Humans Must Answer - An explosive shoot em up, gives us a bundle with the kickstarter

With only 45hrs to go and very close to their kickstarter goal, ex-S.T.A.L.K.E.R developers, have put an interesting pledge offer forward to help Humans Must Answer, the awesome looking shoot em up to become a success. They've teamed up with Curious Panda Games and StudioEvil to now offer a shmup bundle at just £7. That's right, if you spend just £7 not only do you get Humans Must Answer but Syder Arcade and Rhythm Destruction as well, nice!

All three games including the main one Humans Must Answer are rather excellent shoot em ups, full of enemies to blast in a scrolling screen based action. Just look at this kickstarter for example : If you want an R-Type style game, with a multitude of weapons including a Lightning gun, Machine gun, Shotgun and cannons with temporary turrets then this is it. You'll be battling waves and waves of ships, with impressive graphics including large explosions, big bosses and more! You seriously can't go wrong for £7

Syder Arcade

Old school, Amiga-inspired, wondrous vistas shmup

Rhythm Destruction

Shmup with a beat, hit the notes to destroy the enemies

And the best of all, Humans Must Answer, which features a free public demo to wet your appetite!


If you encounter a crash upon starting the game up then a solution can be found in the update post.

So come on guys and girls, throw an extra £500 towards the kickstarter goal and it's a success!

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