The Fall - Over The Moon announces a worthy sci-fi action adventure [Short Review]

Only just moments ago Over the Moon sent us word about their new sci-fi action adventure game, The Fall and I'll tell you now this game is pretty impressive! The Fall is set in a dark, distant sci-fi universe with the story revolving around the combat suit ARID and the unconscious pilot within the suit itself. I'll not delve too much into the story as I don't wish to spoil it. But from the very short play through I had, this game felt as if it was trying to be a mix of Super Metroid and Another World, yet I could find no faults in that mix I was just wanting more. It was so dark, so creepy, and gave me the eery feelings of a creature waiting in the darkness to take my life away.

The entire game is so foreboding, with things moving in the background and broken items scattered in the underground tunnels, but you are not alone and it's that which really gets your heart pumping. Thankfully your suit ARID is a great help though, and does give you tips and helpful bits of information in solving the many puzzles in this game and yes, some of them requiring just a bit more than a quick thought. Oh and you can defend yourself with a gun in hand, but you better be a good shot or it's game over! In my opinion this is a game worthy to have in your collection!

  • An excellent story - Set in a rich, atmospheric world, that explores interesting ideas surrounding rigidity and protocol.
  • A fresh mix of genres - The Fall integrates point and click adventure games, platformers, and shooters into a very unique experience. Drawing equal inspiration from games like Super Metroid and Monkey Island, The Fall is humbly inspired by the greats that came before it.
  • Gameplay and story integration - Players solve fun and creative adventure-style puzzles, and organically find solutions that imply a larger narrative.
  • A full voice cast - With a unique female protagonist.
  • Gorgeous artwork - The Fall's focus is on atmosphere and exploration, and boats a beautifully polished world to support that feeling.
  • Episodic - succinctly told in 3 acts. The first episode boasts a solid 3 hours of play-time, if not more.

The Fall will be released : May 30th, 2014 on PC, Mac, Linux and WiiU


Available on Steam after a Steam Greenlight success!

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