A possible Zelda style game shown as an early concept on the C64 - Part 2

Only a few weeks ago Trevor Storey, Georg Rottensteiner and Achim Volkers, behind the in development Argus and Soulless 2, and the more recently released Barnsley Badger and My Life. Released a very early concept and perhaps future project of what looked to be a Zelda style game complete with top down view, pots, shield in hand and even treasure chests on the C64. Well once again this concept has appeared on Facebook but this time as four new charsets.

Jester's Quest - Fairy tale metroidvania is aiming for a Steam Greenlight success

I thought it best for the time being to put aside the latest homebrew developments and look towards Steam Greenlight for my gaming fix, with the newly added retro-ish metroidvania platformer ' Jester's Quest ' developed by Fendi. This is a fairy tale game with some RPG elements, that puts you in control of a lovable Jester that not only has to save the Kingdom, but also has to get the princess!

AkReal v8.8 - Unofficial conversion of a great OS, optimised for real Amiga AGA!

Throughout the years many of us have either stuck to a lovely plain blue Amiga based OS or a fully featured Bloodwych installed ClassicWB. But now thanks to Retrofan, there's another OS you might want to install and that's the latest release of AkReal Version 8.8. This latest software is an unofficial conversion of AmiKit, the high-end distribution of the best classic Amiga software, which has been optimised for real Amiga's with AGA.

Hyper Sentinel - Seriously cool looking modern Uridium is a Kickstarter success!

Just moments ago Andrew Hewson & Rob Hewson, the surname behind the awesome legendary company Hewson Consultants from the 80's to the 90's with games such as the fantastic Uridium, Paradroid, Cybernoid, Exolon, Nebulus and many others, have announced that Hyper Sentinel is a Kickstarter success raising £15,046 with 18 days still to go. From a failed previous Kickstarter they have took on board what needed to be done and now this very modern looking Uridium is coming to a system near you!

Slipstream +2 - A shooter with a seriously cool beat makes its way to the C16 & C64

Move over Amiga as it is now time for the C16 and C64 to shine, as Hedning GP has informed me about the latest release from Genesis Project and Triad, that supports both SuperCPU and Turbo Chameleon for smoother and more enjoyable gameplay, ' Slipstream + 2 ' developed by Bauknecht! In this game you pilot a special ship known as the Slipstream, that is on a mission to fly into deep space and into a number of Robots to destroy them before their attention is to attack the outer worlds.

Max Knight - A brand new 2D platformer appears on the Amiga!

At the end of last year towards Christmas time, Pixel Nation released the homebrew platformer of ' Max Knight Xmas ' as a festive teaser for the upcoming full Amiga game that was due to be released this year. Well you'll be pleased to know Pixel Nation has been true to their word and as of today the full version of ' Max Knight ' is available for all to download and play on an Amiga in both ADF or HD format.

Arctic Moves - Gun blasting platformer from the Atari ST gets an Amiga port!

It's once again back to writing and it's a bit of a special one for this evening, as our good friend DamienD has recently contacted us through the Amiga forums of a new-ish release that has appeared on the Amiga as a port from the Atari ST by meynaf. This is ' Arctic Moves ', the sequel to Dinamic's very addictive yet incredibly difficult action platformer Navy Moves which first appeared in 1989

Outpost - Rare Missile Command clone sees brand new Trainer release for the C64

The iconic Atari game Missile Command didn't get the best of ports on the C64, (I don't think it ever got an official Atari port), so fans of the frenetic arcade blaster should definitely check out Outpost, written by Thomas Czarnecki and released in 1989. Laxity have added documentation and Trainer goodness for this version (infinite lives and/or ammo).

Clash of Wills - World War II game comes out of the trenches for the C64

Genesis Project are feeling rather historic today, as they have released a long lost forgotten strategy game called ' Clash of Wills ' for the C64. Now this game was first developed way back in 1985 by Digital Kamp Group, but now thanks to Hedning and a good tidy up by Zyron, the game has been released with a massive documentation, put together on a single file, bug fixed and enhanced. Oh and of course thanks to Dymo, who gave it the final test for public consumption.

Guard Duty - 2D Charming fantasy adventure game gets a Kickstarter and Greenlight campaign

I've always been an Adventure gamer on both my Amiga and PC, and have such fond memories of games such as The Secret of Monkey Island, Simon the Sorcerer, Fable, Kings Quest and even the Quest for Glory series. So to hear about a brand new Adventure game with a fantasy twist known as ' Guard Duty ' by Sick Chicken Studios, that's going through a Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaign, I was pretty excited.