The Wild Wood - A new game is coming to the C64 and it looks incredible! (In-depth Details)

Indie Retro News has always tried to be one of the top ended sites for the latest in retro gaming news spanning across multiple 8bit systems such as the Amstrad, C64 or the ZX Spectrum. So it's with great pleasure to announce as thanks to a heads up by a good friend of ours, we are here to show the latest preview for the eagerly awaited title of ' The Wild Wood '; a beautiful game which is coming to the C64 at some point in the near future.

RUN FROM THE ZOMBIES - An endless runner being chased by a Zombie Horde!

If you're looking for more VIC-20 news then you've come to the right place! As we've just found out trawling through the website, that can you now download the latest horror game for Halloween called RUN FROM THE ZOMBIES. This game developed by Johan Van den Brande, is a new release in which you need to run as fast and as far as you can, from the ever increasing Zombie Horde caused by a deadly virus from China.

Melkhior's Mansion - In Dev Ultimate Play the Game inspired 'Atic Atac' gets a PC Demo!

Remember when we gave you the heads up that the Ultimate Play the Game's famous classic Atic Atac, was not only being remade for the PC, ZX Spectrum Next and ZX Spectrum 128k? Well there's great news for this gloomy Monday afternoon, as after checking their tweeter feed recently, we've found out that as if you've been looking forward to playing the inspirational remake of Melkhior's Mansion, you can download the Windows Demo right now.

Vampire Slayer Demo - Castlevania engine on the ZX Spectrum by Pat Morita Team

We've certainly played our fare share of Castlevania inspired games over the years, especially the most impressive Castlevania Spectral Interlude, which we had the pleasure of playing way back in 2015 on the ZX Spectrum which was created by Sanchez. But today thanks to a heads up by Andy Godoy, we've been told that if you are a fan of Castlevania and have a ZX Spectrum, you can now try out the latest demo of Vampire Slayer ; a Castlevania engine from the Mojon Twins' MK1 Churrera to show just how powerful it can be for the speccy!

Super Metal Hero - A new Amiga platformer with Parallax scrolling gets a progress video update

An early morning news update for all you Amiga owners out there ( Yes Amiga Bill you too! ;) ), as we've recently been informed that the upcoming Amiga game known as 'Super Metal Hero', has received a new video update showing the development progress so far. This game announced by us sometime ago but with a different coder, is a new Amiga game that is being coded in Blitz Basic by Colin Vella, graphics by Tenshu, Music by JMD and publishing by Double Sided Games.

Wiz - Quest for the Magic Lantern - Promo video for an upcoming Amiga AGA game via MutationSoftware

It's time for the Amiga to get in on the retro gaming fun, as trawling through the EAB forums, we've come across an announcement that Wiz - Quest for the Magic Lantern, will be coming to the Amiga as of December 5th 2020 in Physical & Digital formats. What is this charming looking game you might ask? Well it's a brand new Amiga AGA game from MutationSoftware, that looks to be great fun to play by anyone of any age!

Survival Messenger Adventure - High quality text based adventure game for the C64!

We've mentioned a number of command text based adventure games on Indie Retro News, from games such as Venganza and Spooky Adventure, to Knight Orc and Masquerade. But now another game has appeared which will appeal to gamers who like those sort of games, as we've been told by a good friend of ours, that The 7th Division and Vintage Computing Carinthia has released the text based adventure game of Survival Messenger Adventure for the C64.

ALIEN STORM - A remake of the Arcade classic Space Invaders for multiple retro systems

I'm sure many of you remember Space Invaders, a game that was first released way back in 1978 in the Arcades in Japan with a further release made available in the United States and a much later version in the 1980's on the Atari 2600.  Well if you do remember it, or more especially its clones and inspired games, you might be interested to know that spotlessmind1975 has done a remake of the game and released it as Alien Storm for the C64, VIC-20 (with expansion memory installed), PLUS/4, C128 and Atari.

The Witch - A ZX remake of the classic 8-bit game Cauldron from Palace Software.

Ah "Cauldron", what a game that was, flying about the landscape on your broom shooting bats and jumping platforms while avoiding baddies. Hard to believe it was released all those years ago in 1985 for the ZX Spectrum, C64 and Amstrad CPC! But today we are going to feature something special for fans of that classic game, as moments ago the remake of the game which Serranito Online are calling 'The Witch', has been released for the ZX Spectrum.

Corsair Trainer - A very impressive Amstrad Shoot em up demo'd by Bitplane Technomantes

Listen up Amstrad owners have we got a special treat for you! As this week thanks to a heads up via Saberman, we have found out that Bitplane Technomantes has released a demo of a rather cool looking Amstrad shoot em up called 'Corsair Trainer'. This game first shown at the Assembly Online Event, looks to be an upcoming game that doesn't just feature smooth scrolling, but pixel perfect accuracy and gameplay to that of an Arcade blaster!

The Making of Monkey Island (30th Anniversary Documentary)

I'm sure many of you especially Amiga owners, will remember the brilliant 1990 Adventure game ' The Secret of Monkey Island, by Lucasfilm Games. But did you know Onaretrotip has done his own special video in celebration 30th Anniversary of the game? You didn't? Well guess what, here it is! The Making of Monkey Island (30th Anniversary Documentary) : A documentary celebrating 30 years of this incredible game, created over the past two or three months and featuring such talents as RON GILBERT, DAVE GROSSMAN and MARK FERRARI!

An exclusive interview with StarSector lead developer Alexander Mosolov.

StarSector is probably one of the best sci-fi open-world games ever created. Even if you don’t consider it one of the best, it’s still one complex game and a real hidden gem. If you've followed my previous write up for this game and wanted to know more, you'll pleased to know that as of today, you can read my exclusive interview with the lead developer of 'StarSector'; Alexander Mosolov.