Super Scrapped Robot - Twin stick shooter in a Gameboy flavour

Developed by Bureaubureau, Super Scrapped Robot is a twin stick shooter that has you, playing as a Robot with a bipolar personality disorder, in a mission to find something to put on his head. You might find that strange but it's the compulsion of this robot that will put him through many game moments of action based shooting with lots of enemies in a great Gameboy style.

In my short play through, Super Scrapped Robot is a lot of fun, from the very beginning with the tone of the story and the Gameboy graphics you'll know you are in for a treat. But it's not until you end up on the planet below that the game really gets going. Not just the graphics as we mentioned but the sound effects and the chiptune music really sets this apart from many of the other Gameboy style games I've played. There is also plenty of action to be had as lots of enemies will be out to attack you and wipe you out, but thankfully you can shoot back with the weapon at your disposal, oh and be warned you will die a lot just like I did.

Game Features

Free to play on all platforms in your browser

  • Adventure: Eleven thrilling quests and five hidden hats protected by mighty bosses.
  • Hardcore: Can you master five quests in a row? If not you will loose everything.
  • Action: Infinite generated levels with a bunch of enemies.
  • Couch: Gamepad support for Mac, Linux, Windows and your browser.
  • Multi-platform: Available for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Linux, Windows and in your browser.

Special Features

To get the special features you can pay what you want.
Rainbow Mode: Recolor the game in the colors of the Super Game Boy.
Challenge Mode: Compete against others for the fastest time in a weekly changing challenge.
Cheat Mode: Modify the game in various ways.

Team Developers
Philip Wagner & Malte Buttjer

Music & Sound by
Adrian Block

Available to play for free in your browser here or the special featured version pay what you want here

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