The Keep : Retro inspired Dungeon Crawler for Nintendo 3DS

From the developers of the excellent RPG "Inquisitor" of which you can find on GOG, have just announced the release of a fine looking retro inspired Dungeon Crawler "The Keep" for Nintendo 3DS. With over two years worth of development by Cinemax, The Keep fits right at home on the 3DS, as you explore caves and mines filled with evil monsters and challenging puzzles in that classic style we grew up and loved.

It's funny to think that the developers said “We will never ever make a RPG game ever again!” yet here we are with a retro inspired RPG Dungeon Crawler, that has that grid based movement system that takes us back to the days of Eye of the Beholder!


  • An old-school first-person dungeon crawler with a modern twist.
  • Exploring and puzzle solving—the caves and dungeons are full of surprises. There will be deadly traps, elaborate mechanisms guarding secret passages, trapdoors and treasures with powerful weapons and supplies.
  • Real-time combat—a battle against enemies with a gesture based combat, but swiping the stylus horizontally or diagonally is not enough. Defeating enemies means that you have to break their defences hitting the upper or lower body or focusing on their head. Every enemy requires different strategy and every weapon class offers unique combos.
  • Rune magic—utilising touch screen you can rearrange runes on a 5×4 board and then chain them together to cast powerful elemental magic (Fire, Ice or Lightning) with the stylus. Runes are scarce but there are a lot of spells, so be careful to pick the right combinations.
  • 3 difficulty. The Keep will offer something for newbies in the genre, seasoned adventures and for those who like to tackle with proper challenge—every difficulty level will have a Permadeath option.
  • A save anywhere option
  • Captivating soundtrack and stereoscopic 3D graphics
  • English voiceovers with localized in-game text to six languages - US (English, Canadian French, Mexican Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese), EU (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian)

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