OpenIG : Imperium Galactica - High Quality Space Strategy Open Source Remake (Big Updates)

Game Type : Strategy
Open Developer :  Dávid Karnok
Info Update : The developer David Karnok is still very much hard at work on this open source project, as such, it's had plenty of updates since the previous release of beta (0.95.148). Including a new column to the planets information panel, new game play options and much more
Game Info Quote : Open-IG is an Imperium Galactica (1997) remake. It’s an Open-Source project and the game is written in Java, so it’s available for many platforms. The game has been updated to support bigger displays, arbitrary resolutions and much more. The downloaded package contains everything, including the videos and an automatic update tool. This game was so much fun for it's time and still is today, if you love the colonization of other worlds, ground based battles, ship battles and a great story with fmv's then play this game NOW!
Release : Free Standalone!
Systems : PC, ANDROID

Release notes since previous beta :
  • Fixed NPE crash when using select same type units (via double click) and ground defenses were the target.
  • Adjusted AI behavior to spend less by building static defenses on a single planet at a time.
  • Fleets move on the starmap more smoothly. Modders: you need to set the "simulation Ratio" parameter in the definition.xml to 10 (previous was 4)
  • Added new Game play option to use continuous money/morale calculation (default off). This way, money is constantly accumulated from taxing and trade incomes instead of once per new day. It also affects morale calculation: mid-day issues that decrease the morale decrease the tax income as well, but only for the duration of the problem. In the day-by-day mode, the tax income was seriously crippled when an issue was present when midnight passed.
  • Modified population and money data structures to be floating point-based. This way, the new continuous money calculation won't lose fractional credits and "fractional population" change.
  • Added a new column to the planets information panel, accessible through the "Lab info" button. It replaces the last column of the planet table with the name of the lab built on the planet. If there is something wrong with the lab, the name appears in light red:
  • Fixed tax and trade calculation bug when running in the classical, non-continuous money calculation mode [Issue #779]
  • The checkbox to toggle continuous money calculation is no longer available during game. You need to set it before you start the skirmish/campaign.
  • Few refactorings here and there, should not cause any problems or changes in behavior.
Current version - (BETA 095151) Don't forget to bookmark and keep an eye on the latest patch updates which is also available via the runnable updater on launch!

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