WinUAE v2.7.0 Beta 12 - Not long till final of this fantastic Amiga emulator!

Emulated Consoles/Systems : Amiga, Amiga CD32
Release News :  Toni Wilen has just released another update for v.2.7.0, beta 12, which contains further fixes and improvements. Also according to the developer, it shouldn't be long now until the final version of 2.7.0 is available, unless of cause any show stopping bugs appear. The previous final 2.6.0 is still available, but until the next release, enjoy this beta!

Beta 12:
- AROS rom memory mapping fixed (b1).
- RTG mode video recording image size was accidentally restricted to native chipset size.
- Ignore VPOSW writes if it would move vertical position backwards or if vpos is changed during vertical blanking and new value is also inside vblank period. (Prevents strange behavior if program tries to do weird things)
- Added minimize button to GUI window.
- 68000 CE ADDA.x/SUBA.x Rn,An was 2 cycles too fast.
- DIVS/DIVU prefetch is after division operation, not before like with MULS/MULU.
- Adjusted data returned when accessing non-existing memory.
- New Wix based installer test version included. Remove old installation first.
Beta Discussion

From our previous article :

Also available are easy to install OS packages which again you may need certain legal files, but there is nothing more satisfying than having an Amiga OS running through an emulator. Further more, you can make separate installs of WinUAE by making a WinUAE.ini file in the same directory as WinUAE.exe. However make sure when you update, that you delete everything in the WinUAE.ini file(back up previous).

- We will not provide Amiga retail games or Operating System files

Another great alternative if you have the games and system files is FS-UAE which is a pretty damn awesome front end that uses WinUAE at it's core. They also have a game database which you need to register for, which shares everyone else s working configuration files for easy Amiga game loading.

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