The Spatials - A sci-fi mash up for Steam Greenlight

Take a bit of Dungeon Keeper, a slice of Space Colony, add in some Startopia and Megatraveller and you'll end up with The Spatials developed by Weird and Wry. A sci-fi adventure strategy game set in the year 5781 in which you are chosen to build and lead a space station in a wild corner of the galaxy.

I'm a massive fan of games like this, not just because it's sci-fi but the developers have stated that you can build your own rooms and corridors, while hundreds of visitors come over for the most amazing products in the galaxy. It has that Dungeon Keeper, Startopia mix as your station becomes a hub of life with many of the inhabitants going about their daily business as you build each room to your own specification.

It all sounds so grand and incredibly enjoyable, however the developers were not content with just that area of gameplay so they have expanded upon it with the ability to explore 30 star systems, more than a hundred randomly generated planets while completing missions and discovering both friend and foe. For those of you who don't want to just build and explore, The Spatials has a unique real time combat system in which you can collect loot for your factories to equip your men with further improved technology.

With a mash of all the games I've loved in the past updated for the modern gamer, The Spatials is the type of game set in a sci-fi genre that will prove to be very popular. It is also available now for $7.49 and the developers are hoping for a Steam Greenlight success

  • Design a space station and watch your staff as they build it
  • Receive visitors and cater to their every need, and watch the credits flow in
  • A randomly generated galaxy with more than a hundred planets
  • Explore the surface of planets and asteroids
  • Find natural resources and items that your officers can equip
  • Real time combat with RPG elements


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