Pixel Galaxy - Crazy pixelated shooter gets a Kickstarter Campaign!

Probably the craziest pixelated shooter has just appeared on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight and it's none other than Pixel Galaxy, a new action shooter without shooting that's inspired by Katamari & Super Hexagon. Developed by Serenity Forge with PC, Mac and Wii U in mind, this is one game you've just got to check out!

Pixel Galaxy is pretty unique as a shooter, even though it doesn't require actual shooting from your part. Playing as a White Pixel who is pretty helpless and surrounded by other more powerful pixels, you can latch onto them and use their powers against them. Not only does this require strategic planning as if you gain too many pixels it will slow your speed down but increase your strength, or less pixels faster manoeuvring. But Pixel Galaxy also features a lot of pixelated combat mayhem with ace music that would be worthy of fast paced fun down at the Arcades.

Features :

  • Six difficulty levels, ranging from "easy" to "normalest". All with unique enemy waves and bosses. Don't be fooled by the word "normalest"...
  • Enemy pixels that all have individual characteristics- some are much better for offence than defense, and vice versa. Your worst enemy can become your most powerful weapon in a split second!
  • Waves upon waves of enemies that all move in a specific pattern- it's up to your quick wits, intuition, and memory to survive as long as you can!
  • Bosses with a variety of unique attacks and movement patterns. They'll all be intimidating at first, but they ALL have weaknesses. You'll also get to tackle all bosses one after another in Boss Rush mode.

However you decide to take on the pixels either by smashing into enemies or stealing their weaponry, Pixel Galaxy is looking to be a top quality release, with hours of fun and total chaos game play.

Make sure to vote for the game on Steam Greenlight and give them lots of lovely funding through their Kickstarter page

Steam Greenlight

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