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Indie Retro News is back from the Geek 2013 Gaming exp and wow was it so much fun! It was everything that Margate needed. As many of you know, Margate is a very run down seaside town and to have such a gaming event such as this, really boosted the tourism trade that Margate so desperately needed.  From the moment you walk in the front doors you just know that this was going to be a lot of fun and most of it was a step back in time, with older generations going " I remember playing this "

Through the main entrance was mainly home built electronics, tiny arcade's and sellers giving us the chance to buy as many retro games as we wanted. The giant gameboy was pretty nifty, especially as even pokemon had to have a go!

So much choice! Shame I didn't see any Amiga games :(

At the back of the hall was systems such as the BBC with people trying to learn how to program through the basics - " LOAD ", "RUN".

Down stairs and into the main event with hundreds of retro systems from the Amstrad cpc 464 to the Sega Saturn. They even had the newest of consoles such as the XBOX 360 with gaming tournaments going on with Halo. Oh and not to be missed out even the older SNES Mario Kart or street fighter.

Even the younger generation couldn't put down the Spectrum!

Lara Croft always pulls in the gamers

My very first system! The Amstrad cpc 464

My second system, the Amiga, though I had the A500 not this beast!

Just check out this crowd, it was even busier later in the day and especially Sunday. The weather might've been freezing outside with snow, but inside it was hot, with ass kicking systems!

It was also great to be able to play a new Galaxia indie retro shoot em up from the Arcade Collection, on a hand held device by the developers, ledaentertainment. I had a lot of fun and shooting the enemies with such ease of use, will appeal to many, as sliding fingers across a screen with certain mobile/pad devices can be tricky.

Photo from Geek of the Arcade Collection,by ledaentertainment

So much fun to be had and even now, people are still going through their video's and photo's, which hopefully my ugly mug is well hidden ;)

At the end of the event for me was the cosplay show, now that was funny yet enjoyable. It's a shame more people didn't get involved, but I for one think this will become far more popular for next year. Hey I might even dress up!

Photo taken by Geek

Oh and before I end this great event, a big thanks goes out to Nicoll Hunt of Fist of Awesome for the up front chat. A retro styled beat-em-up of truly epic proportions, certainly fits this game perfectly. Oh and he does love his retro beat em ups and mentioned Streets of Rage and The Simpsons ;)


Big thanks also goes out to GEEK 2013 for the chance to come to such an amazing gaming expo and I really hope it comes back for next year as I'll be buying a three day ticket !

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