X-bEnCh - One of the best Amiga launchers available!

If you have an Amiga with an internal CF drive or any other way of playing whdload games through your Amiga, then this may be the software that your Amiga is screaming out for!  Don't get me wrong though there are other utilities to play Amiga games such as AG-launch and Igame but they don't always work with many of the newer whdload releases. So now along comes X-Bench which is not just an Amiga game launcher but it has many other cool features as well.  This front-end launcher can autoscan your hard drive to find all the whdload games available and organize them in an easily usable list. X-Bench can also manage manual listings, internal script systems and has an integrated CLI. The best thing is though, that this launcher uses very little resources and is compatible with many Amiga set ups. A highly recommended launcher for the Amiga and it's free!

Features :

- Up to 272 colors on screen with AGA (128 colors on screen for OCS/ECS)
- Autoscan and organize your whdload .slave and yours .exe from your HD
- Unlimited subdir level scan
- Internal script system
- Up to 6 launching lists in parallel
- Unlimited number of entry in each list
- Top listing
- Autoscan and use Whdload Tooltypes
- If no Tooltypes availables you can set up default Tooltypes.
- MegaRam mode to gain extra chipram without rebooting
- FastJump mode to jump where you want in a list with the keyboard
- CD32 7 buttons pad compatibility
- CDMode to create your CD32/CDTV CD compilation.
- Real time search engine
- Files/Dirs manager included (Xpl0rEr)
- Integrated cLi 100% Amiga cli compatible
- System friendly setup panel
- Dedicated installer for an easy installation
- Many more will come in the next releases.

Check out Jim Neray's - X-Bench - Website

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