Cube and Me - Dungeoneering with your tamagotchi Kickstarter final days

Back in the mid '90s tamagotchi's were all the rage. Hardly anyone had mobile phones, and mobile gaming stagnation meant lugging around a brick sized device, plus a backpack of game cartridges and a years supply of AA batteries... But the tamagotchi was literally keychain sized, had a small display and a couple of soft buttons and was the first mainstream pet simulator. you literally could not move in 1996 for someone saying "hang on I have feed my virtual pet..." as it yelped at them like some demented toddler. Cube and Me by Yui Jegnan is trying to fuse that with dungeoneering and roguelike elements for a very cute Anime-style kickstarter.

You start out adopting pet "cubes" and like any other pet sim, you have to look after them, keep them happy, disciplined, fed and clean, in between earning money by folding envelopes (yeah, really!) and going on jaunts around the world which lead to the dungeon style adventures where your boxy critters go into battle for no explicable reason.

Now here's the thing. It sounds hella lame, but it's actually super addictive. (online playable demo available from the campaign page or the website.) The cubes are great fun, the pixel art is pixel perfect and the chiptune soundtrack is cute but not so super sweet to make you gag. I had reservations about trying to preview this game, but found I was totally hooked on it! (which now means this preview is kinda late and there's not much more time left in the campaign... DOH!) this really is a game you have to get your hands dirty with just to get beyond the WTF barrier but once you do, there's a lot to like about it.

As additional validation, the game has already been greenlit on steam, so even more reason to get this game funded before it's too late. Cube and Me
Main Cube and Me website
Steam Greenlight page (completed)


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