CorsixTH - Version 0.21 (Open Source Theme Hospital)

Hot News, as the latest Open Source Theme Hospital - CorsixTH version 0.21 has been released. This is the best Open Source Theme Hospital you can play. It was also released for the Android with much success and great feedback. Although this is not an original release by Bullfrog or any main selling company. This is still a damn fine looking version of Theme Hospital. This project aims to re-implement the game engine of Theme Hospital for more modern systems, with the capability of loading assets including graphics and levels from the original game.  Theme Hospital is an all time classic with humor as if it was straight from a carry on film! Design a hospital with all it's room's and objects while saving patients from the many strange diseases such as Bloated Head *POP*!


This is mainly a bugfix release, but a few minor features are still also introduced, see the changelog below.



  • Fix: Staff would sometimes not go for a break.
  • Fix: A few crashes related to Handymen.
  • Fix: An error could occur if a fax message was removed just as it was animating into view.
  • Fix: Patients could sometimes be told to go home multiple times, resulting in a crash.
  • Fix: If a queueing patient was heading for a drinks machine just as the player moved that machine the game would crash.

User Interface

  • Added: Scrolling momentum when using the middle button.
  • Added: There is now a clock in the right corner of the menu bar that shows the real world time. It can be toggled between AM/PM and 24h in the configuration file.


  • Added: Hotkeys for the Jukebox (J), Save game menu (Shift + S), Load game menu (Shift + L), to restart the level (Shift + R) and finally quit the current game and take you back to the opening screen (Shift + Q).
  • Change: Restart is now Shift + F10 instead of only F10.
  • Change: Toggle adviser is now Shift + A instead of only A.
  • Change: Key combinations will only trigger if that exact combination is pressed. E.g. Ctrl + R will not trigger R too.
  • Change: Alt + F4 is now the hotkey to quit CorsixTH.
  • Fix: Added a configuration option to have the possibility to use Shift + C as hotkey to open the Drug casebook instead of C. This is to workaround a bug that when you press on the volume down key on your keyboard the Drug casebook would open.

Map Editor

  • Added: Undo/Redo functionality.
  • Added: Street lamps and the dead looking tree. 

You will need a purchased copy of Theme Hospital, or a copy of the demo, in order to use CorsixTH

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