Stardust Vanguards - 4-Player Mech dueller coming to Steam Friday, January 30th!

Zanrai Interactive has just given me the the heads up that Stardust Vanguards, which is an awesome looking local four player action game about mech dualing in space, will be available on Steam this Friday, January 30th. Stardust Vanguards features kick ass fire-power in the style of 80's and 90's anime space operas, as you battle it out in fast paced combat against other players.

Each player takes the role of a space fleet commander in a ridiculously strong mecha robot. As you kill off your enemies, you'll earn and summon increasingly powerful NPC reinforcement units to fight by your side. The dueling gameplay alone is super fast and precise, but with the addition of NPCs the game becomes deceivingly strategic. There's also a crazy random event system where computer-controlled space pirates interrupt the fight with their own assaults to try and win the battle for themselves! The addition of the NPC pirate faction forces players to enter into makeshift truces as they fight their common enemy. There can be well over 80 ships in the biggest of firefights, and to make it even more tense, players are dead in a single hit.

  • Lightning fast local multiplayer dueling that rewards precision 
  • Summon reinforcements as you earn reinforcement points (RP) by taking out enemies 
  • Random event system with dozens of NPC space pirate scenarios. Trivial line attacks, pincer tactics, transport convoys, mercenary squads, fleet blitzkriegs, and more! 
  • Space pirates are gunning to win the battle themselves. Will you team up with your rivals to stop them or use the moment to your advantage? 
  • Unlock 13 different battlefields each offering unique offensive and defensive strategies 
  • Deathmatch, Team Battles, Conquest (King of the Hill), and Space Ball Mode (soccer style capture the flag) 
  • Cooperative Mode for 1 to 4 players with shared lives across three different difficulties and an endurance mode through all three 
  • Custom Deathmatch options let you build your perfect battle. Infinite ammo, swords only, reinforcement variables, pirate event regularity, and more! 
  • Rocking in-game soundtrack

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