WinUAE v2.7.0 Beta 10 - Another day another update for this Amiga emulator

Emulated Consoles/Systems : Amiga, Amiga CD32
Release News :  It has only been a week since Toni Willen released the Amiga emulator WinUAE 2.7.0 Beta 9, and today he's released another update beta 10, which contains further fixes and improvements. The previous final is still available which was 2.6.0, but if you are like me, and enjoy trying out the latest beta's, then read below for the lovely change notes.

Beta 10:
- B8 Blerkenwiegel workaround caused buffer overflows in some situations. Fix improved.
- MoreNewStuffy fix (231b11) was not complete, non-modulo bitplane DMA fetches work differently than modulo adding DMA fetches. (Alpha and Omega / PMC)
- Also above behavior seems to only happen with first plane fetch. (New and Better Routines / Cult) This needs more testing, someday..
- '?' disk info button now opens normal dialog window, disk label also included (if dos disk) and type of bootblock (1.x standard, 2.x+ standard, custom)
- When loading config that has 2 identical game controllers configured in both ports and only one controller is connected, connected controller was inserted in both ports.
- GamePorts panel port change behavior improved, if new device is already inserted in other port, device in other port is now always automatically changed, not the one you just changed.
- When clicking mouse that is not inserted in either Amiga port and host system has only one mouse connected, "Windows mouse" is inserted, not HID mouse.
- 68020 more compatible without cycle-exact works again and also uses new 68020 CE prefetch method.
- 68010 is now supported in more compatible and cycle-exact modes. New instructions supported and new stack frames emulated but timing is same as 68000, 68010 special timing improvements and loop mode is not emulated. At least not yet.
- 68010 emulation used some 68020+ only exception stack frames.
- FPU emulator now properly uses prefetch buffer emulation if more compatible or cycle-exact is enabled. Emulated program crashed in older versions with some FPU instructions.
- On the fly switching from fastest possible to prefetch ("more compatible") or CE didn't fill prefetch buffers and usually caused emulated program to crash.
- Added "Log window" checkbox to Paths panel, easier non-command line method to open log window.
- On the fly change of A1000 Agnus or No-EHB Denise Advanced chipset didn't do anything.
- A1000 Agnus and vertical bitplane start (DIWSTRT) of zero: nothing happens, bitplanes are only enabled if it is 1 or larger.
Beta Discussion

 From our previous article :
Also available are easy to install OS packages which again you may need certain legal files, but there is nothing more satisfying than having an Amiga OS running through an emulator. Further more, you can make separate installs of WinUAE by making a WinUAE.ini file in the same directory as WinUAE.exe. However make sure when you update, that you delete everything in the WinUAE.ini file(back up previous).

- We will not provide Amiga retail games or Operating System files

Another great alternative if you have the games and system files is FS-UAE which is a pretty damn awesome frontend that uses WinUAE at it's core. They also have a game database which you need to register for, which shares everyone else s working configuration files for easy Amiga game loading.

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