There Was A Caveman - Prehistoric retro inspired platformer gets a double campaign

Lets go back in time, the time of the prehistoric era! "There Was A Caveman", the last living caveman, alone in a world overrun by dinosaurs. Thankfully he's no shy scared caveman as he's ventured out of his cave to save the world and hopefully find a female specimen to rebuild his caveman civilization. Yet all of this comes down to you, as not only does the developer need your Steam Greenlight votes but funding through IndieGoGo to make this retro inspired platformer a success.

As for the gameplay. According to the developer the game will have similarities to games like Castlevania, Ghouls'n'Ghosts and some newer titles such as Shovel Knight with retro style pixelated graphics. It will also be a challenging action platformer with the usage of quick reflexes as you fight with club, or throwing weapons such as javelins, rocks or bones. You can even boost higher up in the air or dash, climb vines, swim and even ride dinosaurs!

The game will also be divided into levels, where in each there's a boss. With a plan of about 8-10 levels, each with different visuals and enemies to encounter. So plenty of retro inspirational fun to be had with this latest game!

Features :

  • >Retro looking pixel graphics
  • >Strong core game mechanics, with stable platforming, dashing, variable jumping, friction etc. 
  • >Challenging areas to go through, like dark caves or forests. 
  • >Lots of dinosaurs to fight of including T-rexes, Pterodactyls and Diplodocus. 
  • >Throwables to collect like rocks, bones or javelins. 
  • >Javelins that stick to the wall, and you can use as platforms. 
  • >Swimming and underwater areas. 
  • >Lots of hidden things, and secret places to discover. 

So as usual, if this game interests you, give them the pledges and votes they need to be a success. A caveman and dinosaur platformer what's not to like?

IndieGoGo Campaign ( €2,000 )

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