Rogue Wizards - High Quality roguelike from Spellbind Studios gets a Kickstarter

Roguelikes come and go, there's just so many of them from mobile based to desktop. But Rogue Wizards by Spellbind Studios aims to change all that with high quality turn based dungeoneering to town based building. Currently going through both a Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaign the developers Spellbind Studios are trying to impress us with randomly generated dungeons, mapping, treasure, magic, traps, puzzle solving, enemy battles and more!

However what sets this game apart from all the other roguelikes is not just how the game looks in the art department as it looks lush, but as you progress through the dungeon it has a neat type of fog of war that comes down in blocks. Think of it as someone putting puzzle pieces down then removing them as you walk away. It gives the game that extra touch of class which I really like.

But beyond the dungeon crawling experience, you have your very own wizard tower where you can enhance and customize the way you play by building a thriving town, brewing reagents, crafting gear, or gathering extra allies.  This again adds that extra layer of uniqueness to the game with a beautiful overworld that when built upon helps you in your questing. What better for example than to have a blacksmith to purchase new goods!

So with all this in the game, Rogue Wizards looks to be bloody fantastic for a roguelike and I don't say that very often. It has both the charm, the attention to detail and lots of dungeon crawling gameplay, so what are you waiting for, lets make this one a success!

Pledge for PC & MAC with a $70,000 goal!
Android, iOS available

Kickstarter Page
Steam Greenlight page

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