Delver's Drop - Physics Based 2D Action RPG - Kickstarter

A bunch of bearded blokes calling themselves Pixelscopic are developing an action RPG that uses 'fluid physics-based movement' and randomised dungeons to bring hours of fun to all you want-to-be scoundrels out there!

With inspiration from old-school NES era RPG games including the Legends of Zelda, Delver's Drop has a familiar but updated look to it. Using a recent engine and cutesy, bright-coloured graphics the game appears to have a lot going on, and going for it. The fast paced action, looting and constantly shifting dungeons should add up to tons of fun.

The story goes as follows: You control several incarcerated rogues confined to a mountain-top dungeon. The dungeon's rooms constantly shift and offer new puzzles and enemies. For each scoundrel to escape you 'brave the Drop' and descend into the castle's dungeons, solving them as you go. With permadeath for the characters you start again as a new one but using the progress and experience of the first to help you along the way. Can you get them all to safety?

Using Kickstarter Pixelscopic are looking for a goal of $75,000 in order to complete the game. They offer a copy of the game in a 'pre-order' tier for $15 dollars and several other perks progressively increasing as your pledge increases. The Kickstarter campaign is being used to not only finish the game but to add content, increase language support and build a forum and modding community. Pixelscopic hope Delver's Drop will become big, it certainly looks like it has the potential to!


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