GOOD NIGHT KANGA - Gabriele Amore is keeping busy with another ZX Spectrum game

I'm really not sure how Gabriele Amore does it, the developer releases so many games, it almost puts other ZX Spectrum homebrewers to shame! Well once again it's another Gabriele game and this one is called ' GOOD NIGHT KANGA ', and again it's for the ZX Spectrum. In this small little game, you play as big Daddy Kanga, and must take out all the lights and kiss baby Kanga a peaceful goodnight.

ZX Spectrum Classics - Robocop - A retro review by Florinthedwarf

Welcome to what I'm hoping to be a new theme where I look at bona fide Speccy classics. I have ideas of which games I want to feature but also please, if you have suggestions, feel free to tweet me @florinthedwarf and I will see if I can include them. There may well be some absolute stonkers which I haven't played before so I welcome any suggestions in case I missed out on these first time around. Right, on with the first game to feature - Robocop!

Kathy Rain - 4,000+ lines of dialogue in this new Adventure release on Steam!

Coming completely out of the blue and one that I cannot miss when it's released in less than 5 hours time from writing this article, is Clifftop Games retro-ish point and click adventure ' Kathy Rain ', which will be on Steam for PC and Mac. As for the story, which every cool adventure game needs, you play as Kathy Rain, as she tries to come to terms with her own troubled past as she investigates the mysterious death of her recently deceased grandfather!

Total Pattern - Challenging Amiga puzzler due SOON!

Another day, another bit of retro gaming news, and this one is for the Amiga! This is ' Total Pattern ' developed by Digital Team, which was first previewed at the Retrokomp/Loaderror party 2015. If you like challenging puzzle games that really put your mind to the test, then the puzzle game Total Pattern, might just be the game for you. With graphics by djpiotrs and Selur, and a great soundtrack by Andrzej Drozd, this game is currently being worked on and will be released very soon!

Sid Meier's Pirates! On the ZX Spectrum? Well sort of

It is incredible to think that the original Sid Meier's retro gaming hit of 'Pirates!', from way back in the late 80's can still be played today and enjoyed by people of all ages. It had you sailing your very own ship such as a fast sloop, capturing other ships, looking for treasure, sword fighting on deck, and marrying a rather pretty lady! The problem was however, that even though it was highly addictive and appeared on the Amiga, Amiga CD32, Apple II/IIGS, Atari ST, Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC and many others, it did not appear on the ZX Spectrum. So an artist by the name of 4thRock has done a what if of Pirates!, with images converted over to the ZX Spectrum!

Pentagram - Ultimate Edition - v.1.00 - Knightlore sequel ported to the C64

How about this? A brand new C64 title, available from today! Ported from the ZX Spectrum to the Atari 8bit back in March, this port of Pentagram gets some exclusive Commodore features: Such as supporting the 2nd fire button on C64GS compatible joysticks, 25% speed up on C128, and new screen and sprite blitting routines.  Also immortality, mega jump, teleportation and time bending cheats to help you through this rather tough isometric adventure.

Gorgeous ZX Spectrum Art Work - Part 2

At the beginning of this year, we featured in our opinion some of the best ZX Spectrum artwork, that was re-created by many different talented artists. Many of the designs were either from original games given a touch up, or completely redesigned to look far more impressive and gorgeous to the eye. But to my shock, the article ended up so popular that our Facebook and Twitter feed was shared multiple times. So it is with great pleasure to announce our second listing of favourite ZX Spectrum images, with one of them being Privet by r0bat, which is shown above (link).

DOGOS - Eye popping shoot em up, gets a Steam Greenlight campaign

Enough with the retro games already, lets talk about some Indies! So here we are with 'DOGOS' by Opqam; which is a visually impressive shoot em up, inspired by the classics, but with far more drool worthy detail, that needs your Steam Greenlight thumbs up. In this game you play as Desmond Phoenix, a skilled pilot in command of a multitude of ships, packed to the teeth with deadly weaponry, against the Zeetnuk forces!

The Happiest Days of Your Life +3DM - More like high school blues.

Firebird Software's 1986 school days simulator: The Happiest Days of Your Life gets the Hokuto Force treatment this week. A somewhat frustrating puzzler has been tamed thanks to infinite health, lives and easy completion modes and bug fixes. The idea of the game is to find the head master's wallet and prevent getting caned for stealing it by finding photographic evidence along the way.