FreeCol - Open source colonization 0.11.2 release

We are pleased to inform you that the latest open source colonization "FreeCol" 0.11.2 is now available for download. Based on Sid Meier's Colonization (Microprose) in which the player manages the cross-Atlantic expansion of an established nation in the service of the Crown, this is an open source version which is also very similar to Civilization. Starting off with just a few colonists and looking for new lands, will you succeed for a new nation or be wiped out by the natives. Read on for the change log


Since the 0.11.1 release, 45 new bugs have been reported. 4 are open, 8 are open but need more information, 24 were fixed, 7 were invalid, 1 has been reclassified as a Pending Feature, and 1 was out of date when reported. Four older bugs have also been resolved. There are 51 open bugs in FreeCol, with UI issues being the main source of problems.
User-visible changes since 0.11.1-release
Windowed mode is now the default
The default window size in windowed mode now tries harder to avoid operating system menu bars and decoration
In FreeCol rules, Pocahontas now overrides the mission-ban
Buying land from the natives now actually requires funds again, BR#2748
Build queue dialog correctly updates the current buildable progress display
Custom difficulty setting and loading should work again (several bugs)
Adjacent settlement restrictions loosened
Add "stock accounts for production" client option
Include equipment in all unit labels where it can vary in quantity, BR#2749
It is no longer possible to give foreign units a goto order, BR#2759
Minerals production fixes, BR#2762
Autosave directory is now always a subdirectory of the save directory
Several improvements to menu sizing, BR#2763
Exploring regions works with goto commands, BR#2761
Mod preferences should work again
Improvements to map font scaling
Mission establishment should work immediately, BR#2775
Added --full-screen command line option
Europe panel resizing, BR#2320
Allow first contact by sea with amphibious moves enabled, BR#2780
Goto paths are cleared on completion, BR#2785

Developer issues

All the trade route logic is now in the client, the server only provides persistance
All user commands now return success/fail, except those that do not return
Resource and window initialization disentangled, contributed by wintertime
Reworking of localization routines is underway

Available to download from HERE

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