Slasher's Keep - A rather unique Dungeon Crawler gets a Steam Greenlight campaign

What if I told you there was a Steam Greenlight campaign for a game that blends a dungeon crawling experience with a mix of might and magic with a touch of skyrim. You'd probably be interested right? Welcome to 'Slashers Keep'; a work in progress dungeon crawler by Damian Schloter that features more than your average dungoneering game play.

Imprisoned in the depths of Slasher's Keep and seeking freedom, this latest dungeon romp looks to take the old school experience and add plenty of interesting features which should give it the edge. Sure you have the usual modern randomly generated levels, loot, magic, skills and multiple enemies but Slasher's Keep adds a more modern twist. You can actually use traps to your advantage! No longer are you limited to just hack and slash but the ability to swing, thrust, parry and smack your enemies into the traps themselves, all in lovely cell-shaded graphics!

Features :
  • randomly generated levels 
  • various traps to trigger and secrets to find 
  • randomly generated loot 
  • dynamic melee combat with different swings and thrusts, as well as precise parrying 
  • smacking enemies into spikes with your inventory sack 
  • various types of enemies with different abilities 
  • an array of unlockable skills 
  • various types of magic wands for ranged combat 
  • six playable races, each with their own racial abilities 
  • a drag-and-drop based crafting system 
  • cartoon graphics made up of cel-shaded models, hand-drawn sprites and even some procedural animation 
  • optional permadeath
Certainly one to keep an eye on, so give them the thumbs up on their Steam Greenlight page
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  1. It makes me think more to Daggerfall than everything else, but that's cool too!


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