Oliver and Spike Dimension Jumpers - HQ Adventure Platformer

Welcome to Oliver & Spike, developed by Rock Pocket Games. A beautiful Adventure Platformer with Puzzle and Exploration mechanics mixed in, that would look good on any screen. This Adventure Platformer is full of eye candy, it's amazing how far games of this type have come since I was a kid. You might ask, what does Dimension Jumping have to do with this game? Well, each world you play on has at least three parallel dimensions to explore and use. Each of these dimensions has its own storyline, quest-arcs, npcs, fauna and flora but most importantly: different physical laws. Each dimension is fully explorable, which opens up this Platformer to a huge amount of gaming possibilities

You can even use each Dimension to your advantage, by solving certain puzzles or reaching new areas by swapping from one Dimension to another.
For example, break your fall from a high ledge on Firma with switching to Aqual before you would tumble to your ungraceful death and then switch back to Firma again for a save and sound landing. It’s your creativity that will get you ahead in the story.
What's more, Oliver and Spike will even have a co-op mode, via introduced areas in the game which can be played in co-op mode. You can enlist the help of a friend or family member and decide who is going to play Oliver and who Spike. Fun for all the family, with graphical details which would look great for a Pixar Animation.

What about the story? In Oliver and Spike, We follow Oliver, a boy with a special heritage, and his pet dog the British bull-terrier Spike. Sadly, Oliver was separated from his parents as a child and it's your task to uncover his past and future as you travel through the dimensions on the quest for answers. Will you find the answer's or suffer your fate in a specific Dimension?

Target Audience: 11 to 17 years ( I'm 33 and I'll be playing it  )
Platforms targeted: 1st: PS3, WiiU, Xbox360, (possibly Ouya)
Platforms: 2nd: PC/Mac


Coming soon, We hope :)

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