Kick Off Collection - Hugely playable Football games now Amiga CD32 playable

As promised the next Amiga CD32 port is now available for Amiga CD32 owners and this time it's none other than the Kick Off collection. Now I'm not a Football fan, I really do hate Football even games, but according to those that played Kick Off it's a hugely playable series and has won numerous awards in the gaming industry.

I myself still prefer Sensible Soccer, it was the only game I liked, but atleast now thanks to Earok you can play these game industry recommended Footballers on your Amiga CD32!

Anco (Goal!: Virgin, Competition Version: Steve Camber)
Uses: WHDLoad by Wepl, slaves as outlined below
Cover and selection screen: Steve
ISO Master: Earok
Kick Off (Slave: Psygore)
Kick Off Extra Time (Slave: Psygore)
Kick Off 2 (Slave: Stingray)
Kick Off 2 Competition Version (Slave: Stingray)
Kick Off 2 Final Whistle (Slave: Stingray)
Kick Off 2 Final Whistle Competition Version (Slave: Stingray)
Kick Off 3(Slave: Stingray)
Goal! (Slave: Stingray)
Even though it's not by Anco, we felt Goal was an appropriate addition due to being a Dino Dini game.

Unfortunately, with the exception of the Kick Off 1 and Extra Time, the load times for most of the games are very long. Also, in some of the games you need the keyboard to be able to sub - if one of your players gets injured and you don't have a keyboard, that's it, you're stuck.

Kick Off 3 is the original OCS version, unfortunately the AGA version requires a keyboard to start so I went with the original.

Available for download HERE ( If you have any issues downloading, I'll put up a mirror )

For those that don't have an Amiga CD32, you can play the game through an emulator called WinUAE


  1. Thanks for the Atari St screen shot :) (without net and fullscreen)

  2. Close enough ;) I felt bad even looking up a Football screenshot :p


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