Microprose Formula One Grand Prix - Earok's next encore Amiga CD32 release

Rev your engines, wait for the green light and GO! As Earok has released the next Encore Amiga CD32 port of Microprose Formula One Grand Prix and the 2014 season update. Grand Prix was originally released in 1991 and featured some of the best simulated racing experiences ever to appear on the Amiga. It really felt like you were driving in the Grand Prix, as it had proper speed immersion and great crashes (of which I experienced a lot).

Uses: F1GP-Ed by Oliver Roberts, associated patches by Toni Wilen and Grant Reeve. 2014 Car Set (Singapore) by Andy Clarke.
Covers (1, 2) and selection screen: Steve
ISO Master: Earok

The legendary racing game with a few bonuses.
As an option, Andy Clarke's fantastic 2014 racing season data with up-to-date names and colors.
CDXL Intro from the DOS version.
F1GP-Ed enhancements:
50% frame rate increase over the Amiga 500 version.
Info display at the top of the screen.
Separate break controls - press RED to shift up and BLUE to shift down.
As you can see above there are two different covers - take your pick!

The copy protection screen has been cracked but not removed. Just type in anything (or press GREEN on the gamepad) to get through it.

Available to download from the website ( Use chrome or remove adblock )


  1. Can't we get all these ports in one update? Frankly I'm tired with all the CD32 news.

  2. As they are daily releases no, the CD32 news is hugely popular in some FB groups and going by our view count. However don't be too concerned the releases will stop soon... Until next year ;)

  3. I like the posts myself not enough games on the Amiga CD32 Keep em coming


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