Dungeon Dwellers - An RTS with a Dungeon Keeper feel, oh and a hint of settlers too! (IndieGoGo)

Dungeon Dwellers is a new Dungeon Keeper/Settlers style RTS from Rasmus Game Developments, that aims to bring that little bit of nostalgia into the modern day. Once again, you play the role of an evil Dungeon Lord who guides his minions into digging out and claiming the depths for his own, sound familiar? The Settlers part comes into it by the way of creating and pleasing your minions, with advanced production chains such as food and beer. But for the DK fans, you still have enemies to defeat, dungeons to create, Armour and weapons and much more to come. It's still in Pre-Alpha, so a lot of work still needs to be done, but with the developer claiming that the creatures have their own personalities too, it's peaked my interest!


Dungeon Dwellers also needs your pledges to help get this game fully developed, so head over to INDIEGOGO and pledge your hard earned dosh :)

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