WarZ - Dev Diary, 3/1 : Skills

Even though I still play this game, not as much I might add, it's nice to see it's still being developed, especially as it's on Steam... Again! So let's see what's coming up this Tuesday from the Dev Diary, 3/1. This is an online zombie apocalypse game, if you didn't know that already.


There are currently 3 active skill trees, with 2 more coming soon.

The trees you can currently spec into are:


This tree focuses on your developed prowess in a post apocalyptic world.

The affected attributes are hardiness, endurance, and stamina, allowing you to shrug off more damage, sprint for longer periods, carry more, and recover swiftly while resting.


Its been five years since the Event, and you've had to survive. Against all odds, you're still breathing, and this tree reflects why.

Mending wounds, coping with minimal food and water, stalking your prey, moving through the world - these are all things you've had much practice with, and the most skilled of survivors can move through zombies without ever being seen.


A huge part of making your way through the world has been using the weapons at your disposal efficiently and effectively. In this tree you'll find skills reflecting this fact.

More here

I wonder what happened to the promised Chainsaw? Hmmm

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