Is this a new pirates game coming to the C64 by Space Moguls creator C-H Skårstedt?

Here on Indie Retro News we love featuring games at their early stages and watching them develop over the months or years into a fully fledged amazing release. Games such as Eye of the Beholder which is coming to the C64 at some point soon is one such game we've followed with eager eyes. Well fast forward to today however and one game that has caught our attention and is far from a release date, is C-H Skårstedt's upcoming Pirate themed game which coming to the C64 at some point in the near future.

The Forever Extending Hungry Snake - There's another Snake on your C64!

Snake originally came about in the mid 1970's and over the years has seen many different versions and variations on different systems. The main Goal? To gain a high enough score while controlling a snake like creature, moving around a square screen area collecting food while also avoiding your tail or other obstacles as it grows ever larger with each bite. However each variation of the Snake theme has generally been the same until today, as TND has released their latest C64 game called "The Forever Extending Hungry Snake".

Command & Conquer Remastered Collection will be released Today on Steam/Origin!

We've certainly had our fair share of Command and Conquer news on this site, especially featuring top quality standalones such as Twisted Insurrection and The Dawn of the Tiberium Age. But this latest news goes even further! Because as of this morning we have been reminded that EA with partnership with Petroglyh, will be releasing remasters of both Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn and Command & Conquer Red Alert, with Covert Ops, Counterstrike, and Aftermath bundled into one remastered collection as of today on Steam and Origin.

Sleeping Menace - A new platformer appears inspired by games such as Commander Keen! (Windows/Mac/Browser)

I'm sure many of you remember that awesome game that is ' Commander Keen '; a game released by id Software and publishers Apogee software in the 90's for MS-DOS as a fun platformer using EGA as a pioneer for graphics at the time! But did you know Blodyavenger had released his Commander Keen inspired game called ' Sleeping Menace ' for modern platforms? You didn't? Well there's some good news for you all, because if you loved playing games such as Commander Keen, then I'm sure you'll enjoy this fun little inspiration!

Out Run - A new Out Run remake project by Zgzinfinity (Windows/Mac/Linux)

Way back in 1986 Sega released one of the greatest racers of our time, it just had to be most famous of games 'Out Run'. An Arcade racer designed by Yu Suzuki, that was not only a commercial success but became one of the best selling games of its time and ported to many different systems. It had incredible graphics, fantastic music and fast paced track racing that really pushed you to the edge of your seat.

Space Quest IV - Animated adventure classic gets a Cola Powered Gamer review

Space Quest IV marks a change in the Space Quest series, most notably in its presentation in both graphics and audio. Space Quest IV continues its tradition with self-referential humor and fourth-wall-breaking. Developed by Sierra and once again its duo Two Guys From Andromeda, unfortunately, their last game, that they worked on together. Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers or simply Space Quest IV, is the first Space Quest game to use an icon-based menu.

Fusion Dizzy - A limited print run via The FUSION 2021 Annual Kickstarter

Right from the word go, we did a big feature for Chris Wilkins latest Kickstarter ' The Fusion 2021 Annual '; an Annual which covers all the best bits of the previous Fusion magazines that feature all types of gaming including retro, modern, Indie, table top and even toys. So why is this getting another feature on IRN? Well fast forward to today and not only is this another successful Kickstarter for Fusion, but Chris of Fusion Retro Books has told us one of the latest pledges is none other than "Fusion Dizzy"

Ramps - A Stunt Car inspiration playable on your browser and Pico-8

Of all the games to appear on the Amiga, Stunt Car Racer was one of the best stunt style racers and one of Geoff Crammonds finest games,  it had some of the craziest tracks ever with one of them being the ultimate track the "Ski Jump". Yet what made it so good was not just the feeling of speed, but the thrill of accelerating into the sky and coming back down with an almighty crack, especially if you ended up missing the track altogether. So you can probably see why I'm just that little bit excited to see that a Stunt Car inspiration has not only appeared on the Pico-8 but can also be played in your browser.

Boulder Dash Junior - Another C64 Variant of the classic Boulder Dash game

Once again another C64 heads up from Saberman, as we've just been told that Raiders of the Lost Empire has released an updated version of First Star Software's classic game ' Boulder Dash ' as a game called 'Boulder Dash Junior IV. This game originally released in 1984 for more computers can we can think of with a multitude of clones and sequels, see's a child version of Rockford collecting diamonds, while also trying not to dig himself under a boulder or straight into an enemy path!

Storm Chase - A new C64 game whereby collecting rain drops is fun!

Welcome to a new week, a new week full of great games. The first one up and one that was released over the weekend, was The New Dimension's Arcade collecting game of 'Storm Chase' for the C64. This game available to play for free, is a brand new game written as a covered feature for the Scene World issue #30; a game in which you play as a fearless Storm Chaser trying to protect your village from a magical cloud that drops giant rain drops.

Prince of Persia - Upcoming Atari XL/XE port shown with 7 level footage

Although this is not a new demo or a new feature update, thanks to another great video by Saberman, he has done a footage walkthrough of the 7 levels of the upcoming 'Prince of Persia' port; a port of an all time classic game released in 1989 by Brøderbund which is currently being developed by Rensoup. If you haven't heard of Prince of Persia before, it was a very difficult yet enjoyable platformer, which was released for multiple systems and featured lots of well designed platforming levels and extreme danger, as you must be careful not to fall through loose floors, get hit by sword wielding guards, crushed by gates or at worst skewered in blood on deadly spikes.

Atic Atac - Ultimate Play the Game classic is also coming to the Amstrad CPC

Ultimate Play the Game released many incredible titles in the 80's, games such as Knightlore, Jetpac, Sabre Wulf and Gunfright to name but a few. But today's news is something special for Amstrad owners, as the rather famous ZX Spectrum and BBC Micro game of Atic Atac, which was also released as a stunning unofficial overhaul for the C64 by Steven Day and Tomcat, will be coming over to the Amstrad CPC thanks to the hard work of shaymanjohn.