Watchtower - Another take on the Commando style genre (PC portable)

Even though Commando and Ikari Warriors were very good games, Watchtower came just at the right moment in time when the Commando style genre was all but lost to history and this was a great Amiga AGA only game released in 1996. Watchtower not only had very polished arcade style mechanics but the graphics were pretty decent as well, especially with such a huge game area to play in. Some would class this as the best Commando clone that was available on the Amiga and after you play it you'll probably see why. Watchtower is full of shooting action and is now available as a free PC portable edition thanks to The Company.PL.

As ever this is virus clean and anything that does pop up is a false positive, I have tested it myself! Also to note if you press F12 in game you get extra settings such as cool graphical filters.

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