Ten Aces - A tactical game with a difference!

Game Genre : SP/MP Tactical TBS game
Developer : Traptics
Developer Quote : Ten Aces is a tactical TBS game based built around the player
Game Info Quote : Ten Aces is about 10 siblings that happen to be demigods. Each of them is unique in many ways but all of them are extremely agile, intelligent and powerful. Initially they were all friends, and loved and respected each other, but destiny had other plans for them. Inside the game you get play any of them, discover their story and choose who will prevail. In Ten Aces players will be constructing groups of units, called “Leagues”. Within each League there will be a leader (anyone of the siblings), up to 3 elites, and as many troops as he likes (maximum 3 of each kind). Combine many units and abilities in order to trick, overpower and ambush your enemy. Your insight and strategy are your only weapons since there are no chances in the game.
Release : TBD
Systems :

Features :
• No random/ chance events (no critical, miss chance or anything similar)
• Balancing system allowing all players to fight in equal terms (point
based similar to warhammer)
• Variety of playable units, abilities and combinations. The units and
their abilities are secret until they are deployed or used accordingly.
• Emphasis on the player. The only advantage is his experience and insight
• Best gaming experience is versus other players. The single player will
serve mostly for practice and story exploration purposes.
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Keep an eye on Indie Retro News for a possible Preview!

The developers also hope to have a crowd funding for the game sometime in July 2013!

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