Pirate's Life - 2D strategy game in a Pirate theme!

Pirate's Life developed by Eye Patch is the latest 2D Strategy / builder game that's currently going through a Steam Greenlight campaign. With a strong hint of Anno and added Tropico , you take on the role of a captain of a crew of pirates that has been shipwrecked on a desert island. Looking after your pirate crew, you must make sure their needs attended to or a mutiny will surely follow.

At first you start with a basic set of buildings but during the game you will be able to unlock higher tier buildings and new resources which you need to satisfy the needs of the experienced pirates. The better a crew member gets, the more needs he will have.  
As you progress, you will also be able to build ships for your own fleet and send out raid parties to other settlements or trade routes in order to steal desperately needed resources or "recruit" new crew members which you can put to work. But every raid will increase your wanted level. Eventually the Royal Navy will start searching for your hideout to stop you from doing more mischief.   Do you have what it takes to lead your settlement from a small fishing village to an infamous pirate haven? 

As a huge fan of pirate style games, especially where I can lead my band of merry men, "Pirate's Life" certainly looks to be a rum worthy jaunt into a different take of the pirate genre. The developers are also promising 3 different tech levels, 18 different buildings, 24 different resources, in both standard , endless and custom modes.

Yarrr be silly not to vote for this!

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