Wide-Dot Pixel Game Jam 2017 - A new retro inspired Jam starts this Saturday!

Throughout the years we've featured as many of the retro and indie game jams as possible, from the Speccy Jam to the very latest CGA inspiration, with each of these giving people around the world the opportunity to create any game they wish, as long as it fits the specific system criteria set by the competition creators. Thus fast forward to today, and it is time to announce the Wide-Dot Pixel Game Jam 2017; a Game Jam which starts this Saturday that is sure to excite both the game maker and anyone who loves the Amstrad, C64, or even the Atari 2600!

R-Squadron - Amiga game made in SEUCK you might not have heard of!

It wasn't too long ago now that HayesMaker did a great write up of the latest 30th Anniversary Special and Spanish Competition, which featured a number of C64 games that rightly deserved a place on our site. In fact in response to the write up, a twitter member by the name of @KEEZEES stepped forward and told us that he too had made a game using SEUCK, however this one wasn't using the C64 game creation software, but the Amiga version, with the game name of ' R-Squadron '.

Mages of Aethelion - NES strategy game is in development

It's not often we mention new strategy games coming to the NES, but Estlib and with the help of MS-DOS, have announced they are working on a NES strategy game called Mages of Aethelion, which they hope to be a feature complete turn-based exploration experience. Now before you get your hopes up, there is a long way to go as the game is still in development and the screenshots below will be subject to change, especially the terrain.

Tales of Gorluth II - Amiga 68k Action RPG sequel gets a digital release

AMIworx are hoping to make your week complete as they have informed the Amiga community of the digital download release for their Action RPG game 'Tales of Gorluth II', which is a sequel to the best Amiga RPG of 2014. Thanks to the Amiga community this sequel came to light, as after 200 pre-orders were reached, the developers realised this game had to happen, but far more improved than its predecessor.

Cheese And Onion - There's no crisps in this commercial VIC-20 game!

VIC-20 owners are you feeling left out? Well worry not! As if you've got the cash, Misfit, The Future Was 8bit and Tynemouth Software have announced 'Cheese And Onion' for the VIC-20 which is ready for your pre-orders and hope to be shipped within the next 2-4 weeks! This charming little game staring Dr.Tynehul, features lots of platforming fun as you jump over enemies to collect items all the while admiring the impressive scrolling!

Ghosts 'n Goblins - Overhaul in development for the Amstrad CPC Plus gets an update video

The Amstrad more especially the plus range including the GX4000, is really starting to impress especially with the Shadow of the Beast demo shown off on the Amstrad CPC Plus, which amazed pretty much everyone who saw it. But today's update video is once again showing us just how good the Amstrad is, as thanks to a new video by Stab1l0b0ss, he has shown us better footage of the Ghosts 'N Goblins overhaul that is being coded by Golem13, Graphics by Winner and Sound/FX by Ixien!

B-Squared - A very square platformer released for the ZX Spectrum

Announced just moments ago via his twitter profile, Paul Jenkinson‏ with music by David Saphier and Sergey Nilov have released the charming little game ' B-Squared ' for the ZX Spectrum. In this new game you play as a single blocked square and must make your way through 31 screens to complete the game. Be aware, not only can you die by touching nasties and evil spikes, but you can only jump upwards! So think carefully before your next move.

WORLD OF HORROR - Classic Macintosh inspired horror game you might enjoy

What do you get if you load up a classic 90's Macintosh and infuse it with the darkest of horror games? Possibly this one 'WORLD OF HORROR'; an Adventure RPG lover letter to the horror work of Junji Ito. This game pits you against old gods with all the evil and chaos they bring, you'll have to solve clues, use spells and investigate mysteries all over the city ­and in the realms beyond.

Super Skelemania - Play as an acrobatic skeleton in this creepy platformer

We don't just love retro games but indie games as well, and so it's time to mention Benal's Adventure Platformer ' Super Skelemania ', which wasn't just a Steam Greenlight success but has since been released via Gamejolt and Steam! This game that was teased some time ago as a demo puts you in control of a rather frantic skeleton, with some seriously cool moves, such as diving, rolling and even the ability to extend and skull bash!

Crumbs! - Pac-Man on the Atari Jaguar? Well sort of!

Throughout the years there have been many Pac-Man games mentioned on Indie Retro News, from the Pac-Man Xtreme romhack, to Jr. Pac-Man on the Intellivision and even a Pac-Man game on the Pico-8, which all vary in style to the 1980's hit classic that can still be found today sitting as a port beside an Atari 2600 ( or if you're lucky an original Arcade machine ). Now this latest news isn't just a Pac-Man inspired game but it takes the original game and turns it on its head, as at some point soon if you have an Atari Jaguar you'll be able to play this inspiration but in first person!