The Attack Pack - Top-down episodic spy-thriller (Kickstarter)

Game Type : Top Down Action
Developer/Project By : Attack Mountain
Kickstarter Goal : $12,000 ( Only 10days left! )
Developer Quote : A spy-thriller. A sci-fi mystery. Opposites collide in THE ATTACK PACK by Attack Mountain.
Game Info Quote : This Kickstarter is to help with funding Attack Pack One, which contains two wildly different computermachine games: SOS, a sharply written spy thriller with tight gameplay and white-knuckle-inducing action, as well as The Grey Man, which tells the tale of an otherworldly entity’s incredible journey through a beautiful and breathing landscape. SOS for example is a top-down episodic spy-thriller for the PC. Each episode in the game follows The Agent through a specific mission somewhere over the course of his 40-year career. The premise of the game is simple - each episode features a tightly knit story, with linear, hand-designed levels, all of which detail exciting scenarios pertaining to the Agent's current mission.
Release : Mid 2014
Systems : PC

Also check out The Grey Man in the Attack Pack :)

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