CDF Ghostship - First Person Horror Shooter

Want a cool looking first person horror shooter, then check this game out. It's called CDF Ghostship, developed by shaunwilliams948. A horror title which blends the fire power of Doom and the epic horror of Event Horizon. This will be a fast paced game using the Unreal 3 engine, featuring a huge war ship of horrors to explore and deadly enemies. At your disposal is a variety of military grade weaponry to defend your self through the intense story and onslaught modes. How much fear can one man deliver?

  • Fluid 1st person and 3rd person game play using unreal technology
  • Variety of aliens and zombies to keep you on your toes
  • Melee weapons and futuristic weaponry with some neat gadgets and plenty of ammo
  • Compelling story line with a great twist at the end
  • High quality creepy sci-fi gaming environments
  • Explore the interior of  a huge dreadnought battleship
  • Story mode and Onslaught game modes
The game is set hundreds of years into the future and is based in the CDF (Colonial Defense Force) Universe where mankind has gone to the stars and have started colonizing distant worlds. You play the part of a fighter pilot who is attached to the CDF Goliath (Dreadnought Class). The Goliath has been ordered to investigate loss of communications with the Icarus Colony and Orbital Space Station. As you will soon find out, your mother-ship is not the same as you left it.

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Alpha - April : Beta - Halloween.
Coming Q4 2013

Sign up for the Alpha Fund and help make this game reach a polished final release for only $6.99

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