Secrets of Grindea - Action RPG first Impressions & beta playthrough

PixelFerrets was kind enough to provide us with an early teaser for Secrets of Grindea and through most of this afternoon I was giving the game a quick playthrough. A game described as an Action RPG that is inspired by the classic Action RPG SNES titles of the past. From the initial load up you can customize your character, giving him that style to your liking which it gives it that little bit of edge over other SNES titles and really adds to the personality of the game. But it's not until you actually get into Grindea you realise just how good and retro this game looks, it's a thing of beauty for SNES fans!

Sunday Remix! - This time it's full of bass

Last Sunday we had nearly 10hrs of chiptunes, so it's time to pull it back abit, but that doesn't mean it isn't as good. Oh no, Indie Retro News doesn't skimp on the music! We've got a nice selection from the C64 with all the bass your speakers can take. So turn it up and listen to the mighty beats from the C64!

Interplanetary - Wage war in space through Steam early access

When I first saw this game, I thought oh, another 4X strategy title on Steam, but how wrong I was. Interplanetary by Team Jolly Roger is a turn based strategy artillery game where you wage destructive war in space against your foes, through the use of planets and weapons. Each planet can be used to develop powerful weapons of mass destruction, either rail gun, missile or beam weapon. Who ever said that space was going to be peaceful? If waging war is your pass time, then check out Interplanetary which is now available on Steam Early Access for only £3.49.

Outpost: Save Yourselves - Manage your base or suffer a fate worse than death itself! ( Open Beta )

In the Outpost, developed by Highland Gaming you must manage your base, it's systems, the crew and their abilities to survive until rescue. Earthquakes, freezing storms and the local fauna are bad enough, but something killed the last occupants of this base, and it'll be back, so you must survive! According to the developers Outpost is currently in open beta and needs your votes on Steam Greenlight.
Release : June 2014 Systems : PC

1869 - Trade on the high seas in this free Amiga-PC portable release!

Released in 1992/3 for the Amiga and developed by Max Design. 1869 is a sea trading/empire building game set in, you guessed it, 1869. It could almost be called the Patrician of the Amiga, as the game is very similar, in the fact that in both games you can trade from town to town, buy ships and become a rich trader. The graphics really suit the game and it's also fun to play although playing against another person was the more enjoyable. Thanks to The Company.PL 1869 is now available for your PC in a free portable edition.

Radical Heroes Crimson City Crisis - Mad Unicorn Games kicks plenty of arse in this full alpha

During today I had the pleasure of playing Radical Heroes Crimson City Crisis, a kick ass brawling beat em up from Mad Unicorn Games. Although the game is in Full Alpha and available to buy from Desura, it still packs plenty of fist worthy fun in the time that I had played. You'll be admiring the retro style graphics, taking in the detail, looking at the gameboy style map, visiting the shops and then smacking the living bleep out of all that stand in your way, even the citizens walking past! But that's not all, as can you pick up items to fight with, or empower yourself with new moves to create record breaking combos and perks to pump your hero up for extra punching power. If your button mashing finger needs a rest, grab an animal and ride it around the map! The only critique I could give this early build from my short play through, was the music was very repetitve and there needed to be far more variety in the enemies. But I'm sure all this will be sorted during development! So the question is, is it worth buying? Yes, especially for the price of £3.99 you can't go wrong.

No. 2 Game - It's all about the coloured matching poo for iOS

When the developer Art + Science Labs gave me the heads up about their game No. 2 Game on Kickstarter, I had no idea what I was in for. The picture alone says one thing to me, that my little pony has a serious case of coloured diarrhea. But that's not exactly what the game is about, as No. 2 Game is a color-matching Kawaii-style puzzle game whereby you connect adorable poops until you clear the board. Kids will love this game as it has the charm, and it's not seriously poopy. So head on over to the Kickstarter page and give them a pledge, oh and check out the demo!
Systems :  iPhones and iPads. Android(Maybe)

Life Goes On - Use dead bodies to solve puzzles!

Life Goes On must be the most morbid game of the week, as it has you solving puzzles by using the bodies of dead heroic knights to solve puzzles. The strange thing is, it works really well in this game. As by impaling knights on spikes or other such deadly traps you're able to reach new platforms or pass the next puzzle to carry on. Developed by Infinite Monkeys Entertainment, Life Goes On is full of enjoyment and will appeal to your dark side with over 50 levels of knightly torment. Available now via the Steam page or the main website for 20% off!
Systems : PC, Mac, Linux