Hyperspace Pinball - Arcade Shooter and Pinball Combined (Free until 22nd Aprl)

What do you get, if you combine a Pinball game with an Arcade Shooter? If you don't know, you will now, as you'll end up with a game called Hyperspace Pinball. In this rather strange combine of games, you'll travel the solar system flipping shots at aliens while causing huge explosions and more! There's plenty to do here, with bonuses, power ups, enhancements and achievements to be earned all the while having Pinball fun! The developers Gamieon have even thrown in bosses and special enemies as you travel to planet Earth for the final showdown. What's more, If you're good enough, you can even compete for the top score against other players; even on other platforms! My destructive flippers are ready, are yours?

Hyperspace Pinball Trailer (PC / Mac) - Desura



Thanks to bluesnews for the heads up 

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