Flatman - Unique puzzle solver gets an Indiegogo campaign

Fat Panda Games have just informed us about a new 2.5D platform and puzzle game that is currently going through an Indiegogo campaign, and that game is Flatman. A PC and Mac game in which your character can change into different shapes to solve puzzles and battle strange enemies.

Although I'm not usually a fan of puzzle games, I love how the developer has changed the style of puzzle solving by using your characters ability to change shape. Can't get past that huge boulder, then change yourself into a slow moving heavy square and push it over! Want to kill that enemy, then change into a triangle and give it the poke.  What's more the character also has further abilities like extra jumping.

Do note though that not all enemies and puzzles can dealt with by a single shape, sometimes it takes a bit of thought and multiple shape changing to past the obstacle. The game further improves upon this with great graphics (especially the backgrounds), simplistic gameplay and it's plenty of fun.

All in all, Flatman is full of neat little touches like this that will really appeal to both the modern gamer and the family of both young and old. You'll also be pleased to know that the developers have released a demo and hope that the game will gather enough pledges to be an Indiegogo success.

Due for release Spring 2015
Indiegogo page

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