Throbax TD - Tower Defence

I know we have a number of people that read our site that really enjoy Tower Defence games, going by the stats at least. This game that's in development, could be of interest to you. It's Throbax TD, a game in which you have to survive wave after wave of fiendish enemies in a struggle for nothing less than your whole planet.

The game was planned as an old-school tower defense game (like Blizzard'stower-defense map in Frozen Throne), but with a twist. Throbax TD comes with an immersive story, which is kinda rare with Tower Defence games. However the other difference is, unlike most TD's the enemies instead of vanishing at their objective, will continue to be a hassle, until you have destroyed them. The developers claim that you wont be dealing with a small amount of enemies either, sometimes upto 100 or more!

You may have concerns with the graphics and the limited look of the game but not to worry as it is still in development and does need not only your pledges on indiegogo, but also voted up on steam greenlight.
This is a flexible-funding campaign, as any amount of money will help us with the project. It is already at the end of closed-alpha-stage. What remains is the beta-stage in which we will add some more content, new levels and, most importantly, do the balancing over and over again, which is very time consuming but absolutely necessary for this type of game.

We intend to add a few new features and deliver a top product at the end.
As for the games controls, they are RTS-like (that means, that you control a hero, who will do most of the work in-game) and the second half of the levels will change the gameplay to a standard tower-defense game. So add that, with an immersive story this could be one to watch, but it still needs a lot of work!

Battle your way through 50 levels, buy over 100 upgrades and get all of the
50 achievements.
Online Coop-Multiplayer (if Indiegogo campaign is really successful)
Captivating story that takes place in a universe created for this game only
(sequel pending)
English / German
English / German voiceover in all cut-scenes
Towers with individual effects
25 level circle tower defense mode
25 level standard tower defense mode
Over 100 upgrades for towers and your hero

Currently it's at $219 of a $10,000 Goal, but with 50days it's still a long way to go.

Indiegogo page:
Games homepage: 
Steam Greenlight:steam

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