Starr Mazer - High quality Adventure/Shoot em up mix seeks Kickstarter funding!

Imagine if you will, an adventure game mixed with a shoot em up blended in with high quality retro inspired artwork. That's exactly what Imagos Softworks is aiming for with their latest genre mash up 'Starr Mazer' that's currently going through a Kickstarter campaign. Not content with just that, but open-middled game play and RPG elements, certainly worthy of interest for the retro fans and Kickstarter pledgers.

According to the developers rather than just a bit of adventuring and shoot em up action, they've created a seamless world that will feel very immersive with a touch of humour thrown in for good measure. Think of it as Monkey Island meets R-Type, as on the one hand you might be talking to someone on some strange planet while on the other, blasting aliens and using your charisma to dodge bullets from an big evil boss.

I could pretty much fill this page with features and ideas put forward for this game and so far it's looking fan-bloody tastic, I'm a huge adventure and shoot em up fan and this looks like it could fit all those genres perfectly. But rather than bleep on and on, watch the video, check out the Kickstarter and be amazed!

- Thanks Kenneth on our Facebook page for the heads up!

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