Snot - Action Adventure game gets a Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaign!

Have you ever wanted to play as a moving slimy snot, well now you can! Developed by SuneX Games, Snot is a brand new action-adventure-platformer that is currently through a Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaign and aims to be both fun and family friendly.

According to the developers, Snot is inspired by the "metroidvania" games as you can jump, zap and blast your way through the many levels, with up to 9 huge worlds in different well designed themes! You also have the ability to unleash powerful elements, change your shells and also use a shell as a throwing weapon. Especially useful when considering the game will have over 100 different enemies and up to 30 different bosses.

For those of you who like a bit of puzzle solving, sometimes you will really need to think of how to move through certain areas. As an example destroying a box for an extra item might mean you don't have any way of jumping to the next level and will need to return to the pink flamingo.

Snot also has probably one of the weirdest stories that I have come across since doing Kickstarter write ups, especially as you may wonder why a blob of snot has a shell. Just check this story out, it's certainly made me chuckle

Somewhere, high up in the sky, the Mollusc God rises above his cloudy worktable. With an almighty sneeze, Snot is born. The Mollusc God, unsatisfied with his work so far, squeezes and strains until a single snail shell is produced. The shell, brimming with hidden potential, sits proudly on the little gastropod's back.
Apart from the rest of the story, the developers have also released a demo of  which you can try. I had the pleasure of playing it this evening and I can see this game being a Kickstarter success. Snot is enjoyable to play, had enough challenges to keep me occupied and graphically it's pretty appealing. Strangely enough It would also look really well on an Amiga (Developers there's a hint there).

There's far more to this game and as such I'll list all the features this game has!


STORY & PLATFORMER - Action + Adventure + Story: The ultimate metroidvania-style game!
INNOVATIVE WORLDS - Up to 9 huge worlds in different well designed themes!
MANIFOLD ENEMIES - Over 100 different enemies and up to 30 different bosses!
SECRETS - Over 100 unique secrets! Every secret has its own kind of puzzle!
MANY ABILITIES - Get at least three new abilties per element! Learn up to 9 different elements!
EDITOR - Design your own worlds with exciting jumping puzzles and challenges and share them with the community!


BOSS CHALLENGES - Fight against bosses in four different modes and show your friends how it's done!
TIME CHALLENGES - Play parts of the game with a time limit and beat your friends best time!
PUZZLE MODE - Play well designed puzzles and beat them. You will need to use many different abilities to do so!


CO-OP STORY - Play the whole story with your friend!
BOSS TEAM BATTLE - Fight against the bosses with a friend of your choice!
DEATHMATCH - Fight against your friends in crazy arena maps!
CAPTURE THE PEARL - Fight in teams to capture your enemy's pearl!
KING OF THE FLAMINGO - Play in teams to capture flamingo outposts, hold them, generate points and win!
DEFEND THE HOLY MOLLUSC - Play with your friends and protect the holy mollusc against waves of enemies!


MULTI PLATFORM - Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows 8 Phone, Wii U.
MULTI LANGUAGE - Game will be released in at least two languages (English and German).

I for one am hoping that Snot is a success, I can't way to play with Snot other than my own ;) So give the guys a pledge as they need to hit a £25,000 success goal

Download public demo:
Windows, Public Demo v1 (sponsored link)
Windows, Public Demo v1 (our server)

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