Cyberpunk 3776 - Classic side scrolling Arcade Shooter by Peter Hann with a free web demo! (Steam Greenlight/Indiegogo)

CYBERPUNK 3776 is a classic Sidescrolling Arcade Shooter with some extra spices. A cheerless Cyberpunk Novel taking place at the postapocalyptic Earth while fighting a lost battle against an Alien Invasion. A very dark, hopeless hypnotic nightmare. It paint's a picture of lost World where our presence lead to a hopeless future. The Earth is lost, Society had messed it all up and the Invaders are just the last straw. The Protagonist personaly can’t win, there is just nothing left to return to, and the only thing left for him to do is fight his last battle until the bitter end.- Developer Quote
Systems : PC, Mac Indiegogo Goal : $4,000 Goal

  • Arcade sidescrolling action
  • Playership upgrades
  • Unique storyline told by voice overs
  • Floating Health Pods


  • Seven unique stages with genuine Bosses
  • 3 houres hlus of pure Shoot'm Up action
  • Two unlockable additional gamemodes (strechgoal)
  • Online highscores (strechgoal)

Vote for it via the Steam Greenlight page
Pledge through Indiegogo
Try the Demo

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