Magic Pockets - A great Amiga title now PC playable!

Get ready to play one of Bitmap Brother's coolest games, 'Magic Pockets'; an October 1991 release for the Amiga, Atari ST and PC. Starring the Bitmap Kid in an Arcade Platformer, you must play through all the interesting levels to recover your toys from those sneaky creatures who have decided to keep the toys for themselves. Available to play today from the Amiga version on your PC, with lots of lovely cheats thanks to The Company.PL

Star Slayer +34D [crazy hack] - Action Shooter cracked for the C64

Hackersoft have now turned their attention to another classic C64 title and it's none other than the difficult 1987 Silverbird release of 'Star Slayer'; an action shooter in which you play as a hard-load bounty hunter, chosen by The Galactic Federation to clear up the Star Colonies from evil Scum. Just be aware the only way to reach each colony is through teleportation and the collection of teleportation discs and a high enough bounty. Thankfully Hackersoft are on hand with some new cheats so no more high difficulty for you!

The lost treasure of Cuauhtemoc - Impressive Amstrad CPC game teased

After the recent flood of C64 and jaw dropping ZX Spectrum games such as Castlevania and Pentacorn Quest, it seems to have pushed the Amstrad homebrew scene into action with the latest teased announcement of 'The lost treasure of Cuauhtemoc'. What looks to be an arcade platformer with very similar styles to Pentacorn, should hopefully see a release at some point this year.

WinUAE 3.1.0 beta 11 - The latest improved Amiga emulator release

Just the other day Toni Wilen had released the latest beta build of WinUAE 3.10 beta 11 for the Amiga community. Although this version does not have any new impressive features it does contain many many fixes such as CDTV SCSI working and A26x0 J304 jumper emulation. As per usual it's available to download directly from the provided link or on the forums. Read on for the change log

Underworld Ascendant - An all time classic RPG overhauled kickstarter success!

Brilliant news for Otherside Entertainment as their overhauled, modernised sequel to an all time classic game 'Ultima Underworld' titled 'Underworld Ascendant' is now officially a Kickstarter success! With only just a few days to go and some concerns it wasn't going to make it at the half way point, we will now be able to play this rekindled legendary fantasy RPG series late 2016.

Bedrooms to Billions: The Amiga Years - Launches a Kickstarter

After our recent announcement about the teaser trailer for the Caulfields forthcoming Amiga film From Bedrooms to Billions: The Amiga Years, comes the launch of a brand new Kickstarter campaign to fund ALL NEW footage for the new movie.

Event Announcement: South Coast Amiga Rendezvous

For anyone that follows the retro events scene in the UK, it seems that all the juicy events take place either in the North (Manchester, Blackpool) or in London. Well following the pattern of the successful Lincolnshire Amiga Group meets, Indie Retro News writer Alistair has decided to put on a meeting in the South Hampshire area (UK) in Southampton - South Coast Amiga Rendezvous.

S.E.S Supercart 60-in-1 [easyflash] - 60 retro classics for the C64!

Here's a great way to spend a Friday and towards the weekend as EDK/SAM have just released the S.E.S Supercart 60-in-1 [easyflash] -Fixed, which totals 60 incredible classics that you can play right now on your C64. Games list includes Boulder Dash II, Defender, Tapper, Wizard of Wor, River Raid, Load Runner, Pitfall 2, QBert and many many more. So if you have a 1541 ultimate or any other way of playing Easyflash Carts, then you've just got to download this great retro package.

Seaworthy: A Pirate Retro Roguelike Inspired By Sid Meier's Pirates: Now Live On KickStarter!

Two-man team Mildly Competent Games have been working on an exciting 8-bit pirate game 'Seaworthy' for upwards of a year that looks fun, amusing, challenging, and full of “yar!”. Help it get Kick-Started!

Slain! - Jaw dropping slasher gets a Kickstarter

What a week this is turning out to be with so many fantastic games to play it's any wonder that we have any time to get things done. So here we are with another fantastic looking game that has just appeared on Kickstarter; 'Slain!' by Wolf Brew Games. A brand new hack and slash platformer with stunning jaw dropping visuals and more blood on the screen than a blood bank.

RPG Maker - Bundles stars gives you the power to create your own RPG's!

Bundle Stars have stepped away from the usual bundle deals of great games, and decided to sell a ton of 'RPG Maker' goodness in the 'RPG MAKER SALE'. But what is RPG Maker I hear you ask? RPG Maker is one of the most highly regarded engines for creating RPG games in a similar style to classic NES and SNES RPG's. It is a powerful editor and supports multiple tilesets with flexible features.