Developers of AI War announce Skyward Collapse : turn-based 4x simulation god-game

Arcen Games, Developers of AI War, the hit space game, are turning their attention towards something far less spacey.  This is SkyWard Collapse, a turn-based 4x simulation god-game. Unlike other god games whereby you use your god like powers to smash the opposition, this is about keeping the peace. Many miles up in the sky is a floating landmass and it's here you spend time in development and the overseeing of two warring factions, The Greeks and The Norse.

This is either a solo or co-op game, help both sides, grant each side new buildings, resources and even more people. Sound fun? Well there's plenty to do here it seems and it's a far deeper game than explained, so head over to the blog and check it out. Hopefully we see a nice trailer soon!


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