Reloaded' by MAGGGAS using OpenBOR. First released way back in the 80's by Taito Corporation, Double Dragon was a fantastic beat 'em up game that featured high grade fighting two player fun on many different systems such as the Amstrad, Amiga and C64. But now you too can play Double Dragon as an unofficial reloaded version which is a mix of Double Dragon 1, 2 and includes elements from Double Dragon Advanced.

Strange Kitchen Boriel version - Don't shoot the wrong ingredients ZX Spectrum owners!

Textvoyage has recently released a new game on the ZX Spectrum and this one is called ' Strange Kitchen ' the Boriel version. Developed using Boriel ZX Basic (hence the name ) you must take note of the ingredients needed for each level, and blast those that are not meant to be added to your tasty brew. Once all the correct ingredients have been added it's a level complete but allow the wrong one to get in and it's a game over.

Walker - Amiga blaster classic demo'd on the ZX Spectrum

Walker on the Amiga was an incredible action packed shooter by DMA Design/Psygnosis. It was released way back in 1993 and puts you and possibly a friend in control of a giant walker like machine, through multiple time periods blasting both man and vehicle to pieces with a very powerful gun. It was such a great game to play and to look at, that I was surprised to learn this week of a ZX port by Russian coders 'Alien Factory' in 2001-9 to the ZX Spectrum (Pentagon clone)

Big Blue - A brand new Vectrex diving game ready for your orders

A new Vectrex game you say? Oh yes indeed, and this one looks seriously cool! Developed by Chris Parsons, Big Blue is the latest game that is set to take the Vectrex scene by storm. In this game you play as a treasure hunting diver of deep explorations, on the hunt for not just treasure keys for big rewards but special fish which swim below the ocean depths. Just be careful now, not only is your air supply dropping fast but there are deadly Sharks, hungry for the next meal.