WarZ - Patch 1/22/13

The patch we mentioned last week for this Zombie Survival MMO, titled WarZ, has finally gone live today. Servers just went into shut down and reboot mode and your Launcher should be updating.

Patch Notes ( further notes will be added if any issues arise )

Name plates have been added to players. These name plates will display when you target another player.
New reputation titles have been added to the game. Reputation icons will display under nameplates for easy identification of friendly or foe! (everyone's titles will be reset to civilian) Please see our dev diaries for a detailed explanation tomorrow morning (1/18/13).
Leaderboards have been added to the games main menu.
Every new character will now start with a flashlight. Even after the initial starter items have been used.
A Flare gun has been added to the game.
A server hopping fix has been added to the game. Please see our dev diaries for a detailed explanation tomorrow morning (1/18/13).
Added the ability to remove the game hud by pressing F12 while in game.
It is now possible to turn the flash light off while wielding it. Press F to toggle the flashlight on and off.
The in game map will now properly zoom in and out.
Toxicity has been added to the game. Please see our dev diaries for a detailed explanation tomorrow morning (1/18/13).
Update backpacks weights - Reduced max backpack weight. Just to be safe put everything in your GI before patch. If you are too heavy you will not be able to move.
GC transaction log has been added (in marketplace there will be button to check your GC statement)
Memory optimizations
Fixed a bug that had characters set to revive at 99hrs.
The targeting reticle has been changed back to a cross.
Overgrowth has been added to main city structures. This is still a work in progress.
Added a bunch of furniture to the interior of some buildings and houses.
Opened up the interiors of some additional buildings. We will be adding a lot more in the future as well!
Added Mini Saints snacks to the game.
Fixed a crash when reloading a weapon.
Your players reputation is now shown in inventory screen in-game.
Fixed a bug when dropping an attachment that wouldn't remove it from the weapon.
Added more player spawn locations to the map.
Reputation changes are notified in the player chat area (it is only shown to you).

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UPDATE : By holding/pressing the TAB key, you can now use your mouse to select a name in the server listing and REPORT. This is really good, as a lot of us have been killed by hackers with dodgy names/characters. This will end up being better for us and worse for hackers, so we should see less of them!


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