Sabre Wulf is back! It's remake time

It's currently 3am and this awesome remake by Space-time Games has just appeared, a game which many retro gamers of the Amstrad, C64 and Spectrum era would remember. This is Sabre Wulf developed and released by Ultimate Play The Game in 1984. You have to guide Sabreman through the maze of jungle pathways, searching for the four pieces of the Wulf amulet which will persuade the guardian of the cave to reveal the exit, but that won't be so easy!

Your character is armed only with his sword, in which Sabreman must fend off jungle creatures, rampaging rhinos, snakes, sleeping wild boar and the odd local native in his quest, while collecting treasure on the way. You can even make use of the local plant-life which unleash strange powers, albeit temporarily! Another neat twist to Sabre Wulf is, If this is true to the original game, an invincible and lethal bushfire appears and moves around the screen, visiting all space the player can occupy, forcing the player to either move on or leave if the player remains in one screen for too long.

The original 1984 Sabre Wulf was a huge success with a number of accolades being given regards to graphics, sound and even best maze game!

Spectrum Version


Thanks to The Retro League for the heads up

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