Prospekt Reborn - 2D indie social ORPG

A new Indie game in the style of classic nes style rpg's has appeared. Prospekt Reborn is a 2D indie social ORPG based on their own modification of Eclipse Origins. The developers claim that this Online RPG has unique gameplay and many tough challenges to complete. Currently it is in pre-alpha state but the server is online 24/7.

Looks like a fun online game to play, especially with all the features below and as is still being developed so expect many more interesting things to come. Hopefully the player base increases as playing on empty servers isn't so much fun :)


  • Custom character creation - Every player can be unique. When players are creating their
    characters they can change their: Gender, Gear, Hair, Headgear, Armor.
  • Advanced maps - Maps can have Fogs, Tinting, Panoramas and even great Map Lights at night.
  • No classes - We did not add classes to PR, so players can decide what role they wanna be like.
  • Trade Skills - Everything will be like real life (woodcutting, mining, fishing, cooking, crafting...) Currently we have implemented - Woodcutting, Mining, Fishing, Smithing, Cooking, Fletching and Crafting
  • PvP, PvE and EvE - Combat is not very advanced, but we done as much as we can. Players and NPCs can shoot projectiles, cast spells, use buffs and heals and do close-range combat.
  • Event system - We have similar Event system like RPG Maker XP one, so our devs can make really advanced conversations and storylines with it (and even cutscenes)
  • Advanced Bosses - Bosses in Prospekt will be most encouraging. Do not solo them, they are powerfull enought to handle "solo cowboy" player. But as usual, you will get great reward for defeating boss, and game will inform all players in-game, that you defeated that powerfull enemy.
  • Real night and server-sided game time - Be aware of night, becouse it is dark and some creepy enemies can attack you from behind.
  • Simple chatrooms system - You can use /chatcreate (chatname) or /chatjoin (chatname) to talk with friends privately
  • PMs (player messaging) - You can chat with your friends with this. In chat just simply enter this: !(playername) (message) to chat (without () of course)
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