Elliot Quest - A new Adventure Platform Game appears on indiegogo! (+Demo)

Game Type : Adventure Platformer
Developer/Project By : Ansimuz Games
Indiegogo Goal : $6,000
Developer Quote : Elliot Quest is an 8-bit adventure / exploration Zelda style game
Game Info Quote : Defeat all 4 Elements Guardians and acquire their powers. Explore Urule Island in search for treasures and artifacts, earn money and experience by defeating enemies. The game is a metroidvania or zeldania heavily inspired in Zelda 2 (i like this one in the series). In brief you have to defeat 4 guardian (bosses) get their power and fight final evil or Good, depends on you. The game is made using ImpactJS engine for multiplaform devices.
Release : TBD
Systems : PC, Mac, Linux and OUYA

Features :

  • Well balanced gameplay, easy to pick up, challenging to master
  • Open world to explore. Go and finish the game directly or explore to complete the 100%
  • Defeat 4 guardians, 5 bosses, 4 Notorious monsters and one final boss
  • Different magic attacks for different enemies, Not all enemies have the same weakness or resistances
  • Make bonus drop rate chains by defeating enemies wisely on time
  • Level Up System, build your character according to your play preferences
  • Karma System. You get a different final depending on your actions
  • Special areas only accesible by acquiring hidden crystals
  • Shops and townsfolk around the world will help you
  • Minimap system for all areas (as in metroid), never get lost again
  • Fight Notorious monsters and get special rewards
  • Puzzles, hidden paths and easter eggs
  • 9 Original Music Tracks from Michael Chait listen to them https://soundcloud.com/michael-chait-music/sets...

Indiegogo Link
Website Link
Steam Greenlight Link

Download the demo now!

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